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christian mazel's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 275 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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When the swarm went out they where far from the hole, only the dwarf (see after) was attacked the others threw oils and some area things meanwhile the aberation went out and the dwarf fighter after running out of the scarabs hit the Mad Slasher with a critical on the first attack, dwarven waraxe two handed....dead the poor monster even missed his first attack on the cleric.

In fact each time they meet a powerful opponent the dwarf get the good hit after a tough fight.

After all it's a game about heroes and I love those kinds of events.


In English there is I and you but in French the second can be translated by TU as in: je t'aime, it's direct and is used with friends, family and in business with workmates or persons under your orders (if you/they want) if it's your style.
Second translation: je vous aime: it's more romantic because in centuries past it was always used and is a sign of respect you keep a little space between each person today you use it when you don't know the person you speak to, in the street, in a store or to someone you give a lot of respect (or want to be respected) your director (not always I use TU with mine because it's his style and on top of that he is younger than me).
It also used when you speak to more than one person.
In some noble family or very catholic one the children use VOUS when they speak to their parents and older.

Aime moi is impératif it's a demand but can be heard like an order as in English Love me.

Using TU is called tutoiement
Using VOUS is called vouvoiement



With your permission:

je m'appelle c'est Fleur d'Amour
m'aimes comme je t'aime

A successful Linguistics check translates this as:

My name it's Fleur d'Amour
Me love as I love you

The exact English/French translation of the text would be:

Je m'appelle Fleur d'Amour
Aime moi comme je t'aime

Or more romantic:

Je m'appelle Fleur d'Amour
Aimez moi comme je vous aime

My name is Fleur d'Amour
Love me as I love you

Traitorous Frenchie ;)

TriOmegaZero wrote:

As far as I know, they have no knowledge of other candidates. The maralith mentioned in the books reacts with alarm at the appearance of a character with the Smoking Eye. While it wouldn't be unreasonable for others to contend the PCs claim, it doesn't seem like many pass the tests to become Smoking Eye creatures.

Although I am now wondering how the maralith passed the test when she should have been barred from the first part the same as Kaurophon.

IIRC in the magazine it's mentioned Marilith never passed the test the smoking eye (appearance only and no powers) was granted by Adimarcus as a kind of property over his generals.

Are wrote:
W E Ray wrote:

Writing your own is fine but remember you asked about Dungeon Magazine only.

Monte Cook's adventure A Paladin in Hell is regarded as one of the best adventures not just of 2E but of all time.

Good point; I primarily asked about Dungeon because I have reasonably easy access to those.

I'll try to locate that adventure. Thank you for the suggestion!

And thank you to Sissyl, too. I'll check those suggestions out as well :)

It's given as a 15th-20th level adventure for ADD, if your quest to locate it is fruitless give me your email.


I agree with Steel Wind, Lashonna WAS good and lost much more than Kyuss as far as we know may be he was always a bad guy who wanted to rule the world and there's nothing to add.
Seems very difficult to make him "loveable" it was so long ago and there is no proof of his humanity or lost love unless you add this to the story but I think as said above that you see him only once in the campaign and after the initiative dice is rolled no one will think "ho poor old evil god you once were a not so bad human guy who loved a beautiful blond girl but she married that paladin're engulfled you take 300hp damage and you begin to more Mr nice guy".'s you're campaign, you make the story you want and if you think that's seems cool sure it is ;)

But Lashonna is very cool too....

Maybe a too simple answer

- D&D is about killing dragons and looting treasure and be the good guy so if there are things to take after you fought all those nasty guardians.....

Prize shouldn't gives you a penalty that's not like killng a helpless enemy or this sort of behavior (and it depends on the type of helpless enemy....).

Ho! and don't worry for the future there'll be no problem about the loot if I remember but I don't say there'll be no moral problems....

Yes it depends on the style of play, if you kill the dragon you take the treasure, don't you?
They were reluctant to take all the items and as you say the mission is strange anyway.

IMC they killed him accidentaly, they brought back the body but kept for themselves only the miscellaneous magic, they left weapons and armor as said by the group dwarven fighter.
Keeping all the items is not an evil act, he is a "monster" after all but it's easier if he is dead.

Francois Marcela-Froideval to be exact, you can read about him on Wikipedia, he brought RPG and ADD to France, played with him once or twice in 1981.

Rob, thanks for these answers even if they are small pieces I understand that to think and put on the paper such huge stories takes time, years, even an entire lifetime sometimes.


Dungeon Issue 101: Chasm Bridge, TheAn important chasm crossing in the Underdark has been claimed as the territory of a power-hungry wizard. He has taken to charging exorbitant tolls to any who would cross the bridge. Either way they choose -- pay or slay -- the PCs must pay the price. This D&D adventure is a Revised 3rd Edition conversion of a module that originally appeared in Dragon #131. It has never before appeared in the pages of Dungeon.

Edition: D&D 3.5

In bonus subscriber section

It's a level 7 adventure.

A pull out ok but what was the magazine?
Dungeon is all about adventures and I don't remember a pull out...
May be you think of Dragon Mag?

GregH wrote:
Are wrote:
GregH wrote:

But if there is a way to strengthening up his turn resistance without breaking the rules, I'd consider it.

If you use 3.5 material, there is a feat called "Improved Turn Resistance" in Libris Mortis. It gives an Undead +4 turn resistance.

Thanks, don't have my books with me (at work) but had I googled Libris Mortis and didn't see anything. It's still a long way off (years?) but I'll keep this in the back of my mind and not waste the time if its not worth it. Who knows, with the character attrition rate this adventure path seems to have, the Radiant Servant may not even make it that far.


Maybe in Spell compendium, Protection From positive ernergy or something like that... don't remember if it can work but you can try a look.


I read somewhere that Navalant was not part of the founding family but came later around 10 years ago to be the Mayor don't remember if it's an "official" answer or some add from a DM in the forum.
In my campaign there his no representative of Surabar left, he shot the demons, founded Redgorge and Cauldron and went away to an Epic destiny....he was a very powerful CG half elemental sorcerer (not detailed).
Lidu is now a Lich (not stated but around 20th level LN/LE necro ) in an underground tomb near the haunted village, some evil ones (Necrcant?)are there in search of his staff:"The Hand of Death".They better have to not find him...but he can be an ally for the PC if they try to contact him (I don't think they'll do it).


It's been a long time without a dead since level 5 now they are level 9-10 (6 PC).

On occipitus:

Guillaume de Bashevil Paladin5/rogue1/Shadobane inquisitor3.

While hunting for the black dragon they met 3 Vrocks, he won the initiative over the group closed with the demons but not reaching them so he was out of the haste...and 4 rounds later after killing 2 mirror image and missing 2 saves to avoid being stunned he was at -16hp.
The 3 Vrock escaped before being killed on the 6th round but the group really had a bad dice rolling frenzy, the first round of the dwarf fighter gave 1 3 and 3 for the d20 rolls with power attack 5 and the following rounds were a little better but not much I even think that if he had continued to use PA he would have hitted only 4 or 5 times the 22 AC of the Vrocks.

Mothman wrote:
Yep, I’m still running it, using 3.5, in a very slow moving game. Coming on 6 years now ... my group has just finished Demonskar Legacy.

Funny, just like me :)

I'm a bit ahead they are in the Test of the smoking eye and the group has now TWO Demon Lords....very very fun.
I think you will jump ahead soon because I'm waiting for twins ;)


Still running it since 2004 just finished the Test .... and it's going to be slower because twins are coming :)))

One idea is that the opening gate is right on Skullrot so the prison fall on the prime, shatters and Adimarcus is free.
That's a link with the Demodands, Carceri and the Cagewright.

I think he never saw them, may be the 3 hags met him in the forest the first time and after this he entered by the great doors going in the south (constructed) part of the complex where there are no monsters' lair.
The mephit and the hill giant at the doors can be hidden as the obey the hags.
In fact in my campaign the spellthief after exploring nearly all the dungeon came back disguised as a hag (hat of disguise) and brought the hill giant in an ambush far away from the doors, very great play.

We had:

- Archery contest (introducing an elven arcane archer from the end of the path).
- Duel(melee weapon non lethal with a drow from the end of the path and the half dragon/half minotaur).
- Running around the city on Obsidian avenue (introducing a monk....)
- Boat running across the lake.
Other "background" events with none of the players (wrestling, juggling....)
I kept the dice rolling as simple as possible.

Aelluvia wrote:

I have so many of the Dragon Magazines that my mind is boggled, I am looking for one that had a noble, with a race of people in cages, it wasn't a adventure path and the nobles name began with an A, this is I know really obscure, but if someone could help me find the adventure...I would love you forever.

Thank you so much!


Nothing comes to mind but you can try this:


I started DMing AoW sunday, party is:

The two dwarves are brother/sister and their father is Mr Dourstone, the wizard is apprentice for Allustan.

1st level dwarf female fighter
1st level dwarf male cleric
1st level human female wizard
1st level human male rogue
1st level 1/2 elf female bard

To make a better background and save lives at low levels each had to choose one level of NPC class to start with, this level is free and doesn't count for xp, save, BaB, only for skills (not x4)it gives 6hp+con bonus.

They entered the Whispering cairn and killed the wolves.....

I'm still running SCAP, they are on Occipitus.

IMC no exploration, I used the appearance of Orbius to "save" the PCs, they negociated with Kazmojen to free their barbarian kidnapped in Jzadirune and some others from the city.
They went to the surface and the Stormblades were comissioned by the city to clear and close the exit.

wraithstrike wrote:
Tor Libram wrote:

Never mind all the ninth level uberness, a simple fifth level spell can avoid a big chunk of stuff. "Ooh! A big castle on a column that's only accessible via a bridge? Right, we stone shape the bridge into the chasm so there can't be any giant reinforcements and teleport to the roof of the castle."

So I had to run the Citadel of Weeping Dragons in reverse order...

Stone Shape really does not allow a large area be stoneshaped. It's actually quiet small. The giants could probably jump over it by taking 10.

PS: I have not done the math, but the spell is not as good as I thought it was.

May be he wanted to say: Transmute rock to mud....

Round 2: Gate in two Wormdrakes (from the tabernacle of worms (these things are 20HD, have greater dispel as a spell like ability and are pretty tough)). Prismatic Sphere. Quickened Spell Immunity, (30 levels = 7.5; one 8th lvl spell) against Greater Dispel Magic

I think you can't be immune to a spell that doesn't affect you....but your spells.

There are interesting rules concerning divinity and becoming a god here:

Orthos wrote:
Your DM forgot about his Plane Shift SLA I take it....

Mmmmm....may be but this DM rarely forget anything, I don't remember the details but we won :)))

Ok, he died too.... the whip was terrible but after a miracle from the cleric of the sun we were immune and he had to run...but we were faster :))

I fondly remember Cathezar when she grappled my poor druid....happily I was very resourcefull and grappling a spectre is very difficul:)))
In the end I don't remember how she died but the Balor she summoned stayed only two rounds, hard to survive blinded...
and the Slaad who went in a gem after being a bit too curious with our wizard:))))
My ancestor wounded Ashardalon and the dice said (stange no?) I killed him with my scimitar after a very long fight....
Anmet was the Balor in the dragon? or is it the other one who wants to discuss?

I agree they were great NPC.

Tonight it's the start of Test of the smoking eye, going to the Abyss with their new friend (Kaurophon...) or maybe going back to Redgorge to try to stop the Cauldron guard (and maybe some demons) to crush the Chisel....or neither, wait and create magic?
To be or not to be (a demon lord) that's the question;)

In fact the test is waived (as written in the Dungeon) and you never need to do all three to try to get the Smoking eye, only the last one but nobody will tell you.
As often outdoor the PC can easily escape encounters and fall low on xp but I think a trip to the Abyss is worth itself a bit and if you don't want a TPK they have to be right level to goes on.
Great idea for Telekinesis... soon they're going to Occipitus Bwhaaaaaa!!

Sleppless: Great adventure, planned to DM it numerous times but never could.... but I read and read it again several times to really have a good catch of tjhe timing and story.
Maybe I'll use it in 3.5.
MST: Great feel of ToH without the overkill aspect, nothing to add it's near the top.
Planning to DM it someday.....
So much adventures and so little time :(

Another problem is that there's no cleric able to cast raise dead in Cauldron, the only one die in the second (third if you play with the hardcover) adventure comming back from the capital.
I don't think it's a good idea to allow raising to soon, if there's no consequence for failure there's no challenge.
I had around 7 deaths in the 3 first adventures, at least 4 of them could have been avoided easily, playing with a group of 6/7 PC with above average abilities.

Marcus Gehrcke wrote:

The party is good to go.

Humen cavalier
Humen fighter
Humen cleric
Halfelf rogue

No arcane will be hard, not at start but some adventures later unless someone multiclass.

Strange word very close to latin: Aqua; more so for air creatures....

Even 1st DMG had a list of possible ways to destroy artifacts ;)

Difficult side quest, it will be a full adventure, you can try bastion of broken soul a 3.0 adventure where you have to go to the positive energy plane to stop a red wyrm from eating soul (throw the hand in the fountain to destroy it?).
There was a quest in an old dungeon magazine (*17 Out of the ashes IIRC), carrying the eye of Vecna (false of course) to throw it in a volcano, we did it and never played the real adventure: entering a strange monolith near the furnace....


Do you know this one?:


We are a group of long time players too (1981 for me) and I try to finish SC AP before starting another one, AoW or ST.
Hope I'll run these before dying.....;)

Nice even if I not yet DM for savage tide.
One point: with a BAB of +15 he should have 3 attacks no?

Erevis Cale wrote:
.....Sixth character is so bland and out of touch with roleplaying (DM's girlfriend, *sigh*) that after 2 years of playing I still can't remember her name, making her our high lvl wand. She's playing a Half Elf Sorceress.....


I'm also surprised that the players post the party composition and not the DM.
Beware the spoilers.

By now, near the end of The Demonskar legacy:

Dwalin Muffin: 7th level fighter dwarf ng

Anthares: 3dr cleric/ 3rd wizard/ 2nd mystic theurge human ng

Jack: 7th level spellthief dark template human nn

Eleonore de Nassilia: 6th cleric/ 2nd divine oracle human ln

Gildor: 5th fighter/ 2 wizard/ 1st arcane archer elf cg

Guillaume de Bashevil: 5th paladin/1 rogue/1 shadobane inquisitor lg

Only the 2 clerics survived from the start.


Correct name: Quah Nomag and it's a half ogre, if I remember he is described in the Book of vile darkness and/or Hordes of the Abyss (not sure for each but I saw him somewhere).

James Jacobs wrote:
When a black pudding, or ANY ooze with the split ability, is split, the two creatures formed take up the same space as the original creature. They just aren't as thick; their oozy bodies spread out thinner to cover the same footprint as the full creature did.

Thank you for this "offcial" reply ;)

Don't know if there's a list of errors and corrections (I think not) but it's the DM's job to adapt on the fly.

Immortal handbook-Ascension as numerous rules for becoming a "god".

Yes, identical is...... identical same thing with less hp because it's the only exception written.
But you can always house rule it as it seems logical that if you cut something in two half each is 50% smaller than the original.

Split (Ex)
Slashing and piercing weapons deal no damage to a black pudding. Instead the creature splits into two identical puddings, each with half of the original’s current hit points (round down). A pudding with 10 hit points or less cannot be further split and dies if reduced to 0 hit points.

Yes very hard, I cooled it a bit but very funny, everyone remember the dwarf fighter prone in the "bed" of a Kuo toa after a missed balance check, trying to stand up and finaly trying to fight....7 rounds without a hit....hilarious and there was only 4 KT in the room.
This evening they'll face some nasty giants and the stary mirror, more fun to come;)

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