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I don't do anything, it just happens. ie a fighter at level 1 succeeded with a desperate trip roll while mentioning there is little chance of success and developed into a combat controller who is always talking about how there is no chance of things working.

NG/LG, NG is a best fit, although CG used to be. I had ONE decent NE character in AD&D but since then the only evil characters which work are LE ones - the rest wind up betraying the party too early to have much play time.

Alexandros Satorum wrote:
TWF with XBows for a class without a bonus to hit is an excersie in futility.

Any pure rogue is an exercise in futility. NPCs can get away with more than PCs, and this guy managed to put some decent hurt on in the first round of combat when the PCs were flatfooted since PCs tend to have a lower flat-footed AC than monsters.

I have recently used a TWF crossbow rogue as an NPC and it's tough to make a legal one. With the change to weapon cords I had to rewrite him a bit from original and he wound up as a human with 3 levels of vivisectionist and 2 levels of fighter, then switched to sniper rogue, the early build ran like this -

LVL 1 fighter: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Rapid Reload (light xbow), BAB +1
LVL 2 alchemist: sneak attack 1d6, BAB +1
LVL 3 alchemist: Two Weapon Fighting, tentacle discovery, BAB +2
LVL 4 alchemist: sneak attack 2d6, BAB +3
LVL 5 fighter: Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (light xbow), BAB +4
LVL 6 rogue: sneak attack 3d6, BAB +4

How seriously does she take the non-violence: Can an animal companion or summoned ally attack on her behalf? Can she aid other players who are engaged in violence? Can she cast spells like sleep which do not do physical damage? Can she trip/grapple/disarm enemies without doing physical damage? Can she do non-lethal damage? Can she create situations where enemies harm themselves?

If the answer to all these questions is "no", then she cannot feel useful. Otherwise, depending on what is allowed by her philosophy, she can be a useful and even essential part of a party, although perhaps not as a druid. Without knowing the specifics of the pacifism and the campaign I recommend looking at a witch with the slumber hex.

#1 sorta right, the two shots from a double barreled pistol are one attack with two rolls to hit so some bonuses (like sneak attack) don't apply to each shot. Gun training applies per damage roll not per attack so the bonus can be applied to both attacks, although your DM may decide to change the rules on that.

#2 yes this is correct, provided you have enough pistols where you can draw them then you can use quick-draw to draw with TWF and make 9 (don't overlook haste) attacks with two rolls each round. Note that drawing a weapon is not the same as retrieving a stored item (manipulating an item). Even though the retrieving an item from something like a handy haversack is easier than from a non-magic container, you will need a DM ruling that quick draw can be applied if try that route.

#3 correct

Note that at 1,750 GP for a double pistol if you try this you will be spending massive amounts of money on mundane pistols, and will need to use magic ammo on those occasions when you need magic weaponry.
For more power combine with the pistolero archetype and signature deed: up close and deadly.

Ssyvan wrote:
Okay, thanks everyone for clearing that up! So that means I could use Two-Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot, and Quick Draw to throw three daggers in a round?

Yes, then you get into the throwing build question, can you TWF with one dagger and a blinkback belt?

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Melee and Ranged Weapons: Melee weapons are used for making melee attacks, though some of them can be thrown as well. Ranged weapons are thrown weapons or projectile weapons that are not effective in melee.

A dagger is a melee weapon when used in melee and becomes a ranged weapon when thrown.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
If you have an encounter while traveling then you probably cannot take 10 on your survival roll to forage. Ina similar vein, if my players tried foraging instead of buying food I would ban the take 10 option if there was a chance of a random encounter, keeping an eye out for encounters is a distraction from foraging.

I think that's rather silly, actually.

Let's start by noting that a typical encounter takes less than a minute out of a day of which 8-12 hours are spent traveling. A random encounter is no more of a distraction from foraging than stopping to relieve oneself.

And the idea that because you're keeping an eye out for berries, you can't also keep an eye out for bugbears... what, you've got specialist eyes that can only look for one thing?

The main disadvantage to foraging is that it takes time; it's essentially stopping to look at every bush in case it has edible berries on it, or every plant in case it might be a wild onion. Strider dealt with this rather effectively in The Fellowship of the Ring; although he could easily have provided food for the various hobbits, he felt it was more important to get to Rivendell quickly.

Taking 10 requires you not to be in danger while performing the task or be distracted.

Being attacked is called out in the rules as preventing taking 10. While combat (and it's aftermath) might take a small portion of the time devoted to making a survival check to forage that small potion of time is enough to break your concentration on finding food.

I wouldn't rule characters couldn't make a survival roll to forage when there is a possibility of encounters, but that they cannot take 10 which is a rule for when one's attention can be focused solely on the task at hand. You can keep an eye out for bugbears and berries at the same time, but you cannot devote all your attention looking for berries if some of your attention is spent looking for bugbears.

If you have an encounter while traveling then you probably cannot take 10 on your survival roll to forage. Ina similar vein, if my players tried foraging instead of buying food I would ban the take 10 option if there was a chance of a random encounter, keeping an eye out for encounters is a distraction from foraging.

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The stories about a half-giant character who carried a bunch of throwing halflings are just not true. It was one halfling, and he was dead, and the corpse was being brought back to town for a resurrection - so while a halfling corpse might have been tossed a few times it was only a corpse and not an living halfling, and it was just because there was nothing else to throw.

Rynjin wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:

Again, the Nodachi is the statistically best weapon that isn't exotic.

1d10 and 18-20x2 is better than 2d4, which means it is superior to the falchion in almost every way.

It is also better than the elven curve blade on the grounds that the ECB is exotic.

You're gonna need to explain this one to me because between the Nodachi and Falchion should have the same average damage (around 5), but the Falchion has a higher minimum (2 vs 1).

Average (mean) roll on d10 = 5.5 (or five-and-a-half) while the average (mean & median) AND most common roll on 2d4 = 5. While 1/2 a point doesn't seem like much over the span of hundreds of damage rolls it becomes significant. In actual play I find that the more consistent damage of 2d4 is preferable to the erratic 1d10, but in terms of statistics in a vacuum 1d10 beats 2d4.

Duderlybob wrote:

I don't believe it can. Pulling from the PRD, Sneak Attack works when you make an attack when someone is either denied their Dex bonus or flanked. The key word is "attack" by the combat section of the core rule book, an "attack" is a melee attack, unarmed attack, ranged attack, or natural attack.

Basically, if you've got a chance to crit, it's an attack, otherwise, no dice.

But on that note, there is a possibility to mix spells and sneak attacks in a Magus. They get spell strike, where basically they can charge a spell into a melee attack. Not Ray-Sneak Attacks, but you could end up mixing sneak attacks with spells via this route, so it's a possibility.

The rule on sneak attacks with magic is that sneak attack applies to spells which:

1) do HP damage
2) require a roll to hit

IIRC it is in the FAQ somewhere, if not then there was a developer post on the issue.

It depends.

1) if there might be a market for the corpses then they get stacked on the back of the cart for later sale.

2) if I'm in too much of a hurry to strip the clothing and armor off, dig the fillings out of the teeth and check for inlays on the fingernails and other less obvious forms of treasure then the corpses get tossed into the bag of holding for looting at leisure.

Other than that I usually leave the bodies where they drop.

Drow magic alternate racial trait for half-elves gives a level 2 arcane spell (darkness) which means a half-elf with drow magic can go into Arcane Trickster without any level of spell casting (take one at least so you get teh spell casting bonus). Wizard is better than sorc for the most part as ATrick levels don't count for sorc bloodline.

I missed that you were looking for an actual plot for the carnival. That's simple, spies. The carnival was financed by the Shining Crusade to maintain contact among the various covert agents the Crusade has. Most of the carnival workers knew nothing about this arrangement (although several suspected something was up) but a few of the carnies were actually members of the Crusade's intelligence service. Some other group (perhaps even affiliated with the Tyrant) followed a Crusade spy to the carnival and observed the spy reporting then destroyed the carnival and laid "traps" for any other spies which came to investigate what happened to the carnival.

Lifat wrote:

Also worth noting is that you don't even have to declare a full attack action before AFTER your first attack has been resolved.

This can be useful if only one opponent is nearby. Take your first attack and see if he drops because of it. If he does then you can take a move action to get closer to other enemies. If he doesn't drop then you can chose to move away from him (possibly incurring AoO as appropriate) or continue attacking by declaring a full attack (in which the first attack has of course already been spent).

Not exactly true with two weapon fighting. When two weapon fighting you declare a full attack, but you are not committed yet and after the first attack can convert the full attack action to an attack action. The declaration is necessary because two weapon fighting imposes accuracy penalties on all attacks including the first which have to be figured in. When two weapon fighting a full attack action can be converted to an (inaccurate) attack action, but the accuracy penalty remains for the conversion.

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Don't forget the midway:

Is that an unholy symbol created by rings in the ring toss game?
Be careful near the shooting gallery, I don't know if a carney has holed up in there or something else, but whatever it is has many repeating crossbows and is not shy about shooting anything that comes into view.
If that is water in the dunk tank then why is it quivering?
It kinda looks like a big mound of cotton candy took over that booth, does cotton candy come in violet and why does it have tendrils?
You hear that dinging every few seconds? I think it's the strength tester on the other side of the carnival, the only problem is the mallet is right here, caked in blood but right here.

MrRetsej wrote:

Okay, here's a scenario I want to make sure works since it borrows from a number of points addressed in this thread.

The rogue has the Shadow Strike Feat, the Fast Stealth Rogue Trick, has one iterative attack, is armed with a one handed weapon and has a spring loaded wrist sheath on the other arm loaded with a wand of Obscuring Mist. Her UMD is high enough that activating the wand is a non-issue. Her Stealth is also similarly high.

For the sake of argument, she is fighting without allies and is in combat with only one opponent. It is her turn and she is 15 feet away from her opponent. She uses a Swift action to pop the wand of Obscuring Mist from the spring loaded wrist sheath, a Standard to activate the wand (which she successfully does) and now she and her opponent are in the Obscuring Mist, are more than 5 feet from one another and have total concealment from each other. Finally, she uses Stealth during her move action to approach her opponent (who she knows the position of). For the sake of argument, she succeeds at her Stealth check and has moved from a point of concealment to another point of concealment (all points within the Obscuring Mist provide concealment), so she is still in Stealth.

On the opponents turn, he attempts to actively perceive the Rogue but fails to locate her even though she is 5 feet away. Mr. Opponent is an idiot and delays.

It is now the Rogue's second round. She is 5 feet away, beginning the round from Stealth and a point of concealment. She makes another Stealth check and succeeds. She full attacks her opponent and succeeds on both Concealment checks.

Does her sneak attack go off for both her normal and iterative attacks on the opponent?

no, just the first. Her attack breaks stealth and at 5' distance she no longer has concealment from the obscuring mist. She could make an attack action, 5' step away from her opponent, then take a move action to re-stealth with the concealment bonus and the -20 sniping bonus.

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451. A Timeless Collection of Bedtime Stories: presented by The Grimm Brothers

Lovingly bound in a rich brown leather embossed with gilded lettering, this thick tome shows signs of heavy but careful usage. The table of contents indicates the book contains over 100 different stories which sound like they might be interesting but do not resemble any bedtime stories the reader has ever heard of. Anyone reading one of the stories must make a DC 35 reflex save to drop the book or fall into an enchanted cursed (CL 20) sleep and timestop spell which lasts for 100 years. During this enchanted sleep the character will not age but will have vivid dreams of meeting strange creatures in a forest, talking bears and the like.

Evangelist sounds more like Hedonism Bot but then again he is a member of the League of Robots, so he is dedicated to killing all humans.

First you want to take a look at the Calistra, most likely a cleric and then consider maxing out the Pain Taster prestige class. Look at the whip mastery line of feats.

Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
Its just a shame they can't multi with fighter, I'd love to do this and three level of weapon master!

They can, during development that the gunslinger was a variant of the fighter but gunslinger as released is a class in it's own right (samurai and ninja are variants of cavalier and rogue so you cannot multi them with their base class).

The problem with dipping to get AA is that either you take the dip early and delay level 5 gun training or you take the dip after level 5 when ammo isn't the cursed-by-the-deities-awful expense it was at the early levels. Multi-classing into fighter is reasonable choice (but do it at level 6 not 5 - 6 gives you +1 to saves), it is a full BAB class which is good for a gunslinger and it gives access to some nice feats (weapon specialization) while the biggest thing you give up by not going all gunslinger is signature deed which is level 11 anyway - consider the weapon master archetype.

I like the idea of using a race with a scaling magic spell-like-ability to get arcane strike but I'm not sure how to fit it in.

Do not start combat with an alchemical cartridge in your firearm, save money by starting combat with ball and bullet. I shudder to think of the gold I wasted before I realized this.

5 ways I can think of:

1) elemental fist feat (go monk, the number of uses is too low for other classes)

2) suli elemental assault (too few uses for my taste again)

3) AoMF (or brass knuckles) with elemental damage (or those friggin' gloves of acid damage

4) draconic bloodline claws ability level 11+

5) sythesist summoner wearing eidolon suit with the energy attacks evolution

These aren't exclusive, a suli monk of the 4 winds could dip a level of synthesist summoner, take eldritch heritage (dracomic) and wear an AoMF and deliquescent gloves while using claws but I have no idea how much elemental damage such a character would do and it would take a while to check which effects can stack.

Dark Immortal wrote:
At any rate, why is this choice of weapon so suspect and bad? I feel like I am missing something that is obvious (In my defense I am also quite tired, too).

making a great axe out of adamantium cost 3,000GP and grants +1 to hit. enchanting a great axe to +1 cost 2,000GP and grants +1 to hit, +1 to damage and bypasses some damage resistances. The reason to chose adamantine over +1 enchantment is for sundering, which is not something a switch hitter is likely to do much of. An enchanted adamantine weapon is a whole different kettle of fish (+2 enchantment runs 8,000GP while +1 adamntine runs 5,000GP), but unless you have some sundering type use for the weapon it is cheaper and better to take +1 enchantment.

Victor Zajic wrote:
Just saying, a cha based rogue is going to get murdered within a round or two by a level 10 party. Scrolls of Dimension Door might be his only chance to get away. The improved feint feats will be needed for him to get sneak attack beyond surprise if he's going solo against the party.

characters are flat footed in the first full round of combat before they have acted. Pump the initiative, spend the surprise round getting into position to get a full round of sneak attacks on one character who has a lower initiative while the rest of the party has to move to make full attacks. Disappear on the second full round and put some serious hurt out while only allowing the party one monuveing round of combat (well except for any PC who managed to beat his initiative). Mechanically the best rogue race for the smash & flash is likely a goblin (bonuses to dexterity & sneak and the FCB) but I doubt a rogue is the best class.

I don't think a vivisectionist would be off-base and would give the sneak attack. If the vivisectionist idea works for what you want the use of simulacrum discoveries would add a nice touch, he could be seen at a concert by hundreds of people while he activates a doppelganger simulacrum - what a great alibi.

There is always a plan. Whether or not the plan gets followed is a different issue (can you say "rolled 1,2,1 for HPs for levels 2-4 so toughness became mandatory and I switched to archery") but there is always a plan.

A low charisma doesn't necessarily mean rude or ugly, it could also mean someone with a forceless personality, who never gets around to saying what they mean and is ambivalent about even that - "erm, well it might be, maybe although it might be a good idea to consider this just provisionally for the sake of argument only, and, err, I'm sure that other people also have good ideas which are probably better, but if it's not too much of a bother... ."

Cap. Darling wrote:

I took this of another thread where you was talking about tanking a Black dragon with your monk.

DM Under The Bridge wrote:


Checking it up, yeah my monk could hit the AC on +13 to hit. Any hit starts bleed too, double hit (unlikely) starts more bleed.

I would just like to mention that in my book you need to hit more than once for Boar Style to do bleed. It says:

"Benefit: You can deal bludgeoning damage or slashing damage with your unarmed strikes—changing damage type is a free action. While using this style, once per round when you hit a single foe with two or more unarmed strikes, you can tear flesh. When you do, you deal 2d6 bleed damage with the attack."

the bleed for one hit comes from the Cheliax: Empire of Devils book feat

"Benefit: When you damage an opponent with an unarmed strike, you deal an extra 1d4 bleed damage.
Special: This ability does not stack with other special abilities, attacks, or items that allow you to deal bleed damage."

Kazumetsa Raijin wrote:
I'm curious how Raging would make the Ranger miss more often though.

The only thing I can think of is that with only 1 level of barb the rounds of rage are going to be pretty limited, so if the fights are fluid and long lasting the ranger might be fatigued a lot. But if the fights are fluid and long lasting then the monk shouldn't be able to flurry so the monk's DPR should be well below the ranger's.

Also, no worries about stacking the bleed damage since a vanilla monk cannot get boar shred before level 9 - only the 2d6 once per round for boar style and that only if two attacks hit.

andreww wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
Because the last merchant who set up a teleportation transport system was shown the effectiveness of ship transport with a trip to all the ports of the Inner Sea courtesy of the longshoreman's guild. It is rumored that some parts of him were even found in Tian Xia.

If we are talking greater teleport to remove the distance limitation then I dont think a level 13 wizard or 14 sorcerer is going to be terribly concerned about a group of soon to be redundant experts and commoners.

On the other hand he may be a bit busier dodging the assassins hired by every port authority and major merchant shipping house in a ten thousand mile radius.

While many longshoremen would be experts & commoners the guild has specialists on hand for those cargoes which accidentally get left off the manifest and it would be a shame to bother the customs officers about. Likewise there are guild members who handle difficult contract negotiations, whether that negotiation be with a nobleman with a house full of armed guards or a pirate captain with a ship full of bloodthirsty scoundrels. If that's not enough, the guild has "family" connections who benefit from receiving a good chunk of the merchandise which falls off the back of ships when the longshoremen are unloading, and the "family" are always willing to help the longshoreman's guild.

Because the rules only specify bows and crossbows, and even when the archetype came out there were other ranged options.

Given that the sniper rogue isn't uber-powered to begin with I think that a house rule allowing accuracy to be used with firearms would not be unbalancing except maybe is some corner case involving advanced firearms and the distance enchant.

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Because the last merchant who set up a teleportation transport system was shown the effectiveness of ship transport with a trip to all the ports of the Inner Sea courtesy of the longshoreman's guild. It is rumored that some parts of him were even found in Tian Xia.

MC Templar wrote:

This is how I played Paranoia....

... because who cares what my character sheet says, it is full of treason anyhow.

Citizen MC Templar please report to Execution Room 23C in Orange Security Zone West immediately.

ATTENTION ALL SECURITY PERSONNEL: ex-citizen MC Templar has had his security clearance removed pending an investigation of treasonous characters in his bedding and is now security clearance Infra-red.

Ex-citizen, you are not cleared to be in this area.

Citizen MC Templar, why haven't you reported to Execution Room 23C?

The Restored (or Restorer) if it fits the background.
The Unifier.
The Impaler (depending on how he deals with the factions).

voska66 wrote:
The problem with the rogue is while every class in the game is gets better better. The rogue get better as they go up till about 10-12th level then they peeter off and become less power. Since most people don't play high level game, my group included this problem doesn't show up. If we are playing high level no plays a rogue or if they do they multiclass it.

Not even that late, I've noticed rogues start to fall behind as early as level 4, it's just that around level 10-12 is when characters become fully developed and the weakness of rogues becomes inescapable.

PF only? Hmm, least favorite was the a**hole halfling paladin, I got so I was rooting for my character to die.

The half-elf TWF pistolero was the most enjoyable. I can still get a rise out of the party by going "click ... click" because of when she just hit level 5 took TWF skill then got dual misfires on the first attack while everyone was waiting for massive damage numbers. When she next got some free time she made some back-up pistols. When there was a mixed group she usually focused on the big guy and let the rest of the party handle the trash, but @ level 6 we did come across this orc shaman who had a device which kept raising 4x2HD skeletons and she was the only one with a blunt weapon - she spent untold rounds (shaman was unkillable) picking off 4 skeletons a round and wound up in a circle of bones. Best left unmentioned is her interaction with gnome blaster who used to tumble through her square to look up her skirt, and yes he did tumble because I got a ruling that sexual harassment could provoke an AoO.

If you want to consider an elemental style, the best bet is Djinni style, IF the damage applies to all electricity attacks and not just those made with elemental fist. Djinni Style is worded differently than the other elemental styles and RAI may be that the bonus only applies to elemental fist attacks like the other elemental style feats, but the other elemental style feats don't force your elemental fist attacks to do that type of elemental damage so RAI might be otherwise - check with your DM. Using a weapon with the shocking attribute and Djinni style would add 1d6+WIS to damage which is not to be sneered at for a high wisdom monk (although last time I saw Djinni style abused this way was to make an OP synthesist even more OP).

I imagine that most litigators (AKA trial attorneys because they specialize in participating in the trial of arms) are from the full BAB classes, and while they might not be so hot on knowing the law they are better at presenting their arguments. While for most legal needs an inquisitor or cleric specializing in law is fine, when it comes to the trial of arms it's tough to beat a Paladin at making cutting remarks which sway the outcome of the trial while preventing their opponent from making lasting damage. This is not to take away from the monastic orders who produce some of the best defensive attorneys out there, but legal monks have difficulty pressing their cases in the trial arena. While one might think that litigators would come exclusively from the lawful alignments, more than a few chaotic aligned litigators have done excellent work on civil liberties cases and combat lawyers still study the epic victory of the anti-paladin Krastovos in Armorian Society for the Promotion of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) v Druidic Order of Amoria (DOA).

Blue Star wrote:
Fighters should be able to swap out their combat feats a number of times a day equal to 1/2 their fighter level.

Without a major change to the game mechanics that would actually an easy change, allow a fighter to assign her bonus feats every day to combat feats which she qualifies for.

Rynjin wrote:
It was a bad one. Aiming a bow requires no more concentration than aiming a sword blow, and any GM that rules otherwise is a terrible GM you should leave immediately before he does something worse.

unlike ranged combat the only time the rules mention

'aiming' or anything like 'aiming' with regards to melee attacks is the optional called shots rule and (sometimes) precision damage. As for whether or not aiming a sword requires the same amount of concentration as aiming a bow, I have no idea because I'm not a swordsman, but I do know that aiming a bow does take concentration, quite a lot of concentration when aiming at a specific body area on a moving target. If it is true that "[a]iming a bow requires no more concentration than aiming a sword blow," it would be a good idea to revisit the question of sneak attack damage during rage.

Two points
1)the build question was about bloodrager not barbarian.

2)my point was not about using a bow during a rage but about aiming a bow.

Avatar-1 wrote:
Wouldn't merchants that lie about the items they're selling to make a quick buck go out of business right quick?

Not really very smart although most crooks aren't that smart. You'd have to make enough money to cover the expenses of setting up a shop & luring in customers & making a good enough fake magic item to sell while not taking enough money that a customer's willing to shell out 280GP for a scrying spell to track you down. If a character buys a CLW potion from a "guy" in the bar then it's caveat emptor, but most magic item dealers aren't going to be hanging around in bars waiting for customers. Then there is the risk that potential customers might have the ability to detect the false merchandise and their probable violent reaction to being defrauded. Definitely a possibility, but there are safer and easier scams to be run.

I see no problem with archery per se during a rage, although a GM could rule that aiming a bow requires concentration and is not possible to aim a bow during a rage. HOWEVER the only arcane archer class ability that I can see being used during a rage is hail of arrows (even the enhance arrows ability would require concentration).

Ssalarn wrote:

I wouldn't include the Cavalier in the list of underpowered classes. Possibly the best single target dpr in the game, improved action economy thanks to a mount doing the moving for them, decent party buffs, and the ability to increase the total action economy of the party with things like immediate action charges and ranged attacks, plus 4+Int skills and a reason to invest in Charisma put them a cut above the Fighter, Rogue and Monk. With all of the archetypes and feats out there now, even the monk (taken as a whole using the entire core line of material) isn't all that bad. There's also been plenty of threads showing that the Fighter can out-damage the Barbarian in combat, though he has less total utility.

The reason I put the cavalier a weak class is that the major attack mechanic (charge) doesn't work with a full attack action, a cavalier can either charge and do an enormous damage single attack or not charge and make many attacks without much in the way of bonuses. A mighty charge with an overrun and a disarm and a trample thrown in can do pretty hefty damage, but usually a full attack with a mount's full attack does more damage even though the class in general doesn't provide bonuses to those attacks. I'm not saying you're wrong and the cavalier is a weak class, though in my limited experience the class under-performs for that reason.

Shadowdweller wrote:

The existence of those options do NOT make the barbarian unbalanced. However, yes, it is sad that there are not viable alternatives. I am vehemently opposed to the implementation of pounce amongst PC abilities. Not because it is overpowered for a martial character - no, it isn't. However, it IS so strong that it should never have been granted to only a single martial class and it should never have been made one of several exclusive options for that class. That is, sadly, just poor class design.

These days by using the UCamp feat retraining rules and 3 levels of the prestige class Horizon Walker (astral terrain dominance) any class can have an improved version of pounce (Dimensional Dervish) at level 9, a level before the barbarian.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Barbarians unbalanced? They can fall into a psychotic rage if someone looks at them funny, unbalanced is too polite for the type of batpoop crazy exhibited by barbarians.

Ipslore has it right, barbarians are in line with the power of Alchemists, Bards, Clerics, Druids, Gunslingers, Inquisitors, Oracles, Paladins, Rangers, Socerers & Wizards while being overpowered compared Cavaliers, Fighters, Monks & Rogues.

pacifist dwarven drunken master monk with a tendency to jump from the airship to attempt mid-air grapples (hopefully near a wall so slow far can help him if he misses)

dwarven ranger crossbow style with a repeating heavy crossbow who complains about how new fangled technology like firearms make it so even a slip of a girl like the gunslinger can think they're capable warriors without having spent decades learning the craft and how it is causing the world to fall into chaos

a cross-dressing (or is he really a she?) dwarven infiltrator inquisitor of Torag who claims to be a true N heretic cleric of Lamashtu

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