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danmasucci's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 51 posts. 33 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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$19.99 for this? Is the price for maps really about to make a $5 jump?! If so, the library may be my last Paulo map purchase.

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I would love to see a series for NPCs and set dressing like they did with the Undead Horde and We Be Goblins. This way it would be 24 specific minis to pad out background players and set pieces!

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Sweet! The PCs in my game have completed the mutiny but are going back to inspect the Invernus so I think I'll use this idea!

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
The PCs are in Giant Squid territory and come across an abandoned ship. Within are zombies, a kuru cannibal Druid, ghouls and vermin. To cap it off a dying giant squid starts tearing the ship apart as the PCs find the treasure within, tentacle doom awaits your 2nd level PCs!

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I like this idea. The sahuagin subplot seemed too similar to the grindlylows in the first AP book- at least from encounter standpoint... Go inside aquatic creature lair and crawl...

ferrinwulf wrote:

My players are loving it so far, the muntineed before getting to bonewrack in book 1 and the last time we left it they had been shipwrecked (on hold for a month due to holidays),

I'm also finding this book fairly easy to change around and keep the good bits. Rickety Squibs I kept, the piracy sandbox im keeping, tiderock is being kept (I'm having Pegsworthy and Kroop explain the background of it so it makes more sense for them to want it). The whole Shaughin subplot is going and I'm replacing the reason for the attack at Tiderock by Inkskin as a reprisal by Harrigan. I figure he is a bit miffed by having his new ship stolen which has thrown him into a rage (the start of his decline in to madness in book 5). He is lashing out at anyone and just wants the lady of the Rock dead and the rock finally his. Inkskin is his weapon as he is elsewhere (gives me a chance of having Harrigans presence in the book which I think is lacking, it seems a shame to not have him somewhere in it as his is a major villan).
This will also mean that I could have Inkskin change sides and become an NPC fairy easily. The map on her back Im using to get them to the Bonjo Tomo Isle adventure in Dead Mans Chest which is a really good jungle island with cannibals, apes a Giant Ape god and a really good cave/dungeon with good traps and puzzles to get to the treasure. I plan to finsh it with the Death Knell chasing the party being the dead crew claiming their treasure back and wanting them dead.

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I'm about halfway through the Wormwood Mutiny and wanted to share a couple of things that other GMs might find useful.

First, even though I have over 1,800 minis, I bought the PDF paper minis for this adventure and find them extremely useful. I used the images for each one to create an NPC packet for the PCs to look through. By having the pictures and names together, they could get a better sense of who was on the ship and make notes as they win the crew members to their cause or make deadly enemies.

During the storm, I had Rosie fall overboard. The PCs rescued her but also saw it as an opportunity to get rid of Fipps Chumlett, the NPC who has been Scourge's toady in my game. They felt accomplished getting rid of him and getting away with it. I think by letting them achieve this victory it will help prolong Plugg and Scourge's life, ensuring the mutiny is the big finale.

Right now, they just fought the reefclaws. I placed that encounter on a very small island so they want to explore for a bit. I'll set up at least one more encounter there. Since I'm just leveling the players up at plot points, rather than assigning XP, this won't be a problem.

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Can you tell me a little about the Salvage Operation?

Trinite wrote:

I think I'm going to cut most of the Grindylow dungeon except for the boss fight, and replace it earlier on with the "Salvage Operation" adventure from Dungeon issue 123.

Thanks to Dudemeister for the idea!

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For anyone running or playing the Skulls and Shackles AP looking for some good tunes other than Pirates of the Carribbean, check out Alestorm- a Scottish Pirate/Metal band. Excellent songs that get you other mood for this campaign!

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