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deadreckoner's page

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Full Name



not covered by conventional gaming









Special Abilities

Dm to epic without game balance implosion


varies from day to day(see athasian half-giant)


Great old one of unprenounceable name (maybe thoon)


the beyond


gibberish, rulespeak, chatter, deep and meaningful



About deadreckoner

have roleplayed since birth(feels like) , more realistically, have 25 years gaming experience, most as a GM, from basic d&d to 3.5, rifts, earthdawn,cyberpunk, shadowrun, elric,twilight2000, traveller and many others including a few self created systems

am also a masterclass miniature painter and a wargamer,and avid reader though rpg is my passion

in RL am 37,male, single parent of 3 kids age 8-13,work full time as a Logistics officer for a fortune 500 company. i live in western australia

only found pathfinder a few months ago and have fallen in love with the system

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