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ced1106's page

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Tablescapes Dungeons - Modular RPG Dungeons by Secret Weapon

Tablescapes Dungeons are modular, hand-sculpted dungeon tiles with an integral 1x1" grid system designed for gamers. With your help we will produce them in a highly durable, non-toxic grey PVC specially formulated to capture the incredible detail of our sculpts. The sets will be sold un-painted.

Each set will have over 85 tiles for $75. Add-ons include Reaper paints and Reaper Bones miniatures. Game tiles can be used for cavern, dungeon, and mine setups. r-rpg-dungeons-by-secre/description

No blind boosters? Okay, now interested. (:

Will there be a way to order the complete set through an OLGS? I wouldn't mind a less expensive big box that contained all the mini's in bags (ie. no retail packaging).

I also hope you look into gaming tiles.

Secret Weapon Miniatures just released their pumpkin "Field of Screams" Halloween resins:

They also have a "Sack O'Pumpkins" and 10% off first order!

I sure hope WizKids/WotC brings back castles, traps, and dungeon dressings! They were for MageKnight, but scaled fine for 28mm play. After a few KS, I'm regretting not buying more of these -- they were not only less expensive than today's terrain, but also prepainted and looked quite good!

Only $72 to the next stretch goal! 28 metal old-school miniatures for your post-apocalyptic RPG campaign!

DF will have a KS3 in or after November, after KS2 has been fulfilled and this KS will include castles. I doubt UW can raise the $2M that DF’s KS’s have raised, meaning that UW will hit fewer stretch goals, and offer fewer pieces. The $140 UW level starts with fewer pieces than the $145 DF level, and, even at $100K funding, won’t have as many pieces. It’s not until you pledge at the $590 UW level until you reach the “sweet spot”.

DeathQuaker wrote:
Bones are designed to be BEST painted by Reaper Master Series paints specifically.

What about the HD paints?

Anyway, the current Reaper KS has two HD paint sets, $18 for 12 paints, as well as $10 for 50 bases. Good price.

HD paints are better for basecoats, MSP for details. Search on "Reaper MSP HD" for more info.

OP: Please update the title to mention the "$10 for 50 bases" and "$18 for 12 Paints" add-ons in the campaign. Maybe we can attract some miniature painters who might otherwise pass on the Bones miniatures!

Does she have an internet connection?

The Reaper forums have some serious help for Bones painters: ary-encounters/

Feros wrote:
Marc Radle wrote:
Speaking of that paint set - does anyone remember if it's the same as one of the sets offered last time?
I got two of the paint sets from last time and it is different from either one of those. This appears to be a new set (which I have added!)

fwiw, The paint set are the Master Series Paint HD paints, which are more opaque than the other MSP paints. Very good news for red and yellow painters!

Old thread, but he's part of "The Liberation of Prince Thorgrim" Encounter set. He's supposed to be a corrupt sheriff, hence the smug smirk. He's also supposed to have facial scars, but I don't see them in the figure!

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Oldish thread but...

Reaper forums has a Bones subforum. Especially see the "First Coat of Paint" sticky!

CLEAN YOUR BONES. The release agent and oil from your fingers can make your first coats of Bones difficult to adhere.

Reaper will be updating their Learn to Paint Kits with Bones figures. But everything you learn from the current Reaper Learn to Paint Kit 2: Beginning Skin and Cloth will be very useful.

Winsor and Newton Series 7 Round Size 1 paintbrush, Masters Soap, two rinse cups, DIY wet palette. Cheap synthetic brushes for drybrushing. Vallejo Model Air silver for metal. Matte Medium from Michael's will come in handy for making your own washes and glazes.

CoolMiniOrNot has two Bones painting tutorials and a Bones article on priming which works as a tutorial.

After LTPK2, I think a Bones class would be overkill, but I would suggest Reaper do at least their beginning classes with Bones miniatures and LTPK paints!

Remember that the KS *just began*. While the stretch goals currently amount to "Buy two sets, get one free", we still have *over 30 days* more in the KS. That means the KS should reach its goal of twice as many sets for each pledge.

I'm still waiting to see what other tiles are offered, and am waiting for that "Buy two, get two free" level. Personally, I think it's best to wait on a KS until the last minute, although I've yet to do so. :P

Old reply, but Reaper will be releasing their updated Bones Learn to Paint Kits SOON. FRPGames has a pre-order for $20.

If you have unwanted Bones coming in your KS, see the Reaper forums for their KS trade thread.

Also, Reaper has RIGHT NOW their "12 Days of Christmas" promotion. Buy $35 of stuff on the Reaper site and get the day's promo figure. Unfortunately, the only Learn to Paint Kits on Reaper is Intermediate Skin Tones.

Old thread, but FRPGames has slotted bases for eight cents apiece in their Mega packs. You can also get W&N brushes and the upcoming Bones Learn to Paint Kits there. Shipping is lower than other places I've seen!

fwiw, When WotC and WizKids put out their first minis, the paint jobs and details were very poor. Meanwhile, with HeroScape, their paint job quality declined towards the end of the run.

Marc Radle wrote:
I will also be in that boat. Anyone interested in trading my Chronoscope, IMEF Marines, Zombie Hunters and Nova Bones for some of you other Bones (the non-modern ones) let me know!

See the Reaper forums for a Kickstarter trading thread.

Myself, I think I'm going to stop buying games. I've already pre-ordered the Dungeon Command games. I've barely played D&D since 2e and was "meh" about D&D Next. FFG has finished the Arkham boardgame series. Ditto with RGG and Dominion.

Pendin Fust wrote:
So, I'm a little confused about when the survey will be emailed? Is that what is going to be a couple of weeks? Or is that the link they will post on the kickstarter page?

3. Reaper's waiting on KS to send them backer data.

2. KS is waiting on Amazon for the finalized pledges.
1. Amazon is waiting on backers to cough up the money.

More KS details:

"At set times today (and we won't tell you when!) we'll be revealing all new Goals! Today is going to be crazy, and full of surprises!"

Hobbun wrote:
The thing is space for the minis, and I'm afraid they will end up sitting more than being used.

Unpainted plastic mini's still have enough detail for gameplay. I mean, look at the entire D&D Adventure System games (eg. Castle Ravenloft), whose mini's are unpainted. Besides RPGs, BoardGameGeek has a geeklist of what games you can use the mini's for.

As for storage, unpainted mini's can be stored in baggies or like any other game piece.

Hobbun wrote:
Like for the paints, part of the reason I want to buy these minis is to try my hand at painting, but what is the shelf life of the paint? For sealed and opened containers?

It depends on the manufacturer. New GW paints are notorious for drying out sooner than their earlier versions. Reaper paints come in eye droppers, so will last a long time. They can clog, but all you need is a needle or bent paperclip to unclog them.

Hobbun wrote:
I hope they (Reaper) are sending out their own survey, and not one from Kickstarter, as that just worked out pretty badly for FGG with Rappan Athuk.

Reaper is using their own survey. See the video FAQ, especially for the No-Sophie option for $25 credit.

pres man wrote:
You paint the eyes before the face (now I have Billy Idol going through my mind, LOL). You then paint the face around the eyes, so you don't have to be as precise when you do it in that order.

Exactly. Just google "painting miniatures eyes" for various tutorials.

Reaper mini's has its The Craft tutorials, including for eyes:

I *think* the Storm Giant miniature would be a good place to start with eyes, since her face is so large, compared to the regular sized mini's?

Helaman wrote:
Whats this about trading in Sophie? How is that done and what do you get?

After the KS is over, you'll receive a pledge manager to tell Reaper what you'll be getting. One option is to forgo the Sophie miniature in the Vampire pledge. In return, you can select $25 of other stuff, excluding pledges.

ShinHakkaider wrote:
YUP. I dont consider myself skilled at all either but just following paint tutorials off of you tube using the same colors I painted up two Necron Lords which were at least good enough for table play.

Agreed. Over the last few years, I've noticed MUCH more support for the new miniatures painter. Also, the big secret to miniatures painting is washing your mini with Army Painter Strong Tone ink wash (aka. the replacement for GW's Devlan Mud). I'm as far as base coats and washing, and my paint jobs look MUCH better than any prepaint.

They're up to about 200 miniatures for $100 AND you can trade in the limited edition metal miniature for $25 credit towards other add-ons, such as paints, a miniatures case, and huge miniatures.

But, as others have said, you *don't* have to paint these miniatures. The level of detail alone is worth it!

BTW, they're up to over 2 million dollars, and are tossing in two giants for NO additional cost to the $100 Vampire pledge!

So here's a timetable for the new painters! :)

Practice, practice, practice:

TODAY: Go to Walmart and get a cheap kid's acrylic paint set and a set of detailed brushes. You may luck out and find a set of "miniatures" brushes. You're buying this to build up your skill and experiment. You will find out what you *can* do and can't do with the cheaper stuff.

TODAY: Find something small practice on. Mini's, game pieces, a USB stick, whatever. Search for and read internet beginner's painters tips. You don't have anything to ruin, so don't worry about it. You can always repaint that USB stick, right? Learn up to basecoating and washing.

SUNDAY: Get the Michael's or craft store coupon and buy brush soap and a detailed Sable brush. You actually want to keep the Sable brush in good condition. Everything else is disposable.

SEPTEMBER: The Reaper paints will arrive! By now, you will have read how much you'll be mixing paints (eg. lighter shades for highlights) and what you can and can't do with craft paints.

SEPTEMBER: Get some miniatures to paint. Touch up the prepaints, buy some miniatures that are easy to paint (eg. rats, undead, furniture), whatever.

MARCH: The Bones arrive! Start on the largest figures without clothing. Yes, it's ironic that the Clockwork dragon may be the easiest to paint. Base coat in metal, wash with another color.

Have fun!

You cannot swap out any miniatures, other than Sophie, from a Vampire pledge. However, the Reaper minis forums has a thread about trading miniatures. If you have feedback on the Reaper KS, post it on the Reaper KS thread, not here. Reaper doesn't read this forum, and *have* listened to customer comments, particularly with mummies and halflings, and the Sophie swap!

pres man wrote:
Part of me hopes they start only showing the next stretch goal instead of the next 2. That way when it all comes to an end, I don't have to be extra disappointed by what we didn't make it to.

If we fail to reach a stretch goal for miniatures that come with a Vampire or Undertaker level, we can still purchase them as Extra Sets. Unfortunately, an Optional miniature can only be purchased (for now) once its stretch goal has been met.

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Fatespinner wrote:
Can anyone with more painting experience tell me... do I need more paint? Should I maybe order 2 of each paint set instead? Or 3?

You can actually get pretty far with cheap craft paints. These paints are inferior because they have larger flakes of paint in the paint suspension, and don't thin as well with water compared to hobby paints. If you buy large miniatures, you can certainly use craft paints for your first layer of basecoat.

The easiest miniatures to paint are those without faces. Also large naked miniatures (eg. dragons) are ironically easiest to paint. I would start with the rats, undead, and fully armored SF miniatures. Various boardgames have plastic pawns and miniatures you can start with.

Also, make sure you have a spotter brush. These are the smallest detail brushes. Your wife probably has them if she does miniatures. Brush soap is useful, and cheap at a crafts store.

You may want a second set of paint for Sets 1 and 3. The irritation of buying a second set is that you may run out of one color long before the others.

Since it sounds like your wife paints, offer to help her out with her hobby! Any time she can save with you doing prep work and cleaning, she can use for detailing and improving her skill!

Any suggestions for painting the translucent fire and haunt miniatures? I think Robert implied you could use a wash using a sealer to thin the paint, rather than water.

@Matrix: You should be able to find paint reviews comparing paint brands. Here's one : aints.html

cthulhudarren wrote:
The Frost and Fire giants look so good it's hard to say no... I still say we suffer from a general lack of vermin! We got some rats, giant bugs would be nice too. And we need more animals...

Giant bugs were added at the 800K stretch level! (:

You get two of each of these guys at the $100 Vampire level.

Pravus wrote:
What have been other people experiences returning to painting? As a teenager I was impatient and did not have a lot of learning resources. Compare that to now as an adult with hopefully more patients and with web loads of resources to help you out?

YES. More discipline, more information, more mini's, more paints, more money. (:

Twenty years ago, I tried painting an army of Warhammer 40K orcs in fluorescent colors. Yeah, that didn't work. I've since acquired some painted orcs (to use as models), other miniatures (which were easier to paint), some craft paints (metallics work well on SF minis), and lots of patience. Simply because there's *more* stuff out there, you can better find what you need for *your* miniature needs. I mean, the $100 pledge will get you 130+ fantasy miniatures, and 30+ SF ones. You'll definitely find some miniatures easier to paint than others!

I only hear about Paizo through BoardGameGeek, and what's interesting is that Paizo's only been talked about with their Pathfinder system. So it's interesting reading about 2005/2006, in the pre-Pathfinder days. With the Game Mastery series, it's entirely possible that Paizo could have hit "diworsification" by spreading itself too thin over multiple lines -- much like WotC did with its digital content and other pre-boardgame projects.


Thanks for an excellent adventure. I disagree with the reviewer's requests for interior art. Since this is a PDF, all art does is consume printer ink. I do request an NPC "who's who" cheatsheet, so I can keep track of everyone! I imagine it would be something of a spreadsheet, with boxes I can check off to see who's dead, who's alive, who's neither (:, who's an innocent townsperson, who's a bad guy, that sort of thing.

Sorry to hear about the accident. Best wishes to your family.

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