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danmasucci's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 45 posts. 29 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Not sure what this would be useful for.

*( )( )( )( )

Completely disappointed. This is one map, I’m passing over, whereas I happily hit my brick and mortar store for the new map releases.

The exterior is a lot of roof with little features. There should be gargoyles and other things that could be useful for encounters. The interior is even more disappointing. It contains plenty of rooms like we've already seen on previous maps. There are a lot of small rooms where encounters would not be good. I was really hoping for a ballroom for party scenes, with plenty of detail and room for a party. There's no awesome library or dining hall.

The art, as usual is great, but that doesn’t save it.

It's similar to the Pathfinder lodge (which is actually more useful) which makes it largely obsolete.

Also, how many noble houses only have one floor? This could have been a good multi-map pack if it included useful spaces and rooms.

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Could be successful with the right group

****( )

Reading through the first book, I'm impressed because it is extremely concise and clearly explained, to make running it a breeze. In the beginning, it assumes that the players are greedy for gold, and hopefully loyal to House Thrune, which could feel forced for some players. I could see this being a problem if you don't have a group that is willing to become invested with no real hook. The adventure starts by assuming the players are doing a job with an NPC. GMs may want to create their own set up, so it doesn't feel like you start in the middle of an "episode." Otherwise, I'm looking forward to running this after I run Council of Thieves!

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Great addition to building your city


As usual, the art work is amazing Engle is the best in the business. The greatest thing about this map is the one side joins up quite nicely to the pub crawl map and to the warehouse map. Now, all that Paizo needs to do is continue the canal in the Redlight District map into a new map so that you can link all four together to make one large map. That would be amazing.

I highly recommend this product.

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Great art, as usual, but not a lot of value

***( )( )

I felt jipped with this product. First, it came out after my Skull & Shackles campaign finished (ran it from book 1 to 6 in two years). AND Second, because the value of content left me underwhelmed.

The art- as usual, is on point and fantastic, but besides a couple of gang planks added to two decks, this map pack offers one complete ship (with not boarding action in sight) and nothing really new or necessary.

If you don't have enough ship maps or tiles, it will come in handy. But I have every ship map pack and battle map that Paizo released. I was hoping for something more.

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3 stars in most places but less in others

***( )( )

Another reviewer mentioned that this adventure needs a flow chart. That is exactly what I did and it was a headache. Other elements that made this frustrating was the need to bounce back and forth between locations just to gather information only after completing tasks that required more island hopping.

This is my first time running an adventure path and I'm doing it with experienced gamers. What I've noticed is that they largely eat up the challenges like they were nothing. In fact, the biggest challenges have mostly been went they went off book and I create encounters. I'm also running Rise of the Runelords for a much less experienced group and it poses a real challenge for them. I wish there were several power level options.

The biggest flop in this book- and it shouldn't have been- was the regatta at the end. The entire AP has been loading the adventurers up with treasure to give them an edge during the race. Also, my players have optimized themselves as sailors and able bodied adventurers on the sea. There was very little challenge for them during the race. They were so fast, they completed the race in one day. The storm bound hazards were no challenge since, the captain rolled between 35-45 consistently on every Profession Sailor DC needed. The Invisible Stalkers were the only thing that gave them a run for their money.

I'm hoping that the Island of Empty Eyes is more challenging, particularly since its on land.

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