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crmanriq's page

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Your cards are safe

****( )

I've had one of these for about 3 years now, with four capsules. Nothing will harm your deck while in a capsule in this box, short of submerging the entire thing under water and waiting for it to fill the interior. I have had near disasters with some of my cards where my backpack got soaking wet. Cards in longboxes got wet when the cardboard soaked through. Cards in the Endura were dry. (Metal doesn't soak through. Even if water gets into the Endura, it has to really be a lot of water getting in to also get into the capsules.)

The metal is about the same gauge as used on my Craftsman toolbox. It would take some serious hammering to make a dent that would do anything more than cosmetic damage.

I've noticed that the rook capsules seem to be a little nicer on the cards than the ultrapro metal deck boxes. The ultrapros have an annoying tendency to grab either the top or bottom card in the deck and mess with that sleeve in some way. I haven't seen this happen with my rook capsules. (Note - the ultrapro metal boxes do not fit in the Endura case. They are too large.)

Other than that. Simple flip over lock to hold the case closed. Just like on my toolbox. Piano hinge works smoothly. Heavy duty handle. No sharp edges (it has rounded edges).

Dislikes? Mmm. Heavy. But that's part of it being strong. I've been tempted to use it to bash in someone's head on rare occasion, but so far I've resisted that urge. Watertight seals might be nice, but they might be overkill.

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