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d13's page

561 posts (564 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

Full Name





5'11" 170 lbs



Special Abilities

Its all special


This is an incredibly rude question.


Any god who people don't kill other people for is cool with me.


NYC - Upper Manhattan - Washington Heights


Most of the time - Actor, Some of the time - Unemployed, Every once in a while - Office Chump

About d13

I started playing D&D when I was 4 years old. Granted, I didn't know much of what I was doing, but lack of knowledge never stopped me from playing - and it still doesn't today. I almost exclusively DM. I'm all about the Role over the Roll and I get truly excited when people's imaginations make an honest connection in my games. I have no problem bending the rules to make the story better.

I don't play nearly enough as I'd like to. But it gets kind of hard with my schedule. I am a professional actor and I spend a lot of my time away from home. That means that D&D takes a back seat for sometimes 6 months at a time. And just in case you are wondering, you probably haven't seen me in anything. And if you did, then you paid way too much attention to that episode of Guiding Light. I do mostly theatre work on the regional circuit. But considering the vast number of places I have worked in the last few years, if you go to a lot of plays {stifles a laugh}, then I suppose you could have seen me.

I have two homebrew campaigns currently running, although one of them is a semi-annual event at best. I like running smaller groups of two to three people best, because I feel like it gives you more time to focus on the characters needs.

My current parties consist of:
1)a CG bard, a CG sorcerer, a LG paladin
2)a LE necromancer, a NE rogue, a CE Fighter

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