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Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 3,533 posts (8,568 including aliases). No reviews. 16 lists. 2 wishlists. 12 aliases.


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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

That's a bunch of new spam threads in General Discussion...

Once the group has a handle on the books and magical supplies in the library and study, they are able to turn to the unlocked door to the west. It opens quietly to reveal a richly appointed master bedchamber. Three armoires and three tall wardrobes line the wals, while the center of the room is dominated by a canopied bed with a large locked chest sits at its foot. A thick bearskin rug warms the otherwise cold stone flooring and a flowered partition partially hides the marble bathtub.

As the first person enters the room, there is a low growling sound.

A) Perception DC 15:
From the... bearskin rug? That can't be right.

You get a +5 circumstance bonus on check C and D.
In this case circumstance bonuses stack.

B) K:nature DC 14:
The growl of a grizzly bear.

You get a +5 circumstance bonus on check C and D.
In this case circumstance bonuses stack.

C) Perception DC 29 (28 for Bakuu) (cannot take-20):
The innocent bearskin rug has a odd energy that has been flowing to it for the last few seconds. The eyes have blinked. The bearskin rug is coming to life!
D) Disable Device DC 29 (trapfinding required):
You are able to dash over to the rug, move it aside and smude/erase/disturb just enough of the (previously) hidden summoning circle that the bear is NOT brought back from the beyond.
E) Disable Device DC 20:
The locked chest contains GEMS and MONEY.

Please let me know if any of this goes arwy.

F) Perception DC 20:
There is a ring of keys in the top drawer of the desk. Which is totally on one wall partially hidden by an armoire.
G) Perception DC 15 and any training in Spellcraft:
On the nightstand there is a page of bawdy limericks that seems off to you.

Perhaps disguised magically?

Please do the checks in order - some affect later rolls.

Time for rules clarification (with the note that anything that has happened previously stands):

Take-10: Takes no additional time when compared to rolling. A PC can choose to take-10 anytime their character is not stressed. (Unless you have a class feature that says otherwise you are considered stressed in combat.)

Take-20: Takes 20x as long as a standard check (for example take-20 on a perception check takes 2 min per 5x5 square of a room). It is assumed that you roll everything from a 1 to a 20 during this time. Thus it cannot be used on a check where the 'Try again' action is not allowed.

For example: Disable Device

PRD rules quote wrote:
Try Again: Varies. You can retry checks made to disable traps if you miss the check by 4 or less. You can retry checks made to open locks.

So you can take-20 on disable device check to open a lock. You can not take-20 on a disable device check to disable a trap (unless you would be within 4 points of the DC on a 1 - in which case you should be using a take-10 not a take-20 anyway).

If you are not sure if you can use a take-20, check with me or consult the skill description section on

Happy birthday to Aka. May all her arrows fly true.

Bakuu wrote:
She calls her more magically-inclined friends over so she can go back to opening books and leaving them on the table once she's read (or tried to read) a page or two from them.
The chest reveals a plethora of spellbooks. In one, on a page which bears (according to Fenyx) a spell called secret page, there are a number of words scrawled in Hunclay's spidery writing:
  • Eox
  • Aucturn
  • Carcosa
  • Dominion

A) K: Geography DC 15:
Eox is one of the planets in Golarion's solar system. Aucturn is a travelling planetary body that intersects with Golarion's soloar system.
A) K: Geography DC 20:
Carcosa is the sun for another solar system far across the dark tapestry from Golarion, whose light in the sky often foretells dark happenings.

Pasara Tanner wrote:
When not trying to identify the magical things Pasara will be perusing the books in the library, looking for books on history and the like.

The library is quite rich in history tomes - although the ones owned by Hunclay focus primary on Lirgen - a country destroyed in the fall of the Starstone.

Inside the iron bookcase are just 16 valuable tomes. Thirteen are extraordinarily rare books on astronomy. The other three glow bright with magic for anyone who can see that spectrum.

Appraise DC 20:
Each of the astrology books would run around 100 gold each.

This leather-bound book contains detail descriptions of elementals, planar creatures, and even the magical doubles of normal creatures called forth by summoners.
Spellcraft DC 28:
Book of Extended Summoning.

Extend Spell on summoning spells of up to 6th level.

A book of blood-stained leather, heavily scarred with age, the first half of the book reads in the vein of Sun Tzu's Art of War and the second half with diagrams of specific marital moves and contermoves.

Spellcraft DC 15:
Manual of War.

Allows a fighter to shift out his martial knowledge.

Another book bound in leather, detail notes on anatomy and surgical connection of the humanoid body as well as a number of spells to strengthen and reanimate the body.

Spellcraft DC 23:
Flesh Golem Manual.

... flesh golem manual.

Beyond the trapped door which Bakuu disarmed is a study. Two long tables of stained oak line the east wall of this room, each cluttered with alchemical supplies. Atop the desk on the west wall are writing implements, ink, sheets of vellum, and several scrolls. A large chest secured by a prominent lock sits just north of the desk.

The spellcasters or the alchemist in the group are able to identify the potions as vials of keen edge, undetectable alignment, protection from acid and a protection from fire.

The scrolls prove to be campfire wall, excruciating deformation, haunting mist, and magic circle against chaos.

Disable Device DC 20:
The lock proves to be child-play for the bold adventurer. Inside are BOOKS.

Spellbooks. On one page there are a number of words scrawled in the margin.

  • Eox
  • Aucturn
  • Carcosa
  • Dominion

Fenyx is able to point out the spell on the page with the words is secret page, a spell designed to hide a page of text to look like a different page of text.

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer thinks carefully, and when he withdraws his hand, he closes the cage door gently, but doesn't latch it. "Birds have water, food, choices. Who's the jackass now?"

Once he has peaked his full, the bird with the tiny charm tied to his leg zips out of the cage and flaps his way onto Pasara's shoulder where he starts to preen.

After a few fluffs of feathers, the head turns towards Farmer, "You are."

"You are."

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer thinks carefully, and when he withdraws his hand, he closes the cage door gently, but doesn't latch it. "Birds have water, food, choices. Who's the jackass now?"

Are any of the group wearing any of the following colors: green, orange, or grey?

Leaving the perplexing problem of a barricaded door until someone wishes to tackle it.

Even as Farmer pours some of the birdfood into the small dish (which does require opening the cage) the little dish is flocked by the exotic birds, almost pecking the seed directly from Farmer's hand.

Moving up, the spiral stair leads to a lushly furnished library which features three tall bookcases running north to south down the center of the chamber. Another bookcase, made entirely of iron, rests in the northeast corner. A stuffed grizzly bear towers in the northwest corner, its claws and fangs bared aggressively. The east wall features sixteen paintings of various planets in gilt frames. A ladder in the west side leads to trap door in the ceiling. Doors on the southern end of the room lead east an west.

Hundreds of books, all finely made and covering a variety of topics, fill the wooden shelves in the middle of the room. The iron bookcase must hold something, but is locked.

A) Perception DC 20:
AND trapped. A spring needle.
A and Disable Device DC 20:
Which you are able to disable in any manner that you think is fun.

And earn the group a small pouch of purple worm poison.

B) Perception DC 26:
The door to the east looks fishy. Trapped. Definitely trapped.
B, Trapfinding, and Disable Device DC 26:
And you KNOW how to disable the screaming trap on the door.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

The reason I've seen in the past for this is that the art that map art is commissioned and paid for at the needed resolution for what they plan to print it in. The size/resolution needed to for maps in the modules/APs is much much much smaller than what they need to print them full-size.

Plus some of the maps in modules/APs are really really big. I think someone calculated out that you would need 25 flip maps to cover one level of Scarwall (from CoCT) and it just isn't feasible for them to do so. (Since most people would not be willing to pay $50-100+ needed for full-scale maps to go along with the module/AP).

Hunclay's Manor - 1st Floor

The western door leads to a hall way. Once Bakuu gives the all clear, the group finds to the north a parlor. In the northeast corner of this parlor is a huge globe of Golarion cradled in a polished mahogany stand. Sextants, astrolabes, and paintings of unearthly landscapes are hung on the walls.

A) Appraise DC 20:
The devices and fixtures could be purchased for around 1,500 gp.

And to the south a dining room with a long oak table surrounded by ornately carved oak chairs. On each wall hangs a large, framed painting of a desert landscape.

B) Appraise DC 15:
The painting would probably pull about 150 gp each while the dining set would be worth about 600 gp.

That section of the building clear of traps and quickly itemized, the group is able to turn to the eastern door.

Which opens into a well-stocked kitchen with all the accoutrements needed to prepare gourmet meals. A nook in the northeast of the room is partitioned off from the main room by a simple curtain which hides two cots and a small locked footlocker.

C) Disable Device DC 12:
Containing the humble possessions of two individuals, male and female indicated from the clothing.

Along the southern wall, between two doors, is a large cabinet containing silverware and expensive dinnerware.

D) Appraise DC 20:
Probably running aroun 800 gp.

The first door leads to a well stocked larder. Complete with a small sealed metal bucket with birdfeed and seedballs.

The second door, although not locked, doesn't open.

E) K: engineering DC 13:
As if there is a nice heavy piece of furniture holding the door closed from the inside.
F) Perception DC 21:
And the slightest sound of something right after someone tries the door.

Per Spellcraft:
Retry: You cannot retry checks made to identify a spell. If you fail to learn a spell from a spellbook or scroll, you must wait at least 1 week before you can try again. If you fail to prepare a spell from a borrowed spellbook, you cannot try again until the next day. When using detect magic or identify to learn the properties of magic items, you can only attempt to ascertain the properties of an individual item once per day. Additional attempts reveal the same results.

That being said, Fenyx has a +11 Spellcraft and had the option of taking-10, since neither he nor the group is in combat or in a situation where he would feel stressed. (I assume, unless Fenyx does feel stressed, in which case rolling was the correct thing to do. Since the player is new to the system I will allow him to have used 10 instead.

Quick question - for the inventory for Devy - would one of the PCs like to make said inventory or would you like the GM to do it for you based on what you find.

... less what you release.

Bakuu wrote:
She'll cluck and coo at them for a minute.

"Preetty bird. Where you going?"

"Where you going?"

"Where you going?"

Bakuu wrote:
Bakuu makes some frustrated noises after her fruitless attempts to figure out the floor trap. When she finds the lever, she calls out "Watch your step!", makes sure no one is standing on the trap, and pulls it.

Bakuu is actually able to dart over the trapped area. A few moments after she clears the area she indicated, the floor opens up in a 30-ft-deep pitfall. When the feathered rogue flips the lever (hidden behind a picture of Hunclay), the pit vanished - the trap deactivated.

A) Spellcraft DC 17:
Create pit spell.

Bakuu would recognize her feathered kin as tropical birds - which would have a hard time surviving the winter of Taldor outside. But it is at the end part of spring currently.

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer asks the birds, speaking slowly and loudly. "What. Do. You. Eat?"

The bird with the charm tilts its head to the left. "Hello jackass!"




Farmer doesn't see any containers or things that may contain birdfood in the main hall. However, he is easily able to make out three exits: Door to the west, door to the east and a heavy iron spiral staircase up.

Once people get into the room (which requires an Acrobatics check to avoid the area Bakuu says is trapped) they are able to examine both the artwork and the birds more closely.

Perception DC 25 (DC 20 for Bakuu):
One of the portraits is of Hunclay as a young man is a semi-desert landscape. The picture sits oddly - as if there is something behind it.

And behind it, you find a small - almost inconsequential - lever.

Farmer's Acrobatics to avoid the trapped area: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Farmer nimbly avoids the area pointed out by Bakuu.

Inside the cage are five exotic and wildly colored birds whose screeching and singing grows louder as Farmer speaks to them. One, with the charm on his leg, starts to peck at the empty food dish.

A) K: geography DC 15:
From Mwagni.
A) K: nature DC 11:
More specifically a little bee-eater, a hoopoe, a baglafecht weaver, a parasitic weaver, and a ficher's lovebird. The charm is around the leg of the lovebird.
A) Appraise DC 12:
You believe a normal purchase price of the exotic birds would be about 40 gp apiece.

Bakuu's careful poking points out a ten-by-ten space directly behind the double doors. Although no sign of a trap door is visible even when the expensive rug is moved, Bakuu is quite certain that area of the floor is trapped.

I meant that Pasara would have only gotten a 16 taking 10 on her perception roll, not the DC 22 to have noticed the charm in the first place. That being said, Willem spotted did spot it, and rest of Pasara's comment stands.

Bakuu - You do get your 'looking for traps' bonus on the DC 27 check.

Pasara Tanner wrote:

Taking 10 on the Perception DC 22 (Pasara can't mathematically even get to DC 27, so I'm not even going to roll that one.)

Spellcraft DC 20: 1d20+8

Taking 10 would be a 16.

"Fantastic. I can have one of my clerks draw up a contract if you'd like." She opens the water-proofing document satchel, drawing out the key you found on Hunclay's body just a few days ago. "But this should get you in the front door at least."

Hunclay's Manor - Desnus 2, 4713

Although the kobold's corpse was taken away for burial, there is still a reminder of the horrible trap which had warded the wizard's home. The key turns easily in the lock though.

The front door open to reveal the grand hall of the manor house. The floor of this well-appointed entry hall is adorned with two expensive Qadiran rugs and decorated with several overstuffed leather sofas. Two dozen paintings with gilded frames hang on the walls, portraits and landscapes, all of exquisite artistry. To the north sits a large bird cage. Wooden doors open in the east and west walls, and an elaborate spiral staircase of iron both ascends and descends in the southeast corner.

As sunlight spills into the large room, a frantic tweeting starts up from the exotic birds in the large cage.

A) Perception DC 27:
The ten by ten space right on the inside of the door just doesn't seem right to you. There are odd lines in the beautiful rug as if it were hung oddly when it was last cleaned.
A and Trapfinding:
The portrait on the west wall, Hunclay from a few decades ago, seems to be staring at the point of the rug where the odd lines are, as if it holds a secret.

B) Perception DC 22:
There is a silver charm on the leg of one of the birds in the cage.
B (or someone points out spoiler B), Detect Magic and Spellcraft DC 15:
Which radiated abjuration magic.
B (or someone points out spoiler B), Detect Magic and Spellcraft DC 20:
Which is a key to unlock arcane locks. Which it would have to be keyed to.

Lady Devy looks a Bakuu, a little concern showing, at the old timber of the bird woman's voice. "Does a week's time sound reasonable? I'd expect that there are some buyers from further away that may be interested, so I'd like to get out notices." A pause, "Or do you think it will take you longer than that?"

Desnus 1, 4713 - An Evening Chat

As she starts to see assent from the varied group of adventurers, Lady Devy's shoulders relax and the worried anxiety lessens in her frame. She takes a slower draft of her heated beverage and sits down on the bench seat behind her. A wide grateful smile, "Thank you."

A deep breath and the serious lines of long leadership comes back around the mocha colored eyes. "I am aware this may not be safe and since the heir apparent put the task in my hand, I was thinking of a two-part payment, if you think it is reasonable." A little chuckle, "The first is an eight thousand gold fee for your group. The second is a little more complicated. Since we will be auctioning off all of Hunclay's belongings, some of which may interest you, I'd like to invite you to participate in the auction, with the estate paying for half of your bid price."

"Does that seem fair to you all?"

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

The binding issue seems to be more prevalent with the WotR AP than I've seen mentioned on the boards previously.

I've gotten the books directly from Paizo since Serpent's Skull and I've not had a binding issue with any of mine (but that includes WotR).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

In the past, for me, they have been grouped into a single shipment.

Gozran 30 & Desnus 1

The town of Belhaim quiets slightly with the promised truce between themselves and the Blood Vow tribe. A number of villagers, mostly men with shoulders like oxen hired from Fisher's Row, work to clear the debris from the fallen tower and make entrances harder for adventurous children hellbent on emulating their newest heroes.

For those that drink in taverns:
The afternoon after the celebration (Gozran 1 for those keeping track) the small gnome with multicolored hair comes trapping into the tap room of the Wise Piper. She looks around with old eyes still ringed with youthful glee. She holds up a book with ink-stained fingers. "So I think I have the story, but I'd like to hear it more precisely from the horse's mouth."

Bassy, town historian. And historical fiction writer - of moderate fame in Taldor and none elsewhere.

For those who watch with suspicion:
As you do your normal business over the next two days, although the vast majority of Belhaim seems positively inclined towards your adventuring group, you notice two other distinct 'camps'. The first reminds you of Norman, the villagers that shun contact with the new outsiders and lay blame for both the surprising tower fall and the kobold interactions after at the foot of the adventurers. The second camp doesn't have the hostility of the first, but instead a growing sense of worry. Signs to ward off evil and quiet hurried conversations. Much looking to the east in dread.

Desnus 1 - An Evening Chat

As the group settles in to a meal courtesy of Talia in the Wise Piper, the main door is pushed open by Lady Devy (just a bit drenched from sudden spring shower outside). She hangs the sodden cloak over a hook then heads toward where you were about to eat with determined purpose.

Just as she gets to table, she is intercepted by Talia's daughter, a steaming mug ready for the Baroness. Who pauses to take a cautious sip and smile at the girl before she turns on the group again. "Apologizes for interrupting your dinner, but since there was a chance that you'd take passage with the merchant train which I expect in town tomorrow morning, I needed to catch you all tonight."

She sighs and takes another drink from the mug, color returning as her skin warms. "Right after you found Hunclay's body we sent a raven messenger to his next a kin." She pulls out a leather document container and looks at one of the papers, "A cousin in Yanmass."

"Just a hour ago, we got her reply." A small chuckle, "Apparently she neither cares for her cousin nor our little middle of no where town. She would just like us to send the money for the value of Hunclay's belongings to her."

She looks to the east, as if she could see the fallen tower and the large manor house near it. "The problem being, with Hunclay dead we don't have anyone with the skills to search and catalog a wizard's home which has already been proven to be trapped."

"Except maybe Azmur but he hasn't been to town in quite a while." She pauses, pulling herself back on track. "So I was hoping that I could convince you to stay in Belhaim for a while longer. Go into Hunclay home, disarm any dangers there, and catalog his belonging so that they can be auctioned off."

Wise Piper Celebration

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
Pasara Tanner wrote:
Her attempts at spontaneous Invisibility failed, Pasara looks at Thomas. "Roaghaz kept talking about the 'great Lord Aeteperax' and I thought that sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. Just now I remembered I'd read the name in a history book. Aeteperax was the name of a great dragon slain more than a thousand years ago by Belhaim’s founder, Lady Tula Belhaim."
Aka's eyes narrow, "I wonder just how they might be related." she murmurs as much to herself as anyone around her.

Thomas beams up at Pasara. "So you killed someone who was trying to bring back an ancient dragon?! That's so cool!"

Sense Motive DC 20:
Although the general atomosphere of the room in unchanged, one of the older woman slumps down on a bench her forehead furrowed. After a moment she looks around, shakes her head, whispers a question to one of the others at the table.

Although you can't make out the question in the noise of the taproom, her companion doesn't see the need to whisper. "Bassy?" He looks around as well, "Don't see her. Maybe she already heard the story and is jotting it down?"

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer shrugs. "Looks impressive at least," he says. When she pours the shots, he clinks his shot glass against hers. "Choices," is his toast.

She smiles, "May they only rarely come back to bite you in the ass."

Xemne then proceeds to walk around offering the brew to those in the bar - starting with the group that rescued the 'wee mite'.

Am not in any way ending this scene, but I will also be starting the next major scene which occurs two days after the 'Celebration in the Wise Piper.'

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
Changing Man wrote:

@ TritonOne-

Yes, technically what you are saying is true, by the very strict RAW and RAI. That being said, many GM's are fine with allowing '1st generation tieflings' as a story and/or plot device, ignoring the fact that said character should technically be a Half-Fiend (and considerably more powerful).

In this case, it appears that the Player/GM came up with a groovy backstory, the player was willing/wanting to play a tiefling (and not trying to powergame a Half-Fiend), and that at the end of the day everyone is happy with things without getting overly technical. Now, if the player in question was mine and trying to leverage this relationship and/or power to become a Half-Fiend PC, I personally would take issue with it (saying something along the lines of "whoah, hold yer horses there, bub!"). But since everyone seems to be having fun, and as long as the party is balanced, no badwrongfun :)

EDIT- fixed some typo's

On the tiefling vs half-devil:

Council of Thieves spoiler:
Paizo had the big bad of CoT as a tiefling, as he was the 1st generation child of an arch-devil.

I think the tiefling/half-devil choice is determined by power level needed for the individual.

As for a tiefling herald - if he has earned it, then I don't see Iomeadae withholding it.

Of course, the human-centricity of her church I see more as a aspect of the fact that she was Chelish - which is a decidedly human-centric culture. ie something that was projected on to her as what she should be rather than what she herself would ever choose to represent her (if that makes sense)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Just by class any of those should have a good time. I would suggest a build that doesn't neglect investigative/social skills abilities - but that depends on how much your GM will emphasis those parts of the adventure.

Edit: word choice

Celebration in the Wise Piper

Farmer Odell wrote:

Farmer chuckles. "Don't be overly impressed. But do share a drink."

He flicks the shotglass with a fingernail. "Nice," he says. "Necessary?"

One eyebrow raises slightly as she considers, "Probably not, but so far I haven't found any components that are mithral-reactive. Sadly, the same is not true for glass."

Perception DC 15:
About mid-evening, you see one of the more dour people exit the Wise Piper. Shortly thereafter, Sigrit exits the same way.

About mid-evening, Sigrit is free in a moment when she sees one of the less-than-happy people leaving the Piper. Older man whose clothes are worn, stained, but seem clean.

Sigrit is relatively certain she can intercept him outside.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Thank you much - credit is where it needs to be for next month :)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

If you can please credit it to my account please.

Thank you :)

Celebration in the Wise Piper

Pasara Tanner wrote:
In the middle of one of the retellings of their adventure, Pasara smacks her head with the palm of her hand. "Of course! That's where I knew that name!" she exclaims. As people look at her because of her outburst, she blushes and tries to avoid people's eyes. She looks like she's trying really hard to learn the Invisibility spell on the spot.

A number of the good townfolk only look away momentarily before resuming the flow of conversation, not wanting to further discompose the pretty blonde.

Talia's son, Thomas, still young enough to be oblivious to social curtsey, "Just remembered who who was?"

Farmer Odell wrote:

Farmer's eyes light up at the sight of the flask, though he tries not to show it.

"I'm back," he says. "I don't know if that was ... what did you say? Sufficiently impressive?"

hmmm Xemne considers with a mischievous smirk, "Stopped the rise of a dragon, put a damper on an invasion in Taldor, and brought the dead back to life." A shrug, "If the stories are true then yes, but I have a feeling I should not be overly impressed."

"Yet." She puts down a few shotglasses also made of the silver-blue metal, "But does that mean I won't drink to what you did do?"

K:alchemy DC 15:
Each of the glasses has a subtle symbol lightly traced into the metal. Alchemical runes.

Black Willem wrote:
That's a shame. I'm making Bakuu watch The Room this year.

I do wish I could see Bakuu's reaction to The Room.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Placed an order for a gift certificate today and it hasn't shown up on my gift certificate page.

Thank you for your help :)

K: history DC 18:
Aeteperax was the name of a great dragon slain more than a thousand years ago by Belhaim’s founder, Lady Tula Belhaim.

At some point, I am going to have to go back and read everything that isn't in common... but not until I'm past a scene where it matters. :)

The group will have a few days of downtime to spend their hard won gold.


Lady Devy's Payment for dealing with the kobolds:
1,500 gp

Another Reward for another reason:
300 gp

Each PC gets 225 gp.

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
"...and I would be happy to accompany you when you are ready to travel." Aka says, then catches herself thinking of a less likely interpretation, "At least, I assume you meant to ride out to them...or did you mean us to fetch them here?" she adds somewhat doubtfully.

"Neutral ground." Lady Devy says with just the hint of cynicism, "Probably better for both sides."

Celebration in the Wise Piper

Talia's cooking is in top form (esp the stew that she insists the Bellathis eat before they are tucked into a quiet upstairs room) and the mead flows freely as the group is encouraged to tell their story again and again. Early in the evening the group notices a few people that aren't quite in the celebratory mood, but either through the peer pressure of the majority or Talia's determined motherlyness, they either slip away quietly or modify their behavior.

After a while the thin, pale form of Xemne comes into the Piper. She raises two fingers to her brow in a mock salute to Farmer and anyone near him. She holds up a bottle made of mithral, a wicked smile playing over her lips.

A) Perception DC 20:
A few hours into the celebration, a worn, wiry woman with her long brown hair pulled back into a tight braid comes into the common room from the back entrance of the Piper. She speaks quietly to Talia and hands the innkeeper a pouch for a minute before slipping out again.

Although she does pause to look at the group in the middle of the celebration and a wide smile breaks the severe lines of her face. So softened, the woman bears a slight resemblance to Bophre.

A and Willem:
Which makes sense, since Willem recognized Isadorer.

Sigrit Arkose wrote:
Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
Farmer Odell wrote:
Pasara Tanner wrote:
"We dealt with the kobolds responsible for the collapse of the tower and for the kidnappings. We found a reasonable kobold who is taking word of the request to negotiate an agreement of non-hostilities to the kobold hierarchy. She thinks it's a do-able agreement." Pasara looks to her companions to correct her if she's gotten any details wrong.
Farmer nods. "In so many words. Sigrit did the talkin'," and he grins a bit at that.
Aka cocks her head slightly and nods. "There is a second tribe which may bear watching, but as Pasara said, the immediate perpetrators are no longer an issue." Hana snorts and she pats her horse's neck.

Sigrit has been quiet the entire trip back, and has seemed distracted even after returning to town.

She starts a little, and stares after Norman. "Did he actually just say...?" she whispers to Farmer. Then she seems to realize that the Baroness and the rest of the party are waiting on an answer from her.

"Apologies for my woolgathering. The kobold's more agressive behavior of late seems to have been caused by a new leader within the tribe, one Roaghaz. We killed him, with the assistance of a rebel kobold. Pasara has the right of it; our rebel looks to be both relatively reasonable and intimidated by our prowess, and she will, I believe, get the remnants of the tribe to agree to a truce.

"Also, we've rescued three humans who were enslaved by the kobolds. You know Bophre Malak; I tell you as a servant of the Lady of Graves that she is not and has never been dead. These are Carlo and Sela Bellathi; I ask you to give them welcome."

Lady Devy smiles at the group, "I am happy that Phre managed to survive her captivity for so long." The baronesses expression goes dark, "Although it is my responsibility that she needed to hold on for so long."

Her eyes close and she takes several long breaths as she thinks, "I think, maybe, I should met with some of the tribe that is remaining." A rueful smile, "For both sides it would be good to see the other as people, not just the boogeymen that we make them out to be."

She smiles at the Bellathis. "I am sorry that your most recent trip to Belhaim ended in sorrow, but I am glad that you survived."

Almost ritually, in full view of a number of people from the town, Lady Devy bows to the group. "Thank you for the service you have given to our town." She smiles, the relief in her eyes and stance taking some of the years of worry from her body, "But it sounds like you've had a long, hard day." Her voice raises, carrying over the collection of townsfolk. She smiles at the group, "I'd be willing to buy them, and everyone else, a meal at the Piper, and, maybe, you all can convince them to tell the full story."

Black Willem wrote:
A visibly tense Willem scarcely acknowledges Lady Origena, paying far more attention to the possible angry mob about him,

The baroness watches the pair of rat and little girl leave, only a touch of a smile revealing the deeper relief and happiness at the unexpected return.

A) Sense Motive DC 20:
She also makes a small gesture with one hand.
B) Perception DC 15:
And one older man, with subtle clothes and dark grey hair, fades into the crowd, casually following Willem.

Just in case.

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:

Fenyx spins around bow in hand and arrow nocked and drawn. Searching for a bit and then realizing that the man was speaking sarcastically, he undraws his bow and stows the arrow.

"Sir, that comment was ill suited. You are more than welcome to perform any future searches for your townsfolk."

Norman blithely flips off the archer as he continues to walk away, "We did fine 'fore you troublemakers came to town. We'll be fine when our happy, little hamlet is just dust behind you."

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer limps toward the townsfolk. "What was that about?" he asks, gesturing toward the old man as though he wasn't present.
Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
"Does Norman have something against the child or her family?" Akatsuki asks, her eyes following as they recede off into the distance, "or is there some cultural thing I am missing here?" she seems genuinely puzzled by the recent interaction.

Lady Devy, still tense from the upset, shakes her head sadly. "I didn't think so."

In a long pause from the baroness, one of the other men fills in, a man with a broad, white smile and bright green eyes. "Norman has never been a happy person, but I think that might be more of a reaction to the positive effect your unusual group is having on our," he looks over his shoulder at Norman's retreating form, "fine town."

Bophre looks up the hill, her light eyes bright with emotion when she sees her mother. Just for a moment she looks down at the little ratfolk, gratitude curving up her lips and, then, she is gone, running at breakneck speed up the hill until she slams into her mother hard enough that both go down holding each other.

The emotional reunion draws the attention of everyone on the dairy farm as, one by one, the family and the workers turn to watch as barely held faith and hope turn to joy. Only one of the people moves, Isadorer's son - the same one that originally tried to 'protect' the woman from the hope Willem just made good on. He stops on the other side of the fence near Willem, his eyes shiny with unshed happy tears as he watches his mother and the sister he believed dead.

His voice is thick but quiet. "I had to protect her."

A long pause, "But I am so happy that you listened to her, not me."

.... I think we have all the mediocre Asian food we need...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber
MikeMyler wrote:
Carter Lockhart wrote:
They are also producing a prolgue and epilogue, essentially making it 1-20 I believe. I think the prologue and epilogue will also be available to those outside the initial kickstarter.
You are correct! All that material is either entering or exiting layout now. ^_^

Will this book be updated with the prologue/epilogue material or will there be a different product that includes it (or was that a Kickstarter exclusive)?

Black Willem wrote:
"We returned with the living," Willem says, deliberately drawing his pistol though not yet pointing it at the old man.

The old man looks at the inhuman gunslinger with disguist bordering on hatred. However, he turns, moving off from the group, mumbling, "F@#%ing town is going to the Abdar-damned animals. It just isn't right, man bowing down to " His voice lost to the distance and the presence of more people (these ones happy) coming up from the village.

Black Willem wrote:

Willem sweeps the assembled townsfolk with his ratty gaze. "Now I am going to return this child to her mother. Any man who obstructs my path better do it with steel, and will be paid in lead."

Willem then begins to escort Bophre to the Malak farm.

Lady Origena's eyes follow Norman's progress for a moment before she turns back to the group with a conciliatory smile. "I apologize for his rudeness." She nods to Willem, "And Isadorer has waited for far to long to see her daughter again, thank you for rescuing her."

She looks at the married couple, "As well as those that are not ours, but had always been a joy when they visited."

The baroness looks from Pasara to Aka to Sigrit, her gaze remaining on the solid presence of the dwarven priestess. "And the kobolds?"

Willem to the Malak Farm:
The path to the Malak farm requires the rat and the young girl to pass through Belhaim. As they go, there are a few more sounds of dark suspicion, but far more greetings of happy surprise.

It's a small town and while bad news travels faster than good, by the time Willem and Bophre get to the small bridge that leads over to the Malak farm, Willem's keen eyes can pick out the rail-thin woman running towards them.

Bakuu wrote:
Bakuu looks around at the group she's come back with. "We left the dead behind us, sir. But to be fair, you didn't tell us not to bring the dead back, either."

"Yeah." The old man grumbles. He looks ready to continue when Lady Origena attempts to stop him with an imperious look. With a dirty look at the Baroness and old man glee lifting the corners of his mouth, "But we didn't think we'd have to tell you not to bring back walking undea.."

"NORMAN!" Lady Origena voice, angry, cuts off the comment that caused Bophre to blink back shocked tears.

With her little hand digging almost painfully into Willem's shoulder.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

I actually prefer the current shipment and old style of order emails - they were easier to read.

Pasara Tanner wrote:
As everyone prepares to head back to town, Pasara walks up to Hak and Nighttail. Making sure Hak approves, she strokes his flanks. "ফেয়ারওয়েল, আমার ভয়ঙ্কর বন্ধু. নাইটলেঙ্গুড় যত্ন নিন এবং সমস্যায় পড়লে আউট তার রাখা." she says softly to the saurian. "আপনি যা করতে পারেন যদি," she adds, with a teasing grin at Nighttail.

A agreement, of sorts, reached, Nighttail helps the group navigate the twisting cramped tunnels back to the surface - although on this trip they can sense more eyes watching (but not hostile intent - mostly).

When everyone is washed in the late afternoon sun, Nighttail chuffs softly at Pasara's comment. "He's the one that charges into trouble." A pause, a roguish grin, "I'm the one that talks myself into it."

Stepping from the tunnels into the light at the bottom of the flooded quarry, Bophre stumbles in Willem, wincing in the daylight after months of living in the darkness of the kobold warren.

Roll o' Doom: 1d100 ⇒ 38

The journey back to the little town of Belhaim is slow, with all three of the prisoners in far from top condition, but uneventful. (Although those who know what to look for do see the dessicated body of a deer which indicates the presence of more humungous bloodsuckers.)

Willem & Sigrit:
As the swamp trees give way to the more dense forest pines surrounding Belhaim, you get the sense that you are being watched. It isn't something that you can put anything concrete to, though.

As the party clears the trees, they are greeted by a group of Belhaim's villagers (many sensibly armed) with Lady Origena in the lead. As the unusual group is seen clearly the nervous tension is replaced by relief, then by a slowly dawning amazed joy.

From the back of the group, one older man with a long white beard, however, crossly comments, "I don't think we asked them to bring dead back to town."

.... I don't even have that good of an excuse for not posting.

And the June one is hard, can't be easy to direct a show from 12 time zones away.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

Do we know what level it takes the PCs through?

Sigrit Arkose wrote:

Sigrit absently scritches behind Medge's ears as she listens to Nighttail. "We are empowered to negotiate a truce with the Blood Vow tribe on behalf of the human town and the Baroness. If we can reach an agreement, there should be no further hostilities. The humans want the kobolds to stay away from the town and its people. No raiding. No blowing up towers. No taking slaves. Future agreements can only be made with the Baroness or her heirs; no making bargains with disgruntled wizards or other townfolk. You will have to inform us what terms the kobolds wish to include in the truce." She looks to her companions, giving them opportunity to add or clarify her statement.

"If you want help in dealing with the repercussions of killing the priestess... well, I see as I have responsibility there. Also, I should inform you that Sesserak and some of her warriors surrendered to us, and may still be in the area--should you wish to seek them out."

"So a non-aggression pact."

Nighttail shrugs and nods, "I can probably get everyone left to agree to that." A pause, as her eyes move over the dead bodies, "Should. Most likely."

A longer pause, "I'll get you a message if it isn't going to happen when the hierarchy works itself out." A smile, "And I'll get a message to you if there is repercussions from the Hangteeth."

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
"Out of curiosity and just in case it becomes pertinent, where is the Hangtooth's Lair located?"

"Northwest." Nighttail answers easily. "Past the swamps, where the mountains start. We should have at least a little warning if they come in naturally."

Black Willem wrote:
Willem offers no words to Nighttail, neither promise nor treaty. He instead walks to the back of the column, absently reloading his firearm as he does after every combat. To Bophre Malak he says, "Miss Malak, I believe your mother has waited quite long enough for your return. The situation resolved, I feel it is time that I escort you home."

Bophre lowered her hands from her ears when she sees Willem entering the radius of light from the coin Fenyx light for her. Her young face, with eyes far older, brightens with a smile and she hugs the ratfolk. Even though her nose wrinkles in response to the strong sulphuric residue, she follows along in arm's reach of Willem - almost seeming to vibrate in eagerness to leave the dark tunnels.


Large green scales x6 <- FARMER
REALLY large black scale <- FARMER
scroll of glitterdust x2 (75 gp each) <- Both FENYX
masterwork Medium cold iron longsword (165 gp) <- FENYX
Keys (which prove to open the chests and the armory up a few levels... that you guys already picked open) <- FENYX
+2 cloak of agile fangs (3,900 gp) <- MEDGE
wand of web w/5 charges (38 gp) <- PASARA

ALL unclaimed gear at this point is assumed sold when you return to Belhaim.

On their return to Belhaim each PC gets 1,074 gp

Belhaim's purchase limit is 1,000 gp so any magic item up to that worth can be bought (although more unusual ones may require finding). Magic items worth more than that are unlikely, but check with me as there are some available.

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