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Never tell them.

I had thought about this: A wizard scries on the king, ports to him while he is asleep, then uses suggestion to make him really horny, and summons a succubus to Energy Drain him to death.

Achaekek seems to be CR30


Edit: Oh sorry, I thought Golarion Gods are an option.

My bad, you are right. I was confused with base price and market price, but they seem to be the same.

It would take 12 days (24.000 GP difference in the market price, but for crafting you use half the market value). But still quite some time.

I think in a good group you can play any wizard/cleric/druid with no magic gear, even though it'll be hard and you won't be the best support for your group. Best thing to do is summoning of course. At some point though you can't defend yourself with your spells anymore. Monsters get perfect fly, freedom of movement and true sight. They will beat the crap out of you (but that's just as true for any "normal" caster).

Sword and Board Paladin with Fey Foundling sounds extremely strong, but has the Paladin enough feats to pull this off?

I like the idea of a barbarian very much, with all those giants in Varisia, dwarf could be a good race. Damage Reduction and high HP (We get our Hit Dices max as hitpoints) could help me last the fight. But is there a good way to make him TWF?

Ranger sounds like he's lacking defensive potential. No high AC, "only" d10, no big bonus on saves. What are his strong points in comparison to Paladin and Barbarian?

Hello, I was invited to start a new "Rise of the Runelords"-game. We are playing with three players, one of them making a Master Summoner, the other making a Vanilla Bard. I think what they are missing is a strong Breaker on the frontlines. With all the support I'll be getting (Flanking buddys, Enlarge Person, Haste, Inspire Courage) a melee character could truly shine. But what class/build could be the most useful/powerful in this setup?

We have 25 Point Buy and are allowed to use all rulebooks (even Advanced Race Guide). Thank you for any advice :)

Mandragora Swarm, CR 13

Leaving out the whole Kingdombuilding thing (the AP gives advice for doing so) Kingmaker isn't really that long. Lots of fights, a simple plot. So if your group likes fighting and wants to level up to 17, Kingmaker could be your choice. With a similar schedule like yours we needed about 7 Months, half of it being Kingdom-related.

For new groups (new to roleplay or Pathinder doesn't matter) I would recommend an Adventure Path after purchasing Core Rules and Bestiary 1. They take the GM by the hand, have all relevant stat blocks and information on traps, custom monsters, treasure and so on plus they are really fun and not too expensive.

Serpent's Skull oder Kingmaker are the most beginner-friendly APs in my opinion.

Yes, I'm from Germany and ordered via the F-Shop. I received my BB last week.

I learned a bit of Spanish, but i think I understood it's the oppening letter from Kingmaker #1, right?

I played out the whole "uprooting" thing, but left away the rules weakening the encounters to make it more challenging. They did not Encounter Nyrissa in her room but in some kind of a special realm where they where floating high above the Stolen Lands while they (the lands) got sucked into some kind of cheese cover (Like the one over the rose in beauty and the beast was in). There they had plenty of space for fighting and summoning monster. The fight was not that interesting in the end, sadly. Her maze-spell caught the rogue and the druid, the barbarian didn't get any good rolls and after the "Dispel Magic" on her protective items wore off Nyrissa was nearly unhittable. The cleric fell in a combined fire storm/ chain lightning attack, the barbarian was finished in melee with her flame sword. I really felt, that the group is quite strong up to that point, thus i didn't "nerf" the dryad. The Jabberwock felt with easw, lasting only 2 rounds, same with nearly every other encounter except for the worm that walks. It was my first high-level experience as a DM and I'm still surprised how extremely superior spellcasting BBEG's are compared to fighters. Armag fell in one round, Vordakai nearly TPK'ed them. Still very sad they didn't manage to finish her off though.

Edit: Sorry, I just see that I didn't answer any of your questions as it seems :(

You guys are great, thank you for helping me so much.

A point that didn't even got to my mind is how the wasteland is populated. It would be a good hook if the players are sent to rescue any survivors from a trading post. I'm not sure yet from which direction they should start and thus which kingdom they are allgined to.

I want to make this campaign running from level 1 to level 17-20, so I'm guessing it would be a good idea to set a milestone where the players battle Nyrissa about level 10-12. The levels before should be filled with exploration, getting an idea what happened before the lands got sucked into the first world (This the players know but their characters not) and what happened after that. I have two ideas in my mind:

1) The Stolen Lands were sent back as a way to serve Nyrissa as a bridgehead for conquering all of golarion. So the PCs have to raise their own army to push Nyrissas first world troops back into their realm and face them there. to accomplish this they need to rebuild the old kingdom and ressurect their old characters. Maybe they need to find planar allies too because the surrounding countries will have to fight at their borders against fey armies already. Some kind of good alligned feys army could be a good opportunity to bring back "General" Perlivash.

2.) The first world got conquered by a being of "infinite" power. Nyrissa escapes inside the stolen lands. She establishes her own kingdom and claims to be the rightful queen of these lands. After the PCs found and rescued the human populated cities from Nyrissas Generals they need to push back Nyrissas armys and face her, to find out what evil really await, should the conqueror of the first world finds out, how easily he can send an army into golarion via the connection between the first world and the stolen lands.

The first world was described as some kind of timeless place, so I think that all of the survivors won't have aged, even though they really spent 100 years in captivity. There will be a resistance group fighting the evil fey and there will be one or two intact cities inhabitated by oppressed humans. I think those should be on the western part of the map, around the castle of blades. The eastern part though should be devastated and overgrown. Maybe I could bring back Vorakai, who did indeed return (The players don't know about his weakened status per book, which forbits his return, so I could cheat a bit here) and found himself in this wicked first world. A "The enemy of my enemy"-Situation where they ally with a Lich could bring up interesting plost twists.
As Big Bad Boss Guys up to Nyrissa I was thinking about traitor NPCs (A corrupted Anti-Paladin Akiros Ismort could be fun), the return of the Quickling, Nyrissas Generals (I like the idea of some kind of season-realted Fey-Monster like the Duke of Frost (could be that guy from carnival of tears, he is fun) or a Queen of Autumn who withers her enemies) and the famous winged Owlbears. Oleg could have betraided the kingdom and become a proconsul for Nyrissa. I imagine him as a really fat guy, dressed all up in colours but totally corrupted (Maybe a Sorcerer now) who holds Svetlana as his slave (Like Jabba the hut).

This is it sofar, but please keep your good ideas coming. You are such a great help.

I'm a DM from Germany so please excuse any bad language ;)

Me and my group are huge Kingmaker fans. We finished part 6 with a TPK similiar to the one FallOfCamelot described in the Obituaries-Thread. The Characters (Three were left, with an NPC, one Player moved during Book 4) went on to their respective gods and sometimes we dig them out to make some kind of Afterlife-Arena, where they face some high-level enemies. The TPK happened in June.

So I was thinking about a second Kingmaker campaign specifically designed for them. So from now on it's spoilers ahead:

The campaign shall play at least 100 years in the "future". Brevoy changed of course, civil war, return of the Conqueror, something like this. The Stolen Lands disappeared without a clue, just bare wasteland left. Nothing does anyone know about Nyrissa or the link to the first world. Nyrissa, wounded but not defeated, returned into the higher ranks, now a more powerful, dark fey-goddess.
Then, all of a sudden, the Stolen Lands reappear. They are just "there" again. The time in First World and under the influence of the fey-gods has twisted the land, and the players new characters are hired as an expedition team, to find out what happened. Meanwhile the river nations move their armies to the borders and send in their own teams for investigation.

I'm hoping to bring up old NSCs, places the players created and old enemys, but everything in a new, twisted way. While the characters explore the stolen lands (once again) hex for hex they shall find out, what has happened during the last hundred years and finally need to ressurect their old characters to their sides and face the new Nyrissa once again, to free the Stolen Lands from it's connection to the first world forever.

What do you guys think about this? Do you have any good ideas how I should proceed from here on, so it will become a playable campaign for my players?

My thanks in advance ;)

It should be possible to replace a lot of the Story in #31 with Crown of the Kobold King and bring in Return of the Kobold King and Hungry are the Dead with ease, when #32 started. Even Falcon Hollow's last Hope could be possible when turning Oleg's into a small settlement (~50 Settlers, Hunters, Lumberjacks should do the trick). Carnival of tears is an option and Master of the fallen fortress seems to be a viable addition to the forest.

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