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dbass's page

Goblin Squad Member. 185 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Dentist = Cleric/Alchemist (?)

Go HAWKS!!! Denver is over rated.

King Kong

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I haven't had a chance to take an in depth look at the new classes, so I'm not going to comment yet on what I think of them until I have a better idea. For now, I just want the PAIZO staff to know that I like the idea of these hybrid classes, but I am very concerned that most players won't want to play core classes anymore. I understand that players will, and should, desire to play these classes because of the flavor of them, but their should also be an equally strong pull to be a core class. If these new classes make the core classes seem bland or, even worse, seem useless, then I will be very dissapointed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I frequently hear players saying "Why would you want to be [core class] when you can be a [hybrid class]? They get nearly all the benefits of [core class] without hardly any drawbacks, but they also get most of the cool stuff from [core class] too. It's way smarter to be the [hybrid]," then I'm not okay with what Paizo is trying to do.

If instead I hear "Well...the [hybrid class] is kinda cool because you get some of the benefits from [core class] while also getting some of the abilities of [core class], but you also sacrifice being able to do A, B, and C effectively. It's really a toss up to me. Do you want to be bad-@ss awesome on occasion like the core classes, or just be really good a bit more often?" then I will support this whole heartedly.

216. The Dragon's Orb, and the Dragon's Orb Z

This dual volume fiction book, coming in at a total of 428 pages (108 for the first, 320 for the second) focuses on the adventures of a monk named Goku. In the first volume it details his youth and his rise in strength and power as he trains to become the greatest fighter in the land. Critics of the first novel have stated that although the combats depicted are interesting, the actual story within the book could be compressed to a measly 10 pages. Interestingly, this book is completely devoid of weapons, as the characters are convinced that using weapons, other than the magical stick the main character uses, is considered cheating. Also, the book seems to suggest that a monk need only say the phrase "Ka-me-ha-me-ha" to use his ki.

The second book focuses on Goku in his adult life, and to a lesser extent, his son Gohan, as they both continue their quest to become stronger. Critics of this book have said that chapters are so repetitive, that the various villains could be swapped between the various chapters and the story would remain largely unchanged.

Woven throughout the story is the sub-plot that a legendary green dragon will cast the spell "wish" to anyone who collects his 7 golden orbs. The 9th level spell is often used to cast the 7th level spell "Resurrection" on characters that usually have no relevance to the actual story.

217. Dancing with the Stars

This book details various dancing styles that involve two dancers. The dances depicted, without exception, involve a human expert dancer dancing with another human expert who, with rare exception, has no skill at dancing whatsoever. The book has equal value as both a tutorial on dancing in pairs, and also as a comedy, because of how bad the partners are, and how bad and pointless the judging is. The book includes a special guest author at the end of the book named Niley Sirus about a new dance style that was invented just prior to publication called "Twerking."

The book can be used to give a temporary +1 bonus to Perform: Dance, if it involves dancing in pairs. The chapter on "Twerking" will give the reader a -1 bonus instead to any and all Perform skills used that day, but your perform skill also gains this text: "You may use your perform skill to attempt to distract any target. To affect the target, the target must be able to see the performer and must make a will save (DC 5 + Perform: Dance) save or gain the Nauseated condition for 1d4+1 rounds. This ability is ineffective on creatures with an intelligence of 3 or less."

Goblin Squad Member

The Rappan Athuk mega dungeon

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe I GM a different way then most people do, but about the only questions about play style that I ask my players is what kind of game are they interested in playing? Do they want a dungeon crawl? Do they want a heavy role play game? Somewhere in the middle (which is the usual response)? Do they want a more seriously themed game with political and moral dilemmas periodically, or maybe a more ridiculous/humerous game with an emphasis on the silly? Do they want to play a game that is hard (your character has a legitmiate chance of dying every night), or more easy (you'd have to do something outlandishly stupid for me to kill your character)? Once I got those questions down how they choose to play doesn't bother me so long as it's legal and they don't piss off my other players, ie PVP.

Really good ideas everyone!!

Pathfinder Society...isn't that kind of like "get your arse kicked society?" haha

When and where do you meet?


I live in Portland just south of OHSU right now...looking for a group. Unfortunately I'm a student at the hospital and my availability is not consistent by any stretch of the imagination. If you are looking for a group to meet on occasion contact me. If you are looking for a group that meets regularly...not so much.



dot...just because I loved FF7 as a kid. Literally spend 100s of hours on that game

OK so I know this thread is meant for PCs, but I was hoping that, because I'm a huge basketball fan in addition to being a Pathfinder fan, that I would love a picture of two of the iconics playing ball. Maybe a picture of Ezren posterizing Valeros (in the NBA being "posterized" is when someone dunks on/over/around you despite your defense)??


Granted! Unfortunately you mispronounce your wish to your new genie and instead get spheres of apple sauce thrown at you.

I wish I owned an orange that could talk.

Granted: It's made of foam, but the shaving cream kind, so it disintegrates in your hands.

I wish that I had a surround sound system for my TV.

I'm Vampire level. According to UPS I'll be getting mine probably Tuesday of next week...3 business days to go.

Can't wait!

I would love to see some class or race specific weapons and armor, especially for the lesser used races. Studd that curses a character outside of the class or race that tries to use it, but gives big bonuses otherwise.

Could i get class acts sorcerer?


The party that I currently GM for consists of:


We used to have a Cavalier but he moved arcane, very little in terms of melee...but so far it's been fun.

I'd be interested in seeing Rappan Athuk as a destination in the upcoming Pathfinder Online.


Goblin Squad Member

So is this the only thread that our goblins will appear on? Cuz I can't get my goblin to appaer on any other thread.

Well done Drejk!

Dotting. Interested in the reviews.

Goblin Squad Member

Wait...giant green thing next to my name?

A Diplomat class. A class that is based around charm, charisma, and diplomacy -- essentially a Pathfinder version of Final Fantasy Tactics' "Orator" class. For clarification, here is the Orator's description according to

The Orator, also known as Mediator in the original version or Talker in the Japanese version, is a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. A magical-based job, the Orators use their voice as their main form of attack, along with guns. It is through the Orator the player can recruit monsters into their party, but they can also be used to recruit human characters.

It could maybe be a bard archtype?

Dotting as well

Received my pdf. THANKS!!

Goblin Squad Member

In my campaign, half elves are second class citizens, and half orcs are treated like dirt. It's an effective plot device, especially since, say, half orcs decide to stage a revolution and half elves, much like the underground railroad, provide strategic help against the existing government.


Bumping cuz this is just too awesome not to.

Would love to see more feats. Feats are always good. Especially feats that are class specific. Feats that really make you want to be a Druid just because of the feat that you can use...or a fighter only feat. There's my two cents.

Class acts Wizards

Maybe this is just me but I like the daily uses idea more. More strategy as to when to use it...making more of a constant thing makes the class feel like a fighter archetype to me. But that's just me.

I was the $100 level. I got my PDF of the bestiary saturday, and Cyclopean Deaps 1 today, but still waiting on Cyclopean 2...

Yah I see your point, but i still think your class needs a little more buffing ability, and a healing ability seems perfect to me. If not that than maybe....

United effort.: beggining at level 4, once per day, when any spell with the qualifier "equal to 1/2 your character level" is cast on an ally within range of the captains coordination ability, the captain may choose to let that ally instead experience the effects of the spell as if it instead said "equal to your character level." Beginning at level 10, this ability may be used twice per day. At level 16, three times per day.

Confident presence: A caption may use his coordination ability to give one ally in range +2 + 1/2 your captain level temporary HP that lasts for one minute. At level 9, a captain may choose two allies instead of one to grant this bonus to. At level 15, he may choose three instead of two.

Also, I think that, in keeping with the lotr captain theme, some minor healing/divine casting abilities would be perfect. So I thought of this:

Beginning at level 4, a captain chooses a single domain, as in the cleric domain/ sub domain. The captain gains all spells, but not abilities, associated with this domain. A captain must have an intelligence score equal to 10 + the spell level to prepare or cast the spell. A captains spells per day are equal to the ranger spell list given on table 3-12. A captains spell list is extremely limited. He may only cast spells granted through their domain plus the following spells: cure light wounds or inflict light wounds, cure moderate wounds or inflict moderate wounds, cure serious wounds or inflict serious wounds, cure critical wounds or inflict critical wounds. If a captains chosen domain already grants these spells (as in the healing domain), a player may choose one spell to learn in place of the cure/inflict spell taken from the cleric spell list. They receive one such spell to learn per spell that is already granted by their domain/ sub domain. A captain may only choose one spell to learn, and this is a permanent decision. The spell chosen is subject to GM approval, and cannot be of a higher spell level than the spell being replaced.


See's title of thread. Jumps out of seat and begins to read voraciously... wrote:
Ok, with the books in the mail to the previous winners, now's your chance to get in!

Inside my brain is doing cartwheels and making amazing Acrobatics checks. wrote:

Note: Previous winners are not eligible to win again for the remainder of 2012.

Inside my brain my amazing mental gymnist just rolled a "1," and, on a re-roll granted by my GM, proceeded to somehow roll a "-1," which resulted in my mental gymnist doing a series of faceplants in the all-around, the rings, and every other gymnastic event, in rapid succession.

LOL. But in all seriousness thanks for doing this. Hopefully more people get the word out about your site. Really awesome reference.

Well said review endzeitgeist. I agree except I do think that creation focus is pretty awesome as is.

Speaking of which, the Super Genius bullet points is pretty awesome. Nothing earth shattering mind you, but some cool new feats that are worth checking out. Just my two cents. wrote:

I've compiled who is getting what and asked my wife to begin boxing/shipping.

This is who is getting what:

1) Robert Duncan III
Sending: Signed First Edition Core Rulebook

2) Mike Richards
Sending: Advanced Race Guide

3) David Bass
Sending: Ultimate Magic

4) Kyle Bentley
Sending: Inner Sea World Guide

Note to Dbass I do not have a mailing address for David. You should send that over to me so we can determine shipping.

Note to all of you: If shipping is just a couple of dollars (which I can't imagine it being much more than...) we'll just cover it.

I sent you a message with my address. Thanks!!

dotting. I have 7 days to convince my wife to let me buy this

So....what's the news?

Working off my insane student debt...

Fair enough. By the way, I didn't see your email in my inbox. When did you send your announcement?

I'm sure that they will post. Who doesn't want free stuff right? speaking of which, how do you want us to pay you for shipping?

I'm third in line, so I'm not sure if the other guys will take what I want...but this is the order of things that i would like to have if possible:

1) Ultimate Magic
2) Ultimate Combat
3) Advanced Race Guide

To be honest, if you had a 2nd edition printing of the core rule book, I would prefer that above anything right now, but since I don't imagine you have any of those, I'll take any of the above three in that order.

Thanks so much! And it was a pleasure getting the word out for your website. You are awesome!!


Today is the day. Crossing my fingers!!

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