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clawoftiamat's page

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The battle host archetype gives you some bonus feats. You will have fewer implement types, but my occultist seems to be fine with it.

Int and Cha are definitely my highest stats. Wis is probably above average based on my judgement as compared to others my age. Str is average. If you add my Con and Dex together, I'm not sure I would even have a positive modifier.

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Just remember, most people supporting Trump aren't supporting his views. They are supporting the fact that he is willing to actually express his opinion no matter the political consequences. Even most of his supporters know he his crazy. They just want a politician who behaves like something other than a politician.

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It doesn't need to change your type. It just makes you immune to any spell that couldn't affect both your current type and the animal type. Hold person only affects humanoids, so Animal soul makes you immune to hold person.

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Immunity to any spell that only targets humanoids. So, it is kinda sort of mildly useful every third Tuesday in July.

Bookish Rogue feat. Lets you use a spellbook to change what spells you have with minor and major magic.

I'm bad at crunch for things like this, but I LOVE the Gene Starwind feel you are going for.


Kobold barbarian. The 18s finally let kobolds be useful.

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Yeah, don't weaken the wizard. We already know that it is the weakest caster in the game...

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Is everyone in your group having fun? If not, and that includes you, figure out what to do from there.

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Bladebound kensai magus/ synthesist summoner. Buy a high int and a decent charisma. physical stats wont matter with the synthesist.

Just remember that armor class for martial characters would cap almost immediately while attack bonuses would still go up every level.

I love the flavor of the class. Please keep posting updates. I am looking into playing it for a campaign.

Bards. Bards would be more important than any wizard.

New Albany, IN

Psionics unleashed is amazingly balanced. Most things from Super Genius Games are pretty well balanced.

Entangle. That spell can shut down a huge area while you can just shoot them.

Our group has an inquisitor, a witch, a sorcerer, a bard/ranger, and a barbarian. What class would actually serve a purpose without taking the spotlight off of someone else?

Soul forger magus archetype makes a great item crafter.

Burrow is just a form of movement. It is part of whatever action it is taking to move. The sonic damage will not deafen a character unless there is some specific ability on that creature that says it will.



Oracles don't have spell failure because they are divine casters. You can wear armor just fine.

Summoned creatures doesn't apply to all outsiders. It only applies if the creature is actually summoned with a summoning spell.

The best sweetener for a hypoglycemic or diabetic person is xylitol. It is rather expensive, but can be used just liked sugar. Where I live, you can find it in normal granulated, brown sugar, and powdered sugar varieties.

Adventurers armory has rules for using an acid flask as a focus to increase the damage of acid splash by +1.

My opinion is that they don't stack because they do very specific things. They do not make someone roll an extra die. They specifically make them roll 2 dice instead of 1.

Do you want it to be some extremely useful combat item or something that may have a deeper meaning to them?

Companies are going to drop health plans because the estimated insurance cost increase will be higher than the penalty they will pay for not providing coverage.

I see no reason why they couldn't use the bonus to gain some ki. That is a really nice observation.

We need to know how far apart they start. What is the terrain like?


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Smart ass responses don't accomplish anything.

Try buffing some before combat and using debuffs early in combat. You may find that with those in play, your allies aren't taking damage. It may free you up from some of that healing.

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Undine bard.

It gets 1 tattoo per level.

+6 is correct.

I'm interested in that background.

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Halfling sorcerer vs. awakened octopus with fighter levels and 8 scimitars. It hurt.

The point of that line in the sap master archetype was to say you didn't get the bonus when flanking.

I was hoping for enough character development that I wouldn't root for every one of them to die. Sadly, it didn't happen.

Barbarian. There is a rage power that lets you use a target you have grappled as a bludgeoning weapon.

The marijuana information was released about a week ago.

A goblin can have a 22 dex at level one.

One level dip into crossblooded sorcerer is going to make a ridiculous damage dealer.

Is this for a PC or an NPC. Spell resistance is probably not that good for a pc. It will stop allies from casting beneficial spells as well unless they drop it for a round. If they do that then it doesnt help against enemies. Casting in heavy armor could be pretty powerful.

Deadly aim doesn't work with touch attacks.

You use int for your casting stat.

Inquisitor is a fun class that has plenty of abilities to let you play it however you want. It has enough healing to keep you going and has plenty of other abilities to make the game fun.

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