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Thril Kreen Barbarian

darth_borehd's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,448 posts (1,926 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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No, sorry. Bonus spell slots for high stats cannot be used until you are high enough level to cast them.

Only upon reaching level 10 can you use metamagic that raises the effective level of the spell to fifth level.

It seems to be similar to the Summoner ability, so I would say you have the option of casting a lower level Summon Monster even though you have the option of a higher one.

I don't mind.

Leaves and sticks crackle and crunch under the player's feet as they walk along.

A Survival or Knowledge (Nature) check of DC 15 will note that this area has recently seen localized flooding from rain and may be muddy.

If the party is so forewarned, they gain a +4 insight bonus on Acrobatics checks to avoid stepping in thick mud (DC 10) as they cross. Any characters that fail the check will become stuck in the mud. Until freed, they gain the grabbed condition. Characters can be freed with a Strength check of DC 15 made by them or another party member. If more than one person helps pull, add +2 for each helper to the roll. There is a 25% that a shoe or boot is not freed with the characters. Another strength check of DC 15 is required to rescue any lost footwear. Barefoot characters treat all natural terrain as difficult terrain.

Suddenly, the songs of birds of stop. It is completely silent. You are standing amongst a copse of trees where sunlight shines down in beams onto the ground. You can see dust motes floating in the sunbeams.

A Knowledge (Nature) or Survival check of DC 10 will reveal that it was probably a passing predator. A Perception DC 24 check will spot a hawk above the trees.

Either way, a few minutes later, the bird songs resume and everything is normal again.

You hear rustling in the tree branches above your head.

If they make a perception check DC 24, they can tell that it is only a couple of squirrels chasing each other. If not, then keep describing how leaves and acorns keep falling on their heads and the branches wobble occasionally.

Acrid-smelling smoke assaults your nostrils. Up ahead, you see many of the trees are blackened.

When the party arrives, they will find about a square mile of forest has been through a fire. While the flames have died out a few days ago, some embers are still smoldering. If the party takes the time to investigate (about an hour), they can make a Knowledge (Nature) check with DC 10 to find this fire appears to have been started naturally by a lightning strike and is perfectly normal.

(Optional: If the GM desires, the players can find the tree that was struck by lightning with a Perception DC 20. A Knowledge (Nature) check of DC 20 will allow them to harvest enough of the wood to make, or have made, a masterwork wooden weapon or shield from it. For further considerations, treat it as Darkwood.)

You hear howling and thrashing noises behind some trees.

If the party investigates, they will find a wolf has gotten his leg caught into a rabbit snare. He is howling and thrashing about trying to get away. If the party approaches without weapons and speaks softly, the wolf will not attack them. The rope is twisted into knots that can be undone with a Disable Device check (DC 15), broken with a DC 23 STR check, or cut by doing 2 points of damage to it.

Once free, the wolf will run off. If the party gets into a battle elsewhere in this forest, the wolf will jump out of a nearby bush and attack one of their foes. After the battle, the wolf will howl at the party and disappear into the forest. He will help only once.

Several piles of stones are stacked in neat columns in a circle about 30' wide. A Knowledge (Religion) check (DC 10) will reveal that it was made as an homage to nature deities. There is nothing else to be found here. If the party stops to rest or camp here, they will not be attacked.

In the meadow ahead, you see a field full of different colors of wild flowers. With every slight breeze, you see pollen fly off lazily into the air.

Crossing the field is easy but some characters may have allergic reactions. All characters crossing the field must make a Fortitude Save (DC 10) or gain the sickened condition as they start sneezing and dealing with runny noses and watery eyes. Effects will continue as long as they remain in the field and for 1d10 minutes later.

Up ahead, the sound of a river flowing over rocks can be heard. In the distance, you see a young man struggling with a raft full of barrels that has gotten stuck.

If the party approaches, they will see he has no weapons except for a 10' long pole that he is using in an attempt to lever the raft off the rocks. His name is Barnaby and he is just a commoner delivering apple cider to the village down the river. If the party stops to help him, one character will need to make a strength check (DC 18) to get it off the rocks. Using the pole adds a +2 equipment bonus. If other party members help, add +2 for each helper to the strength check. If the party is able to get the raft back in water, Barnaby will offer to either give them a ride to the next village or to the opposite bank of the river.

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You come upon what looks like a group of large flying insects that seems to be laughing. Upon closer inspection (Perception DC 10), you see that the insects are tiny flying humanoids. These creatures are sprites and are a type of fey that are generally not hostile [Knowledge (Nature) DC 10].

If the party stops to speak to them, they will behave friendly towards them and give directions or answer questions about the area. They will run and hide if the party is rude or attacks them.

Too hard for the CR

  • Jabberwock should probably be a couple CR higher.
  • Any ghost going against a low level party.
  • Dire Lion. Somebody's getting raked.
  • Flail Snail. Oh the horrors of trying to use magic on it.
  • Demilich. Really? This thing causes tons of party wipes.
  • Drow Nobles. Only CR 1 and all those innate magic abilities??!!?
  • Banshee. Wail can wipe party with a few bad saves.

Too easy for the CR

  • Chromatic/Metallic Dragons
  • Hill/Cloud/Stone Giants
  • Iron/Stone/Clay Golems. Back in 3.0, they were terrifying with their well-nigh unbeatable DR. Now they are pretty easy.
  • Vampires. Opposite of ghosts, vampires are relatively easy for a low level party to kill.

Any chance we can get archetypes for these?

  • Bards with no spells but other social and buffing abilities
  • Cavaliers with no mounts or other pets that focus on teamwork and inspiration
  • Summoners who get more evolutions instead of spells

Leland Chee has been charged by Disney to clean up and simplify the Star Wars canon (AKA slice the Extended Universe up with an extra large lightsaber), so we will see what happens to Yoda's species then.

According to the FAQ, you are correct. Grenade and shoot away.

Nefreet wrote:

The only time you incur penalties for TWFing is when you use your off hand to gain an extra attack, in addition to your iterative attacks.

If you're only using your iterative attacks, it doesn't matter where your attacks are coming from (left hand, right hand, foot, head, tail), you don't incur TWFing penalties.

Where is that rule?

But now you are doing it with your off-hand. TWF penalties would then apply to you. You said you were trying to avoid TWF.

What would be stopping you here is putting the pistol away to draw a grenade and then drawing it again to fire are both move actions.

Quickdraw as written would reduce drawing it as a free action, but putting it away would still be a move action.

You can try to convince your GM to house rule Quickdraw to apply to putting a weapon away as well.

With that and Fast Bombs, I think it might be possible.

Claxon wrote:
Gwen Smith wrote:

5) If you're just trying to make them stay in the area, yes. If you're trying to catch the greased area on fire, there's nothing in the grease spell that says it burns, and since the spell component is butter (which is not very flammable), I'm guessing the intent is that Grease doesn't burn. (Now if they used a plain vegetable oil or bacon grease, I would say it's definitely supposed to burn!) However, grease was...
In the Beginner's Box, which JJ wrote, it specifically states that the grease created by the Grease spell is non-flammable. While it lacks that note in the non-Beginner's version, it is clearly not intended to be flammable in Pathfinder as it was in days gone by.

That's been discussed in depth in several threads. Consensus of the developers is that being flammable was never intended and beyond the scope of a 1st level spell. One of them, Sean K. Reynolds I think, said he would allow it to be ignited only by higher level fire spells and effects that do a significant amount of hit points in damage, but that it would only behave like burning oil for 1 round at best. I think the phrase used was to think of it as magical butter or lard in that it can be flammable but only when it gets very hot.

I think this would fall under activating a function of the item, not a SLA.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't bypass it. What happens instead is that the assassin knocks it out and it goes to negative con score in hit points. When the regeneration brings it to positive hit points, the creature gets back up.

DR does not apply to energy-based attacks (fire, cold, acid, positive, negative, electrical, etc.) That means the holy water does its full damage to demiliches.

I have heard an argument from some that there are too many gold pieces in Pathfinder. Supposedly you can get closer to a realistic medieval economy by changing the rarity of gold and platinum coins.

The fix is to make 100 coppers equal to a silver, 100 silver to a gold, and 100 gold to platinum.

What does everybody else think?

It would be interesting.

<Picturing Akinra'a halfling wearing a bunch of floating treasure as a hat.>

So it's a force effect. Does that mean it is solid like a Wall of Force?

Can a floating disk be attacked?

Does it provide cover for somebody hiding underneath it from attack from above (or vice versa)?

I disagree. Charisma is so important for paladins, I would drop the con down to 12 before I lose any charisma.

Can a floating disk be attacked?

Does it provide cover for somebody hiding underneath it from attack from above (or vice versa)?

Gauss wrote:
Just a funny note, I don't think "Eric the Cavalier" ever rode a single mount.

That's who I visualize when I think of cavalier too.

I think Paizo really needed to include a cavalier archetype that had no mount (or other animals). All the other classes have options that allow them to ditch the pets.

Gauss wrote:

This does not fall under pushing unless the animal does not have either the "Come" trick or the "Heel" trick.

Both tricks are auto-successes (when taking 10) for a person with a trained animal companion and near guaranteed auto-successes for even regular animals with the tricks.

Finally, I suggest a halfling boar rider if you really want to get the best bang for you buck in an small space setting. :)

You are correct that come and heel will also work and are only DC 15.

Akerlof wrote:

Do you require these extra checks for all Druid animal companions, or are you just biased against Cavaliers? Lions, for example, certainly aren't subterranean animals, after all, and unlike Cavalier mounts they don't come combat trained by default. Do your Wizards need to push their ravens to get them to go indoors, since that is against the nature of a bird?

Depends on the animal. Horse and lion--yes. Dire Bat--No. Yes, all characters with animal companions are subject to the same rules.

Wizard/Witch familiars are not animals. They are magical beasts and are thus exempt.

Note that the bestiary Horse and Pony have the "docile" special quality which is likely where the CRB gets the "unwilling to enter strange places" thing. The animal companion version does not. Furthermore, Cavalier mounts are always combat trained so unless you train them out of it, they always know the Attack trick.

There is a very good reason why horses are not taken into dungeons and mules and donkeys are.

Yes, the vanilla cavalier mount have Attack by default. I included that for completeness because all animals use the same rules.

Do character types that use alcohol to power some abilities, like Buccaneer-Gunslingers or Drunken Master-Monks, suffer the effects of being drunk while doing so?

"Unlike a horse, a donkey or mule is willing (though not eager) to enter dungeons and other strange or threatening places." -- Core Rulebook, Equipment section

I agree with RuyanVe in that Cavalier mounts are treated as druid animal companions, but they are still just animals. They have strong instincts to avoid such areas.

I would say that unless the mount has the "Attack" trick, making it move underground would be "pushing" the animal (DC 25). If trained to Attack, I would require just a DC 20 handle animal roll to convince the mount to move underground initially and at any other points the environment changes (darker, different ground, smaller spaces, etc).

If the horse can conceivably smell creatures other than humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals (and their sense of smell is very good), then you must have put two points into the "Attack" trick or it would be back to pushing the animal again.

Characters with animal companions get a +4 when using the Handle Animal skill on them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You're not my supervisor!

How do you handle the different Pathfinder class abilities? For example, how do wizards cast spells and how do you adjust BAB for fighters?

I wonder how it would work with characters of different BAB and abilities.

I would say no, but it's a GM call.

When I GM, don't even let the player with leadership even see the character sheet of the cohort.

The bad guys have the advantage of more planning as the PCs are the one who are usually thrust into the adventure unaware of what is going on. Think about how you would plan an escape. Then think of another one. And another one. Bad guys should alway have at least 3 ways already planned out to accomplish anything.

ALso bad guys usually have the advantage of having minions do their dirty work to keep out of the fighting.

I found a mod called Mythicraft that sounds promising and has cool videos and screenshots. It says it featured D&D like stats and some character classes similar to Pathfinder. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work.

Another mod called Hexxit is part of a multi-mod launcher called Technic. It worked fine and has a server pre-configured. Unfortunately, it is more generic fantasy RPG than D&D or Pathfinder.

Paizo is losing a very talented and likable guy. Good luck in everything you do, Sean.

Anybody find a Minecraft mod that implements Pathfinder rules?

Is there a way to use Fate dice with the build in dice roller on the Paizo boards?

I was a fan of both Roger Zelazny's Amber series and the Amber Diceless Role Playing game. From the preview, this seems like a reprint of the Amber Diceless RPG with all the Roger Zelazny IP removed.

What kind of dice does the FATE system use?

I loved Dungeon Keeper too.

Somebody complained about copyright violation so it was removed. If anybody is interested, you can send me a PM and we can discuss it.

Here's something that me reach an epiphany: I actually read "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

Then I look at the system we have now. I came to realize the United States is no longer capitalist. Maybe a new word like corporatist might fit more appropriately, but not capitalist.

Adam Smith's vision was more like what we call a local farmer's market. You have local producers and sole proprietors directly competing with each other in a local market. Adam Smith hated the idea of corporations.

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