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dekker500's page

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Hardcover: Out of print

Non-Mint: Out of print

Great Compilation (With Some Lessons To Be Learned)

****( )

First, let me say that I started running my players through this adventure using the Dragon Magazine versions back in April 2004. Last year, I bought this book, happy to see everything in one neat package. Now, two years after starting, my players are nearing the end of the adventure, and they are still loving it. (

As for the book, I hope Paizo learns some lessons. The writing is great, 5 stars to that. But...
- the NPC-Appendix should have been a pullout booklet (it is annoying having to flip back-and-forth between NPCs),
- some stat blocks neglected to identify the source book for the monsters (leading to frantic searches at the game table).
- a downloadable collection of the art would have made my player's enjoyment more complete, as I use game-table visuals, and adorn the player's website with scans of the adventure and creatures.
- a downloadable collection of the maps would have been great. Having the downloaded maps both with and without keys would have been even better. That way I can use the maps in game play, as well as for handounts, or even in future adventures!

Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying this book! Hope Paizo listens before publishing Age of Worms!

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