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Varisian Barbarian

casiel's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 165 posts. 7 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 17 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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This one assumes you can tackle Hardness

**( )( )( )

Without the proper equipment, the first encounter will likely TPK Level 3-4 PCs.


Both I and the ranger had adamantine weapons. If that wasn't the case,
I'm sure that we would have TPK'd in the first encounter.

The Gearsmen robots have Hardness 10 and hit HARD. Most Level 4 PCs can't withstand more than two average hits.

We had to run away from the final monster as we were unable to damage it (even with adamantine weapons).

There was little opportunity for roleplaying. It was pretty much walk from one fight to the next.

Similar to Waking Rune and Bonekeep in its lethality, this scenario should come with a TPK warning. Not recommended for level 3-4 parties.

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Needs adjustment for more than 4 players

***( )( )

While I liked the new format, this module is a cake-walk for larger player groups. My group of 5-7 players ran rough-shod through 95% of the encounters. The end encounter was over in less than 5 rounds.

I knew that the module was intended for 4 players, so I adjusted the encounters accordingly, but it still wasn't enough of a challenge.


I doubled and even tripled the number of 'mook' creatures, which helped somewhat.

Changing the Neh-Thalggu to a living version instead of a zombie was the most challenging fight the players had throughout the entire module.

If I ran this again, I would bump the dragon to the next age category to ensure the players face a dragon worthy of the name.

The module provides so much help in the way of NPCs and magic treasure as to almost be overwhelming. If you have a large group of players, you may want to have the potential NPC allies go their separate ways. My group didn't need the extra help.

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A fun scenario, but illogical

****( )

It's rare when I don't enjoy an adventure that deals with the fey, and this scenario didn't disappoint. The final encounter is especially challenging. The Twigjack is my favorite monster from Season 3 scenarios.


Early on in the adventure, I kept wondering why Falbin wasn't susceptible to the effects of the Splinter. The Splinter's ever-increasing influence is said to effect all humanoids that do not possess a strong connection with nature. I interpreted that to mean the Wild Empathy trait. It would have been more logical if Falbin were a good-aligned, low-level Druid instead of just an herbal expert.

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My favorite of the season!


I love running scenarios with kobolds. They are as much fun as goblins, yet their expertise with traps makes them more respectable. Not much, but somewhat. If your players don't have a stronger sense of respect for these little guys by the end of this adventure, you missed something.


First of all, you have an opportunity to meet with one of the kobolds in a theater of all places. This shows that the diminutive reptiles are smart and can occasionally have an appreciation for the finer things in life. I don't think this aspect has been fully explored in printed form before this scenario.

Then we encounter the Sewer Dragons' trap-making skills with the boulder trap, which squished one of my players. I had the final kobold scout in that encounter bait the Player-Characters into following him down a cute only to come nose-to-tentacle with two Otyughs. The last scout harrassed them with arrows while the group fought for their lives.

The meeting with Yippitok almost killed one of the PCs. Alchemists can be deadly.

My favorite encounter was the finale with Chief Kibizax. Instead of having the dragon as an illusion, I made it a living, blue wyrmling. I added a background storyline in which there's an adult blue dragon controlling part of the criminal trade in Absalom and the blue wyrmling that acts as the Sewer Dragons' mascot is one of her children. The wyrmling was a gift to Kibizax to cement her business dealings with the kobold tribe. This was just my little spin on the overall plot and it didn't change the events of the conclusion as still Yiddlepode agreed to work with the Pathfinder PCs once her father was dead.

The players easily dispatched the wyrmling, so its inclusion didn't unbalance the encounter.

Kudos to Dennis Baker for making such a cool scenario. I look forward to more adventures by him!

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Short and easy

***( )( )

Depending on how the players handled events in the predecessor to this scenario, this adventure is either somewhat challenging or a cakewalk. My players experienced the cakewalk.


My players allied with the lizardfolk at the end of The Dog Pharoah's Tomb, so the initial encounter in Snakes in the Fold was glazed over with a few decent Diplomacy checks. As it was in the Lizardfolk's best interest to ally with the Player-Characters, each of the roleplaying opportunities went smoothly and quickly. All of the PCs were on their best behavior and eager to help liberate their reptilian hosts from the treachery of the Aspis Consortium.

For this game, I had three players and ran an NPC to fill the last seat. Even with half the original players, the combat encounters were too easy. That surprised me as I thought the DR 10/- of the Adamantine Cobras would seriously slow-down the Player-Characters' damage output. It lengthened the encounter by a few rounds, but that was it. On the other hand, Durra Verthain nearly killed the knifemaster rogue. If I hadn't run the optional encounter at the end, my group would have finished this scenario in 3 hours. Most scenarios last the full 4 hours.

On the upside, it was refreshing to have the players rely on roleplaying negotiation instead of the usual "go here, kill that" that is common in scenarios from earlier seasons.

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