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Wait if drinking dragon blood is a evil no-no for LG paladins then how about N druids wearing dragon hide armor? I suppose you could convert a TN or NG druid to NE when they don the skin of a dragon, but this could cause problems with CN or LN druids becoming LE or CE.

ChumbaWumba wrote:
What would be some good items for a gunslinger to have other than the belt of dex?

wand of abundant ammunition is my number one choice for a magic item on a gunslinger.

slate spider(s) are my second choice after dex and weapons for enchants.

if you can talk your GM into accepting that gun training is a form of weapon training for the purposes of gloves of dueling (which is not unreasonable) then the gloves are very nice, +2 dmg per attack for only 15,oooGP.

make the rogue half-elf or human and take the following feats: combat reflexes, agile maneuvers, weapon focus whip, whip mastery, imp. whip mastery (exotic weapon proficiency (whip) for humans or ancestral arms for half-elf). stand next to the gunslinger so the gunslinger can either move and shoot once or try to 5' step and full attack while drawing AoOs - use disarm as the AoO. without the deft shootist feat the gunslinger is going to draw an AoO every shot or reload. since deft shootist requires mobility, which requires dodge, a level 10 gunslinger has to drop essential feats to fit deft shootist in.

13: Grand entrance for parties, with greater invisibility on cast create pit and climb into it. remove greater invisibility and when the spell expires appear to come rising out of the ground.

Imbicatus wrote:
cnetarian wrote:

Did I miss a ruling on monks and PA, or should PA be -4hit/+8 damage because a level 16 monk has 12 BAB?

Per the faq:

Monk: How does a monk's improved BAB when flurrying interact with feats like Power Attack and Combat Expertise, which have different effects depending on your BAB?

The monk uses his improved flurrying BAB to determine the effect of those feats.

Ah, thanks, so I did miss a ruling.

Jon Otaguro 428 wrote:

This is my character near the end of second darkness:

Level 16 hungry ghost monk
STR 32/34 (enlarge person)
Bonuses with haste/heroism/ki/enlarge person

To Hit(14 flurry+12 str-5 PA-1 large+2 heroism+5 magic+1 weapon focus+1 competence+1 haste)
Damage (+12STR+10PA+5Magic+1Trait)

+30/+30/+30/+30/+25/+25/+20/+20/+15 Damage 4-32+28 x2/19-20; the two handed fighter can outdamage the monk on high AC opponents. On low AC opponents, the monk out damages the 2H fighter by using 9 attacks.

The tricks mainly come in at lower levels to keep you doing well:

*wand of mage armor with umd
*alchemist cohort with +5 potion of greater magic fang with alchemical allocation
*temple sword

Did I miss a ruling on monks and PA, or should PA be -4hit/+8 damage because a level 16 monk has 12 BAB?

Halfings win, numbers matter and for every halfling you can see there are hundreds more you don't see. Plus they are all over the place, if all the halfling slaves were to rise up then half the PF campaign setting would be run by halflings.

Rocheworld: two same size planets orbiting each other, close enough to share an atmosphere, when the twin planet is overhead the lack of weight is extremely noticeable, and the day consists of a "long night" (true night), "little day" (morning), "little night" (when the twin causes an eclipse), "long day" (afternoon). For more fun make one geosynchronous so that it is always above the same point on the other planet.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
ProfPotts wrote:
Hmmm... 8 pouches of 'flask' size each... a flask seems to hold 1lb of stuff... so with two bandoliers you could wear 15lbs (3 kegs' worth) of black powder, with 1lb left over for a 'triggering' mechanism... turn yourself into a 15d6 explosion of firey death! For your deity of choice, of course...
Recommended only for Reincarnated Druids of the 5th level or higher with a ready way to remove negative levels. Either be a word-caster or take the experimental spellcaster feat to learn the "purify" word so you can save a lot on diamond dust.

It is for anyone who wishes to become immortal*.

*immortal in the figurative sense of being named in song and story, remembered as the one who blew the tunnel and stopped the orc army. anyone interested in immortality in the literal sense, by not dieing, should stay right away from this and anyone who considers it a good idea.

some things I have kept handy in the past which would fit on a bandolier:

weapon blanches
iron spikes (pitons in game, wedges to keep doors open or shut usually)
emergency light source (a sunrod or candlerod)
1 pair dice and 1 pair loaded dice
smoke stick

Orfamay Quest wrote:
* ATM machine, aka wealth transport ANYWHERE. This is a little bit harder. You basically need to find someone who has business interests everywhere. National governments will rarely be able to do this, but major merchant houses (think of the Rothschild family, for example, with 5 brothers in five major capital cities) or major churches (think of the Knights Templar) might be able to perform that role. But you're unlikely to find anyone...

Well in a PF fantasy world there is instant communication through a wide variety of spells/magic items and ring gates even allow the transportation of coins so, while not exactly cheap, a form of ATMs could exist. For example, a banker with enough money (12,500gp for the permanency spell) could be invited to join the telepathic bond circle of a banking cabal and instantly check up on any letter of credit issued by any other member of the cabal and the head office of the cabal could use a crystal ball to consult with other banking cabals for a fee. While this is expensive it is not impossibly so when you consider a party of 4 PCs at level 3 are expected to have 12,000gp in wealth.

zenseer wrote:

Personally, for an inquisitor I'd look at the Ranger list instead. There are some really useful spells that dovetail nicely with an inquisitor's role(s) on that list.

Aspect of the Falcon
Gravity Bow
Lead Blades

...and that's just first level. Barkskin, Aspect of the Stag, Aspect of the Wolf, Darkvision (including greater and communal), Bow spirit.

Anywho, that's my two cents. :-)

Pallys have a different casting style that integrates well with combat focused inkies. The pally list is dominated by immediate action spells which means being able to full attack and cast a spell in the same round (or move, attack & cast). I'm assuming the OP is aware of this and chose the pally list for that reason. More utility in the Ranger list but not many immediate action spells.

I've gotten some very good use out of knight's calling as a paladin, an inkie should be able to get even more use out of it.

There is also an immediate action paladin spell I forget the name of which lets you take damage instead of another character - maybe not as useful without swift action self heals.

As a dwarf fighter I'd seriously look at cleave/great cleave combined with lunge & a reach weapon (and if available the goblin-cleaver/orc-hewer/giant-killer feats from the advanced race guide) - cleaving is a standard action which means you can move and attack in the same round. Highly dependent on the type of encounters though, it shines in encounters with groups which cluster into melee combat and isuseless when fighting single targets.

Will saves are awful for fighters, but most are spells and with a 15 starting WIS & dwarven hardiness for +2 you will be alright for a while, consider iron will (a non-combat feat) about level 9. Dazzling display is an underwhelming feat for fighters as it is a full round action, fighters have problems with the action economy.

I'd look at a pally, rapid reload and rapid shot would give you 5 attacks as a full attack and with smite 6 times/ day(smite isn't precision damage so it might apply to both attacks with a double crossbow, ask your GM) and divine bond (3times/day) you can manage to get a goodly number of hits for considerable damage. Not so good against multiple targets or non-evil and you have to be a pally, but against the type of opponents likely at level 16 the pally crossbowman will be putting out boucoup damage while not worrying about attacks (deflection bonus to AC, divine grace to saves, and immunity to disease, fear & charm). For even more fun you can use 2 smites to grant smite to nearby allies and don't forget spells, channeling & lay-on-hands. Feats take 1)point blank shot 2) rapid shot 3) rapid reload 4) weapon focus double crossbow 5) snap shot 6) imp. snap shot 7) combat reflexes 8) greater snap shot (human or half elf for proficiency with the double crossbow if that way).

lunge is definitely worth it and there should be no essential need for combining with acrobatics, vital strike and AoO probably not so much.

Consider the possibility of whirlwind attack (requires int13, dex13, mobility, dodge, spring attack&combat expertise so only really an option for a fighter).

Don't overlook some form of becoming large sized (potion of growth is common) to get a 5' bonus to reach.

Don't go fighter or ranger, go zen archer.

As for why choose a gunslinger besides flavor, the adrenaline rush. Overall the ranger or fighter produce more damage on average but when everything comes together just right a gunslinger puts out so much damage that it is awe inspiring. The other 99% of the time gunslinger damage is just meh with misfires happening at the worse possible times, but there are those moments of glory which a ranger or fighter archer cannot duplicate.

a variant of the contingency spell with a remote activation trigger. subject to the GM's discretion such a spell can be researched by the BBEG and then either placed on the henchman or on some items carried by the henchman.

(cont) races

1)if going for a pistolero then the best choice is a grippi or tiefling for the tail/tongue dual weilding
2) the dwarf racial favored class bonus can actually work out quite well but gets somewhat meaningless at higher levels, an excellent choice for characters unlikely to get to level 12+ or campaigns which allow retraining of favor class bonuses
3)a goblin can do some really strange things as a gunslinger, with +4 DEX to start combine burn, burn, burn and goblin gunslinger with a pair of dragonpistols firing dragonsbreath cartidges for a pocket fireball. not very versitile but made a really fun NPC.
4)don't completely discount the ifrit & ratfolk, the initiative favor class bonus can be really useful, depends on what you want but it is a viable option to make sure a gunslinger goes from rarely losing initiative to never losing initiative.

MM is better in general but pistoleros can be built which in the right situation are far superior especially at higher levels, especially with advanced firearms. If you are playing a gunslinger from low level on then go musket master, it is far less aggravating to play.

Consider the conversion inquisition (especially if going for intimidate), divine favor gives a 'luck' bonus so it stacks with other types of bonuses, have a plan for fighting multiple enemies at once.

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Ross Byers wrote:
Mudfoot wrote:
Or the asinine way that all US paper money is the same size and the same colour, just inviting mistakes.

I vaguely wonder if we could sue the Treasury under the Americans with Disabilties Act for making a currency that isn't usable by the blind.

been done under a 1973 law, the suit was won in 2002 and as of last year, developed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, there is an app for that. If you don't have phone which can use the app, the Treasury can send you a bill reading device when they get around to finalizing the design (expect it 2025). Plans are also underway that when the next major revision of the currency takes place in maybe 5 decades it will include some tactile feature to be determined. The ADA is only about 25 years old so it might take a while for the government to get around to it.

the problem is that cash availability is in the GM's hands. The GM might have a reason for keeping you from having cash in which case nothing can help, the GM might be expecting you to do something you just have not thought of to get cash in which case talking to GM will usually help, or the GM might just not realize that the lack of cash is being an issue in which case talking to the GM will definitely help.

In a low loot, copper-pinching campaign the most important piece of gear is the cart & mule, although at level 3 you should be able to find enough money to afford a heavy wagon and horse which carries much more weight. Leave nothing of potential value behind, when you kill someone, at most leave a nekkid copse behind and ask about filings and if there is a market for hides, organs, hair, tattooed goblin-skin lampshades or whatever. This also applies to any 'dungeon' you go through, don't leave two stones standing if a farmer might buy the materials for a stone wall.

craft wondrous items: on your months long caravan trips you can get a few hours of crafting in each day. first up is a portable hole, yes it costs 5,000GP to make but it contains about 1131 cubic feet of loot regardless of weight which means it can pay for itself in short order when used to grab very low value items.

Been a long time since I built a whole world, I go with a concept and write the campaign around that. The last campaign had one city which I forget the name of since the whole campaign was devoted to exploring and changing ecological/economic developments in the subterranean which were causing ghouls to attack the city and it just became "The City". I could piece together the last 3 campaigns (last 3 can be considered compatible, the D&D fantasy one before that is too tied to 2nd ed) and add material to create a world, but then I'd have to find a way to shoehorn in the next campaign idea. As long as the players don't need an entire world the create as needed style works.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
And change the guidelines for how they're used to be something that goes with a fight instead of instead of a fight.

Is that in the guidelines? When I use a trap it is usually as part of a fight, sometimes by itself when it fits for atmosphere, but a trap by itself is usually a non-challenge.

1) home game
2) a little too easy to detect/disarm for low level trapd or the sample traps but too hard for higher level ones - a DC 28 to disarm trap (CR3) presents a serious challenge for a level 5 character
3) well I dislike killer traps and I find traps to be too lethal for their supposed CR
4) change the CR calculation for traps to more accurately represent the challenge that traps present. I think +1 CR for every 8 damage works better, for instance. and make some traps which are just immune to disarming

I recommend when designing traps to use traps which would not affect the undead, it creates a nice atmosphere. Have the party looking for a way to deactivate fire vents which do 1d4 fire damage per round while skeletons charge through the flames to attack them, or have a room fill with poison gas while unbreathing zombies are unaffected. Swarms of low level undead can be real fun for a well equipped party as the party can feel heroic by killing of them while taking only minimal damage but it can be time consuming.

I agree that using the dragon pistol is the better way to simulate the sawed off shotgun. The bigger problem is a level 1 solution to reloading - in the movie by the time Ashe had to chop off his hand he was above level 1, so perhaps keep the character with two hands until his hand becomes corrupted and has to be chopped off and replaced with a chainsaw.

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They can find their home invaded by a good party which travels around in a purple carriage called the 'Mystery Machine'. the party consists of 1) Sir Frederick Jones, a blonde trapper archetype ranger 2) Dame Daphne Blake, a red haired bard with not inconsiderable disable device & disguise skills who usually uses unarmed combat 3) The Wizard Velma Dinkley, a female dwarven wizard who prefers to use her knowledge skills instead of her spells 4)Norville Rogers, called Shaggy perhaps because of his unkempt hair, a stealthy sylvan bloodlined sorcerer ho tries very hard to avoid combat and often uses the ghost sound cantrip to get out of combat type situations 5) Scoobert Doo, the possibly awakened hound animal companion of 'Shaggy' Rogers.

A male aasimar wearing a gold shirt with a corset noticable underneath, a male elf in a blue shirt, an older human male in a blue shirt and a dark-skinned human female approach the party and start talking about "fisbin" and wanting "a piece of the action". After a few minutes, the elf consults an amulet which makes a strange warbling noise and whispers to the the aasimar, who apologizes for wasting the party's time and says something about a "transporter malfunction".

Orfamay Quest wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:

I recall reading an article written by a biochemist talking about how 'English measurements' are better for the kitchen because it's easier to double, halve, or otherwise split a recipe, for much the same reasons.

I'm not entirely sure I buy that. Most kitchen measurements are powers of two -- two cups is a pint, two pints is a quart, four quarts are a gallon. It's not that much harder to double 250 ml to 500ml than to double two cups to a pint.

The main advantage of the 12d shilling is that you can divide by 3, which is something you can't do with pints and quarts.

Erg, go just below tablespoons (two to the ounce) and get to the level of teaspoons which are 3 to the tablespoon. 1/3rd of pint (1 pint=2 cups=16oz=32tbl=96tsp) is in fact 32 teaspoons,or if you prefer 5oz 2tsp. Back in the pre-metric days jokes were common about confusing tsp with tbl.
And this is supposed to be an improvement on dividing 500 ml by three how?

I don't know if it's an improvement, but it is as easy as keeping track of British coinage pre-decmilization and doesn't require a .333333ml measuring spoon.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:

I recall reading an article written by a biochemist talking about how 'English measurements' are better for the kitchen because it's easier to double, halve, or otherwise split a recipe, for much the same reasons.

I'm not entirely sure I buy that. Most kitchen measurements are powers of two -- two cups is a pint, two pints is a quart, four quarts are a gallon. It's not that much harder to double 250 ml to 500ml than to double two cups to a pint.

The main advantage of the 12d shilling is that you can divide by 3, which is something you can't do with pints and quarts.

Erg, go just below tablespoons (two to the ounce) and get to the level of teaspoons which are 3 to the tablespoon. 1/3rd of pint (1 pint=2 cups=16oz=32tbl=96tsp) is in fact 32 teaspoons,or if you prefer 5oz 2tsp. Back in the pre-metric days jokes were common about confusing tsp with tbl.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:

* "Oh, certainly, we can sell you those. That will be two costermongers and one octopence the dozen, or eighteen guildmarks the score."

I was trying to avoid the mark since people seem to be having problems with understanding the coins that existed. There was never a mark coin or note, a mark was 160d but that was simply a value which made it easier to keep track of accounts, and I repeat the mark was never issued as a coin.

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K177Y C47 wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Lincoln Hills wrote:

Did I get it reversed? Is it twelve cp to the sp, twenty sp to the - aagh! I can't go through that again! I was referring to the half-crown. Isn't it worth 50% of a guinea, which is a pound and a shilling?

You did.

A shilling was 12d.
A pound was 20s.
A guinea was 1L, 1s or twenty-one shillings (the pound was for the professional, the shilling was a tip for his clerk).

A crown was 5 shillings or a quarter of a pound. The half-crown was half a crown, or 2 shillings and sixpence.

A florin was two shillings.

The coin worth half a guinea was called, unimaginatively, a half-guinea, and it was worth 10/6.

I think I am officially lost... this is why I like the Yen... its simple... you have Yen... that is it. No quarters, nickles, dimes, pounds, shillings, whatever. Or bitcoin... I do like bitcoin (I personally have 10 bit coins! Hell yeaz!)

It's perfectly simple and easy to figure out, it was only foreigners who had problems with the math, just be born in the first half of the 20th century in England. I cannot figure out why Orfamay forgot to mention the farthing (I think it went away in the 1950s), which was 4 to the pence, and the groat (went away when Victoria was queen), which was 4 pence, and the associated coins like the third farthing. I suppose the groat can get a little confusing since it includes the Irish groat (3d) or the Scottish groat (1s8d) as they were both legal coinage, but it really is quite simple.

Simple enough to resolve, Grisham's Law.

To put it more simply for those who never learned Grisham's Law, a +2 dagger is not worth 166 pounds of gold but instead is worth 166 pounds of coins. These nominally gold coins might be, in metal terms, mostly lead with a significant amount of copper, more than enough tin to be worth mentioning, probably enough silver to worth smelting the coins down, with just a smattering of enough gold so that calling them gold coins doesn't force the gods to act.

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Sgt Spectre wrote:

someone with an 18 in a stat gets +4 (20%) bonus on something

while someone with a 14 gets +2 (10%) difference of 10%

Except it doesn't really work that way.

Take a level 1 medium ranger with a great-axe attacking an AC 21 foe without a feat applying to the attack. With a STR of 14 the ranger will hit on a 18+ and do 3-14 points of damage, while with a STR of 18 the ranger will hit on a 16+ and do 5-16 points of damage - the 18 STR ranger hits not 10% more often but TWICE as often as the 14 STR ranger as well as doing more damage. Even against an AC 10 opponent the STR 14 ranger will hit 70% of the time versus the STR 18 ranger's 80% hit rate, meaning the 18 STR ranger is about 14% more likely to hit, or 14% more effective against AC 10 opponents.

And it isn't just STR for hitting things - a DEX 14 character with same gear as a DEX 18 character can find themselves being hit twice as often ( a 100% increase in damage mitigation from DEX) - a CON 14 cleric might have 38 HPS at level 5 while a CON 18 cleric will have 48 (a 27% increase in survivability) - a INT 14 wizard has 4 SPs per level while an INT 18 wizard has 6 (a 50% increase) - a WIS 14 druid gets 1 powerful 4th level spell per day at level 7 while a WIS 18 gets 2 (100% increase) - a 14 CHR cleric can channel 5 times per say while an 18 CHR cleric can channel 7 (and be less likely to be resisted).

From a GM point of view it is certainly possible to make encounters which are a challenge for either a 14STR ranger or an 18STR ranger, but not both at the same time. It is rarely fun to be the ranger who rolled a high of 14 and does less than half the damage of another martial using the exact same gear, or even worse a cleric who had hot dice and in addition to hitting more often for more damage has more HPs & a higher AC. 3.x/PF makes attribute scores so significant to player power that random rolling can create power variances that make it hard to have fun.

0lb dawnflower sash
12.5lb +3 mithril agile breastplate
4lb +2 scimitar
0lb amulet of natural armor +2
1lb belt of incredible dexterity +2
1lb cloak of resistance +1
1lb headband of alluring charisma +2
0lb ring of protection +1

total weight 19.5 lbs / 13.5lb free before carrying a medium load.

I'd ditch the cloak of resistance, +1 to saves is kinda meaningless to a paladin getting +11 to all saves from charisma on top of immunity to fear, disease and charm.

I personally am not fond of power attack for paladins, they either are not smiting in which case the loss of hit chance is enough to outweigh the damage bonus or they are smiting in which case the additional damage doesn't feel significant. Your experience might be different but that it is what mine has been.

Kwauss wrote:

As a fellow adventurer, I'm not going to be very welcoming of a substandard companion into the group where they don't start being effective until 3rd level, or until they have a specific magic item or set of items...but perhaps people don't play levels 1 and 2 anymore.

Are you just being offensive deliberately, most classes/builds are 'substandard' for the first few levels (ie a paladin doesn't get lay-on-hands until level 2, channel until level 4 and bond until level 5). If we follow your reasoning then parties should reject wild shape druids until the druid reaches level 4 and can actually get wild shape. I, and I suspect most players, are not going to be too upset with having a non 'effective' magnus who casts as well as most wizards and fights better for the first two levels before Dervish Dance kicks in. So many characters have a hard time until the major components of their toolbox kick-in that the actual standard is that characters level 1-3 are much weaker than characters level 4-6.

It depends on the race of the paladin, and the most iconic mounts by race in my imagination are:

dwarf paladins ride moose, elven paladins ride tigers, gnome paladins ride kangaroos, half-elf paladins ride unicorns, half-orc paladins ride elephants, halfling paladins ride boars, and human paladins ride pegasi.

burtschoder wrote:

oh you can do it with point buy .... i just like the randomness with rolls. get some numbers, put em how you want them, figure out how to make the char interesting. that is fun for me. i am probably nostalgic because the most fun i had was where the party rolled 3d6 in order and played the chars we got .... i had a decent cleric 16 WIS but i couldn't get anyone to listen to my sermons because i had a 5 CHA. they just kept looking at the warts on my face. our fighter had a high of 14 and a low of 12 .... he seemed epic lol

and i see your point about being someones sidekick. if you wouldn't have fun playing something like that then there is no reason to do it. i see how i could run with it but just because it is fun for me it isn't gonna be fun for others :)

EDIT: changed some syntax to be less unintentionally offensive :)

Ah, but in those days stat bonuses were really bonuses to the standard for having really high stats and not so common as to be effectively required, and a wizard with a 14 INT could cast 5th level spells.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
I'm pretty sure the samsaran trick will not work since Dim Door is already on the wizard spell list.

I was of this opinion too until shown a dev post mentioning early access to spells being a use for mystic past life. I cannot recall where it was though, you can search for it if you want.

A solution I recall, which I only actually used a few times in the 1990s, is roll with minimum total. Roll by the normal method and total the results, if the total is the minimum or more then congratulations you have your stats, if less then add points to the stats you wish until you reach the minimum. Note that if using rolls with a minimum you need to have a generous minimum because of the way the system gives bonuses based on even increments of attributes and how builds consider at least some attributes inconsequential - all 14s is 30PB but you could easily build a character better at fighting, facing or casting with 20PB.

Squirrel_Dude wrote:

It's not that complex. It's basically an assumption of: Level 1 and 2 will probably be hard, but you don't have that much equipment (that you can afford) then anyway, but after not too long the carrying capacity won't matter.

Level 1 and 2 are going to be hard regardless as the magnus cannot get the dervish dance feat until level 3, although the magnus can save a few pounds by carrying a rapier instead of a scimitar.

You can do an early entry EK and get Dimensional Dervish at level 11 by using the samsaran trick and the scyrer technique, and dimension door is a level 3 spell for you. The non-early entry EK was mentioned because it gets Dimensional Dervish at level 9.

If you are trying to get Dimensional Dervish the fastest, the 'trick' is a samaran witch or wizard who uses mystic past life alternate race trait to get Dimension Door as 3rd level spell from the summoner spell list- which means the level 5 feat can be taken as Dimensional agility and Dimensional Dervish can be taken at level 9 (which would likely be wizard(witch) 5/ fighter 1/ EK 3 - watch the BAB which must be +6 to qualify for Dimensional Dervish). Note this is not an early entry EK because EK loses a level of spell casting which puts Dimension Dervish off to level 11.

STR 10 is fine, a medium load is rarely a problem with starting out (a DD magnus with a dex of 18+, is this a 40 point buy?) and if it is then you adjust (studded leather armor or even, horrors, a lamellar cuirass). You shouldn't have so much stuff to be carrying around to start with and by the time you have enough stuff that weight can become an issue, you have stuff to make weight not an issue.

A blacksmith of some kind who mostly maintains the weapons and armor instead of making new.

building engineers (dwarves?) who keep the walls from collapsing and are rumored to be working on an escape tunnel.

rat breeders, the druids hate them but sometimes people just want meat and rat it is.

the distillery, technically in Satina's territory run by gnomish alchemists who pretty much ignore the political situation, trading alcohol to the bar & supplies from the druids. Satina hasn't pressed them because the gnomes supply her with hallucinogens. the gnomes also act the town's undertakers and most consider it wise not to ask any questions about what the gnomes are doing with the corpses.

some other sources of luck bonuses (not all of them):

halfling adaptable luck gives a luck bonus, halflings also have the blundering defense feat which gives a luck bonus to AC (to allies too) and access to the symbol of luck holy symbol which imparts a luck bonus to saves on those healed with channeling

half-orc sacred tattoo gives a luck bonus to saves

The luck blade gives +1 luck bonus to saves

headband of fortune's favor gives a luck bonus to saves

robe of stars +1 luck bonus to saves (about 60,000G though)

staff of the Hierophant gives +2 to AC and saves as a luck bonus for only 220,000G (Staff of Power gives the same bonus but costs more)

cloak of archania gives +2 luck bonus to saves v poison but the gunslinger's poncho gives a +2 bonus to touch AC (gunslinger's duster gives +2 luck bonus to touch AC also, but only against firearms attacks)

the amulet of bullet protection bonus to AC versus firearms is a luck bonus (although the lucky firearm quality isn't a luck bonus, go figure) and the mysterious stranger lucky class feature is a luck bonus to will (?only) saves

dragonbone divination sticks give +3 to one save type (can be any and multiple sets can be carried)

Archeologist archetype gets archeologist's luck which is a variable luck bonus for just about every roll

Wizard foresight (divination) sub-school fortell ability can give a luck bonus to many rolls

Starvation. The terror is caused no so much by the fear of immediate starvation but by fear that they are too few to establish a solid base in this realm and are losing their sense of community. Already there are signs of the breakdown of societal cohesion as subgroups are forming based on elemental affinities, for example many fire breathing dragons are only associating with other fire breathing dragons and calling themselves the "red" dragons.

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