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Egil Firehair wrote:


Custom Order

Hang In There
Mounted Tradition
Seasoned Archivist/Taldan Courtier

PM Sent.

A mysterious cube lies on the table.

Okay, I thought I was missing something, heh.

Do we have materials to make new 2E characters yet?


Ah, I see. Sounds like even if I could transfer it, it's not what Game Masquerade is looking for. Thanks for clarifying.


Game Masquerade wrote:

HAVE: Dhampir

WANT: Spinosaurus (or any other extraordinary companion), but I am open to other offers.

A question for this thread: I completed three scenarios. The third scenario's chronicle sheet allows me to gain a new animal companion if I present all 3.

Am I able to trade these three sheets? I guess I can write "Boon Traded Away" on my sheet or something...

(If it helps, I'm talking about the Axe Beak from Quest for Perfection.)

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It's a lot more interesting than +3/+6 Skill check bonuses, that's for sure.

Thanks for the catch, I just reported a success in H.

Note there are very few tier 3 games. Most of the time you'll have to play a 1-2 or 4-5 game and get the out of tier rewards until you're level 4.

Thanks for the info. I learn something new every day.

Lynn Kuro wrote:
Just so i'm absolutely clear before i solidify things beyond repair. Gunslinger is PFS legal, and it's pretty safe to assume with 18 prestige one could find a seller of firearms in Absalom in-between scenario's right?

You're a Gunslinger, so it's totally legal for you to find and purchase a firearm in PFS.

The only restriction I heard is that for PFS, you must have at least 1 level of Gunslinger to own a firearm.

***Token #2***

Passing Aid Token to: Aerondor
Current Boosts: Provide Knowledge, Hard DC (x2) & Burst of Healing

Have fun!

I'd definitely playtest with unofficial PFS2 characters. It's a good way to test out bad builds.

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Huh, interesting point. It does address some of my problems with skills, as the level 20 Fighter with no ranks in Knowledge(Religion) is dumber than the level 1 Cleric fresh out of school. Kind of weird that this legendary warrior still doesn't know what a zombie does.

Also, adding a flat bonus to increase enemy stats is very useful. Making monsters for my homebrew Pathfinder game is extremely daunting.

Thanks for adding this thread.

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I hope no one actually thought 1e would hold up forever. I got over that when 3.5 was announced, and then a second time when Pathfinder began to consume all my 3.5 books. Let's face it here: The need to remain compatible with 3.5 was a necessary evil that is now a 10-year old albatross. I mean we still joke about the 5ft step and the "feat tax" of combat maneuver prereq feats besides Power Attack.

We're going to be playing 1e for a while when 2e comes out anyway; most of the 1e classes and features will definitely not be available when the 2e Core Rulebook comes out, and PFS will have 10 years of 1e content as 2e just gets started.

I saw the writing on the wall with Starfinder, anyway: it was clear they took 1e, updated the rules and then changed the setting to make sure it was incompatible with Swords & Sorcery so no one got confused. It was only a matter of time until they took feedback from those mechanics changes and put them back in to Pathfinder.

Man, Paizo's grown pretty big over the years, huh? Remember when they were just a publishing wing for those 3.5 Wizards?

Some ignore encumbrance, some do follow encumbrance. It's inconsistent.

I did notice when HeroLab would disagree with the pregens, but I always followed the pregen text.

Ed will continue to stumble blindly unless someone can tell him where to go (and assuming he acts normally)

Still waiting...

CORE can take resources from the Core Rulebook, Additional Web Traits and the Guide to PFS Organized Play. Anything you find in a chronicle sheet with your CORE character can also be used.

you can read the announcement here and the CORE FAQ here.

Doubtful is pretty good. Plus he will warn you if your thread is inactive. ;)
That level 6 is my highest character, so I'd have to go with a pregen.

I'll let Doubtful take the spot. Enjoy!

What's the subtier? I have a level 6 Monk/Fighter available. If that's too low, I can bring in a Core Rogue.

Oh, it's a PFS game, yeah I don't have anyone in tier. Good luck and have fun!

I'd love to join up on this, I have a Gnome plant druid/shaman I've been thinking about for a while.

Woohoo! Thanks for checking!

Mission accomplished just in time for the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Happy New Years (I'm not going to post again in 4 hours, so...)

Okay, the Wizard looks good to me.

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511. Reading bedtime stories to poor orphans...only for his detect scrying spell to activate. He stares into the sensors and yells "Uhhh, this is totally an evil act, I promise. Um, eeeeeevilll!"

woo hoo! We did it!

Okay, Imrijka is ready for review.

I guess I'll look at pregen monk to finish off core... nvm someone's working on it.

Inquisitor it is!

The Man Behind the Curtain wrote:
Looks like there isn't much interest in the Overflow Archives at this moment. Any requests from seasons 4-7? Looks like there is one request for The Disappeared, anyone else want to second that or give any other recommendations?

As one of the two (wow, two?) people who signed up for Overflow Archives, I'm willing to try out The Disappeared instead.

I'll definitely have more time in the next few weeks once class ends and my vacation starts.


*pokes head in*
*sees a lot of GM stars*

So I have a samsaran race boon. Would anyone be willing to trade for a Tiefling boon?

djpika wrote:
Why is there so much interest in playing core?
  • Some people want to play a scenario again without burning GM stars
  • it's an easy way for GMs to get two games for the price of one scenario.
  • Some people don't like the accumulation of extra rulebooks and want to keep it simple.
  • Also, you don't need to buy anything to play CORE.

  • The Slayer Zadim is ready to review.

    Only report your games through the pbpgameday site, don't report it in the normal place and pbpgamegay.

    Usually it takes a while to process all of the gameday sessions, so I'm not surprised you haven't been credited yet. It took 2 months for my Game Day 4 boon to show up, so I'd be surprised if you didn't get credit by 2018.


    Wow, the pregen Summoner has a LOT of text, but I think I got it transferred to BB Code and into Google Docs. Ready for review!

    Okay, Estra the Spiritualist is ready for review. I decided to put her spells and combat gear in spoiler tags, as it's a lot already.

    Her phantom should be in a second alias.

    Looking at the Spiritualist, I think it's better to put her phantom in a Spoiler block.

    A question: How should I handle a pet-heavy class like the Summoner or Spiritualist? Should I instruct the user to make 2 profiles?

    The site decided to go down when I posted, but...

    The Oracle is now ready to be verified.

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    Everyone's favorite (TM) Ranger Harsk is done and ready to be proofread.

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    Okay, Seoni the Sorcerer has been ported to Google Docs.

    I've written up the pages for Valeros, the Fighter. Would anyone care to proofread?

    *Pokes head in*

    I've been working on a Hero Lab plugin to generate some HTML for character sheets. It's not perfect yet but it should get me most of the way. I'll see what I can do with it over the next few days.

    Senna Faerhana wrote:

    New Player Ciara Talbot

    Character Senna Faerhana (Druid 1)
    PFS# 277725-1
    Faction Silver Crusade
    Day Job I don't know how to figure this out. newbie here.

    If you have ranks in a Craft, Profession or Perform skill, you have a day job. Roll that skill check here. The higher the roll the more bonus gold you'll get.

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    I've seen some guides that use 1 to 4 stars, and then color code the name.
    For example, Power Attack is considered a great feat by many melee characters. So color Power Attack blue (or green) and show four stars.

    Power Attack (****)

    It's hard to tell the difference between 6 and 7 stars, for example.

    Paizo was down for me this morning, maybe 10 hours ago it came back up. Some of my PCs said all of their threads were marked as read, so they didn't know when I started a new round of combat. I've been logged out a few times as well and had to refocus.

    I think it's the site and not you.

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    Bid-for-Alabastrine is a season 7 scenario. There is basically 1 fight in the beginning and then it's all skill checks and roleplaying.

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