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Boggard Hunter

darth_borehd's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,936 posts (2,696 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 6 aliases.


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I am still waiting on my order from humble Bundle. Are they coming soon?

j b 200 wrote:

Isn't there some feat that lets you use your bow as a quarterstaff? I can't seem to find it. Anyways, that I think would be very accurate to the show.

I like Ranger or Slayer, maybe some monk in there. He needs Favored Terrain (Chinese Island).

You are probably thinking of the spell bowstaff. I don't think there is a feat.

Aelryinth wrote:

+Urban Ranger/6 with IUS and FE: Humanx2, no spells variant for more feats from the archery chain.

Go back to 1e dual-class rules and drop some expert/rogue levels in for more fun.

No rules in game for being a multi-millionaire, tho.


Multi-Billionaire. Which, at least in the superhero world, is apparently the best super power ever. (Green Arrow, Batman, Tony Stark, etc.) It makes you wonder why Bill Gates is not out fighting crime.

Ages were 6, 6, 9, and 10. The ten year old had experience playing a druid, cleric, and monk before. The 9 year-old previously played a cavalier. The younger ones didn't really have experience. (They played RPG video games and saw their older siblings play Pathfinder, but that was it.)

Mike Shel wrote:

It takes a clever GM to get some players back on track (I can hear you: "YOU MEAN THE RAILROAD TRACK!"). Nicely done. Of course, the folks of Belhaim may not warm to them as they might have if they had headed out to the kobold warrens at the request of the baroness. How are you going to handle things when the PCs get back to town with their fugitive colleague?

When they show up to collect the reward, he'll be brought before a magistrate. The magistrate will then sentence him to 100 hours of community service in the form of clearing and tagging Hunclay's tower.

Thanks, Mike.

Despite my best efforts as Lady Devy, the players insisted on going straight to Hunclay's tower. I had Deputies Hodde and Mulle show up and try to persuade them they did not have the authority to enter until they heard back from the next of kin.

All characters reluctantly agreed to leave except for one half-orc fighter that refused to go. The deputies then started questioning him about his motives. He became belligerent and I had the deputies say he was under arrest for trespassing. The player then chose to run off "into the woods somewhere outside of town."

I decided that by coincidence he ran to the flooded quarry right into the kobold guards at area B1. The rest of the party told the deputies they would track down fighter and arrived just in time to help in the battle.

Now they are all outside the kobold caves anyway. Problem solved.

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Call me a conspiracy nut, but I think they threw in the "unchained summoner" list as a plug to sell more Pathfinder Unchained books.

thorin001 wrote:
Endency wrote:
Am I the only one who's thought immediately went to Heman and Battle Cat with this one?
I certainly hope so. :P

I did too.

So far, the unanimous response back from the young playtesters is that they want to be better at fighting instead of casting spells.

Maybe another archetype that gets bonus combat feats instead of spells would be in order.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

What I do is succeeding on a natural 1 means you "succeed with a problem." For example, yes, you Bluff the guard into thinking you are a fellow guard, but then he launches into a loud and annoying tirade about how you are out of uniform and late for your shift.

Rolling a natural 20 and still failing means you failed but got some kind of lucky break. For example, you fail the Acrobatics check to jump to the other rooftop but fortunately land on top of a passing wagon full of hay that just so happens to be headed to where you wanted to go anyway.

I bought it and so far I like it. I'll be playtesting this with my kids and their friends.

Check out Playground Adventures for adventures geared specifically for young children.

Got it. Next question: how does one pronounce Aeteperax?


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  • Beginner's Box: Start here if you did not play D&D previously. It has a nice map (both blank and with a pre-made dungeon), paper minis, dice, and basic rules for fighter, wizard, rogue, and cleric. Also buy a dry erase pen.
  • Core Rulebook: Start here if you are a refugee from D&D. It has the 11 core classes and the base rules not covered in the Beginner's Box. While mostly a copy/paste from 3.5, it has it's own subtle tweaks to the system that make it different. Find the barbarian, bard, druid, monk, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, and wizard here. Also more robust versions of the fighter, wizard, rogue, and wizard than the Beginner's Box.
  • Advanced Player's Guide: This is the book that made Pathfinder it's own game. Brilliant new base classes like the alchemist, summoner, and witch differentiated it in flavor from 3.5 before it. Traits add extra opportunities to add roleplaying elements to your characters. Class archetypes are introduced here. Also find the cavalier, inquisitor, and oracle here. This is Pathfinder.
  • Game Mastery Guide: If you are a GM and have no experience from D&D then get this. It also has some pre-made NPCs, drugs, poisons, and dungeon building advice. You can save it for later if you like.
  • Bestiary 1: Yes, it's the standard fantasy monsters. Skeletons, orcs, dragons, vampires, and so on. You do need it, but it is a little dull.
  • Bestiary 2: A second defining book for Pathfinder. Here you can see their preference for historical and folklore monsters take shape. Lots of evil faeries, creatures from Alice in Wonderland, and weird things from Call of Cthulhu creations. Also, it introduces the living weapons known as The Tane (the Jabberwock is one of them).
  • Ultimate Combat: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love guns in a fantasy game. It has the gunslinger as another great base class. Then lots of goodies for the martial-type classes. Also the ninja and Samurai show up as "alternative" takes on the rogue and cavalier. Nice things about duels and gladiatorial combat too.
  • Ultimate Campaign: Expanded traits and material on downtime activities, character backgrounds, contacts, armies, and more.
  • Advanced Race Guide: Options for standard races and lots of other races with stats, archetypes, spells, and equipment. A (much too short but useful) section on creating your own races too.
  • Bestiary 3: More great monsters.
  • Ultimate Equipment: The nearly nearly definitive book of weapons, armor, and items in one place.
  • Bestiary 4: I love monsters, don't you?
  • Occult Adventures: Or how I learned to stop hating and love psionics in fantasy RPGs. Great classes like the Kineticist (think Last Airbender) and mesmerist (look into my eyes). It covers a psychic magic system that actually fits pretty well into a fantasy world (think crystal balls and 19th century occult craze.) Also find the medium, occultist, psychic, and spiritualist here.
  • Ultimate Magic: The Magus base class is here for all your "gish" and "bladesinger" builds and so on. Also, the optional (and sadly neglected) Words of Power system, spell duels, and some great archetypes and spells.
  • Bestiary 5: Aliens. (Insert meme picture with funny haired guy here).
  • Advanced Class Guide: All the "hybrid" classes (actually just more 20-level classes). Best ones here are the bloodrager, investigator, shaman, and swashbuckler. More feats, archetypes, spells, and equipment. There are a few pages on making your own classes. Also find the arcanist, brawler, hunter, skald, slayer, and warpriest here.
  • Monster Codex: Monsters can have classes too! It's basically an ARG for monsters. It has new equipment, archetypes, spells, and options for making monsters cooler than their stock versions. Want help to stat out a ghoul assassin? Look here.
  • Ultimate Intrigue: The vigilante base class is medieval Batman (OK, more like the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, or The Daring Dragoon from Jack of All Trades). It has some interesting archetypes and a few good feats. Also has some nice spells like they know (convince the target that everybody knows his darkest secret). Some fun in here, but mostly stuff that is not as good as the books before.
  • NPC Codex: Very interesting ready-made NPCS for the GM to use. If of use to you, get it. Otherwise, it has no new information, unlike the Monster Codex).
  • Mythic Adventures: No, it's not an epic level guide. Basically it's how to make characters that demigods like Hercules. It has some interesting suggestions on making steroiding up monsters by giving them "mythic" ranks. It's sort of more like the advice on divinity in the Deities & Demigods book from D&D but without all the different pantheons.

All of these are online here.

I don't recall a magic item like that.

Am I the only one who felt the Warlock archetype from Ultimate Intrigue should have gotten the Witch spell list and not the Wizard/Sorcerer one?

I was expecting Warlocks to get hexes too.

MadScientistWorking wrote:
Hayato Ken wrote:

Afraid that is so.

Shadowdancer would be a strong candidate for an unchained version, balancing the shadow a bit more and making some other things there a bit stronger, as well as taking a look at the prereqs again.
Truth be told your better off playing a Darkness Oracle or a Shadow Spiritualist as they are both full classes that actually offer a similar vibe and are on par if not better than the Shadowdancer.

Shadow Caller Spiritualist gets Shadow Jump too, which is how this came up again.

What about the Baron? How did he die in the tower?

dragonhunterq wrote:

Flexible Shadow Jump from blood of shadows (I can't find a link yet) allows a shadowdancer to qualify for the dimensional agility line of feats. Which is a fairly strong indicator that you don't.

The feat should work for your spiritualist, unless you come across a particularly strict GM.

I searched, but I can't seem to find it either.

The kiss should be a touch attack that can only be performed when the target has the grappled condition.

I can imagine somebody grappling her in such a way as to avoid being kissed by her (pushing her puckered lips away or grabbing her from behind, for example). So whether or not she is the controlling or initiating grappler, I would make the kiss a touch attack.

If she initiated the successful grapple or becomes the controlling grappler, I would make the kiss a free touch attack.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

So a player wants a Spiritualist (Shadow Caller) character to take Dimensional Agility.

Does Shadow Jump qualify to take this feat?

I've looked up old threads on Shadowdancer and could not find a definitive answer. Is it any clearer now?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

First off it is my firm opinion that you should never let a player control more than one character. Even animal companions, familiars, eidolons, mounts, and cohorts should only be controlled by the GM.

Secondly, I find the need for "missing" character types are usually worked out by the players in some fashion sooner or later. I've had parties that were missing martial, healer, arcane, and roguish types. Yes, the party suffered more than they should for a while, but they eventually worked it out.

  • The wizard in a party without a rogue started putting ranks in Disable Device.
  • The druid's shapeshifting and animal companion became the "tanks" of a party of nothing but full casters and rogues.
  • The monk put ranks in Heal and bought a bunch of healing potions in a party missing a cleric.
  • The rogue beefed up Use Magic Device and became a de facto wizard/cleric in a party missing casters.

Don't change anything. Continue with the campaign exactly as if the cleric was still there, but have that character leave. Let the remaining party members figure out a solution.

I have some questions about the Dragon's Demand.

Witch's Tower:

How exactly did Lady Devy's husband die in the tower? The players kept searching for his remains and were puzzled they could not find them. Now they don't trust her.

Wizard's Tower:
The players are also not interested in going after the kobold warrens. They want to go straight to Hunclay's tower instead. Is that going to be a problem?

Monks and Brawlers get TWF as part of Flurry of Blows, right?

I think giving him Catch Off Guard would be better because he seems to use improvised weapons a lot (using his bow as a club, hitting people with furniture, etc.)

RainyDayNinja wrote:

Vigilante, obviously

Human Vigilante (avenger)

11: Two-Weapon Fighting, incredible renown

Why Two Weapon Fighting?

It seems this is up to GM interpretation, rather than actually being RAW addressing it. I agree "interact with" is very vague. Calling detect magic an interaction isn't really a house rule, just a way to adjudicate the vague wording.


Acting first lets you get your spells off before anybody else can act and basically shape how the battle will go. That translates into more damage in the long run.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can one use detect magic to find that a dungeon wall is really just an illusion?

The Coeurl is the original monster that the displacer beast was based upon. It was invented by A. E. van Vogt in the novel The Voyage of the Space Beagle.


Of course you can never make a character exactly like Green Arrow, but what would be the closest?

Are dopplegangers immune to suggestion?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lamontius wrote:
please explain the caster/martial disparity

There isn't one so stop worrying about it and just play the game.


can someone elaborate on when a paladin should fall

When they behave more like Lex Luthor and less like Superman.

how do I do grappling

See these flowcharts. Here and here.


why does the rogue even exist

Because they are an awesome and fun class.

how do armor spikes work

See here.

is charm person an evil act


why are most CN characters complete dumpsters

Define "dumpsters."

explain sacred geometry interactions plz

I don't play in Golarion, so I don't know.

should I rollplay or roleplay

There is no such word as "rollplay."

how much can I optimize before I am considered a cheesing powergamer

When you start asking this question.

why do the forums smell like burning tires

Your computer has a cooling fan that is blocked or not working.

Eyes of the Void spell in ARG wrote:

You gain darkvision, the ability to see 60 feet even in total darkness, including that created by deeper darkness.

It seems this spell does allow you to see in supernatural dark. Correct?

I found the eyes of the void spell in ARG can let you see in Deeper Darkness created dark.

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lemeres wrote:
PK the Dragon wrote:
the whole "no one notices Superman because he wears glasses" thing is legendary.

I like to view that as how to use the disguise skill in ways other than just putting on a costume.

Some of the explanations I've seen basically boil it down to the fact that Clark has exceedingly different mannerisms- slight stoop, slouched shoulders, passive tone of voice, etc. Not the stance one would expect from someone that could benchpress the entire building. So he eventually boils it down to "Don't you look like George Clooney?" with the facial features, which he can play down with the glasses.

That and the fact that he vibrates his face when people take his picture, so that people can't just compare the still pictures.

There was a comedy skit (I don't remember where) that revealed to Superman's shock that he had never fooled anybody. They just respected him so much that they just went along with not mentioning Superman when he was Clark Kent to give him a sense of privacy. LOL

Seriously though, I think his disguise is somewhat believable because it sort of happened to me. While I was away at vacation, I shaved my beard, got a haircut, starting wearing contacts, and dropped a few pounds. When I came back to work, the security guard and co-workers didn't recognize me.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

The important thing that seems to be left out is... what about the rest of the party?

Are you a justice league of costumed adventurers, or is everyone happy with playing the amazingly idiot ball team of Perry, Jim, and Lois? (George Reeves was likely the first actor to develop the trope of winking at the fourth wall.)

You mean will the rest of the party know the vigilante's secret identity? I don't know. It can go either way on that. I guess if the vigilante is in "hero" for most of the adventure, the rest of the party may not know his alter ego.

Anybody have suggestions on how to fit a vigilante character into a typical campaign? (For example, an Adventure Path).

It seems that the class needs to be in an urban setting with opportunities for social interaction role playing.

I'm told that there is a that states a Drow Noble that uses Deeper Darkness to make an area supernaturally dark can see in that darkness because she cast it.

I can't find any such rule. Has anybody else heard of this?

I found a 50% off discounted deal on a bunch of Mutants & Masterminds 2nd ed (and some 1st ed) books.

Is 2nd ed worth getting or should I just ignore it and get the 3rd edition?

Is there consensus on one being better than the other?

I would say no. They are worse than animals. At least animals have some instincts. Mindless undead don't even have those. They attack in straight lines without regard for tactics and continue attacking until destroyed or dropping their opponent.

However, a clever creator can position them or arrange the room in such a way so as to raise the chances that the undead will attack in a strategic manner.

For example, one of my favorite traps is something I call "Opposing Skeletons in the Closets". A character who walks into the center of the room steps on a pressure plate that opens closets on her left and right that have skeletons in them. When the skeletons attack, they do so in a straight line towards the character in the center, most likely flanking her.

Scud422 wrote:

You will die with a smile on your face.

Sounds nice until you get hit with Hideous Laughter while underwater.


Only a bass that does not live in water can be used to open the Outer Gates. (The bass is a singer not, not a fish.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Only an army that can march on a teacup without breaking it can defeat your soldiers. (Surprise! Your soldiers are killed by army ants.)

You can only be defeated by a man not of woman born. (Surprise! Born by Caesarean does not count).

Oxylepy wrote:
Unweave Xenjer's spirit from reality. It would stop the cycle of his rebirth, potentially leaving the powerful horn and associated bonuses. To fully destroy the horn, each of its effects need to be removed individually, then the horn itself must be fed to the terrasque.

I like how you added "then the horn itself must be fed to the terrasque". It seems to be a popular answer.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Snowblind wrote:
My Self wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Mostly, it means the Race Builder is busted.
Tosses in pile with Svirfneblin, Merfolk, and last fifteen 10-point custom races that have never seen the light of day

Here's a fun game. Try to come up with the most broken race possible at the lowest cost possible. I think I can beat the Noble on an 11pt buy.

** spoiler omitted **

That's not that bad, really. Compare to human as the gold standard. How are they toxic?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Blizzard did not invent this, plenty of fantasy novels were doing it years in advance.

The original dark elves from Norse mythology were not evil, nor did they live underground and worship a spider queen. All of those tropes were invented by Gary Gygax.

It was the R.A. Salvatore's novels that made them not quite so universally evil in D&D anymore.

As for the Drow Noble, 41 is actually too low a number. If you add up all of their SLAs, you'll find their actual number should be much higher. I no longer allow drow nobles for that reason. Even in a game that starts at higher levels, their SLAs are just too unbalancing. It works much better if characters take regular drow and use the feat chain to slowly gain the drow noble abilities.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Val'bryn2 wrote:

Alright, thanks. I figured I was right on toughness, but am always open to being mistaken if I am.

I'll see what I can do about the platypus, either reskinning or somesuch. Originally she wanted a mini-Groot, but balked at finding out she had to be an elf.

The ARG says "Typically, only members of the section's race can take the listed archetype. . . Because adventurers are often societal outliers, sometimes these archetypes feature a theme that is the exception to the norm for racial tendencies."

PCs are not typical, so there is nothing stopping her from taking it except the GM. You can easily say that she learned to be a Treesinger from her elf friend or maybe she was adopted.

In my opinion, racial restrictions are things that belong in the trash bin with 1st and 2nd edition D&D anyway.

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