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chavamana's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 3,706 posts (8,741 including aliases). No reviews. 16 lists. 2 wishlists. 12 aliases.


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Farmer Odell wrote:
"He gets no party invite," Farmer says.

There is a bit of laughter from the crowd, breaking the tension.

"Plus," Bassy says with a gnomish nod, "I suspect he did not altogether mean that good day he offered."

Lot 15 - Storage Lot

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer raises his paddle again. "Fifteen hundred," he says.

With a small disappointed shake of his head, Arnholde holds at previous bid.

Farmer has won the cellar of fine old wines for 1,500 gp - of which Lady Devy will be paying for half. As soon as Farmer marks off his 750 gp, the wine and all of it intoxicating properties are his.

Lot 18 - Rare book lot

chavamana wrote:

"Some of Hunclay's most precious tomes, discovered in a secondary location by our town's visiting heroes." Chosk motion to all of you sitting (or standing) in the front line of the theater.

Again, the red hatted man is quick to bid, his blue feather bobbing. This time it is the Kalistocrats and the half-orc Pickets who stymie him.

When the pair of Kalistocrats finally win the rare book lot (for fair market value), the red-hatted man rises dramatically. "Very well! I must deliver this bad news to my employer immediately. I bid you all good day!"

He then storms out of the amphitheater, leaving a uneasy silence behind.

Lot 15 - Storage Lot

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer opens the bidding on the alcohol. "One thousand," he says.

Bassy, who had been about to bid, instead resettles in her seat.

Arnholde, on the other hand, must have plans for that wine. "One thousand two hundred."

Yes, NPCs don't have to bid by a full increase, but Farmer's next bid would have to be 1,500 / 2k / 2.5k.

Lot 15 - Storage Lot

Only one bottle of wine is brought up to the stage. "The remainder of this lot has been left in place in the manor house so that the new owner could see to its proper removal." He holds up the bottle, the label faded and worn, "However, this particular vintage is the least valuable of the wares."

Farmer has indicated an interest in this lot. Starting bid is 500 gp.

A) Sense Motive DC 15:
The only other people who seem interested in the wine are Bassy and Arnholde.
A) Sense Motive DC 20:
Granted, Arnehold probably is more interested in a starlit picnic which features the wine and a certain blonde.

Lot 16 - Clockwork lab lot

A number of the gears and gizmos are brought onto the stage. Bidding is quick and fierce between the Kalistocrats, the black-clad merchants, and the foppish Pickets. Unless someone changes the balance of power, however, the white-clad Kalistocrats seem poised to win.

Lot 17 - Summoning journal

"Only this single book for this lot," Chosk says, "But it is filled with a wealth of knowledge about beings from the great beyond."

This time the red-hatted man opens the bidding, very quickly followed by both black and white clad merchants. Again, just the sheer volume of money the Kalistocrats brought with them make victory assured for them.

B) Sense Motive DC 15:
If/when the red topped man falls out of the bidding, his frustration and worry grow.

Lot 18 - Rare book lot

"Some of Hunclay's most precious tomes, discovered in a secondary location by our town's visiting heroes." Chosk motion to all of you sitting (or standing) in the front line of the theater.

Again, the red hatted man is quick to bid, his blue feather bobbing. This time it is the Kalistocrats and the half-orc Pickets who stymie him.

C) Sense Motive DC 13:
Red hatted man is incredibly frustrated. Really why he isn't screaming bloody murder is questionable.

Lot 11 - Assorted Scrolls

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:

Fenyx paddles twice.

He mutters, "Lost on the damn book now I have to settle for this...."

Bassy, who had started the process of using Farmer as a balance bar, sits back down, waving at the elf with a grin.

Fenyx wins the scroll lot for 510 gp. As agreed, Lady Devy will be paying for half of the bid, so when Fenyx pays the 255 gp, the scrolls are his.

Lot 12 - Hunclay's spellbooks

The bidding goes back and forth between the white-clad Kalistrat and the black-clad merchants (although this time, the female Kalistrat keeps a much closer eye on her companion). The spellbooks do eventually go to the Kalistrat - but for a fair market value.

Lot 13 - Bedroom Lot

The other of the two black clad merchants indicates interest with the opening bid of the finery from Hunclay's bedroom.

And their visit to Belhaim becomes profitable as they pick up the fine clothes and furnishings for a steal.

Lot 14 - Observatory Lot

Although Pickets opens the bidding, there quickly grows a competition between the half-orc, the red-hatted man, and the female Kalistrat. The white-clad merchant ends up the winner, but again for a fair market value.

Sense Motive DC 15:
The man in the red hat has a red face by the time the biding ends, clearly worried and getting far more worked up than such activity calls for.

Lot 8 - Manual of war

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer ducks his head in silent salute to her "victory."

Looking a little discombobulated, the woman accepts her 'victory' with grace.

Lot 11 - Assorted scrolls

Chosk's child assistant bring a number of rolled parchments to the main stage. "Bassy," she waves, "our town historian, has verified this scrolls as a scroll of campfire wall, a scroll of excruciating deformation, a scroll of haunting mists, and a scroll of magic circle against chaos."

He motions to the audience, "Bids to start no lower than 255 gp."

Fenyx has expressed an interest in this lot so the opening bid will come from him.

Lot 12 - Hunclay's spellbooks

"The wizard Hunclay amassed a great deal of arcane knowledge before and during his tenure in Belhaim. Will will be starting the bidding for the entire lot of spellbooks at 4,000 gp - a pittance, no doubt, for the awesome arcane mastery contained within the pages."

A) Sense Motive DC 13:
You suspect that Chosk really doesn't have a clue how much the books would be worth, but he darn well plans to sell them.

Plus, acerbic tone.

Unless a PC starts the bidding, the bidding is opened by the (annoyed-looking) male Kalistrat.

Lot 13 - Bedroom Lot

The other of the two black clad merchants indicates interest with the opening bid of the finery from Hunclay's bedroom.

Lot 14 - Observatory Lot

"From the tower of the wizard, we have a number of devices for stargazing as well as starcharts and a few of the books that were related to the tower laboratory. Bidding will start at one thousand." The foppish half-orc opens the bidding.

B) Perception DC 15:
The man in the red hat sits up straighter, his eyes raking over the lot as it is brought onto the stage.]
B and C) Sense Motive DC 15:
He seems most interested in the books - although the specific titles can't be seen at this range.

Lot 10 - Assorted potions lot

Pasara Tanner wrote:
Deciding that it might be good to have some of those potions in the team, Pasara raises her paddle. "1,320."

Bassy good-naturedly waves at Pasara and then uses Farmer to reseat herself.

Pasara wins the assorted potions lot for 1,320 gold. Per the agreement with Lady Devy, the baroness pays for half of the bid, meaning Pasara need to pay 660 gold to claim the potions. Assuming she does so, they are hers.

Lot 7 - Flesh golem manual

Fenyx Spelljammer wrote:
Fenyx nearly oblivious to the two merchants raises his paddle to match the opening bid.

The bidding goes back and forth between Fenyx and the single black-clad merchant, but it lacks the invective and drive as the contest of will between Farmer and the Kaliotrat. The final outcome is one that the black-clad merchant can live with - ownership of the manual for a fair price, just not the jaw-droppingly low one that they originally hoped for.

Lot 8 - Manual of war

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

Farmer Odell wrote:

Farmer turns the full force of his attention to the female Kalistrat, and smiles.

His paddle goes up on going twice.

She looks back, easily raising her paddle with one white-gloved hand. Back and forth, until the bidding is just barely below the fair market price - and Farmer sees, in the set of her jaw and the determination in her eyes, that this woman has no intention of paying more than the book is worth.

As such, Farmer does not enter the 'winning' bid and the female Kalistrat purchases the manual of war for 6,000 gp.

Lot 9 - Stuffed grizzly bear

At first, after the nine-plus tall stuffed creature is rolled onto the stage, there are no bids. Finally Grayhands lifts his paddle. "Might make a decent feature for the pub."

Sense Motive DC 15:
However, he does not seem to have his heart set on the dead beastie - so a counterbid will result in purchase, not driving up the purchase price.

Lot 10 - Assorted potions lot

The boy carries in a padded box. "Xemne was able to collaborate the identity of the current lot as two vials of oil of keen edge, a potion of undetectable alignment, a potion of protection from acid, and a potion of protection from fire. As all are most in line with luxury or adventuring tools, they will have a starting bid of 660 gp."

Bassy again rises to her feet, using Farmer as a support post, to place her bid at the starting price point.

Sense Motive DC 10:
No where near as excited about the potions as she had been about the astronomy books, it seems more to be on the rainy day principle.

The woman doesn't respond to that for a long time, instead watching the play of shadow and light over the moving surface of the river. When she finishes her cup, she opens each of the small fuel compartments, knocking out the ashes and adding new tinder. Once she finishes resetting the teapot so that Willem will have a pot for himself, she rises.

"There is far too much blame floating around this town for it to rest all on your shoulders." As she spots Bophre running back to the field, she sketches a small bow.

Picnic Group:
A darkness in the smoke that makes up Maffei clears slightly when Aka makes her explanation, "Oh! Sustenance." Then the head tilts to the side, "What determines that inner flesh is good for sustenance and the exterior flesh is not?" Pointing at the orange.

Lot 6 - Book of extended summoning

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer raises a paddle at going twice.

The bidding between Farmer and the white-clad merchant (the male one). As the price of the book rises a furrow forms on the brow of the other Kaliostrat (the female one). She attempts to get the attention of her trading partner but only manages to do so as Farmer lays down his paddle, ceasing to bid.

The male Kaliostrat sits, a superior grin on his face. A grin which fades as the female whispers to him in a sharp hiss.

Perception DC 16:
"You just paid 200 gold over fair market value."

Lot 7 - Flesh golem manual

Another book - this time the one whose cover has been carefully stitched together from no less than 10 different skins. Cautiously, one of the two black-clad merchants matches the opening bid, looking only towards the Chosk. Almost visibly hoping that whatever mad spirit caused the last round of bidding to cycle skyward so quickly has passed.

Lot 8 - Manual of war

The final of the magically imbued books that were uncovered on the Hunclay grounds. This time it is the female Kalistrat who opens the bidding, her eyes occasionally jumping over to Farmer with almost a dare for the large man to bid.

Black Willem:
The young woman is quiet for a bit, although she continues to sip at her own cup (and refill Willem's). "Some people should take the time to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to properly assess merit and blame."

A half-hearted smile which does not reach her lips, "But most will never bother to do so."

"It really means nothing in the grand scheme," she says with slightly more life in her voice, "but neither you nor your feathered friend are rabble to me."

"A little while after I ran out of Galt." She shakes her head, "Unless you want to be nickeled and dimed to death while all the while a bunch of self-righteous a!~**@*s look down their noses at you, I recommend steering clear of Druma."

About that time the bell above the door tinkles. Happily its opening reveals a small, thin girl with bruises from lack of sleep beneath her eyes. (Depending on how advantageous of Xemne's drunken hospitality Farmer has been, he may/may not recognize the girl the group rescued from the Kobolds - Bophre.)

Hesitantly, the girl comes to the counter and asks Xemne if she could maybe help around the shop or maybe get some products the shopkeeper needs in exchange for (and this she says in a reverent tone) alchemical cleaning solutions for metal.

Before she answers the girl, Xemne turns to Farmer, "This is exactly what I was talking about. If I followed that three-cursed money-grubbing bastard form of a philosophy, I'd be tossing this girl out on her ear. All for the lust of shiny pieces of metal that you can't do crap with."

Having Made the C spoiler, you can also look at the B spoiler. Whether you want Pasara to have that information is, of course, totally up to you.

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Barclay's Auction - Desnus 23, 4713

A) Perception DC 15:
Lady Devy, who apparently hadn't been one of the expected bidders surreptitiously hands back the bidding paddle to her son.
A) Perception DC 18:
Who starts slightly, as he has been apparently staring at one of your group.
A and B)Sense Motive 12:
Had been staring at Pasara.

A lot.

Lot 2 - Kitchen Lot

After the birds get cleared off the stage, a number of Chosk's assistants bring on all of the items in lot two - plates, cutlery, fine spices from the far east, etc. "For these finely crafted items, benefiting even a lord's manor, we will start the bidding at one hundred."

The first bid is from the foppishly dressed half-orc, who blots at his white face paint in the warmth of the late afternoon. There is a bit of back and forth between the half-orc and elegantly (if overly) dresses Melanchtha Adras, but in the end the half-orc (who looks pained when his name is revealed to be Pickets) gets the lot for 800 gp.

Lot 3 - Parlor Lot

"From the parlor of the late Wizard Hunclay, we have all manner of astrological equipment - sextants, astrolabs and some quite accurate pictures." The red-capped man immediately starts bidding for triple the opening bid of 300 gp. Despite his initial aggressive bidding, the red-capped gentleman loses out to Arnholde Devy when the bidding reaches 1,500 gp.

C) Sense Motive DC 10:
This as Arnholde doesn't even seem to realize just how much he is spending (as he continues to cast moon eyes towards the group of adventurers) - which half annoys, half amuses his mother.
C) Sense Motive DC 15:
The red-capped gentleman was incredibly aggressive in his counter-offers and seemed angry at the nobleman's laise-faire attitude.
C) Sense Motive DC 20:
Actually, he seems almost more worried that he was unable to close on the lot.

Lot 4 - Dining Room Lot

Again the over-dressed Mistress Adras and the foppish Pickets go at it over the dining furniture - and once again the half-orc cleanly wins the bidding. Some of the helpers that he brought with him leave, inquiring into the feasibility of hiring a wagon team to cart off all of the items.

Lot 5 - Library Lot

"The Wizard Hunclay clearly had the most complete library of astronomy outside of great Oppara itself. We will be starting the bidding for all of these collection at 400 gold. At it is a quite a steal at that price."

Here the bidding is a fierce three-way between the very calm black-clad gun merchants, Bassy (who is totally standing up on her seat so that her bids aren't 'missed' - and occasionally using Farmer to make sure she doesn't fall off), and the red-hatted man. Bassy bows out first, settling into her seat with a grumpy "Harumph." (And then turning to Farmer and explaining how sad this is, how that background material would have made her next romance novel truly "pop".)

Then it is just the mono-toned black-robed merchants and the red-hat. With an oath, the red-hatted man finally gives in when the bidding gets to 2,400 gold (some of which is paid for in the gold and gems that Black Willem used for his gun enchantment).

D) Sense Motive DC 15:
Gods damn, that red-hated man is really getting hot under the collar about losing some old books.
D) Sense Motive DC 20:
The man's worry seem incredibly acute, as if more rides on his job here than just a few books.

Lot 6 - Book of extended summoning

The young kid who had been Chosk's right hand when cataloging the Hunclay Manor very carefully bring a oil-skin wrapped item to the front of the stage. Unwrapping it at his father's indication, he then passes in front of the bidders, so that each one can see the magical book. "Our village's cleric of Abadar, Eupaphenia Targas," a tall brunette dressed in gilded leather armor stands towards the back of the auditorium, inclining her head to the bidders, "has confirmed that this item is a book of extended summoning. Bidding for this is starting at 550 gold."

Almost immediately the paddles of one the two white-clad merchants go up. After a moment, there are no other bids...

Barclay's Auction - Desnus 23, 4713

Lot 1 - The Birds

Once the audience (especially the people who have indicated a desire to bid) have settled, Chosk Grellen - short, rather unassuming Chosk - comes on stage. He motions to the wings, "For our first lot we have a quad of exotic avians from Garund. Bidding will start at forty gold." As he speaks the cage with the remaining birds is pushed out by his son.

To the group's left, Sir Pellen raises his paddle, calmly, indicating his interest. For a long moment there is no other moment, and Chosk's small wooden hammer is lifted. Before it has a chance to rise fully though, Lady Origena raises her own paddle, "Eighty." From their positions on opposite sides of the seating area the two bidders look at each other.

A) Sense Motive DC 15:
Totally some kind of contest of wills going on between the sheriff and the baroness.

A counter from Pellen, quickly followed by another raise from Devy. A small shake of his head and Pellen relents. Once the lot is hers Lady Devy glances at the group of the adventurers on display in the front row, nodding her head slightly.

B) Bakuu or Sense Motive DC 15:
Or to Bakuu in particular, as the baroness promised to ensure the birds would go to a home where they would be cared for.
B) Sense Motive DC 20:
Pellen looks upset at losing the bid, but far closer to livid when he realizes the baroness stepped in due to the influence of the adventurers.

The bird lot goes to Lady Devy for 180 gp.

Pasara Tanner wrote:

I think Pasara would give him nuts and stuff just out of basic friendliness, not really getting that she would be in effect adopting him. So if it's OK with the GM, I'd like to state that she's been doing this, even though I hadn't been saying so at the time.

And she'll be happy to bid on him/recompense the estate if need be.

Doing so retrospectively in flex is always ok :). However, knowing that...

Hunclay's Cave
For the first time since he claimed Pasara, the little bird willingly leaves her shoulder (for something other than a proper offering of nuts and fruit). As Pasara moves into the cave, the little bird flaps over to Pasara's bag - bravely chopping on the fingers of anyone who would dare touch his mistresses belongings.

Mathazic thus has a small parrot bite bleeding between the thumb and pointer on his left had when the group comes out to fight the wolves.

Pasara Tanner wrote:
Is the parrot still claiming her? Still using her shoulder as a roost?

Only if Pasara provided him with nuts and other food-type things. Otherwise he would have returned to the place with food.

Just so you know, you don't have to finish the craft roll before starting that scene.

Also, because people in Belhaim gossip like the dickens and the following would have been of interest to Fenyx. Black Willem often crafts more ammo at a bend in the river near the tinker's house. For the past week, "that poor dairy girl who was taken by kobolds" has "been bothering that nice rat" / "taken an unholy interest in the animal folk" / "walks around smelling like the nine hells itself."

Since there has been an expressed interest, the following is how the auction/bidding will work.

    Auction Protocol:
  • Step 1: Chosk names the relevant lot and states the opening bid.
  • Step 2: The interested PC gets to make the first bid. All bids must be made in multiples of the listed opening bid. The PC attempts a single Bluff or Intimidate check. For each multiple by which the PC exceeds the opening bid, the PC gains a +2 bonus on the check. For example, if a PC bids 100 gp for the exotic birds, she gains a +2 bonus on the check; if she bids 150 gp, she gains a +4 bonus. Allies can’t aid another on this check. Any competing bidder whose outbid DC is equal to or lower than the result of this check is driven off. If not,
  • Step 3: The competing bidders place their bids, causing the current bid for the lot to increase by an amount equal to the lot’s starting bid. Control returns to the bidding PC, if the PC wishes to make a new bid then they can make a new Bluff/Intimidate check.
  • And because of the superb job the group did clearing Hunclay's house, the estate will cover 50% of any PC bids.

I will still do summary posts of lots for which the PCs are not interested.

Also note, if you were having any upgrades to your weapons or armor done by the traveling merchants, you would have gotten back your equipment by the time of the auction. Maybe just before the auction, but you have it.

With just a hint of glum reality, "Nope."

"Odds are that nothing as dangerous will happen again in her lifetime. This is the most terrifyingly thing that has happened in Belhaim since the plague of dragons." A quiet sip on the tea, and she refills both cups as they run low. "At least that has been open for public discussion."

With just the slightest heat in her voice, completely not directed at Willem, "There are also the idiots who seem to think if you hadn't come to town then nothing bad would have happened. Ostriches who blithely ignore that Fre went missing months before you showed up."

She sips at her tea, not really expecting a response from the taciturn gunsmith. But like the tea, her words are a way of showing her support of the strange visitors.

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Barclay's Auction - Desnus 23, 4713

The morning breaks over the swamp, quickly chasing away the low fog and heating the early spring morning. At breakfast, Talia is her normal motherly cheerful self, babbling a bit about the auction planned for the afternoon, "..and do you think we'll get very many more outsiders for it?"

The mood in the town itself does seem to carry a bit of a festival mood with many of the more mundane shops closed as the proprietors take advantage to mingle with both their neighbors and the newcomers.

About mid-day, a carriage rolls into town. Alighting from the closed compartment is a primly dressed half-orc. He stops for tea at the Wise Piper as he waits for the final hours to pass until the auction starts.

And then, finally, the auction itself! Most of the townsfolk fill the higher levels of the outdoor auditorium being used for the events, whereas your group (even though you did tell Lady Devy you probably weren't bidding on anything) is directed to the prime row of seat right in the front. Also in the front part of the audience are those people that are interested in bidding: the black-clad merchants, the white-clad Kaliophats, the half-orc, a man in a jaunty red hat with a blue feather. Even a few of the townsfolk: Sir Pelle (the sheriff), Bassy (the gnome historian), Lady Devy and her son, Melanctha Adras (one of the few gentry in Belhaim), Swerlo Grayhands (propritor of the Grayhand Tavern).

I'm going to list the lots here. If there are any lots any of the PCs are interested, I'll run through the biding process. If not, I'll do a few summary posts of the auction and the winners.

  • Lot# - Item - Opening Bid
  • 1 Exotic birds (50 gp)
  • 2 Kitchen lot (100 gp)
  • 3 Parlor lot (300 gp)
  • 4 Dining room lot (200 gp)
  • 5 Library lot (400 gp)
  • 6 Stuffed grizzly bear (60 gp)
  • 7 Book of extended summoning (550 gp)
  • 8 Flesh golem manual (2,000 gp)
  • 9 Manual of war (1,500 gp)
  • 10 Assorted potions (660 gp)
  • 11 Assorted scrolls (255 gp)
  • 12 Hunclay’s spellbooks (4,000 gp)
  • 13 Bedroom lot (440 gp)
  • 14 Observatory lot (1,000 gp)
  • 15 Storage lot (500 gp)
  • 16 Clockwork lab lot (1,000 gp)
  • 17 Summoning journal (1,000 gp)
  • 18 Rare book lot (1,100 gp)
  • 19 Dust of Darkness (400 gp)
  • 20 Mithral scroll tube (300 gp)

Xemne's Shop:
Xemne wrote:

Farmer noticed that Xemne was far more tense when the small bell above her door chimed his entrance, but relaxed when she sees the slow moving man. She breathes out, shaking her head, "F~~&ing profiteers."

She pulls out her small mithral shot glasses, these ones chilled and smoking even in the cool interior of the alchemist's shop. "These a%%%%!~s roll in from Druma looking for everything they can buy up, knowing they'll just turn around and sell it." She pours herself a shot, taking it. "Selling it for more than its worth just because they can call it unique or crafted or some f%$$ like that."

And perhaps with more venom than it warrants, "F@!~ing Kaliphats."

Farmer wrote:
Farmer tips his shot glass toward her. "Tell me," he says. He is obviously curious, and this is his subtle pry.

She pours herself (and Farmer, if his glass is empty) another slug. She shakes her head, "They are like any of other religious fundamentalist, anything the disagrees with their faith is crushed underfoot. Only their religion is the acquisition of money and the people that suffer for it are the small craftsmen and farmers who get caught up in it."

She shakes her head, another shot, her brown eyes bright, "Most of the people in this town work on barter. A little cream here for a some apples or meat here. There just isn't the quantity of gold..." Another drink, "So of course they are completely flabbergasted when someone offers them gold," angry aside, "even if it would barely cover the worth of the raw materials in a city, only they don't realize that with the bastard buying everything up, you are left with a town of people with gold that can buy nothing because there is nothing to buy because those bastard already took it."

"You can't eat gold." Another shot slams into her, "Nor damn well drink it."

Picnic Group:
"But" Aka says playfully, "having something..or nicely at hand that would naturally spook Onyx is exactly what we can use right now!" she throws Maffei a contrived pout, "after all, we don't want her causing trouble for Pasara when something actually hostile is in the area, do we?"

Maffei clearly can't say no to such a reasonably phrased request... And her presence does indeed cause Onyx (and to a lesser extent Hana) to shy, even come close to bucking when the shady woman comes close. All in all, good training for combat, dragons, and all other manner of creepy things that happen to adventurers.

"So, out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite things to eat?"

Maffei's gaze roams over the basket, "Eat?" sounding out the word. She shakes her head, "I'm sorry, I don't know that word in your language yet."

After the encounter with the merchants
chava wrote:
In the night, Willem's sharp ears catch the sound of someone moving quietly outside of his door. Not touching the knob, but moving around, and a the quiet but solid sound of something lightly kissing the wood to the left of the door.

And the next morning, when Willem exits there is a small walking stick, it's top just above waist level on the small ratkin. The stick remains next to the door, untouched, if Willem leaves it.

Riverside Gunsmithing
The tinkerer takes no offense at the possibly mistaken identity. She does stop lurking, placing the teapot on the ground while she unfolds a metal stool, then a small little table, before finally offering Willem a second (smaller) stool. She pours him a cup, then herself. For a long time she just watches the flow of the river. After the first cup, "It's very kind of you to give her something to race towards, it's much better than running from."

Picnic Group:
Fenyx wrote:

Fenyx looks over to the man that was encountered earlier.

"Whatever this young lady has is not to be counted among the items to be auctioned. Whatever else you find is yours to catalog." Fenyx bows and looks to Akatsuki on where to go next.

Chosk (and his son) are watching the group. Or maybe they are watching the slight amount of chilled fog that rises from Maffei's body.

Either way, Chosk nods in agreement that he will not be including Maffei's gear in the auction.

Aka wrote:

"No rush. No rush at all." Aka says, swinging up into her saddle, "Sure I can't convince you to try joining me?" she asks, holding a hand out to Maffei.

"Like I said, just a chance to spend some time with some friends, working in a little training for Onyx and..well.. most of the rest we've already done." she glances at Maffei, smiles again.

She watches the horses with almost the same caution as Willem does. "I'd prefer not to spook them, given a choice." But she smiles.

And later in the nice, shaded glen picked for the picnic, she seems to enjoy watching the two girls work with the animals.

B) Picnic Group with Handle Animal DC 15:
Aka wrote:
"if you decide otherwise, I'm sure Hana will humor me." she pats Hana's neck, then fishes out a carrot from her pack. "Won't you girl?"

When Hana catches scent of Maffei, she does shy away. Although she doesn't seem inclined to attack or run, it is the same unease that the mare has around Willem.

C) Picnic Group with Perception DC 20:
There may be a few responding mini-howls... yips really... off in the distance. Probably at least a quarter mile off.

She managed to pick out everything that is visible on the gun, but Willem needs to add the internal mechanisms to her pile. Once he does, she very carefully rolls the bundle so that none of the components will slip out and "Yes, sir." Almost tripping over her own feet as she darts around the nearby tinkerer's shop.

After the girl has been gone for about 10 minutes, the same quiet, slightly bony woman appears, with her self-heating pot. There is a slight half-grin as she places it near to Willem. "I don't think Xemne has any tea, although she may well use it as a base for one of her brews." She nods her head, "But I am very happy to share."

Picnic Group:
Aka wrote:
Akatsuki takes Maffei's hand (if she is able), "Maffei, especially if you not able to find your way home yet, you are definitely welcome to accompany us wherever we are going for as long as you would like to. And thank you for the offer."

Aka's is able to take Maffei's hand, but its form seems mallable. Additionally, Aka notices that the woman is cold.

Horse offers

Quietly, just before she moves outside of the house with the group, Maffei comments, "Normal sunlight doesn't hurt my kind, but we blend with the shadows, so it is a easier state for us."

Outside, Maffei does draw stares from the people working to assay the building. As odd as the group of adventurers are, they are solid creatures of this world, Maffei is not.

"I can ride, but many animals don't like my kind." She smiles at Fenyx, "And if my riding means you'd have to ride, then I wouldn't mind walking myself. It has been a long time since I've gotten to stretch."

Willem wrote:
"Better slow and right than fast and wrong."

The merchant says nothing more, just moves into the shadows of the wagon, leaving the wares to be watched by the other black-clad merchant.

She smiles, just a little. "I'll have to see if Ms. Xemne will let me do some work in her shop in exchange for oil until I learn how to make it."

She looks at her small pile of metal. "I like your weapon but I think I'd like some distance, but I think I should make sure all the pieces are clean before I put them together." She looks to Willem for approval, "Right?"

Getting your bow upgraded to magic would not be a problem :)

Picnic Group @ Hunclay's:
Pasara wrote:
She crosses over to where Aka and Maffei are after Maffei's collision with the stone wall. "Are you all right? I'm sorry the Dust didn't offer better protection."

As soon as she is out of the direct range of the light, Maffei sits with her back to a wall. She looks at Pasara and her blue eyes are bright, her voice with a shadow of pain but happy. "It offered a great deal of protection, Pasara. When I tried to do that last time, I had only gotten a single stride into the light and it striped away half of my body."

Aka wrote:
"I'm not sure what's going to happen here. It's meant to help you, but I don't know how this will affect a being like yourself. Let me know if it hurts please." Akatsuki's hand begins to glow with a warm healing radiance.

Aka's healing touch causes the smoke to stop leaking and Maffei's form grows a bit more solid. Her had settles on Aka's, "That's good, thank you."

Fenyx wrote:
"Is there anything else we can help you with to get you home?"

"Not unless you can open a gate or travel the planes." She says softly, but not unkindly.

Pasara wrote:
"Or if we can't get you home, is there anything we can do to help you manage during your stay on our plane of existence?"

"I owe you all my life." A simple fact to her, regardless of any argument from any of the group. "Since I'm fated to be on this plane for at least a while, I'd like to help you. I'm still weakened by the wall... but I'm good with my blades. And if I could be fully restored, I'll have my kind's natural affinity to shadow magic once again."

A pause, "Although I'd prefer to not stay in the human town, humans... don't normally react to my kind as well as you all have."

Another pause, longer, "And assuming that you even want my help." Just the hint of a self-deprecating tone.

Picnic Group Forest:
Meanwhile, when Aka is no longer keeping her attention fixed on Onyx, her gaze wanders over the forest line looking for any signs of Lady or any other wolf.

Onyx's training is going well, although she would still shy at the loud explosions of either magic or ... well... explosive like those the ratkin uses. But even after only two weeks, her gait is smoother, making it easier for Pasara to cast from her back.

1d100 ⇒ 18

And perhaps, towards the end of the picnic, you may hear a wolf's howl coming from the northern part of the wood.

Willem wrote:
"Then I suppose you should hold onto that and get started," Willem says. He puts his hand down as though to rest on the pommel of his gun, but as it's not there, the hand slips. He spends the rest of the day awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

"Be about three days. Sibling could do it in less," the voice frankly honest, "but I'll have to do it slower."

After the encounter with the merchants

In the night, Willem's sharp ears catch the sound of someone moving quietly outside of his door. Not touching the knob, but moving around, and a the quiet but solid sound of something lightly kissing the wood to the left of the door.

When she comes, she is shelping a heavy backpack. At Willem's instruction she carefully sets her own bag on the ground. She goes through each piece of metal. Her eyes flashing over to Willem's gun as she does so. About halfway through her brown furrows, her fingers rubbing at small crevice on the metal filled with gunk and the remains of powder. "Willem? The oil that you use to keep your own weapon clean, is it special oil?"

Although there is the longer barrel to create a blunderbuss, the pieces that Bophre has picked out would seem to be the start of a pistol - perhaps because she is using Willem's own weapon as a visual template.

Black Willem wrote:
"Sold," Willem says of the scrap. "Do you have access to an enchanter? I believe that would be the way to improve this."

"Access to the work of a enchanter." A tap on the maker mark on the finished pistol. "I have some tools and..." the hands make a fluttering gesture that means nothing to Willem. "My sibling said that I should be able to bind the magic to new weapons, if they are crafted well enough."

A shrug, "I don't really know how it works, but if it doesn't, I wouldn't expect to be paid."

The merchant does take the offered gold, returning the leather to its place in the wagon once Willem has taken what he needs.

Gottcha. (Was guessing that was the case from the question.)

Without a single word or look more, Bophre bolts off. But her eyes are bright and she has a wide grin.

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
She flashes those cloaked in robes of humorlessness a friendly smile, "Methinks short, furry and testosterone laced here is more to your liking then myself. I shall bed thee adieu."

There is a slight movement from the shoulders of the black-clad merchant, "Neither he nor ye is really to my taste."

Aka wrote:
...though at the sight of the blades, her stride falters for a half step before continuing on.

They are incredibly beautiful and seemingly well-made blades.

Black Willem wrote:
At the request of the merchant, Willem peers up suspiciously. He's especially concerned with the big, dumb, meaty hands of the humans. Finally, he carefully unloads the weapon, and hands it over. "Have a care. And while you're at it, show me the most beaten-up, barely-fires, hunk of metal barely free of the scrap pile you've got. Pistol, blunderbuss, musket. Matters not to me, so long as it's sized for a human."

The thick hands take Willem's gun, carefully holding it so that nothing brushes against the trigger. At Willem's request the merchant shrugs, the exact same gesture used when responding to Aka's comment. A paced shuffle, then a clunky leather bag. "Might work for spare parts. Welcome to anything in there for 4d10 ⇒ (1, 3, 6, 9) = 19 gold."

Meanwhile, the merchant examines, Willem's gun with care. A small, hurmpf from beneath the black fabric when the barely visible etch of the original maker's mark is found. The gun is returned, "Well cared for." A simple truth, spoken flatly. "Are you looking for a spare weapon or might you be interested in upgrading your own?"

Looking through the scrap and beat metal, Willem thinks he could tinker together a pistol or a blunderbuss.

She grins, "That I can scrounge up. And I can filtch some wool shavings from Old Magara... Would that work for practice?"

Pasara wrote:

"This dust should act as a personal Darkness spell, but powerful enough to counteract the effects of that Wall of Light. In normal conditions I'd expect it to last a minute. But in the conditions in the Wall? I don't know. Are you ready?"

When Maffei indicates her readiness, Pasara begins applying the Dust.

Maffei nods. The dust doesn't just settle on the surface of her form, but seems to sink in randomly, as if her form is malleable in a manner completely alien to this plane.

Aka wrote:
"Don't say that." Aka responds, "Even if this doesn't work, we'll find another way to get you free." Her nervous shifting, belies the conviction she tries to put in her words.

"We'll see." Maffei says, just before she makes the attempt to move past the wall of blinding light.

Right when she steps into the effective area of the wall spell, the wall dims ever so slightly, but Maffei's smokey body starts to leak a gray smoke and she stumbles. Despite that, she continues on, running now until she slams into the stone wall at the far side. Falling, then crawling further away from the light.

They do no seem to be that opposite. Although, they did seem to see the interplay. They do however, have a number of goods placed to catch the eye. Mostly shiny things designed to catch the eye and draw in a casual shopper.

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Me'mori wrote:
Kess' Bio wrote:
While still one win shy of being considered “bloodied,”
*curious* is that not supposed to be "blooded"?


People of the River/Tymon wrote:
The Rule of Blood states that any citizen who wins 10 fights in the Arena of Aroden is considered “bloodied”—a status that grants certain rights, among them the rights to own land and to carry weapons openly.

Picnic @ Hunclay's:
Aka wrote:
"Well it's very nice when you sing it." Aka says, then adds with a laugh, "I shall make no attempt to do so."

There is a small, smokey chuckle, "I'd probably sound wretched singing something from your world. It's just a matter of familiarity at times."

Pasara wrote:
She turns to Maffei. "I don't know how long this Dust will shut down the Wall of Incredibly Bright Light, assuming it works like I think it should. So you should be prepared to move quickly," she say with a smile.

The smokey form blurs as Maffei moves, staying out of the bright light, but preparing herself for quick movement. She stills for a moment and the bright blue eyes look at Pasara and Aka, "And just in case it doesn't work for long enough." Her head inclines, "Thank you. And it is much better to be free and gone, than safe in a cage."

Black Willem wrote:
"Real weapons, Miss Yume. Smell the brimstone?" Willem taps his twitching nose. He turns to the merchant. "Show your wares to one who appreciates them."

The black-clad merchant looks Willem's way, then leans back to knock on the frame of the wagon door. From inside there is a metallic clank and the chunk-thud of large gears turning slowly. The side of the wagon opens horizontilly, revealing a dark and metal-strewn interior. On the walls nearest the opening there are a number of swords, the metal gleaming with blue patterns running through the blade. The second heavily robed merchant moves to the window sill, placing a few objects wrapped in oiled skins darkened by powder. Within are weapons which could be similar to Willem's, although none that match exactly.

The merchant inside looks Willem up and down, the eyes remaining the longest on the flared end of Willem pistol. This one's voice is dry, cracked like leather left to bake in the desert. "Might work as a backup for you." One hand, dark and leathered like the voice emerges from the robes, the fingertips dark, black worked into the cracks. "May I see yours?"

Standard models of the pistol, blunderbuss, and musket. All in good repair and well-maintained. Based on the lack of modifications, Willem would guess none had spent time in the Shackles, meaning they were imported directly from Alkenstar. However, minute changes in the design would indicate a crafter that learned in Alkenstar and is practicing their trade elsewhere.

At that she grins, "I didn't think so. I remember Da saying that you never respect something unless you know how to build it from nothing." Maybe just a flash of sadness at the thought. Then her brow furrows, "Tube?"

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
"Archaic?" Akatsuki says with a tinkling laugh and an eyebrow arching in curious, "So what do you have then?"

The same flat tone. "Unique devices wherein lead is impelled by volatile gases to the destruction of those that get in your way." A little pause, "We also have swords."

Xemne's Shop:
Farmer noticed that Xemne was far more tense when the small bell above her door chimed his entrance, but relaxed when she sees the slow moving man. She breathes out, shaking her head, "F#@@ing profiteers."

She pulls out her small mithral shot glasses, these ones chilled and smoking even in the cool interior of the alchemist's shop. "These a!~#%#$s roll in from Druma looking for everything they can buy up, knowing they'll just turn around and sell it." She pours herself a shot, taking it. "Selling it for more than its worth just because they can call it unique or crafted or some f$~# like that."

And perhaps with more venom than it warrants, "F@#@ing Kaliphats."

She stops, turns, her eyes wide, surprised. "But don't I have to make own weapon first?"

She looks at his pistol, "I mean... isn't there a chance I'd break it?"

Time Grows Short - Desnus 17-22, 4713

Farmer Odell wrote:
Farmer guards his alcohol supply zealously.

Farmer in particular may notice that Xemne starts closing her shop whenever she sees a hint of white - making that a poor clothing choice if you want to purchase any of her wares.

Merchant Watchers

The people of Belhaim adjust to the new merchants as they do with most things - lots of observation, a great deal of gossiping, and even a little interaction. Although mostly the first two, because it is much easier to create gossip when you don't know any of the actual facts.

A) Perception DC 20:
In addition to watching the merchants, it is clear that some of the townsfolk are also watching Willem watching the merchants.

At least the group of women in their late teens - once all clustered together (for safety!), you spot one making a motion like a tricorn hat pulled low, and another one definitely says, "SO adorable!"

B) Willem or Perception DC 20:
Occasionally when the wind blows from the black-clad merchant's wagon, you catch a brimstone bite to the odor.

Akatsuki no Yume wrote:
Akatsuki returns to Belhaim in the afternoon and wanders through. Happening past a merchant or two, she approaches. "Hi there. My name is Akatsuki no Yume. Are you just picking up things to sell elsewhere or do you have wares as well?"

Aka happens to wander up to one of the two black-clad merchants, just as one exits their wagon. They are brought up short by Aka's bright introduction, and clearly examines her from beneath the heavy black folds of cloth shielding their expression. Finally a gruff yet oddly soft voice, "We've wares. But none for such an archaic projectile weapon."

Picnic, Hunclay's:
Maffei, to Aka: "It's just a bedtime song my maternal would sing to me," her smoky body shifts slightly, "It doesn't translate well into your language."

Maffei, to Fenyx: "When I was dragged here, I had a small bag, my armor, and my weapons. A scimitar and a short sword." (The armor and the weapons are on the table where the group left them, the bag was not there when you came in the first place.)

Fenyx re light wall: Examining the wall of light with more care, the magic does seem to have been heightened into a much stronger level than a base daylight spell - say 5th rank. As such it would require a spell of that level, or heightened to that level, to counteract it. However, Fenyx believes that a dispel would work - although it would require luck on his part to unwork the magic (ie a high roll on the caster level check). That said, it does look like the dust of darkness the group found at the cave was designed, in part, to counteract the magic of the wall - at least as a last resort.

Fenyx re other walls: The other walls do not appear to have been warded or strengthened by magic. However they do seem to be relatively thick - someone with an engineering background could probably figure out the easiest and safest place to break the walls of the prison without jeopardizing the stability of the manor house above.

Bophre nods carefully as Willem explains each component. She reaches towards him, but manages to control her first instinct before she hugs the small ratkin. With an abashed smile, she nods. "I think I can get all of the base components in a few days. Or at least the versions of them that are available in Belhaim."

She starts to leave, then turns back. "Thank you, Mr. Willem." Her voice young, but far more stable than it had been when she first intruded on his work.

Farmer would have noted that the Picnic Group invite seemed to include something about Darkness Girl.

Picnic Group / Hunclay's:
The boy duck behind his father, hiding from Aka... unless you are watching closely, in which case you'd notice the combination of young-boy crush and hero-worship.

Inside the manor house there are no unexpected workers or assayers, leaving the group free to go where they wish.

Based on the earlier conversation, I am assuming you are heading down to Maffei's prison. If there are any detours prior to that, please just let me know.

Downstairs, in the last of the prison rooms, you can hear a soft alto singing in a weirdly umlauted language.

Bophre puts her hand to her own nose, then shrugs. "It smells better than cleaning up after the cows."

She chews her bottom lip, "What do I need to get to learn how to make powder?" Her eyes move to look in the direction of the Wise Piper, far off down the river, clearly worried that Willem's transient stay will end before she has a chance to get what she needs.

Time Grows Short - Desnus 17-22, 4713

The Kalistrade merchants continue to work at buying the best that Belhaim has to offer - creating a shortage of the fine honey, cream, and spirits that some visitors at the Wise Piper may have been growing accustomed to, but the prices they pay are standard for the small town.

Appraise DC 15:
Of course, the price that many of the trade goods would draw in larger cities that don't have access to rural skills would be greater - enough to earn the merchants a fair profit.

The black-robed merchants on the other hand remain more divorced from the general flow of life in Belhaim. Rumors of the strange metallic sounds coming from their wagons flows with the ale. Towards of the end of the week, two fishermen comment on the pair as they catch a warm meal at the Piper.

For those who listen to gossip:
"What can you expect of people from Maheto, everyone knows you have to be teched to live there."

A confused look on the face of the second, "All I've heard about Maheto is that they have the finest blades around.... What did you hear?"

"Dwarves. Their all dwarves. Do either of them seem to be the right height for that?"

"No more ale for you." As he steals the almost empty mug and downs it.

Which leads very quickly to a fistfight.

Picnic Group @ Hunclay's:
The boy, maybe all of eight or nine, bats away Aka's hand with little boy indignant pride.

The man, still caught between embarrassment and still a tinge of worry about what the 'adventurers' were going to do to the property he was responsible for. He inclines his head, "Chosk Grellen, ma'am." He gently squeezes the boys shoulder, "Of Grellen and Sons."

The kid watches the group for a moment more, then he pipes up, "And I'm Lewin."

K:local DC 15:
Grellen and Sons is a moneychangers, on the northern side of the town, although the three-generation business always has a presence when visiting merchants come to town.

Picnic Group @ Hunclay's:
Fenyx wrote:
Fenyx looks at the man as he ties up his horse to the post.

Hana moves up next to Fenyx's horse. Completely innocently.

Fenyx wrote:
Fenyx bows and then heads to the front door.

The man's mouth opens, clear prelude to some kind of comment when...

Aka wrote:
Curves and coy looks and curling of hair

Aka's actions tongue-tie the clerical man. Who stammers.

Then, from right near the man's left elbow, the young boy who had been working as a errand boy when the group approached, "Dad... These are the adventurers staying at Auntie Talia's." A pause then his voice gets that sing song, 'you're gonna be in trouble' tone, "And Mama is gonna be so happy when I tell all about meeting them."

Abruptly the man makes sure to put a significant amount of distance between himself and Aka. He waves to the house, where Fenyx is almost at the front door. "I'm sure the Baroness won't mind that you still have things to finish up."

She nods. "Make sure the powder is dry and fine." Her eyes flicker over the different powder that are combined to create the correct balance of alchemy. "In the pistol, powder, wading, bullet, wading. Everything tamped down that it becomes a continuous whole rather than separate parts."

She doesn't reach for the weapon, although Willem can read the desire to want to in her eyes. "I understand." A pause, and she shakes her head, "Not true. I remember and understand all the steps, and I understand why what you've told me is important to give the bite to the weapon." A half-smile, "I don't understand how something that you explain to be so simple can become something... more."

The half-smile, grows just a bit more, hopeful, "But I'd like to understand more." Her forehead furrows, "Or at least as much as I can before you move on to someplace more."

Sorry Aka and Fenyx - I have your post about half-written, but I'm in the final rush push for my workday. I'll finish it as soon as i get home.

A long pause, although she continues to watch Willem's hands rather than anything else. Her eyes close once Willem finishes speaking and when they open the lines of her face are smooth. "What is the first thing I need to learn to do to harness this weapon?" Voice steady if a little hollow.

Picnic Group:
"Maffei..." He looks down at his papers picking through them. "I don't have a note about that. The only thing noted as not part of the estate are 'armor and weapons in basement near light wall'." He looks suspiciously at the group, then very calmly, "Do you have any evidence that you are working on behalf of the Baroness? Because it is my responsibility to keep the house from being robbed, looted, or damaged prior to the sale." He moves to keep himself between them and the house.

Her hand moves closer to both the bullet and the pellets, pausing, waiting to get a small sign of approval before she touches. Once she has it, she feels the differing weights of the two projectiles, allows them to roll over her palm. A number of times she glances at Willem then back at the lead. Finally, with a little confidence, "And what brings them together is your weapon." Her forehead furrows as she remembers, "Your pistol. But without the powder and the lead, the pistol would only be as useful as a club."

She puts down the bullet, looking at the slight streaks of black on her hands, her eyes moving to the tips of Willem's fingers, then to the clean metal of the pistol. A long hard look, then she looks over her shoulder to the south, dark edges in her young eyes.

"The entire time I was captured, all I wanted was to be able to come home." Her confession is quiet, quick, guilty. "But... I love my family. I know they just want me to be safe." Her words trail off, "I don't fit there..."

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It was in Shattered Star #6

If we are thinking of the same article.

Bophre pulls back, wincing at the sudden bright light, but immediately leans back in, needing more. After a while, she looks suspiciously at the ratfolk, "You have to have a trick to it though, because what you're doing looks too easy for it to really be that easy." She says with a half-grin, then a thoughtful line between her eyes, "Or is it the step after? The translation from powder to your weapon that makes it so deadly?"

Picnic Group:
The man waves back uncertainly at Aka, but his eyes widen as the group moves towards the front door. Hurriedly, the man starts to move - run, really - to intersect their path. When he gets into hearing distance, he smiles apologetically, lifting his hands in a placating gesture. "I know you are probably interested in the auction goods, but we really aren't ready yet." He explains.

"The group the Baroness had do the initial evaluation did a..." he pauses, clearly searching for the words he wants to use, "adequate job, but their inventory needs some work." He grins, "But the auction will be on the 23rd and you will have a chance to see all of the lots prior to the auction itself." He nods.

She starts when Willem speaks to her and for a moment she pulls deeper into the shadows that don't exist for the deep-seeing rat. But she moves forwards, carefully moving so that she makes as little sound as possible in her passage, her eyes squinting against the sunlight that had been denied to her for long months. The intesity that had been on Willem's full body now telescopes down just to his hands and the work he is doing.

Quietly, after she has seen him put together a few shells, "I keep waiting for the step where you put fire magic in so they work."

Picnic Group (Aka/Pasara/Fenyx/etc):
When the group gets to Hunclay's they find a small group of people, directed by a small, wiry man with short, clean beard and mustache surveying the exterior. The man has a pad of paper, and seems to be taking meticulous notes as he moves around the manor house, directing a boy to mark the imperfections he sees.

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I always read the antagonism between Taldor and Qadira to be mutual as opposed to having one clear aggressor - since both sides were in active expansionist modes in the 0-100 AR time frame and on. I mean at the same time that you have the Padadish Emperor pushing west towards Taldor, you have Taldor sending out its Armies of Exploration.

Edit: Misread my notes. Taldor's Armies of Expansion predated the Kelesh occupation of Osirian by 1,000 years (although the Taldor's expansionist period continued on from 37 AR - 2113 AR). And the Kelesh push into Taldor as the Taldane empire started to weaken. So... really just taking advantage of a previous aggressor losing power.

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heliodorus04 wrote:
So as I design maps, particularly maps for the web page that everyone will access for background data, I want to have a map of the region that does not have "Razmiran" and its boundaries.

I think this is the only thing that there may be an issue for. You'd need to check out the Community Use Policy which covers what you can use Pathfinder stuff in a non-commercial sense.

IF you were just creating the maps for your gaming group and sharing them privately - then I can verify that the paizo pdfs allow you to export them from the pdf into image files that have none of the markings on them (ie no country borders, no towns, just the land and waterways).

However - if you are planning to have them on a public site, then I think you need to create your own map from the base up - even if it heavily uses the paizo art for inspiration.

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Just the blog - which is a preview for the final version which will be in the book released in August.

A little more of the tension eases from Lady Devy as she smiles at the two proven protectors agree to stay in the little town.

More Time and More Visitors - Desnus 10-16, 4713

The beginning part of the week is dampened by summer squalls, although it doesn't stop those that need to care for animals and fields from earning their daily bread. Towards the end of the week, another covered wagon pulls into town. A... humanoid... dressed in dark robes which mask most distinguishing features exits at the garrison (right across the road from the Wise Piper) and enters - most likely introducing themselves at the official looking building.

Belhaim's base value is temporarily increase to 2,250 gp and the purchase value to 7,000 gp.

The keen-eared rat hears the crunch of footsteps, although it is clear the girl is trying to be quiet as she sneaks up through the shadows that over look the hill where Willem crafts the ammunition for his exotic weapon. Even if Willem hadn't heard her approach, the intensity of her regard would have alerted the gunslinger.

LOOT DISTRIBUTION - Payment for Hunclay and Wolves

From Lady Devy for securing the Hunclay manor and wealth: 8,000 gp
From Old Man Pater for stopping the dire wolf: 800 gp

Which gives each PC 1,258 gp.

Please note that Belhaim's base value has increased to 1,750 temporarily, and I do plan on it rising above 2k while the auction participates are in town, but some purchases may require interacting with the visitors. (enter evil grin here)

Lady Devy nods, but there is still a tension in her hands. "At least here in Belhaim there are few people with the wealth or power to do such things without notice." She smiles at Willem, "It's a small comfort and this particular victory tastes of ash."

A deep breath, "However, in the vein of a victory for commerce,between the coins you found and my own funds, we have the liquidity needed to pay you for your services." She smiles. "Although, I do hope that you will choose to stay through the auction." She chuckles, "For my own self-interest, that is. I'm hoping the auction will draw a number of interested collectors and merchants, but I am worried that some will be less trustworthy." With that she pulls out a small chest and places it on the table with a heavy thud.

Black Willem wrote:
Willem begins to eat with his usual aversion to anything even approaching table manners. Then, with his mouth full, he says, "Your wizard saw fit to keep a menagerie on his property." He pauses, fishes something from between his incisors, leaving behind a smudge of black powder on his teeth. "Might think of a city ordinance to prevent such activity in the future."

Her eyes drop down, contemplating the heat rising from the brew in her hands. When she looks back at Willem there are hard lines on her face, but her eyes are wet. "I thought we had." She takes a sip of the coffee, "I'm not a fan of the indentured servitude that is used because slavery is out of favor." She shakes her head, "But my normal means of knowing I have to do something relies on someone seeing something. With Hunclay, not a single of the creatures who were locked away ever passed the front door, there was nothing I could see, so I didn't know."

"For what was going on in that house, I would have needed to have the right to push my way in with no indication it was needed." A almost helpless shrug, "Proves this town is probably too close to Andoran, but that type of absolute tyranny would be wrong."

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The ones who have B&W images on the covers are from the Adventure Paths (like this one). That or the web fiction collections are $.99 and the AP collections are $4.99 (i think) those are the two fastest ways that I've been able to tell them apart at a glance.

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Thank you Sharaya!

(.... that was really all I needed to know :) )

To those on the rickety roof:
Using her own foot as a comparison, the print on the roof is just a bit shorter. Which... seems to be a little smaller than the dire wolf's but not excessively so - maybe the weathering shrank it.

Evening of Desnus 3

Aka easily finds Talia and her eldest girl cleaning up the kitchen in the aftermath of dinner and the round of drinks that followed. At the request, Talia smiles, "How early do think you'll need the basket, dear?"

Rewards We Reap - Desnus 5

Early in the morning, just around the time when Talia normally has breakfast ready for her inn's guests, those of the group who partake find Lady Devy sitting at the large central table, sipping on a dark brown, rich brew. She waves as she sees you, smiling, although she doesn't seem in a rush. On the table near her are a number of parchments and scrolls.

Perception DC 15:
And tucked under her chair is a small, solid chest.

"The inventory for the auction is going steadily." Her smile tweaks up, a foxish grin, "And, as expected, neither Chosk nor any of his assistants have found any unwelcome surprises." She inclines her head, formally. "Thank you very much for the job you did."

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