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Boggard Hunter

darth_borehd's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,823 posts (2,444 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 4 aliases.


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I remember there is, or at least was, a rule that said a mounted combatant gets a +1 attack bonus against those not mounted. Is this in Pathfinder? I could be remember an older version of D&D but I'm not sure.

I found this odd take on A Christmas Carol too.

I would prefer somebody more familiar with the system to GM, but I would consider giving it a shot if nobody else is available.

So are you looking for iconoclast characters or "useless" character creations with a comedic touch?

Are you still looking for people?

Is this still active?

What is discord?

I have never played it but I am a fan of the novels and TV series.

I would be interested in playing whatever rules you decide.

There is also Exodus which was to be Fallout D20 until Interplay sold the IP to Bethesda.

I'll play any class in any AP you need.

What about Weapon Focus (Slam)?

Can a regular spellcaster use a wordcaster scroll, wand, or staff without making a UMD roll?

I found Lair of the Winter Dragon which is made for the Beginner's Box. It is winter-themed at least.

Nox Aeterna wrote:

I havent seen a guide for this yet.

I tried making these, for now im still far from one i would consider ... great.

I really want to try one with a fear phantom using dazzling display , since it should stack with the level 7 aura.

I also got a look on the new phantoms , i think lust has potential also.

Lust??!!?? I like the sound of it already. Where is that?

Any guides on spiritualists?

If not, any suggestions on which emotional focus to take?

Emotional Conduit and Distant Delivery seem like no-brainers for feats.

Any Christmas/Chanukkah/Yuletide theme adventures out there?

Thank you for the quick response.

dracomancer wrote:
I was looking at doing a synthesist archtype. Which would mean constantly having the eidolon out in the open until i could afford the Hat of Disguise

Synthesists don't have to wear the eidolon "suit" all the time. They can dismiss their eidolon and look normal when they want. When they summon it again, it forms around them.

Quicken Magic (feat or rod) and Summon Eidolon will work to summon the eidolon quickly.

Also, you can craft a Ring of Summon Eidolon (or other magic item) that summons it as a standard action.

If an annunaki uses a chisel on an opponent, does it only affect future descendents or does it affect children living now?

For example, if he used it on a king, would the crown prince be immediately affected?

I have been informed that the d20 versions of Lankhmar, Dark Sun, Planescape, Mystara, and Dragon Fist were fan creations and shouldn't count. Just ignore them on my list if that bothers you.

  • 1. Planescape
  • 2. Dragonlance
  • 3. Mystara
  • 4. Eberron
  • 5. Dragon Fist
  • 6. Lankhmar
  • 7. Golarion
  • 8. Dark Sun
  • 9. Rokugan
  • 10. Ghostwalk

What are you top ten campaign worlds?

Casual Viking wrote:
darth_borehd wrote:
So is the phantom delivering the Chill Touch like using Spectral Hand in that it uses the spiritualists BAB to determine how many touch attacks can be delivered?

No, the phantoms deliver touch spells ability is very clear. Immediate action, one attack, after which any held charge is lost.

Where does it say "one attack"? That's the part I'm not clear on. If they have two natural attacks, and the spiritualist is high enough level for two attacks or more, can the phantom deliver two attacks as an immediate action?

So is the phantom delivering the Chill Touch like using Spectral Hand in that it uses the spiritualists BAB to determine how many touch attacks can be delivered?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can a spiritualist change a phantom's emotional focus after it has been created?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

If a 3rd level spiritualist casts Chill Touch and has his phantom deliver it, how many touch attacks can the phantom make?

Because the phantom has two natural slam attacks, does that mean it can deliver two Chill Touch attacks as an immediate action?

thejeff wrote:

As for the larger topic, one difference is that you can't do cookbook magic in PF. You can't just follow the instructions, mouth the words, wiggle your fingers appropriately and have the spell happen. Or assembly line magic items. Casting a spell requires something more - whether it's innate power or special training.
I've seen fantasy novels where that isn't true - where the protagonist, without being a mage or understanding what he's doing can cast some spell simply by following precise written...

^ This is exactly what I mean. What are the characteristics of science?

Science is 1) Measurable 2) Repeatable 3) Explainable 4) Exchangeable

  • Measurable: Imagine trying to measure a fireball spell. The effects are variable not only from casting to casting using the same person and the same ingredients, but only certain people who have "practiced" magic in general can even attempt it. If it was really scientific, there would be a measurable relationship to the amount of bat guano and sulfur. There is not. Verdict: Fail
  • Repeatable: You can only cast that fireball x number of times per day and it varies from person to person. It doesn't matter if you combine bat guano and sulfur after your spells per day are up, nothing happens. Verdict: Fail
  • Explainable: Why does bat guano and sulfur produce a fireball effect at some times for some people and not others? Maybe your campaign has an explanation, but I bet it relies on vibrations in the shadow weave or the phase of the moon or something. Explanation stops there. In the real world, we pour two chemicals together and we can explain what is happening down at the atomic level (and we're working on explaining past that.) Verdict: Fail
  • Exchangeable: Have the wizard show the fighter how to do everything he does and combine bat guano and sulfur in the same way. Yes, maybe the wizard is smarter and is able to figure it out but after he figures it out, he should be able to write it down or demonstrate it and have anybody else replicate the results. That's just not going to happen unless the fighter becomes a wizard. Verdict: Fail

So there we have it. Magic can't be a science. My disclaimer is that maybe this can vary from campaign setting to campaign setting. For most campaigns, the explanation is well, magic.

There is an argument that Pathfinder magic is just science with different rules.

I'm not convinced. You still have wizards and the like who are special people. If it was really like science everybody who check out a spellbook could follow the instructions and fling spells. Spells wouldn't run out either. Science is repeatable by everybody all the time.

Sure, somebody else who is a caster can make a magic item and then sell them, but you are still right back to it needing somebody special. The reason why, in the real world, it takes a lot longer to develop technology is because we have generations of people who have to build on the discoveries of the previous generations. Discoveries need time for other discoveries to catch up to the point where a technology can take those disparate elements and combine them. But you don't have that with magic spells. All of them exist already. You have humans and beings with human level intelligence or beyond that already know how how to make anything they want happen. There is no lead time. There is already a spell to make a automobile-like magic carriage. Just use "Magic Mouth" to make a magic radio. The reason they don't have those things is because it requires special people with special knowledge. That is the definition of magic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Weirdo wrote:

Wizards in PF aren't innately special, though. They are simply people of at least average intelligence (Int 10+) who have studied arcane magic. This is in contrast to worlds like Harry Potter or the Dresden Files, where wizards have innate talent often linked to a bloodline - or Lord of the Rings, where wizards are actual demigods.

Why should it take some level of intelligence to cast spells? Because the processes involved in manipulating magic directly are somewhat more complicated than pouring one chemical into another. The spell memorization mechanic, in which a wizard prepares magic at the beginning of the day for later triggering, supports the complexity explanation.

Now, magic items can generally be used by anyone, just like technology, and their presentation in PF does suggest that like technology they are available to those who can afford them. Consider the noble's vigilant pillbox or the philanderous compact, or the fact that the diplomat in the NPC Codex is equipped with a Silver Raven Wondrous Figurine, and even the commoners and experts have a few potions.

And it's not surprising that magic would be primarily in the hands of the wealthy. Technology also takes a while to develop, and longer to trickle down to the masses. It took 1600 years from the first steam engine to the first commercial steam engine, and about 150 years from the invention of the automobile to it becoming affordable to the middle class. The typical PF setting is roughly medieval, technologically - if they don't have electric radios, why should they have magical ones?

This drifted off topic, we can continue this on another thread.

What if I were just to have a Beginner Box shipped to them. Would that have everything needed?

For example, I see that it has a fold out map. Can you draw on it? How big is it? Is there a 2nd side to it?

Jiggy wrote:

In-universe, magic is very much a natural force which can be studied (or not) as you please.

I don't agree with that. If it was like real-world science, then everybody would be able to cast spells. It would be as simple as pouring vinegar on baking soda to make a model volcano. Every farmer would be casting spells to help himself out in his work. Spell-driven technology would be cheap and ubiquitous. Everybody would have crystal ball TV sets, Bard-in-box radios, genie-powered automobiles, and so on. It very clearly is not that way, as only certain special people; wizards, sorcerers, etc., are able to do magic.

GinoA wrote:
Seems that a very high-level diviner is the obvious way to go...

No, not the obvious way.

2ndGenerationCleric wrote:
This is amazing. What level?

Each person decides that. I think people will vote for the ones that seem the most reasonable.

Santa Claus
The Jolly Old Elf
Saint Nicholas
Man in The Red Suit
Father Christmas
Kris Kringle

Whatever your name for him, how would make his stats?

I propose a contest!

Post your best stat block for Santa Claus here. Then everybody hits "favorite" on the ones they like. Vote as often as you want.

The stat block with the most favorites by 11:59 pm on December 25th PST wins!


  • Sources Allowed:
    Core Rulebook
    Advanced Player's Guide
    Advanced Class Guide
    Advanced Race Guide
    Ultimate Magic
    Ultimate Combat
    Ultimate Equipment
    Ultimate Campaign
    Game Mastery Guide
    Mythic Adventures
    Occult Adventures
    NPC Codex
    Monster Codex
    Technology Guide
    Bestiary 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (when released)

  • Each stat block must be its own post (also include stat blocks for any associated creatures like familiar, eidolons, mounts, animal companions, phantoms, etc)
  • Use the standard Pathfinder stat block format.
  • Post as many different versions you want as long as they are all separate posts
  • If your Santa has unique magic items, please post a full description of them with prices (as if it was the Superstar contest) at the end of the block
  • You can vote for yourself if you wish, but please do not use multiple accounts to do so
  • Winner is rewarded with kudos and respect!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Dragons run the gamut from sadistic bullies to aloof hermits. I ignore the alignment entries and make all dragons unique.

Younger dragons tend to want to interact with other races more, some by genuinely helping, some by being sadistic, and some by manipulating humanoids like pieces in a chess game to suit their own amusement or ideology.

The older they get, the more withdrawn they become and more likely they are to just be left alone.

Of course, there are exceptions.

GM Runescarred Dragon wrote:
alexd1976 wrote:

theatre of the mind.

You don't have to use the board at all.


That works too, but can be a little confusing for newbies.

Do you want to play with your family, or is it something else you're looking to do?

Family and they are newbies.

I'll be visiting some family overseas and would like to know the best way to bring Pathfinder RPG with me to play there. My luggage space is limited.

While my relatives have wi-fi, they do not have game stores near them. For the books, I have a tablet and I can put dice in my pocket.

The Chessex battle mat I usually use will not fit. Anybody have a suggestion for a portable alternative?

I have a huge collection of miniatures at home, but they also will not fit in my luggage. Any suggestion for alternatives?

I'm a little wary of this one. Mixing magic and technology either works well or works terrible--no in between. Anybody have a review?

Rogue with max ranks in UMD, Bluff, Disguise, and Diplomacy. Use magical items like wands or scrolls for he magic support.

When a master dies, the familiar seeks out the next of kin that also is a class, or can be convinced to become a class, that has a familiar.

If there is no such person, then they become an Awakened animal free to do as they please until there is a person that can use their services. Improved familiars become a normal creature of their type but still remember their time as familiars.

I like how you work within the existing rules to find something functionally equivalent.

I think that just saying the Menhir Savant knows the location and rituals for the ley lines is enough.

It seems to be one of the rules that new players find the most confusing. Would it be more clear to use a standard action to get all iterative (or dual weapon or hasted) attacks?

Jiggy wrote:
darth_borehd wrote:
The wizard denies he uses magic. He insists that it's all perfectly logical science and makes up pseudo-scientific reasons for how his spells work.
That's... actually kind of how wizard casting works in Pathfinder.

I never got that impression. It seems to follow sympathetic magic but is still magic.

It's the closest square where both can make attacks. In most cases, the rider.

Jayson MF Kip wrote:
For what it's worth, Omaha has two tables of No Response from Deepmar scheduled.


Nohwear wrote:
Are you interested in running a PFS scenario? There are a number of good ones for Halloween.

Have suggestions on which ones? I don't usually play PFS.

Which adventures, do you think, would be best for a Halloween-theme game day?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Myth Lord wrote:

Wesley Schneider was searching for information about the Kaster (the pretty male with gems on its body) some time ago, I wonder if that creature made it into the Bestiary 5.

Also a question, are Oil and Lead fantasy materials or are they more for ScienceFiction, futuristic games? Never seen anything Oil or Lead in a fantasy game/world. Well there is the Ikuchi of course, but other than that sea serpent never seen it, mostly they use tar.

Lead is the stuff they create bullets from right? But did people in the middleages/medieval times also used lead?

Not that I mind, just curious.

Yes, even the Romans used lead pipes to carry water. The term plumber comes from the latin word for lead: plumbum

Interestingly, even in Roman times, lead was known as a poison that caused madness and death but it still continued to be widely used.

There are many different kinds of oil, including ones from modern plants and animals. Petroleum, extracted from fossil sources, has been used since ancient times in various forms. Primarily it was used a building material but it was also burned as a source of heat. The early internal combustion engines chose oil-derivatives as a fuel source because at the time it was cheap and plentiful.

What are the Gray/Zeta Retuculi aliens called in the book?

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