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The first dozen character deaths are hard, after a while you begin to understand that good characters never truly die, instead they return to the Godhead that they came from and are reincarnated - perhaps in a wildly different body and with a wildly different role until they obtain nirvana and become one with the Godhead.

LazarX wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:

Killing for your country is honorable, but killing for your townsmen is wicked?

Killing when it's not neccessary to do so? Damm yes!

But she kills to punish for misdeeds. If all killing when it is unnecessary is evil then I doubt you can find more than few dozen non-evil player characters in the whole of D&D's existence, the game is pretty much predicated on players deciding to unnecessarily kill creatures. Most of that killing is justified, but it isn't necessary - you don't need to slay the orcs in the hunting camp which raiding the town, but you are justified in doing so. And if justified killing is not-evil then how can her killing as punishment for mistreating the villagers be considered evil?

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
Hunter 4/Mad Dog X can still do it.

Cursed ACG strikes again. and only need hunter 3 since at level 3 the animal companion gets the hunter/barbarian's teamwork feats for free.

The best I've seen low resources handled was in a no-town-around-every-corner game. Basically we hit a town every other level, usually a small town where we could get limited supplies and a big town with an open selection at level 6 and again at level 10 (was our base for rest of campaign). A lot of this was caused by the pacing: 4ish encounters on the first day traveling to the 'dungeon' (it was a bandit camp), sleep, 5ish encounters the second day in the dungeon, hit level 2, sleep near the dungeon, 3ish encounters heading to the tower notes at camp lead us to, sleep before entering tower, lots of combat in tower, hit level 3, 3ish encounters returning to small town, few supplies available in town which has only 12ish people in it... .

That said, like M. Connolly above, I think PF is not the best system for such a game, players come to the game with an inbuilt expectation of easy gear access and the system is pretty much balanced around it. Runequest can work well for it if your players can handle a less combat oriented, more skill focused game system. I might try C&S myself, since the redbook pdf is free (no need for players to buy a new rule set), I have no shortage of house rule notes and other rules systems to shore up the non-existent parts of the C&S system, my players have no experience of (and thus no expectations about) the system, and magic is hard to figure out which should make at least 3 of my players take up swordplay. It can be done with the PF rules, but make sure your players are fully onboard (have them help write the rules) first.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

More on-topic: Amplified Rage is pretty awesome. I built a Mad Dog barbarian with a badger companion, both using Amplified Rage. They had a damn nice set of stats. I think it could work with two barbarian PCs, too. Basically, a party with more overlap is much more likely to benefit from these feats than the classic "cleric/fighter/rogue/wizard" team.

Mind you, the Mad Dog and his badger were NPCs and they went down pretty hard, but that was because they got scattered by create pit and hide from animals.

well, unless I missed some special ability which lets a badger companion be an orc or half-orc to qualify for the amplified rage feat, it would require 2 barbarian characters for PCs to pull off absent a GM change to the rules.

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Michael Gentry wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:

I should think that what people imagine when they use a coffee pot is .... (wait for it) a coffee pot.
To be fair, the coffee pot description does sound rather arcane if you don't already know what a percolator is.

I agree, I spent a while trying to picture a coffee pot according the description and everything I pictured looked more like this bong than a coffee percolator.

CG or NG with a giood chunk of evil, but she has enough control over her anger to keep her from losing the good alignment. I'd choose between CG or NG based on how she supports herself, if she relies on the villagers for food and such she is NG while if she supports herself through the practice of a trade then she is CG.

If she killed nobles just for being nobles or dragon guards just for being dragon guards she would be evil, but as long as she is truthfully killing them for their behavior and not who they are, she hasn't gone so far over to evil that her alignment changes from good. If she gets to the point where there is no reasonable way for nobles and/or dragon guards to meet her standards of respectful behavior then she becomes evil. With this set-up I see no way for her to be neutral on the good-evil scale.

Ughbash wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
Carat weight is what I generally go with. Presuming the diamond is comparatively middle-of-the-road as diamonds go, it weighs in at 25 carats cut weight. 344 carat weight per round, 0.0727 lb - a bit over an ounce (1.162oz) or ~5 grams.
Your math is flawed... there are 28.35 grams in an ounce, so 1.162 oz would be ~33 grams.

the carat to ounce conversion is also flawed - a 1.162 ounce diamond would be something like a 160 carat diamond. 1 ounce (av) is 141.75 carats, the troy or jewelers' ounce is a little heavier at 155.5 carats. Soomehow with all this bad math the 5 gram weight for a 25 carat diamond is correct, the metric carat (which is the current world standard measure of diamonds) is set at 200mg so a 25 carat diamond weighs 5 grams.

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Well the design is about what you would find from the 17th century to the mid 20th century (it works well) and since before the 17th century there wasn't much coffee drunk outside of Africa you are unlikely to find a medieval design.

I was coming back to edit since I thought my previous comment came across as snarky, but it wasn't intended that way. It just kinda surprised me that I haven't seen a percolator since the mid 1990s, when I was a kid there was a coffee percolator in everyone's kitchen and i guess in the 1970s/1980s everything switched to drip coffee markers and percolators disappeared. Something I never thought about until you mentiopned it.

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man I must be getting old when someone doesn't recognize the description of a coffee percolator. strange, because you can still buy new ones.

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The most important thing about a macho death is not the means, but the why. Attacking Asmodeus because he insulted your mother, macho - being seduced by a succubus while out buying scented candles, not macho.

If nothing else presents itself, a good macho reason to die is to protect innocents (in a silly campaign they don't have to real innocents).

As to the how, having a wizard turn you into a statue as you drop on the BBEG just isn't macho. Quaffing a potion of petrification and turning yourself into a statue as drop on the BBEG is macho. The difference, a macho man is self-reliant and not some wuss who needs a stinkin' wizard to turn him into a statue. It might be heroic to have others help you, but it isn't macho. Unless the stinkin' wizard in question is an evil wizard who you've managed to beat into submission, in which case they can be considered part of your equipment and not a real person.

Swift action reloading is tough, there is the level 11 lightning reload deed and a few magic items (notably the beneficial bandolier) which allow for swift action reloading. Forget about them though, the limit of one swift action per round just makes swift action reloading a bad choice when it is not hard to get:
Free action reloading. Combine an alchemical cartridge with rapid reload and a one-handed firearm can be reloaded as a free action. Take musket master and add muskets into the free action reload category.

Gisher wrote:

Unfortunately the Wildblooded bloodlines aren't listed.

the list is only a guide for GMs, not an exhaustive list of all bloodlines which can take the feat. the list does include the celestial bloodline, which is the base bloodline of empyreal sorcerers, empyreal sorcerers have the level 1 power of the celestial bloodline.

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I can tolerate a fair amount of GM cheating, but I hate it. Inevitably I have found that it becomes a means of GM favoritism and/or a tool for the GM to railroad the story. That said, I can tolerate a fair amount because a GM can find other more offensive ways to do the same things, and the only alternatives I find are to abandon the GM or let the GM get experienced enough to grow out of it, and GMs do grow out of it (faster when they sit on both sides of the GM screen).

Player cheating I have very little tolerance for. Die roll cheating, no way - for me the whole point of using a d20 system is challenge the fates. Character sheet cheating, if a weak character has some fudged numbers to go from pathetic to merely miserable then I don't get upset and don't mind overlooking it as long as it is corrected; if a strong character fudges numbers to go from strong to dominating then I get fairly upset as I consider the player stole narrative power - while I keep in mind that it could be an innocent mistake, the amount of benefit of the doubt a cheating character gets depends on the strength of the character.

LazarX wrote:
xavier c wrote:
Calistria IS Chaotic Neutral.
I've always wondered how are elves considered a "good" race if she's the main diety.

Calistria is the Godess of lust and revenge who is worshiped by the elves among others, but is not the main deity, at best she is the goddess of the core pantheon most closely associated with elves. The elven pantheon has 3 exclusive members (Findelara CG, Ketphys CG, and Yuelral NG) and 3 members that are also part of the core pantheon (Calistria CN, Desna CG, and Nethys TN). Of these 6 the closest to a "pure" Elven deity is Findelara, however which deity is the "main deity" probably varies from community to community with the 'main deity' mostly being one of the three gods exclusive to the elven pantheon.

5 levels of totemic skald gives wild shape, which can be used to qualify for perma-claws through aspect of the beast.

Carla the Profane wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
I'd say that FCT does not allow you to use natural attacks with pummeling style. You can use FCT to apply the effects of feats to natural attacks, but that doesn't mean the reverse (FCT allowing you to apply natural attacks to feats) is true. FCT does not even say you treat natural attacks as unarmed attacks so they remain natural attacks. Pummeling style allows you pool all of your (unarmed attacks) into one attack, this is not an effect on unarmed attacks but is a special attack which uses (unarmed) attacks. The devs might change it so that the pummeling style attack allows natural attacks and unarmed attacks to be combined into the attack and it would not be an unreasonable house rule, but not PFS-safe.
Aydin D'Ampfer wrote:
I'd agree. Nothing in FCT allows Natural Attacks to count as unarmed attacks, and the errata specifically states only unarmed attacks for pummeling style. That alone should disallow it.
Well, Feral Combat Training allows me to bypass a whole lot of other restrictions as well, does it not?
Not sure what restrictions you're talking about but something like marid style
(Benefit: You gain one additional Elemental Fist (Advanced Player's Guide 158) attempt per day. While using this style and Elemental Fist to deal cold damage, you gain a bonus on cold damage rolls equal to your Wisdom modifier, and your reach with your unarmed strike increases by 5 feet.)

would give the increased reach to natural attacks with FCT.

I'd say that FCT does not allow you to use natural attacks with pummeling style. You can use FCT to apply the effects of feats to natural attacks, but that doesn't mean the reverse (FCT allowing you to apply natural attacks to feats) is true. FCT does not even say you treat natural attacks as unarmed attacks so they remain natural attacks. Pummeling style allows you pool all of your (unarmed attacks) into one attack, this is not an effect on unarmed attacks but is a special attack which uses (unarmed) attacks. The devs might change it so that the pummeling style attack allows natural attacks and unarmed attacks to be combined into the attack and it would not be an unreasonable house rule, but not PFS-safe.

Gunslinger level 5 training & trench fighting from a fighter archetype, although that only applies to firearms.

You probably want to go weapon and shield style and get the dexterity for ITWF and GTWF if going that route, you need dexterity 13 anyway for missle shield and, more importantly, two weapon style delays shield master until level 11. Shield master allows you to apply the enhancement bonus of your shield to both attacks and defense which is really massive.

B. A. Robards-Debardot wrote:
Cuuniyevo wrote:

What smell? Gnomes should have Prestidigitation ready for occasions such as these.

Without appropriate (exotic) saddles, there would be heavy penalties but I have no problem with the idea of a small creature hitching a ride on a medium one. I have a lot of younger siblings, nieces and nephews and I know for a fact that it is possible to run around with a short person hanging on. My arms would be holding their legs and their arms would be holding my neck or shoulders but that's why you'd need a special saddle or backpack for them to be attached to. Once they're secured, there's no reason why we wouldn't be able to act independently.

Given that it's a medieval-esque fantasy world, without much in the way of indoor plumbing, they use external combustion as their main heat/cooking source, and the main mode of transportation is animal, I'm pretty sure all of Golarion has got a stink to it.

There is something especially penetrating about the stink of a half-orc sweat. Prestidigitation doesn't work because you no sooner work your way down from the head to waist when the head is covered in sweat. I wonder if seven gnomes with seven catrips were to spell for half-an-orc, if they could get it clear.

Mythic silence.

What is the nature of the telepathy? Is it a spell, maybe a permanent telepathic bond or perhaps a supernatural ability like a nest of Nosferatu or what? If you assaulting some sort of hive mind it might be possible (GM award for brilliant thinking) to make the telepathy work for you, hit a significant portion of the hive with spells like serenity, or illusion and see if the telepathy causes the effect to spread.

Generally speaking any effect which prevents a critter from dictating their own actions (examples: confusion, unnatural lust) would also prevent them from sending telepathic message. Something like using a mass suggestion spell with the suggestion "don't tell the others about this invasion because they might interfere and you will not be able to show how mighty you are" could work for some groups.

Personally I find the smell to biggest deterrent to using a half-orc as a mount, not sure about other gnomes.

VRMH wrote:
Wouldn't wearing a (minor) Ring of Spell Storing give a caster level? It says the "wearer" can cast any spell therein, and they're real spells - not SLAs.

A ring of spell storing doesn't give the wearer a caster level it gives the spells a caster level ('each spell has a caster level...'). Of course many SLAs give a character a caster level, so the ring gives the ability 'to cast arcane spells' for the feat while a SLA gives caster level so the feat scales with level. Not sure I'd allow this reading but it probably is PFS legal right now.

Oversized lance is a no go, Inappropriately Sized Weapons rule doesn't allow for use of weapons larger than two-handed weapons and a lance used while mounted is a two-handed weapon which is wielded in one-hand, not a one-handed weapon.

Dual lances can be used to TWF while on a mount, however they would be subject to the non-light off-hand weapon penalties (which don't specify that they only apply to one-handed weapons, so two-handed weapons wielded in one hand would apply them). Damage potential is tough to figure, generally speaking TWFing lances would do less damage than weilding a single lance in two-hands but this very much depends on hit chance and damage bonuses - a paladin using smite will probably see an increase in damage using dual lances while a biting barbarian probably won't. Charging with two lances is kinda funny, the first lance attack would get the damage bonus from charging while the rest shouldn't (implied by this FAQ) if you had some means of making more than one attack while charging.

--edit--- shouldn't have ended there

(cont.) although erratic charge would of course trigger the damage bonus on the second lance attack instead of the first and there might be some spells/magic items which produce effects lasting a charge action instead of a charge attack which would affect all attacks

Skylancer4 wrote:

@OP: I just bought a quad pad of paper, use it to track arrows or other consumables with X's per unit used. Use it to take notes during the game. Use it to make maps as needed. All sorts of useful things during a game to be done with it.

*sits back with popcorn while people debate why to do what the OP asked instead of how best to do it*

it's not hard to track arrows. I use sashes and circles, circle for a miss and slash for a hit. 4 sets of 5 marks = 1 quiver, end of the session count up the circles and halve it for the number of misses which didn't break OR just ignore the circles if I can restock regularly. No need for special paper, it goes on the scratch paper used for combat calculations in the upper right corner - a "P" followed by a line of marks, among the similar lines for special types of arrows except they are preceded by "B" or "CI" or "+2" or whatever instead of "P" (P stands for piercing). Personally I don't see why it is such a hassle, players should be tracking special arrows anyway so it shouldn't take much more work to track normal arrows.

As for what the OP asked, the question was:
"But to people who have DMed archer players in the past, did you make them track all their mundane ammunition as well? Or did you just assume they had enough mundane arrows with the each day?"

OldSmith wrote:
Well Someone let the game designers know that all the games we have been playing for decades are full of useless fluff. Like magical enhancements to have weapons return or quivers re fill, not to mention all those useless bags of holding. And no reason to put towns or markets in the game. Just throw some gold over your shoulder and poof everything you want is right there

Well returning is a pretty useless piece of fluff. I recall this one not-too-bright spherewalker who thought it was a good idea to throw 5 starknives in a round, which was fine until right before the next round when they all returned at once and she only had two hands to ward off 5 starknives.

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Melvin the Mediocre wrote:

Actually, the familiars retain their intelligence and abilities, but no have no way to advance beyond that point. Doomed to a life of remembrance of the connections they had to their wizards, yet bereft of the mystic powers that bond conferred, most of them turn to booze and an endless string of one night stands and meaningless relationships, none of which can fill the lonely void.

This, compounded by the desolation stemming from their inability to communicate with most intelligent species, inevitably leads most to eventually join gangs with like types of base creatures banding together to battle their hated foes of other former familiars - bats vs toads; cats vs hawks, etc. In this way, they eventually kill each other off which is why "former familiar" is so rarely found on wandering monster charts. But woe befalls the unfortunate low level party that accidentally finds itself inside the territory of the Rioting Ravens, or Tumultuous Toads.

We should be so fortunate if this happened to all familiars. Some turn feral and become real threats, the Demon Lady Jezelda was once the Pekinese familiar of an evil Azlanti wizard who specialized in transformation magic, after his death she figured out a way to transform herself into a wolf to survive better and a human so she could travel in civilization when she wished. This was acceptable until Jezelda tried to increase her power by turning a human into her own familiar, with the well-known results. Of course her followers refuse to talk about her origins because it is kinda embarrassing that your deity was once a small dog familiar, but if you ever encounter Jezelda and want to get a rise out of her call her a "yappy little puppy" or ask if "Jez-Jez want's her belly rubbed."

Claxon wrote:

I wasn't actually suggesting you carry around 3000 arrows at one time. A few hundred will do, and keeping your efficient quiver loaded with them and your handy haversack loaded with quivers means you really don't need to worry too much about running out, even in the middle of combat. Only in a protracted battle at high levels is it even likely you would need to reload your efficient quiver.

Otherwise, you restock between every combat. The same way everyone tops off their hp from the CLW wand between combats.

And when you need an extra 15 lbs of carrying capacity you just dump 100 arrows out of your handy haversack. Since you don't keep track of arrows, by dumping out a hundred arrows here and two hundred arrows there you can soon have a handy haversack that has a 5,000 lb carrying capacity. Nifty.

A Heward's Handy Haversack full of regular arrows is a Heward's Handy Haversack that doesn't have 12 flasks of oil, 10 bottles of holy water, 5 flasks of acid, 6 smoke bombs, 3 quivers of adamantine arrows, 4 quivers of silver arrows, 2 quivers of cold iron arrows, a quiver of whistling arrows and a back-up +1 mace on hand for when the player needs them. Once the handy haversack of copyright protected name has all the things it should have, the player can fit a few quivers of regular arrows in, but not enough to make keeping track of them pointless.

This doesn't mean you should keep track of arrows if you find the drudgery of accounting a distraction from your game, but that hand-waving away arrow tracking does have an actual effect on the game. Every quiver of arrows a player carries is 3 lbs that can not be used to carry something else and 1 gp that could be spent on something else and while 1gp isn't significant after 1st level, if enforced the weight rules will affect characters for much longer.

Yes you have messed up the damage calculation, at level 13 Pistol Training adds DEX + 2 damage to each hit, not DEX, so you should do 2 points more damage on each hit.

Already mentioned that there is dispute about how to handle double barreled firearms, if you and your GM think that applying it to every attack is too strong, than switch to some other rule. If you're the only one who thinks it is overpowered and ruining your fun, then don't use it.

Yes, other optimized characters can do similar damage to the what you produce.

RAuer2 wrote:
Ask your GM how he wants to handle it. --more--

People really seem to have no idea how much ammo an archer these days goes through unless they track ammo (at least I didn't, in 1st and 2nd eds a quiver of 20 lasted forever). The combat load for a level 11 zen archer I have in front of me (not mine, I borrowed it) uses two efficient quivers and a non-magical quiver and consists of 36 blunt arrows, 36 regular arrows, 6 silver arrows, 6 cold iron arrows, 6 adamantine blunt arrows, 6 slow burning arrows, 6 holy water arrows, 8 assorted magic arrows, and scrolls of abundant ammo & greater magic weapon. This is enough for 6 rounds of using blunt or normal arrows and one round of any other types (sufficient for filling the non-magic quiver and casting abundant ammo and/or greater magic weapon if there is time). Whether you're shooting 3 arrows/round (a level 3 full BAB with rapid shot and multishot), 4 arrows/round (a level 6 full BAB with rapid shot & ultishot), or 8 arrows/round (level 16 hastened zen archer) you need to carry a metric crap-load of arrows just to not run out during combat.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Not track arrows!!! Arrows weight 15 pounds per hundred, not including special quivers, I'd love to be able to build an archer who doesn't need to track that much weight. As for durable arrows, they can be destroyed through things like hitting a fire-elemental (specifically mentioned) and are lost if the party cannot take the time to recover them. When even a level 3 archer can be shooting 3 arrows a round it does not take long at all to go through a quiver of 20 arrows.

Once I have a portable hole for carrying around supplies it makes sense to stop tracking all arrows owned, but even then arrows weigh enough to make me track the combat load, replenished from the arrow supply bought 1,000 at a time when I think of it and put in the portable hole.

The problem is not the cash, it is the weight and until weight isn't a problem you should keep track of arrows for that reason.

Mark Hoover wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
I dunno what the weapon is for, nor am I sure of the slam/claw, but the grapple make sense if you place the undead near the door to your shop/church and have them maneuver the customers/converts into your shop/church. A good way to drum up business, if they buy something/convert then you can let them leave by the back door.

5' wide hallway, along the length of which are dozens of skeletons hanging from manacles as well as chain belts holding them to the wall. It turns out the manacles at their wrists are a ruse; they can reach a full 5'. Anyone walking down said hall is constantly attacked.

If you want to get really creepy, make them some kind of sentient skeleton, like a Skeletal Champion. The creatures have levels of magus and can add spells to their claws or make grapples followed by spell-enhanced claw attacks. What's really creepy though is that NONE OF THEM WANT TO BE HERE!

The belts killed them/animated them. Each was a prisoner, left to die on these walls. Once horribly tortured by their own slow, agonizing death their skeletons were reanimated and controlled by some evil doer. Now they are forced to attack you but the whole time they're cradlng you, trying to kill you, they're whispering impossibly through their rattling jaws "I'm sorry; I'm so very sorry. One more soul, and then I rest. Sleep now; you sleep so I may sleep too, please!?!"

I thought you were talking about putting the undead wall outside your shop/church as a way of drumming up business from anyone who walked too near the wall. Dang, the fact you can envision using this marketing device as a trap just goes to show how clever people can weaponize anything.

Mark Hoover wrote:
89. 1/1 wall: chain a bunch of mindless undead to a wall and have them grapple and Slam/Claw anyone who walks by. For added fun, build a space between the undead to contain a weapon (and potentially ammo for ranged weapons) and have them attack intruders with that

I dunno what the weapon is for, nor am I sure of the slam/claw, but the grapple make sense if you place the undead near the door to your shop/church and have them maneuver the customers/converts into your shop/church. A good way to drum up business, if they buy something/convert then you can let them leave by the back door.

You need to throw in some alchemist stuff to mimic the effects of the Reinstein (?sp?) formula, luckily the mutagenic mauler archetype looks like it can stack with the shield champion one.

because of the way bonuses are calculated a 13 attribute has the same bonus as a 14 attribute, as 15 the same as a 16 and so forth. this is mirrored in the effects of spells and magic items which add to attributes in multiples of 2 (+2, +4, +6). while it is true that all character get single attribute points five times during leveling (levels 4,8,12,16 & 20), and a character can use wishes for single attribute points (a maximum of +5 to any attribute), in actual play it is best to have one or none odd (as opposed to even) attributes because wishes are rare & expensive while it takes too long for leveling bonuses to even off odd attributes.

cleave is a situational feat that I don't like - if your GM is fond of clusters of villains then it works well, but often it is of little use. lunge or working towards combat reflexes I would consider a better choice of feat.

You can easily make a decent power-attack fighter (or other full martial) who uses the gnome hook-hammer if you are willing to ditch the TWF part and use it as a single weapon wielded in two-hands, choosing the hook or the hammer end as the situation warrants. I'd go that way if TWFing wasn't essential using a power attack build as my base, TWFing just takes up too many feats to work at lower levels if you want to fit the gnome racial feats in somewhere.

Psychic leeches (or poison if you want an outside factor, pollution if you want it self-inflicted) on a purely mental plane have found the super wise/intelligent demi-gods and have slowly been draining the mental attributes of the demi-gods for the past several decades. Since such mental attributes are effectively unknown on the prime material plane, and the mental plane can only interact with super mentalities on the prime material plane, not even their wisdom and intelligence could enable the demi-gods to take precautions against the infestation. While the demi-gods were all-wise and all-knowing when they set up the system, over the past decades they have become less intelligent and wise characteristics and are beginning to make mistakes. Until recently their intelligence and wisdom scores were initially so high that no one was wise or intelligent enough to be qualified to tell that the demi--gods were being drained of mental attributes, but now the wisest and most intelligent non-demi-gods are beginning to notice, and act according to their natures (the goodie-goodie ones are seeking answers/cures while the evil ones are looking for ways to secure personal advantage in the chaos they see coming). Even worse the rate of drain is increasing as time goes on and the leeches are draining greater and greater amounts of the demi-gods' mental abilities as the quality goes down.

Warpriest the class would work fine.

INT & CHR can be dump scores to take the 7s. and you really only need WIS to hit 16 for 6th level spells. A headband can cover putting the 15 there, and you can even get by putting the 11 there since you only need a 12 at level 4 and get an ability point just from leveling at level 4, then grab a headband by level 7 for level 3 spells. Putting the 11 in WIS will cut fervor out as a major option, the number of spells, and lower save DCs, but if you concentrate on being a self-buffing type none of that will cripple the character.

Then comes the only real choice, ranged (in which case the 9 goes into CON) or melee (in which case the 9 goes into DEX). Melee, load up on heavy armor and just suck up the -1 to AC from DEX, and build a bruiser. Ranged, grab a bow and go to town.

my favorite is the feed on emotions. the more the vampire feeds on the victim the less they can feel emotions. don't forget the famous salt vampires of the original Star Trek, maybe make that dexterity damage.

wraithstrike wrote:
cnetarian wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
I dont see how selecting it twice is any more of an issue than selecting weapon focus twice.
weapon focus includes the line: "Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon." While I see no obvious reason the same logic should not apply, the fact that weapon focus includes the line and slashing grace does not must mean something. I chose to believe that it means the people who wrote and edited the feat omitted it as an oversight. Others might have more faith in the infallibility of the developers and chose to believe that the omission is deliberate, in which case the use of exegesis to determine what the omission means can produce results beyond what my philosophy encompasses.
The fact that they don't say you can select it multiple times and apply it to different weapons leads me to think it was never the intent of the rules to allow you to do so, so maybe it takes a specific rule to allow a feat to be selected more than once.

I'm not saying your wrong, but I chose to consider the omission to be a scrivener's error and would have no problem with selecting the feat twice for different weapons. The fact that two reasonable people (you've never struck me as particularly unreasonable and, of course, I am the very soul of reason) can see the same thing and come to different conclusions about what it means is what causes me to recommend getting an advance ruling.

67) sculpture zombies which stand on platforms in public parks recreating famous scenes, like the overthrow of the Galtcreed Pact.

wraithstrike wrote:
I dont see how selecting it twice is any more of an issue than selecting weapon focus twice.

weapon focus includes the line: "Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon." While I see no obvious reason the same logic should not apply, the fact that weapon focus includes the line and slashing grace does not must mean something. I chose to believe that it means the people who wrote and edited the feat omitted it as an oversight. Others might have more faith in the infallibility of the developers and chose to believe that the omission is deliberate, in which case the use of exegesis to determine what the omission means can produce results beyond what my philosophy encompasses.

Gwen Smith wrote:
Serisan wrote:
Your offhand would need to be a scimitar, as well, since SG can only affect one weapon selection and can't be taken twice. Dual Slice is not required, nor should it be given that you'll be taking a -4 penalty to hit with both hands even with TWF.

Why can't you take Slashing Grace twice and apply it to a different weapon each time?

Most of the "specific weapon" feats let you take the feat multiple times and apply each one to a different weapon. I don't see anything that prevents this one from acting the same way. Unless you're assuming that unless a feat retains the original wording of Weapon Focus ("you can gain this feat multiple times"), that you can't. The way I read it, the important part of that statement is "its effects do not stack".

Otherwise, that means that no one can ever get Point Blank Master, Close Quarters Thrower, Deadly Stroke, Penetrating Strike, Ranged Study, etc. with more than one weapon.

You can select it twice but you might not be able to use it on both weapons at the same time. The interpretation of this line
crb wrote:
Benefit: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description.

can cause problems. I wouldn't call it stacking, I'd say the benefits (DEX to damage) are parallel since they aren't both applying to the same attack, but others might consider it stacking the benefit. Best to get an advance ruling if you cannot bring yourself to avoid the issue.

61) have a zombie follow you, pin paperwork to it so you don't need to carry an attache case.

62) train a skeleton to be a player xylophone using it's ribcage.

63) coat a zombie in pitch to use it as flypaper.

29) magic fingers massage bed, they never get tired.

30) prison guards, no sick days, no worried about bribes.

31) inspector number 4

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20) skeletons ice cutters, both to cut ice for food preservation and to cut open passageways in harbors for ships. works well since skeletons are immune to cold damage and don't need to breath.

21) burning skeleton fire fighters. not so good with rescuing kittens from trees but they do a bang-up job at the end of the bucket brigade, they drop sand or water right on the flames.

the synthesist rake is a slightly different form and is IMO superior (two claw attacks when you make grapple check, so can rake when don't start the round grappled).

If you want the monster ability rake, 1) somehow change into a beast with rake (levels in druid, beast form scrolls, lycanthropy, etc) or 2) talk your GM into letting you use the 3.5 Boots of the Raptor.

That said, what you really want is the final embrace feat line for a constrict attack, constrict can be obtained by the anaconda's coils belt.

a tiefling fire routine with "grasping tail" feat

  • begin with first pistol/crossbow in one hand and other hand empty
  • make all iterative attacks with first pistol/crossbow, reloading with other hand which is empty
  • drop pistol/crossbow on the ground so you have two empty hands
  • swift action to draw second pistol/crossbow or use grasping tail to pick second pistol/crossbow off the ground if not the first round of combat and put it in the hand which has not attacked
  • make all iterative attacks with second pistol/crossbow, reloading with the other hand which is now empty
  • end of round as bookkeeping action change the pistol/crossbow in your hand from the second pistol/crossbow to the first and the one that is on the ground from the first pistol/crossbow to the second

note: many gunslingers put much thought and effort into figuring out this fire routine, and most people would never consider dropping a weapon onto the ground as a good idea.

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If you are contemplating breeding with a dragon be forewarned that the most difficuly part comes after the physical act. While dragons have no familial affection for their offspring, they have a very strong appreciation for child-support and custody battles often involve actual combat.

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