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Forest Drake

csdershem's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 24 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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TBA wrote:
Added Skull Head and Blakmane to my conversions :)

Could I get these as well? Talysian at yaho dot cam ;)

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Please cancel my ap sub. Holiday money crunch.

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Exactly, I tend to use fewer items that tend to scale in level with the pcs. I just want to get away from the magic Mart and Xmas tree of items. Normal aps this isn't an issue for me. I'm just trying to figure out a way to replace the city generates more magic items then santa has toys effect :)

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I'm prepping to run kingmaker, finally and from some suggestions I've read on here I'm going to be doing it low magic style, using some rules I've found on here to take care of any imbalances on character power level, but I wanted to know how bad this would affect the bp's later on in the game.

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Same question :)

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the ideas! Does the first post contain your most up to date version of this?

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talysian at yahoo (dot)com I would seriously appreciate a copy of this as my players are just wrapping up module 2. Much thanks in advance!

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SAVAGE TIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is all Superb Quality stuff!

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Does anyone know if their are any community created maps for harrowstone? Specifically ones with 5ft on the grid, or even better no grid? I'm searching but am not coming up with anything and due to run this weekend.



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Any chance you are going to do the dungeon level of the castle as well?

nudge nudge..

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I don't know why but part 2had me nearly in tears, mainly because I have a friend that does crime scene cleanup.. (after the cops and such are done) and I can just picture him reacting the same way.

Galnörag wrote:

The post above mine makes me almost feel like mine isn't worth posting, but here goes:

1) The Paladin in our party pimped out the Oracle to Councilman Gharen Muricar in exchange for access to the town records, and help reading them. She only has to go on one date, but the old letch is excited for it.

2) This one is sort of meta, we stared our campaign just after halloween and I grabbed some fake blood on sale. I wanted to have the writing on the monument be 1) memorable, 2) spooky, so I pardoned myself to the washroom at one point and smeared a big arse V in fake blood on my bathroom mirror. I decided that who ever actually sees it first, would have the event of it being found kicked off around their character, and then I waited. Maybe 30-40 minutes later, the guy at the table who is a paramedic wanders off to the washroom, and back. Instead of anyone else who would have gotten maybe a good fright out of it, he says nonchalantly as he comes back, "You would be surprised how often in a week I see that for real." It was still memorable, but I was kind of hoping for an "EEEEK." The townsfolk had to provide that for us.

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I'd really suggest fantasy grounds for it. It does cost but tbh it's some of the best money I've spent.. If you want a demo of the pathfinders players side you can shoot an email to my username at g mail. And I'll set one up for you, I have what's called the Ultimate license with them so anyone can connect as long as they download the software.

Liberty's Edge

This is what I do to resize for fantasy grounds, it works for d20 pro as well.

Hope that helps!

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bigkilla wrote:
Black Blade Arcane Pool: A black blade has an arcane pool with a number of points equal to 1 + its Intelligence bonus.

Thank you! Blind I was.

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I can't seem to find this and I may just be blind but how do you determine the blades arcane pool?

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James Jacobs wrote:
OKAY! I rattled my saber and looks like we'll get stat blocks for those two kami up as a blog post this Thursday!

Thanks James!

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Greeting’s and well met, I’m going to dabble my foot into the Pathfinder water and was seeing if there was any interest in it. I’m planning on starting with the Crypt of the Everflame/Path of Immortality Trilogy.


Alternating Sundays from Noon – 4 CST (GMT-6) my timing is a little flexible; I could go an hour or two either way. The days however are set in stone.

I am experienced in running Pathfinder, but an early novice on Fantasy Grounds with it.

I do have an Ultimate License so no need to own Fantasy Grounds.

I will be using either Vent or TS or Mumble for out of combat stuff, bsing etc, etc. However RP will be done in chat.

That being said Paizo produced stuff only, no 3PP materials,

Newbies to FG/Pathfinder are welcome! These modules are designed with that in mind. If the group works well at the end, I am considering running one of the adventure paths; I would like to get things under my belt first though.

If you are interested or have questions please post below or send me a pm

Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Loximann wrote:


This is my first post ever. I am going to run Crimson Throne, and I came looking for advice, and I found this post very interesting.

In general, the lack of motivation for the PCs is a problem that bothers me a lot. In this particular case, the beginning is great: vengeance is a very powerful reason to bring people together.

** spoiler omitted **

Remember, the traits in the player's guide if you are using it (its a free download) affect how the PCs know Lamm - which helps when they meet him** spoiler omitted **

OMG I Wish I would have thought of that when running this, that is an awesome idea!

Liberty's Edge

ericthecleric wrote:
Talesian, have you seen this thread about updating the marshal to the Pathfinder ruleset?

No but thanks!

Liberty's Edge

So lack of any real spellcaster's isn't a real issue in this AP? Yes I understand a bard can cast spells, however this particular player will probably just stand back and pling at stuff with his shortbow.

Liberty's Edge

We recently just started Kingmaker, 3 sessions in and we had a player drop due to wife aggro leaving our group with the following Makeup

15 point Builds
Human Fighter Falchion weapon master build
Half Elf (Warlord- 19 Cha, 13 str 10 all else.(Class from the 3.5 miniatures book))
Halfling Rogue - Scout
Human Bard (archaeologist build)

I don't have all the stats, but the Warlord is a diplomancer, the bard with his fingers in every pie, but nothing extravagant, has sleep & CLW. The Halfling is a well built rogue little less damage cause of halfling, but well rounded skill set. And the fighter is a Brute Killing Machine. However my worry is the group will not be able to handle things without a full spellcaster at 7'th level. (The fighter is taking Leadership to have a Oracle or Cleric Follower).

Any suggestions to optimize the chances of staying alive... I believe the groups first purchase is going to be a wand of Cure Light Wounds...

Thanks for the input!

Liberty's Edge

These three are a good base to do your own stuff as well. I'd also recommend We be Goblins!

Liberty's Edge

I would recommend Curse of the Crimson Throne, it is a 3.5 but there are plenty of conversions for the first few modules, and by the time you get past that, you should be comfortable to do the rest yourself. It's a very urban campaign for the first 3 modules, and realistically there was only one module that I felt was Dungeon Crawlish, and out of six that's not to shabby.

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