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chavamana's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,010 posts (9,045 including aliases). No reviews. 16 lists. 2 wishlists. 12 aliases.


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Arodus 16, 4713 - Armasse

Although Armasse doesn't officially start until noon, Clydwell Plaza has been crowed for a number of hours as people filed up the tight switch backs and through the iron gates that allow ingress into the Ring District. A number of street vendors have set up stalls on the edges of the plaza, the rich smells of meat and roasted foods warming the morning air.

Entertainment has been subdued since the festival hasn't official begun, but there are small groups of musicians and a few storytellers to keep the attention of early arrivals. Even in the happy atmosphere, the threat of danger still lurks - obvious almost every able-bodied person goes about armed and armored.

The sun slowly rises to the starting hour of noon.

A) Perception DC 20 or Konstantin Argentaev:
Near the edge of the plaza, leaning against a building so that she remains in the shade, Kon catches sight of Tear. She offers a half-smile when she spots Kon.

For someone who isn't Kon: There is a older woman with white hair and pale eyes leaning against a building, observing the events in the plaza.

B) Perception DC 20 or Roshan Suraj von Itzal:
You spot the same merchant that you overhears a few nights ago. Although he doesn't seem to have any mercantile activities at the plaza, you do overhear him sending his guards to do a survey of what is available.

For someone who isn't Roshan: Although he doesn't really stick out from the richly dressed people at the opening ceremonies, you do spot a man who is dressed in a mix of mercantile and nobles clothing. Functional, but much fancier than is needed.

C) Perception DC 20 or The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
You spot Aravashnial in the midst of an impassioned discussion with two men, one dressed in a manner similar to the city guard and another dressed in comfortable robes.

To someone other than Dreamer: Pale haired elf chatting with a guard and scholar. Impassioned.

Míril Celegeth:
A little bit after you get to the plaza, a good bit before noon, you see a half-orc dressed in armor that would indicate the Eagle Guard. Unlike most of the people in the happy, festive area, she looks serious. She talks to a number of people, before heading out of the plaza.

After she left and Miril had a bit of time to think, she remembers Striegher had commented on the new head of the Eagle Guard - a female paladin who had rooted out a group of demonic infiltrators. A mercenary group that had gone by the name 'Hammers of Heaven' and lead by what turned out to be a very villainous dwarf.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
"No, I don't think I'm comfortable with that." Aravashnial considers.

[b]"However, I can respect the desire to make a considered decision." A moment more, "How about you tell me where you can be found, and either I or a trusted associate will check in with you in a few days?"

Konstantin Argentaev:
She smiles sadly, emptying the liquid from her glass. "I knew it was a long shot. I haven't seen Skill in a long time." She shots a dirty look at the man behind the bar, "And old friends have told me I should let it go."

She reaches over and pats Kon hand, her hand is incredibly cold, "But you're a sweet hatchling to humor an old woman."

Chancre Cailean:
"More the second," Kimroth says. "Get to the gate up to the old city early." He pauses, "I think I know some of the guys that will be working that day, so I can make sure they don't give you too hard a time."

He has that smile that says he thinks Chancre is a good kid. Maybe a little fresh behind the ears but a good kid.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
"Oh, for goodness' sake. I came in through the South Gate. And was tested. You're welcome to check if you like."

"Oh, I will. I mean you're probably fine but you never know about the crusaders. Something rotten in the state of Taldor and all that."

"Look, I'd imagine a dhampir being tested as a proxy for vampires might not mind if you waved some garlic in their face, but would probably object to a stake through the heart. You see my point? But I take it from your comments that the measures you are studying are less extreme."

"Ah, I understand your concerns. This would be more along the lines of squeezing garlic juice onto a dhampir. Which wouldn't do a think to a dhampir or a vampire, just so you know."

"With those concerns alleviated, would you like the position?"

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
"I can certainly see how tests upon me might prove useful," Drea says.

Aravashnial nod, the smug smile of pride growing a bit.

"I hope you understand, though, that I have certain qualms about the idea of tests of potentially inimical substances upon me," Drea continues.

At this point Aravashnial cuts off Drea's concerns. "Oh, I understand. And since you are walking about the city, it means that you were tested at the gate and have no affiliation with the actual abyssal hordes," Something in Aravashinal's words seem just a tad off, but Drea can't put her finger on it, "and I would never allow one of my experimental subjects to get hurt."

"In fact if you were to show any reaction to any of the reagents, the testing would immediately cease as my current hypothesis has more to do with disproving the use of such folksy remedies than in thinking they will be useful in the fight against evil."

"If you were to show a reaction, I'd need an entirely different protocol."

"I would find a grave difference between, for example, a test of a substance reputed to frighten away demons, and one reputed to dissolve their viscera, however unlikely to work either one was judged to be."
At this he gets quiet, studying you.
"Would it be possible for me to take a look at this Codex before I decide? What language is it in?"


"I think it's important to have all the facts at hand before coming to a conclusion. I hope you agree."

"Yes. I do believe you are right."

Too casually, "Did you enter through the north or south gate?"

Chancre Cailean:
The one-armed bartender smiles. "If you can swing getting into the old city, you should try to make it to the Kite for the Prelate's opening ceremonies."

He motions for Wendt to bring over another mug, noticing that Chancre's has run dry. "You'll see the best street shows up there once the Prelate has given his take on the year."

Konstantin Argentaev:
Tear looks up from the surface of her drink, a melancholy smile, "I'm looking for my son." Before Kon would be able to respond, "Which you could not be. For one he'd be a great deal older than a kitling like yourself."

"But I could see that git leaving his offspring for someone else to raise on the grounds it would be safer." Yes, a touch of anger, but well over-whelmed by both sadness and love.

The Dreamer Lost in Twilight:
"My name is Aravashnial and I am a renowned wizard and researcher." A confident (mayhap too confident) grin.

"It is my goal, nay, purpose, to provide the crusades better means at thwarting the abyssal menace."

"As for your role, I have recently come across an old codex. Or perhaps old wives tales, I'm more inclined to believe old wives tales, about different substances where are supposed to hinder the demon."

He looks unimpressed, "I frankly can not see how things like lemon juice would have any effect on an soul transformed by the abyss, but I have some colleagues that wish to give credence to this ridiculousness."

He hurries on, as if he was expecting Drea to interrupt him with an objection, an objection which he apparently has already thought of, "And, of course, you are not a full demon, which means any negative provided by a test performed on one such as yourself would not indicated a definite negative on a demon, but at least at a preliminary stage it would indicate that my hypothesis of old wives tales is more accurate."

"Would you not agree?" One light eyebrow arched.

Konstantin Argentaev:
Tear chuckles a little as she closes her eyes and takes a sip of the bitter spirits. For just a moment Kon caught a flash of sadness in the pale eyes. "Oh, right on the mark," she says, "And not even on the right playing field."

"I seek no savoir. They do not exist amid the race of men." She puts down her glass, the liquid moving sluggishly within. "But for a moment..." her voice trails off.

"And it was your eyes, not your hair which gave me hope that you might be related to the one I'm looking for." She says, only a touch of a bitter smile twisting her lips.

Chancre Cailean:
"Once upon a once-ness, Armasse a to,e when commoners were trained in combat and military history was educated to all." He smiles, "It was an important date in that ancient religion following Aroden, because it gave a chance for humanity to improve itself, and in her wisdom, Iomeadae keep the holiday as a new beginning while remembering both the mistakes and successes of the years before."

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
"Hmm" the elf ponders. "That might be too distant... but..."

A polite, if slightly cold smile, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in a temporary research position?"

Míril Celegeth/Roshan Suraj von Itzal:
Miril definitely notices more performing groups visiting Kenabres than she thinks would be standard (at least based on her time in the city). And in one comfortably sized square, she does find Roshan performing acrobatics in time to the music of a group of brightly colored Varisians.

And after the performance, when the excitement has died down, Miril spots the taciturn acrobat sitting alone in a shadowed corner with a mug, a spoon and a small bowl of whitish soup.

Chancre Cailean:
"Cailean?" Kimroth questions with a raised eyebrow. "Did your family taken the name before or after Cayden passed his drunken bet?"

"Anything interesting going on soon, or is it always kinda like this?"

"City's busier, what with Armasse coming up in a few days." A pause, "If you aren't here for that, you'd probably want to stick around for that. Normally crusaders find new recruits and new groups who want to help stem the tide to the west start up around then."

Konstantin Argentaev:
Tear drops into silence for a long moment, regarding the lower level of liquid in her cup, "And the rift to the abyss opened up right at Threshold. Demons poured through and generally f#%&ed the area."

She finishes what is in her cup. Regards the empty cup, then Kon, then the empty cup. At least twice she starts to say something, then stops.

Finally she pours some of the dark liquid that the bartender left on the table, "I have a question for you Konstantin..." she smiles a little ruefully, "But frankly I'm a crazy old lady who shanghaied you when you walked into the city, so I don't actually expect you to answer any questions of mine."

"And I won't be offended if you don't answer." She adds, before sipping at the new liquid.

"Do you know your lineage?" A pause when she realizes how that sounds, "No, I mean were you raised by your parents and grandparents, or were you a foundling that was left for someone else to raise?" By the end of this she seems to be talking at her cup.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
The elf, who is standing near the edge of the current road which Drea is walking down, considers the tiefling for a moment more, then motions for her to come closer.

Assuming she does, in a quiet voice, "Your facial structure would indicate that you have abyssal heritage. Would you happen to be able to confirm my hypothesis? And if so do you know how far back in your genealogy the genetic traits extend?"

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
The cold looks continue but don't grow any more hostile deeper in the city. However, merchants that seem to be keen on harking their merchandise, seem to get distracted by something important in their stalls as Drea passes, only to be back at it when her back is to them.

Moving through the city is also easier than she expected for such a large city as a private bubble of space forms around her in the crowd. After about a half-an-hour of walking through the city, however, Drea notices a silver-haired elf that is decidedly studying Drea. His fingers drum on his forearm as his eyes narrow in concentration, considering the tiefling in the crowd.

"Eh," the bartender says, "Wendt isn't the only one with that particular brand of pessimism, but it isn't what I'd call common."

"I'm Kimroth." He says offering a hand, although he almost looks like he is going to withdraw that offer when Chancre runs his own hand through the far from pristine locks. He doesn't though.

"And besides being new to Kenabres, you are?"

Míril Celegeth:
"And may your path keep in the light of her creations." Sorsiel replies in parting. As he continues deeper into the building, the other man falls into step to his right and just a tad behind, making Miril briefly wonder if his disappearing act has more to do with making sure that there is someone brighter to draw attention.

Outside the city of Kenabres is just a tad brighter than it has been for the few weeks prior. It seems that people are smiling just a bit easier and the happy expressions linger a bit longer.

Is there anything in particular that Miril would be hoping to do or find?

Konstantin Argentaev:
The bartender considers the toast for a moment before pouring himself the smallest of shots and drinking to it. Tear takes a hardier drink from her own glass.

Tear takes another long sip of her drink, "There was very little centralized organization on the Sarkora Plains, just the Circle of Hierophants. The tribes that thrived were the ones that had patrons, most in the form of druids. Many that had clerics of the lesser known gods or empyreals. And others found other protectors, which they then venerated as gods."

Tear shakes her head, "Looking back, I can see the irony of a people who were so ready to see gods in magic so fearing the magic of mortal wizards, but ..."

"High in the cairns, the humans found Threshold, long abandoned by the frost giants who built it." Her eyes are distant as she talks, "And it was there that the most powerful," a bitter smile, "the most dangerous arcane theorists and spellcasters where sent." The look in her eyes grows both hard and sad in the same moment, "Imprisoned." Removing any illusion from the crueler truth.

"Don't get me wrong, some of the people locked up there were truly scary." She thinks for a few minutes, pulling names and memory from the depths of her mind. Taking a few more sips of the raspberry liquor as she does. "The one that come most clearly to mind is was Wivver Noclan. His experiments in 'clarifying' the nature of his family's god killed every living member of the clan he was born to before they locked him in Threshold."

Roshan is able to mark both the rich man and his guards in his memories. And find the niche where he can ponder out the night.

Should there be a thief.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
The book does not react in any noticeable way to Drea's blood (beyond the standard expected absorption). Once everyone sees her put a blood mark next to her name, more of the tension eases from the area, hand moving away from weapons even as the guard motion for the next person in line to move up.

Although she is half expecting it, there is no repulsion as Drea sets foot in the city proper, even moving south and more westerly (towards the tall Kite which is rumored to hold Kenabres's wardstone) doesn't create any friction. There is a heaviness to the city, but more a severe grounding than a chain.

If Drea left her hood down, she quickly notices a number of cold looks, although no outright hostility.

Konstantin Argentaev:
The bartender considers Kon for a moment. Then he pulls out a tall bottle with a clear liquor inside. He pours two substantial shots into heavy glass. "Mendev is known more for its Jägermeister or Underberg, but I know Tear has a liking for Himbeergeist and the flavors in the other two would overpower it."

He puts down a heavy green bottle, about a quarter full, "For after the Himbeergeist."

Tear takes one of the glasses and moves off to a table near the wall that Kon is almost positive was occupied when they first walked in. Tear takes a careful drink of the liquid before she starts talking. "From what little survived the opening of the Worldwound, Sarkorsis's true downfall was in the distrust between the druidic traditions and the more arcane studies."

The Himbeergeist tastes just enough of raspberries to mask the true kick of the alcohol. But it is most definitely there.

Míril Celegeth:
On her way out of the building, Miril passes by a pair of men. She recognizes them both, although she has only been introduced to one. Sosiel Vaenic, a dark skinned man with a bright and ready smile, has been a member of the Order for a few years. For the first time since Miril met him a few weeks ago, Sorsiel is wearing armor - proudly emblazoned with his patron deity Shelyn.

"I'm glad I caught you before I headed out," Sorsiel says, "I need to go down to Nerosyan and I probably won't see you again before you get assigned to a group."

He holds out a hand, "Be safe and remember to put something beautiful into the world." A pause and his perfect, white-capped smile, "Especially when you are surrounded by ruin and destruction."

While Sosiel talks to you, the other man fades into the shadow, seemingly part of the wall. Which is consist with the few other times Miril has seen him (which is never far from Sosiel).

The woman's smile only has a hint of bitterness. "Most places injury is accident or because you're an adventurer. Here everyone is in the injured category, your bad luck just hasn't caught up to you yet."

As the woman goes through a door (the sounds of pots and other kitchen-y sounds from beyond), the bartender pours a mead and brings it over, "Don't mind Wendty. She just missed out on a regen that would have put her back at the front lines."

He puts the drink down, "She knows she's helping out the effort on this side of the river, but she..." he shrugs. "But you're new here, right? Not just so changed that I'm not recognizing one of my regulars?" He says this last a joke.

A joke that might be true, but probably isn't.

For Roshan it is just another day in Kenabres. Busking to make enough change to share between yourself and the current group of musicians that came in on the caravan just south of the city. However, as you are passing by some of the trade shops, you hear raised voices. "I know nothing is missing." A man's voice, upset and loud but not really abusive. "But I know how the storage room and my office are left every evening and things were moved."

One of the armored men near the richly dressed man cuts in, "I did a recon of the building, sir, and none of the doors or windows were forced..."

The richly dressed man cuts off his guard without the least problem, "Which means the spy either had a key or was just that good. I do not care which. Double the night guard."

A pause, "And if there is another break-in, inform them they will be looking for new employment."

"An interesting turn of phrase. You wouldn't happen to know its origin?" Konstantin sounds honestly intrigued.

"It came from the druidic traditions. A man can only truly rely on the weapons and armor that he can create himself, from himself." Tear smiles, although it has an edge, "Dragons were more common in the old days, too."

Konstantin heads inside.

Tear moves in alongside, as she passes through the doorway, her body glimmers just for a moment. Two men, dressed in armor and wearing swords, stand as they see the shine, only to relax when they see the woman herself. One touches a hand his forehead, the other just nods before seating back down.

Behind the bar a one-armed man smiles in greeting, "What can I get you both?"

Tear motions for Kon to choose, "First round is on me, at the very least. Sarkoris's fate will go over much better with some type of alchol."

I'm still trying to figure out the best campaign trait for some of you, but I've gotten it set for Drea, Kon and Miril.

Kon/Exposed to Awfulness:
When you were a child, you were nearly slain by a demon. The demon was slain before it could kill you, but you lingered at death’s door in a coma for weeks before waking. Ever since then, you’ve been unusually hale and hearty, as if your body had endured its brush with awfulness by becoming supernaturally fit. But still, the scars (whether physical or purely mental) of your brush with death remain, and nightmares of what could have happened often plague your sleep. Something made you stronger than before and your resistance to demonic attacks persists to this day. Once per day with you fail a saving throw against an effect created by a demon, you can immediately reroll that saving throw as a free action.

Drea/Touched by Divinty:
For as long as you can remember, you've had powers that you were never able to explain. Once per day you can cast obsurcing mist as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your character level.

Miril/Riftwarden Orphan:
You bear a strange birthmark on your body. Research into the birthmark revealed it to be identical to the Sign of the Seeker's Spiral a rune that is related to a secret society known as the Riftwardens. You've always felt magic in your blood and it has allowed you to better use magic items. Any magic item that you wield or activate is treated as having a +2 caster level.

I'll post Chancre's and Roshan's just as soon as I have them figured out. Promise. :)

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
Something must have happened to make the gate guard a bit more at ease, because he no longer seems quite as stiff. After a long moment, he motions for someone in the gate house and a boy of about ten brings out a heavy leather-bound book. The guard opens up the book, then very carefully asks for Drea to spell her full name. Next to that in quote marks he writes "Drea", then "Sandpoint" and "House of Blue Stones" even though neither the place nor the monastery seem to mean anything to him.

Above Drea's name she can see a long list of other names, other places. Next to each name there is an old maroon stain. The guard pulls out a dagger, the dull metal easily identified as cold iron. Seriously, but with a nod, "You came to Kenabres at a good time, Drea. All of the crusade groups look for new recruits and there is always one or two new groups that form at Armasse." He offers the knife, "I just need you to mark the book with some of your blood, please." Although phrased as a request his tone makes it clear that he does not consider this optional.

Konstantin Argentaev:
Tear smiles a little wistfully at Kon's explanation, "In Sarkoris our saying for that principle was 'By tooth or by scale.'"

She shakes her head, "Sarkosis was the land across the river before the rift to the abyss was opened. It was never an easy place, but there were a number of tribes that did great deal of good." Her smile is bitter, "And most of them died before the first crusade when they tried to keep the demons from rushing across the whole of Golarion." She shakes her head, clearly fighting down the bitterness, "It was a land of many gods with a strong druidic custom." She starts to say something else, then pauses, "And I'm doing a wonderful job creeping out a stranger with ancient history." Her smile is wry.

As the two of you go around a corner, the next block ahead is filled with a single large building. Above the door, 'Defender's Heart' is clearly marked.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
The guard Drea is talking to goes a little ashen, and Drea notices that a fair number of other armored men who had been paying attention to the byplay have their hand on hilts, although no one has gone so far as to draw cold iron.

"Alright," the guard continues, his voice sounding a little dry, [b]"and what kind of role do you see yourself in supporting the crusade?" His tone cautious but not with the full born suspicion that could be there in others.

Meanwhile, the old man - who had continued to carefully watch Drea from afar - nods his head slightly.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
The nod of understanding is washed away by more than a bit of concern as Drea starts to talk about 'blood of fiends'. "Why don't you push back that hood then, girl."

"Might as well start as you intend to continue." He nods, "Start with your name, where you're from, and please do respect us enough to not lie." His voice is harsher, but not unwilling to listen.

Meanwhile, further back, the older man's eyes stay focused on Drea and the interaction with the gate guards.

Chancre Cailean:
She smiles at Chancre's laugh. "How about a hardy stew and some mead?" A pause, "And don't get too self-conscious about it. You've gotten one of the more nasty wounds from the demons, but I've seen worse."

A slightly mocking smile at her own limp, "And at least yours doesn't keep you from serving across the river."

Konstantin Argentaev:
Watching Tear out of the corner of his eyes, Kon sees her pale, almost colorless eyes narrow just a bit as her nostrils flare. A line on her forehead would indicate deep thought.

Her answer is quick though, seemingly unrelated to the lines of reason running through her mind. One of her hands motions to the west, over the river, "I was born in Sarkoris." She blinks twice quickly, the line on her brow smoothing as her mind catches up to the conversation. "A long while ago, obviously." She says with a small shake of her head.

"And you, Konstantin," she says his name slowly, carefully, with each syllable properly stressed, "What brings you from the land of ice to the edge of the demon-tainted lands?"

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
Especially with as self-conscious as Drea is as she approaches the gate, she can tell that the heavy oddly shaped cloak is drawing attention both from the guards currently manning the gate and several other people in the city.

The guard Drea approaches responds to the friendly tone with polite head nod and cool but genial smile. "Those who choose to come to Kenabres whilst guarding themselves from view will always draw attention." His smile turns kind for just a moment, as if he has seen it all before and wants to ease the mind of a traveler. "All of us were raised on the stories of the Red Morning Massacre and none would want to be responsible for such a thing happening again."

"What brings you to Kenabres?"

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace and Sense Motive DC 15:
About twenty feet back from the guards there is an older man, dressed in lighter armor who seems to be watching the interaction at the gate very carefully.

Konstantin Argentaev:
"In this city, I mostly go by Tear." A pause for a moment and her eyes narrow just the slightest, "For most people I'd say Kenabres's celebrations would be subdued, but your clothes say that you hail from somewhere almost as bleak."

Her movement easy as she keeps pace with Kon, "Unless you enjoy battle reenactments, of course. They always have a number of those on Armasse Day."

"It depends on what really brought you here. But Aramasse is a fortuitous time for meetings and starting new endeavors." Her smile is slight, almost half-mocking her own words.

Míril Celegeth:
"Of course," Míril smiles. "Are you expecting anything hinky in particular, or is this just normal Worldwound hinkiness watchfulness?"

Striegher shakes his head, "Just the normal watchfulness that I expect of my people." A smile, "But enjoy yourself. In a week you'll be hard a work. Remembering good times and good people, it will help ground you against the vile and distrust which the demons want to sow."

Chancre Cailean:
There are a number of houses of worship, but smack dap in the middle of the Ring District there is a *huge* one that takes up the entire block on which it sits. Despite the heavy stone walls of the inn, the people within have smiles, and just feels right.

As you enter the Defender's Heart, the man behind the bar inclines his head to you, motioning over an older woman who walks with a limp. That one of his arms ends abruptly below the shoulder seems neither hidden nor odd.

Míril Celegeth:
For the first time since Míril came to the city, the entire Order is scheduled to be in Kenabres. Striegher is optimistic that he'll be able to match you to a group that will be going to an area where your skills will be needed. But that won't happen until after Armasse, and he suggests that you enjoy the festive air of the city.

"Carefully." He adds, "And if you notice something hinky, make sure you let us know."

Finally, almost an afterthought, he reminds you that the entire Order is expected to attend Prelate Hulrun's opening ceremony in Clydwell Plaza on the morning of the 16th.

Although Míril has been in Kenabres for a while, since it her Order was testing her to see which group she'd work with the best, they would have rented her a small but clean room in the Defender's Heart - which is their common practice when they have small numbers of the Order in Kenabres.

Konstantin Argentaev and Sense Motive DC 15:
Although everything about the lower spoiler is true, the guards don't actually truly relax around until a gray-haired, one-armed guard that is partially hidden in the guardhouse give a little nod.
Konstantin Argentaev:
The guards quickly start to smile and tell Konstantin about some of the best places to meet people who have fought against demons. High on the list is Kimroth Otai who is most easily found behind the Defender's Heart bar.

The edges of the woman's lips quirk up, almost in a smile. Closer, her irises are so light a blue as to be almost colorless. She shakes her head, "You're right, neither of those outcomes seems right."

"After a few drinks, we can probably figure out a third option." She motions her chin towards the guards (who have already moved on to other people attempting to enter the old city), "Are you going to follow their suggestion and stay at the Heart?" Despite the fact that she should have been too far away to hear the guards advice.

Just hint of concern or thought creates a crease on the woman's forehead as she falls into step next to Konstantin.

I know not everyone has their characters ready, but I'm planning on letting you get into explore mode and find out what Kenabres is like before we kick off.

As I said on the gameplay board I'm very happy to answer questions you might have about the city on this board if it isn't something you want to ask/do in-character.

Arodus 13, 4713

Kenabres has an air of anticipation and excitement as the city prepares for Armasse. Even the normally overly stoic and suspicious guards at the North and South gates which lead into the ring section of the city can be caught smiling and joking with known mercenaries and crusaders, although even at such a time those who try to enter the city veiled, hooded or suspiciously still draw the attention and intense regard. Off in the distance you can feel more than hear the subharmonics of the great pumps which feed water into the city.

To the west, across the expanse of the Sellen River, there is the stark reminder of the dangers which worry the guards even in the build-up to Mendev's greatest holiday. The land on the far side of the river is broken into sharp peaks and valleys. The sky in the distance shifts wildly from blistering heat to storms filled with lightning and more than a hint of abyssal energy. In this walled and tiered city there is safety - the Kite which houses Kenbres's wardstone rises high above the oldest section of the city - but the Worldwound and the demonic horde is never trully that far away.

Everyone who enters the city is thoroughly questioned about their reasons for entering. While no one specifically points it out, heavily armored and armed people are never far away.

Those of you who do not antagonize the guards and appear to be standard humanoids are able to get into the city without too much of a problem. Those who made a impression on either the guards or one of the nearby warriors would have been given directions to an inn in the heart of the Ring Section - the Defender's Heart. Feel free to ask any questions about the city either in character or on the discussion board.

The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace:
Your charcter would get a much more serious questioning on entering the city. It is up to you if that is where you want to start.

Konstantin Argentaev:
As you are being questioned by the guards, you would have noticed a tall woman. At first she only stood out because while most of the non-merchants have heavy armor, she wears only simple grey-blue leathers yet carries herself like a warrior.

The fact that she stops, turns and watches your interaction with the gate guards is more suspicious. She is middle-aged, her gray-silver hair cut short, and those who were being kind would describe her as handsome.

Given that Roshan grew up in Kenabres and Miril has probably been there for at least a bit of time before the start of the campaign, there is a chance that you would have met or at least seen each other, but I leave it to the two of your to make that choice.

The entirety of what is published about your order follows:

The Order of the Sunrise Sword is well established in Kenabres. They were once known for the great ballads and odes their members composed about the crusades, but after an incident in which several of their number were possessed by demons, they have altered their focus to exorcism. Commander Ashus Striegher, a somber and soft-spoken Taldan, specialized in recognizing and ending demonic possession.

Given that, it makes sense to me that the Order would have a number of followers of Iomeadae and Shelyn in addition to a large number of Sarenrites. Commander Striegher is a follower of Iomeadae, but I picture the second in command being a Sarenrite.

Beyond that I'd love to hear of any ideas that you have for the Order. :)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Since I really really dislike the way UPS-MI handles shipments to my state and am worried that my cheapest will get shunted to them in the new system (unless that isn't the case?), I think my best bet is to tag is USPS-Priority.

Thank you very much Sara Marie. And thank you for the explanation, since I remember people explicitly asking for this feature :)

I *like* it. That change dropped all my shipping costs by at least $10! ... and back into single boxes.

Let me change that to THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Priority will be fantastic... and in fact saved my $5 from my original email. I used to be tagged as 'cheapest' which in my case meant you guys always shipped it to me at priority :) (except for the danged large card game base sets).

Should I just shift my subs to Priority?

Thank you - I know this can't be easy for you guys.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

So I just got the email where my subscription order was 'fixed' and my shipping increased by $10.40 *and* it is now being sent in 5 packages instead of 2. (And frankly, what I ordered would have normally come in 1 package based on previous shipments before your system was upgraded.)

Can you please check my order and see if you can fix it back to what you sent me on January 8th?

Any chance you guys are considering going back to the system that you used back in 2013?

And now for today's update!

Characters thus far

1st-level character sheet ready and background finished
JSR - Konstantin Argentaev
Kyrademon - The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace
Geo3gh - Míril Celegeth

1st-level character sheet most likely ready, tentative background
gmr808 - ranged throwing monk

Has background and a good character sheet, just need to figure out how she got herself in the demon lands
LunarG - Sigrit Akrose

Have an idea of what they want to play but don't have many details yet
Kevin - Chancre Cailean / human male inquisitor of Cayden Caylean
Jalopy - Female Ifrit swashbuckler

Am I missing anyone / anything?

If not, I'll probably start up the gameplay thread for some roleplaying/getting used to Kenabres although the events that will kick off the campaign will wait until people are ready (with the exception of the people who aren't planning on being able to play until later and I've already told I'd be able to get them to mingle into the main group later).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
NobodysHome wrote:
chavamana wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Oh, feel free to PM me, or heck, post in my thread. It needs some activity! (I just lost 10 hours of writing to a mysterious "someone else used my computer and all the files just disappeared, but it's totally not his fault" syndrome, so I'm pretty down on writing at the moment.)

Without any spoilers, there are four overall threads:
(1) The story the AP is telling.
(2) The story I would like to tell based on the AP's story.
(3) The story the PC's character traits tell.
(4) The story the PCs are telling by playing out the scenario.

All I did was look over my group's traits, look over how the AP tells the story of those traits, and decide that I didn't like it so I intermingled the stories into something I liked better.

It went well... up until all my files vanished!

(Grr.... avoids picking up axe and heading for said person's home..."

Ouch. That sucks beyond belief.

And makes me *really* happy for back-ups that other people do no touch.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

That is exceedingly wicked.

And I will totally go that route if my PC should give in to temptation. Since that particular PC immediately decided they were in love with the succubus who shows up in Council of Thieves... and mind-controlled that succubus to keep them 'happy'.... I do like having contingency plans.

That said, I know you were doing special things for all of the campaign traits, would you mind if I picked your brain about those in another thread or via paizo-email?

Looked at your background and like it. May I make the following suggestions:

Most of the orphanages/holy orders that orphaned children are sent to are a little further from the border than Nerosyan. That said, once the sisters (and possibly brothers) of the temple where Miril raised realized that she was unhappy there they would have tried to guide her to a priestess in Nerosyan named Cessina Clarenroth.

Cessina is a former crusader herself and currently runs a store called Dawnflower goods and has a small meeting space upstairs for Sarenrites who live or are visiting the capital city.

She would have been able to encourage Miril towards people who could help with the young half-elves skill set and written a recommendation for Miril to join the Order of the Sunrise Sword.

None of this is in any way shape or form required, but I offer it so that you can ground your character in mythos of golarion - if you want to.

If you like the idea of the Order of the Sunrise Sword (which is really a crusader group in Mendev) I'd be very open to any suggestions that you have to flesh it out, since not much exists about it currently :)

Finally if you do like the idea of that group, would you like to have already been a part of the group, or would you have been traveling to Kenabres as a fresh-faced recruit?

One other question - do you plan on having Use Magic Device and taking advantage of scrolls and wands?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
NobodysHome wrote:
chavamana wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
I've moseyed into this territory as in Book 4 one of the PCs decided to give in to temptation, and an alignment shift to CE was in order. (If you want details, let me know and I'll post in a spoiler. Let's just say it's the first-ever alignment shift I've imposed, and I think it was justified.)
I would like the detail if you wouldn't mind. I have a character who will probably be running the line towards evil for WotR and I'd like to see what drove yours over.

OK, you asked for it!

** spoiler omitted **
So WotR is on hold for us indefinitely.


I'm very sad to hear that your campaign is on hold. The actual fall of your player was kinda fantastic.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

My players found a white dragon egg, and stowed it in the magically temperature controlled food wagon they have. And promptly forgot about it.

My plan is for the newly hatched baby dragon to come running out chased by one of the NPCs that travel with the party. (it's a modified Jade Regent game) The newly hatched white dragon (tiny sized) will then climb one of the PCs and make faces at the person chasing it. My question is this too railroady or is it okay because it would be an amusing event that wouldn't end up hurting anyone or causing any lasting PC damage.

Provided that you either A) get an OK from the PC you are planning to have the dragon climb or B) give them a chance to avoid being climbed (in which case the baby dragon could always climb on of the wagons or something) - I think you are good.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
NobodysHome wrote:
I've moseyed into this territory as in Book 4 one of the PCs decided to give in to temptation, and an alignment shift to CE was in order. (If you want details, let me know and I'll post in a spoiler. Let's just say it's the first-ever alignment shift I've imposed, and I think it was justified.)

I would like the detail if you wouldn't mind. I have a character who will probably be running the line towards evil for WotR and I'd like to see what drove yours over.

Míril Celegeth wrote:
Assuming Chavamana is using the same list as before, it would be this:

That is correct except that it was requested that Hallit be changed to Russian - which made more sense with the RL relationships.

Míril Celegeth wrote:
I've got Míril all written up, except for her backstory. Let me know if I missed anything else, or if I messed up any calculations.

I'll check the calculations after work today, but is the (Gold Dragon Bloodline) intentional or a holdover from Pasara?

Characters thus far

1st-level character sheet ready and background finished
JSR - Konstantin Argentaev
Kyrademon - The Dreamer Lost In Twilight's Embrace

1st-level character sheet most likely ready, tentative background
Geo3gh - Míril Celegeth

Has background but needs to rejigger character sheet
LunarG - Sigrit Akrose

Have an idea of what they want to play but don't have details yet
Kevin - Chancre Cailean / human male inquisitor of Cayden Caylean
Jalopy - Female Ifrit swashbuckler
gmr808 - ranged throwing monk

Am I missing anyone / anything?

If not, I'll probably start up the gameplay thread for some roleplaying/getting used to Kenabres although the events that will kick off the campaign will wait until people are ready (with the exception of the people who aren't planning on being able to play until later and I've already told I'd be able to get them to mingle into the main group later).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

It's odd - What just a few months ago would have shipped in one priority box is now shipping in the priority box and another box :(

It just seems weird that the little box for the card game has to be shipped separate.

Which is especially sad because they always used the flat-rate boxes for orders almost identical to this one.

Míril Celegeth wrote:
Given the setting, I'm thinking I'll go Sanctified Rogue. I don't know what order I'm working for, so suggestions as always are appreciated.

If you can think of some of the things you'd like to be important to the deity that is related, I can suggest some gods which will in turn immediately suggest the orders.

The city that you are in is full of crusaders, so there are a number of Orders of and Hammers of, etc. And most of the groups that go into the Worldwound do like to have stealth scouts/someone who can deal with traps laid by abyssal saboteurs.

The gods that are most notably attached to the crusades are Iomeadae, Torag, and Sarenrae. But all of the major good gods tend to have people working there.

Kevin Hogan wrote:
I am thinking human Inquisitor. But only because Cayden Cailean is too chaotic to have Paladins.

He can have Warpriests. (You know in case you need more options...)

The Dreamer Lost in Twilight wrote:
Do the characters know each other before the game starts, will we be meeting for the first time in game, or is that something we can decide among ourselves on a case-by-base basis?

I would like to leave that up to you guys. I am of course happy to provide suggestions as to where background may have intersected if someone asks.

Answer to a question that is not secret but may not interest people other than Dreamer:
Stolen Fury is one that would definitely work for your background. I have an niggling idea for Touched by Divinity that I think you would enjoy as well though.

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:
When he can find the time to speak to the new parents, "Mr. Azmur and Lady Rima, how are you with the new little ones. Is there anything that you need that I may be of service?"

Fenyx sees Azmur a number of times, but it is a day or two before Rima is up and about. Each of the proud, but tired, parents carries a newly born person. At the question Azmur looks a little confused, but apparently Rima is adjusting to the sleep deprivation better than her husband because she smiles at the elf. "Thank you Fenyx, but you and your friends have already done the impossible for us."

She bumps Azmur with her should, "Besides Azmur already made me promise that we won't be visiting my parents until the little ones can handle the cold and rough of travel, so we should be safe and happily bored right here in Belhaim."

A slight pause, then the small woman leans up and kisses the elf on his cheek, "But we really appreciate the offer."

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:
Fenyx will eventually spend the next 3 days crafting the short bow to give to the girl with a quiver of arrows (20).

When Fenyx presents the bow, Bophre thanks him and promises that she will use the bow to provide sustenance for her family in the form of things that scrounge in the woods and fens.

Discussion board for the Wrath game can be found here: 1

​Hi everyone!

If you can let everyone know what race/character class you would like/are planning to play for Wrath of the Righteous, I'd appreciate it.

Very Broad Creation Rules (which are unlikely to change but may be added to):

  • 25-pt build
  • starting level: 1
  • Any core race or any of the demi-humans (tiefling, aasimar, etc) - Other races may be ok'd
  • Alignment: One of the big themes is the redemption of evil. As such I may allow an evil PC but only if the player has the intention of his character working towards redemption. In general, good-aligned or at least good-leaning would be preferred.
  • Two traits which you can choose freely from any non-AP source. There are Wrath of the Righteous campaign traits, but I'd like to suggest them based on your characters background. The campaign trait would be in addition to the two traits you choose.
  • Wrath starts in a city called Kenabres on the border between Mendev and the Worldwound. Your character does not have to be from this region, but I would like to figure out what drew you to such a dangerous and crusade-filled city.
  • Beyond your background, I'd like to know if you have any goals for your character. These can be either goals your character has, or goals the player has for the character that the character knows nothing about.
  • Hit Points - max at first level and average on following
  • starting wealth = average for your class

Allowed sources - any Pathfinder source published by Paizo (if there is a mechanic that you like but dislike the lore attached, please let me know, and I'll see if there is another way to make it work). I am very happy to look at any non-Paizo Pathfinder material that you are interested in. Since we will be going Mythic, I would recommend looking at Legendary Games expansion on mythic. (Sadly I only have a few things since they haven't released the pdfs from the KS.)

Guys, I'm really proud of footprint that you left in Belhaim. I'm happy to finish up any out of character or in game threads, but I'll probably be opening a discussion board for a Wrath game next.

As the group finally makes its way through the throng of (mostly) well-wishers, Lady Devy motions for them all to join her up on the platform.

Once everyone does, the baroness turns to address the town of Belhaim. "These brave people came to Belhaim only a short time as strangers. They owed us nothing but rather than leave us to our own devices in our time of troubles, they instead they chose to become our champions."

She smiles at the group before turning again to the townsfolk, "They brought back those of us that we thought were lost to us. Saved us from the ravages of a dragon and ensured that our town can continue to prosper and grow."

She turns back to the group, addressing them now, "As such I am privileged to bestow on all of you the greatest honor that I am able."

Lady Devy continues to address the group, but her voice rises so that her words can be heard by all, "You have already proven that you have the spirit and honor that is expected by nobility, so I am pleased that I can give you the title you have already so richly earned."

She motions for each of you to come before her in turn, touching your shoulders with a heavy blade - old and well cared for.

"You came here as Farmer, a profession which your father held before you. Since you have been here, we have seen you become enmeshed in the flow of our people and rise to our defense. Rise now as Sir Farmer, lord of Taldor." A pause, "May your cup never run dry."

"You came here as a daughter of Taldor, Pasara Tanner. Your actions and bravery have done more than prove the value of your family to Taldor, but surpassed every obstacle put before you. Rise now, Lady Pasara and know that where ever you go, you are and will always be a noble of Taldor."

"You came here as Akatsuki no Yume, daughter of your family, defender of the innocent. Rise now and leave as Lady Akatsuki no Yume, noble of Taldor."

"You came here, Bakuu, as a unexpected stranger." She smiles at the feathered female, "A defender of shinies and information that also chose to defend this place. Rise now, Lady Bakuu, noble of Taldor." As Bakuu rises the baroness places a chain around the bird-woman's neck, a coin shined to a reflective gleam. "No matter where you travel, know that you will always be one of us."

The baroness inclines her head to Sigrit as the stout dwarf comes forward. "You came here Mother Arkose as a guardian of the dead, a protector of the unborn. You have served Belhaim beyond that which your vows to the Lady of Graves would require. You have healed and guided new life into the world. Rise, Lady Sigrit, and carry on with your mission."

"You came here Fenyx Spelljammer as a somewhat confused traveller from the north. Once here you threw yourself into the defense of this place, working to undo the harm that we had allowed to grown in this place. Please rise Sir Fenyx."

Finally she motions to Willem, "You came as a stranger, Black Willem, perhaps stranger than most, with your whiskers and your innovative weapon. Once here, every time you heard of a danger or problem you choose to be at the forefront of finding what you can do to make it better." She nods to the small ratkin as she knights him, "I am proud to say. Please rise Sir Willem, noble of Taldor."

Perception DC 15:
During Lady Devy's knighting of Farmer right when she is talking about his spirit, you swear that you hear "Rise right on up on alcohol fumes."

And the villagers rejoice.

The Next Morning (or Later depending on how long the festivities go

chavamana wrote:
"If it were not for all of you, we wouldn't now have our William-Fen and Pasaka."
Farmer Odell wrote:

Farmer chokes on whatever he's drinking at this point.

"You're a lucky man," he says to Azmur after regaining the power of speech.

Azmur smiles at Farmer when he speaks, the happiness looking unnatural on the normally dour face. "I really am."

Black Willem wrote:
chavamana wrote:
As the group goes by an old man who looks like he'd fall over if it weren't for the gnarled cane which supports him, slaps Willem on the back. "Bout time boy."
"More wolves to complain of, old man? Or are you content?" Willem grumps.

"Bah!" The old man complains, "Now all of the little gets in the house want to go out and hunt wolves and dragons. Gonna be pulling them out of the bog for weeks." Despite the complaint, the old man seems to have the tiniest of smiles hiding under the wrinkles.

The Next Morning (or Later depending on how long the festivities go

Talia greets everyone with their favorite foods and a quick warning that Lady Devy is planning on holding a ceremony for the group around noon.

Bakuu or anyone who pays attention to her:
Is of course provided with clotted cream.

Just a bit before people have their fill, a tired, gaunt but brilliantly happy Azmur Kell comes in. He bows a little, awkward, but both his eyes and his words are filled with sincere appreciation. "I just wanted to come here and thank you both for saving my Rima and the wee ones she was carrying." His eyes move to each humanoid, meeting their eyes, "If it were not for all of you, we wouldn't now have our William-Fen and Pasaka."

"It isn't much, but Rima and I would like you have these things as a thank you for helping our two little ones when they needed it most," his voice drops a bit, "hopefully. Unless they hear stories and decide they want to be adventurers." He places a small bag on the table which later proves to have his jaunty red cap, a weather-worn but well oiled cloak and a ring.

And at noon, the entire town (even the quiet ones like Phedre Delbin who don't ever socialize) are all gathered at the town square.

The vast majority of them cheer when the group comes down the road headed for the (hastily) build platform on which Baroness Devy stands.

As the group goes by an old man who looks like he'd fall over if it weren't for the gnarled cane which supports him, slaps Willem on the back. "Bout time boy."

You don't see George anywhere in the room, but you do remember seeing him earlier - outside. With your horses (which the townsfolk had led away from you). Making the horses all comfy and happy with rub-downs and food.

And if she does check the stables, she does find all the horses tended to - and George asleep in the hay above, a little dried stew still on his chin.

Bophre reverently takes the bag from Willem. Grinning the whole time like smiles are going to be outlawed.

Belated Happy Christmas and New Years all :)

... I may have really checked out for my vacation this year.

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:

Fenyx looks over to Maffei.

He nods to one of the back tables of the room as he gathers some food.

"Since we made it back here within the day I still have that spell to make a hut away from the crowd later. It's yours if you want it.
I'll be in the workshop in the morning."

She moves slowly, staying to the flickering shadows as much as possible. As if she thinks that if she moves slowly none of the villagers will notice her presence. And for the most part it does seem to work - although it may be more the storytelling and Farmer's free-flowing contributions to the celebration.

Maffei ducks her head in appreciation at Fenyx's offer. "Thank you, wizard. I would enjoy being able to be away from the..." her motion either encompasses the people in the room, or all of humanity as a whole. "But enjoy your praise. You and yours did a great thing in destroying the dragon and the saving both the woman and the town."

Willem or Perception DC 15:
Willem turns the pistol over in his hands. "Not bad," he says with no small sense of approval. "Keep your action sharp and your powder dry, understand?"

Bophre motions to a small bag (the outside of which looks newly sealed with oil) which looks like it might hold two shots worth of powder. A small smile, but one full of pride, "Ms. Delbin watched me as I was grinding and mixing everything, but she said I'd best have you doublecheck else I'd blow up my hand and it would be all her fault."

A pause, "Then she sat me down and made me drink some tea." The girl's nose scrunches a bit, as if she isn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Meanwhile, the celebration (bolstered by some unexpected reserves provided by Xemne) continues on until the wee hours of the morning. Even if the guests of honor slip away.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

There is also the Wrath of the Righteous AP which takes place in the Worldwound and had a number of interesting articles.

Also the Demons Revisted book but that isn't Worldwound specific.

One of each.

Willem or Perception DC 15:
An hour into the storytelling, Bophre sneaks into the room. (A fact made easier by the amount of drinking that has happened among the fully grown humans.) She finds a small place to sit near Willem, then - with no small pride - pulls out a old, much dinged heavy pistol to show the gunslinger.
Willem or K: engineering DC 15:
All of the parts of the gun have been cleaned of grime and rust and carefully recoated with protective grease. Grease that has stained under the girls fingernails and will probably never be fully gone. The weapon she hands over is not loaded.

The labor is on the longish side and difficult, mostly due to the fact that it turns out that Rima is pregnant with twins. Aka's abilities are both appreciated and used when appropriate by Sigrit.

The storytelling of Tula's crypt, the ancient monastery and the defeat of the dragon goes on for hours, with people insisting on hearing the best parts of the stories again and again. It is only in the wee hours of the morning that Aka finally gets to rejoin the remaining (very drunk) people.

Farmer Odell wrote:
"There is lots of wine to be drank in the telling and the listening."

And the villagers rejoice!

"Oh" The lady breaths a careful sigh of relief. "I did hear that you had found our missing druid and that Rima was being attended to."

She motions towards the center of town, "If you feel up to it, I know we all" many of the townspeople nod, "want to hear about how you defeated the dragon and what the villainous creature was up to."

Sigirt, her attention focused on Rima, indicates that Aka can do as she wishes provided that she not get in the way and move quickly when any help is requested of her.

After that there is screaming. And laboring.

A little while after Rima is ushered off to a safe, dry, and warm place, a disheveled and hurriedly dressed Lady Origena shows up. Relief when she sees the green scales.

She looks around, worry creasing her brow when she doesn't see Aka, and instead addresses Pasara, "Is is over?"

And then (far more quietly), "If young Pasara fell in the defense of this town, I am very certain that I have some favors to call in with the church of Abadar. I am certain that such a bright light should not be snuffed so early."

Arnholde tries to get his mother's attention discreetly (and fails), "That is Pasara, Mother." He nods at Pasara, "Ms Aka was the archer."

Lady Origena's cheeks flame, but she bows her head only a little, "I am very sorry, Pasara."

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