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caribet's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 31 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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We've only had 1 full session in Saventh-Yi so far (reached it at the end of the previous session).
Since we play monthly, I don't want to drag out the Discovery Point wrangling too far...

I anticipate some real fun though, as the encounter with Issilar in Racing To Ruin went ... oddly.
He started, per the book, shaped as a Charau-Ka, and the 2 sides threw fire spells at each other, until both sides started to realize they weren't getting through (resistances all around...) The PCs didn't realise he was running low on Fire spells, but...
He offered to negotiate with them, pointing out the obvious stalemate, and that he had the final statue that they needed, and they had the others he needed - he has huge Bluff and Diplomacy skills.
So he re-shaped to "Human Wizard" and talked until they agreed a short-term truce. The PCs are pretty lawful (well, 2 key ones are), so they've held to the truce. Issilar was getting a lot out of this, so he carried on, and travelled with them to Saventh-Yi!!

He's kept up the disguise, setting up camp with them, and "helped" with the initial over-flight exploration (the party is well-up on flight abilities), with some "interesting" opinions:
* "the charau-ka are annoying pests" - "let's wipe them"
* "the serpent-folk are clearly too dangerous to tackle" - "let's leave them alone" (err, while I take command and build them up!)
* "the humans in the Sacred Serpent zone are clearly worshipping demons(!) and innately hostile" - "don't negotiate" and "be prepared to go in wands blazing"(!) [this latter one may break the illusion, once the PCs get there - *if* they actually talk.]

They haven't actually remembered to question his motives, or habits of disappearing, of not actually contributing usefully in battles (being at the back and "dithering"), and his vagueness about which Faction he's from ("a party of adventurers like yourselves; but our rendezvous has been and gone, and I guess they didn't make it... Sigh (pathetically)[Bluff]")

Add to that, that the Red Mantis will show up soon, and the base-party [Pathfinders, and Gelik (who the PCs hate 'cos he's so wonderfully annoying)] includes (and still trusts) Sasha Nevah on account of her having been an infrequently played drop-in PC for a player gone off to Uni; so Sasha is now mainly GM-played. (I think were the player here, she'd be quite happy to go with sowing seeds of chaos!)

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Dela wrote:
If you tell me your Skype name, I'll contact you to send you my old stuff.

could you please e-mail copies to me as

saxum DOT caribetum AT ntlworld DOT com


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You must be mortified! But you've stood up and explained it, to everyone, and pointed out the inside (and side and back) is unaffected.

Pity the first guy to post a review on took one glimpse of the front and posted a 1-star review.

Once I get my copy, I'll actually read it, and then post something - which I expect to be more positive than 1-star.

If anyone else buys it from/via Amazon UK, do post a review too!

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Snip the Shadow wrote:

I am building a Tiefling Magus to play in PFS.

What is the Feat I need called that opens up things like Prehensile Tail and Bears Maw?

Someone told me at a game I need a prereq feat for something and I think it's this.

Any help is appreciated. I'm new and clueless to both the Magus class and the Tiefling race but intrigued by both.

Thanks ahead of time for the help.


Prehensile Tail and "Maw or Claw" are not actually Feats.

The "Advanced Race Guide" (p.168-169) offers Prehensile Tail and "Maw or Claw" as Alternate Racial Traits. They replace Spell-like Ability (use Darkness 1/day) and Fiendish Sorcery (+2 effective Cha if Fiendish/Abyssal Sorcerer).

For PFS you need to bring with you either a physical copy of the rule-book or a personal PDF of the book.
If you don't have the Advanced Race Guide you'll need it for these options in PFS.

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1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can you settle an unresolvable argument we have:

in the APG, the Summoner and Evolutions are introduced. The Evolution "Bite" p.60 gives damage for a Bite attack by size, then states "if the eidolon already has a bite attack, this evolution allows it to deal 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier on damage rolls with its bite".

So far so good, if you only have one head!

Ultimate Magic introduces "extra head" p.77 The extra head doesn't have any additional attack unless you add Bite, Gore, or Breath.

So if I start with a Quadruped which has one head, and Bite, initially.
* I could add a Head to the Quadruped, and still have only the base Bite.
* I could add a Bite to the 2nd head and have 2 base-Str bites
* I could add Bite to the first head and have one 1-1/2 Str bite

what happens if I add Bite to the 2nd head, then add Bite a further time, to boost damage to 1-1/2 Str?

does it
a) affect all Bites on all Head that already have a Bite?
b) affect one chosen head-with-bite, and you need to buy a doubled-bit for each head to have them all with 1-1/2 Str?

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James Jacobs wrote:

Yeah; the cool thing about the universal monster rules is that they'll only get easier to use as you game. The rules stay the same for every monster, so once you learn, for example, how paralyze or pounce works... it ALWAYS works that way. It's kind of similar to how whenever we stat up a rogue we don't reprint all the rules for sneak attack or the like.

Printing out a copy of the universal monster rules and keeping that printout handy is a great idea.

yes, but ... Assuming the "back of the book" is used is fine provided it provides all required info: Paralysis under Universal rules is *either* (Ex) or (Su).

In an Antimagic Field, (Su) abilities are suppressed while (Ex) are not - so it matters which is used.

But the Ghoul/Ghast entries do not list this aspect!

(In 3.x, they were (Ex) abilities, so I generally go with that)

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caribet wrote:

I've been under the impression that Native Outsiders just have the special properties of eat/breathe/sleep + darkvision. The Advanced Race Guide agrees; Bestiary 2 and 3 trim that to eat/breathe/sleep (no automatic darkvision).

I've been challenged by someone pointing to the (first) Bestiary definition of Outsider [and hence Outsider (Native)] as having proficiency with Simple and Martial weapons, and with "whatever armour it's described as wearing".

Which of these contradictions is true, please?

it's a specific problem for those PC characters taking a race with no racial hit dice ("wholly defined by class levels") but with a special racial type.

For example, across the Bestiaries and the ARG there are now at least 7 Outsider (Native) PC Races: Aasimar, Fetchling, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, Tiefling, Undine.

Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends have about as much on Aasimar/Tieflings as you can reasonably expect and neither says "by the way, you get all Martial Weapons and Medium/Light armour proficiency thrown in for free".
The Advanced Race Guide goes out of its way to cost up racial weapon proficiencies, but doesn't charge Outsider races for the above benefits - indeed it has no option for so wide a group as "all martial weapons"!

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I've been under the impression that Native Outsiders just have the special properties of eat/breathe/sleep + darkvision. The Advanced Race Guide agrees; Bestiary 2 and 3 trim that to eat/breathe/sleep (no automatic darkvision).

I've been challenged by someone pointing to the (first) Bestiary definition of Outsider [and hence Outsider (Native)] as having proficiency with Simple and Martial weapons, and with "whatever armour it's described as wearing".

Which of these contradictions is true, please?

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Ragnarok Aeon wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Start with reading the rules :)

Oh I did (I even double checked to make sure my logic and the rules were getting along), but if but I just don't see the logic in allowing someone to bull rush someone after disarming someone in the same turn just because they have a second weapon. What it is it about the second weapon that allows them to do another action (which doesn't necessarily involve said weapon) they couldn't do without it in their hand?

Getting a dagger so you can bull rush people after disarming them is treading along fuzzy rules logic.

I think they specify melee attack so that people don't start tripping and bull rushing with arrows (which don't specify range or adjacency). I'm all for enabling the players, just as long as it makes sense and is fair.

disarm, sunder, and trip are attacks and can be used as part of a Full Attack, replacing attacks within the burst on a 1:1 basis. You Can Sunder + Disarm + Trip an opponent (if you have 3 attacks). You can also use a Weapon and its Weapon bonuses in those actions. (And with a Trip weapon, drop the weapon if you blow the Trip).

Bull Rush, Overrun, ... are Standard Actions in their own right and cannot be combined with anything other than a Move Action.

You can't Disarm then Bull Rush in one Full Attack action - Bull Rush can't be part of a Full Attack.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Andru Watkins wrote:
Does the shift from bi-monthly to monthly reflect any success that Paizo has earned?
The Player Companions have done well and we think they have even greater potential, both being a big part of the shift. But sales and subscription numbers are a lot of what drives a product line, so if you like what you see here, please do check out Player Companion: Varisia or, if you're really excited, consider subscribing. We promise to repay those who do with 32-pages of awesome every month! :)

I'd seriously love to subscribe - but I'm in the UK and the postage is just too expensive - I have to wait for them to be shipped over and buy locally.

If you could find a distributor who'd accept subscriptions and handle posting locally...?

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Tengu Swordtrained states Tengu are "automatically proficient with sword-like weapons (including bastard swords, daggers, elven curve blades,..."

The list includes some Simple, some Martial and some Exotic blades (e.g. Elven Curve Blade).
It also includes that problem blade the "Bastard Sword" which has both Martial Proficiency (2-handed) and Exotic Proficiency (1-handed).

I have automatically been assuming that since Swordtrained includes several other Exotic blades, that it includes the Exotic 1-handed proficiency ... but I have been challenged, and the challenger suggests "proficiency" literally lets the Tengu wield the items listed without the -4 penalty and so need only grant 2-handed Martial Proficiency.

I'd *love* an official ruling, or as near as I can get.

Rulings based on personal interpretation, house rules, or campaigns are not going to settle the question!

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ElyasRavenwood wrote:

Are there players out there who would prefer that there be little to no PVP in the pathfinder online game?

Are there players out there who find the prospect of non consensual PVP cause for concern?

Do those players find that the prospect of non consensual PVP makes Pathfinder Online for them an unattractive choice?

Quite simply, I have given up any hope that the Pathfinder online game will be playable - I *hate* the idea on non-consensual play.

Having designated areas where PVP is permitted - fine - I'll stay out of those areas. But if it covers the whole game, then I won't be there. End of story.

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Charles Evans 25 wrote:

If you didn't get a ticket, but you really want to attend, I would encourage you to put your name forward for possible cancellations. Even if you miss out this year, it sends us a message about how much additional interest there is around, and weighs into the considerations about if (and how much) to expand capacity in 2012...

I can't make it anyway this year (clashes) but would like a chance to get in next year!

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There's been some discussion, here and elsewhere, about the cost of the included spellbooks.

No-one seems to have mentioned that in all of these books with Preparation Rituals, there is an extra cost, but no formula for the cost, nor any rules for how to prepare a spellbook to include a Preparation Ritual.

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p.34 Frog Domain and Jungle Domain (for Druid) both list 5th level spell "Blessing of the Salamander", but spell is missing

Scarab Sages

I have my print copy of the APG, but the Pathfinder SRD has not yet been updated. I find the online SRD very useful, as the cross-links let me chase down questions in a way that paper books don't...

Any word from Paizo as to when the SRD will include the OGL content from the APG?

And,for that matter, the OGL content (eg tables) from the Gamemastery book?

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xJoe3x wrote:
I am very disappointed overall. This series of books would have been great if the time was taken to go and fix the problems that were mentions, which was supposed to happen but never did. Instead more books were cranked out, but the olds one were never fixed. I will not be purchasing from Louis Porter Jr. Design anymore.

Sadly, I must concur - badly edited conversion, and the promised fixes are simply not forthcoming.

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any hint on when this wonder might arrive in the UK?

Scarab Sages

I hit this recently too - triggered by the Bestiary entry for "Horse".

Horse as listed is explained as being a "Light Horse", and the Bestiary explicitly states that you can stat a Heavy Horse by adding the Advanced Simple Template.

If Heavy Horses all had Int 6, I think the world would have noticed by now!

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p4 fixes p.167 Green Hag - if Disguise Self (Sor 1) is replaced by Alter Self (Sor2) the DC should increase from 13 to 14

p4 fixes p169 Half-Celestial. In revising Smite Evil to be the ssame as the paladin, it should have "attack bonus = HD, dam bonus = cha bonus". The Uniform given has 8HD so should be Attack +8, dam +4.

p4 fixes p175 Hobgoblin.
Ftr 1 is a PC class, so should have full HP = 17 (1D10+7)

p4 fixes p186 Lamia. The errata fix the damage from the "+1 dagger" but not the attack. +1 dagger wielded by Monstrous Humanoid 9HD has BAB 9, +4 Str, +1 enh = +14/+9 (1d4+5)

p6 fixes p265 Tiger, Dire. There are other errata in this document showing clearly that Stealth bonus of the form "+4 (+8 in <terrain>)" means "+4 bonus -OR- a +8 bonus instead, when in <terrain>". (i.e. +4, with an extra +4 when in <terrain>)
The erratum here fixes the base Stealth, but leaves grass as an extra +8 rather than an extra +4.
Stealth should therefore be "+15 (+19 in tall grass)"

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Wolfgang Baur wrote:

I have bad news for you; Open Design does not have a UK distributor for this title. We tried with Esdevium, but no luck.

Given how quickly the print edition sold out here, that seems a shame. Note that though the print edition is sold out at Paizo, it is still available at the KQ Store Link and elsewhere.

thanks - I took the hint, and have ordered it from KQ -- though $10 postage still hurts...

Shame no-one will import it - I'd have thought there was enough interest in PF that something like SE, with so much approval from Paizo, would be a sure thing to distribute.

Scarab Sages

another error in the errata (as I carefully go through applying them).

sample is a Warrior 1, who should have D10 HP (not D8 as printed, uncorrected). Hence also 5 HP not 4.

This makes BAB +1, so the Rapier attack correction is wrong, as the blighter has a Rapier and Weapon Finesse, and Dex 15 (+2). Rapier Attack should remain +3, not be errata'd to +2.

Drow Noble, Cleric 3 (BAB +2)
Again, the errata makes an unneeded change, as it has Rapier, Weapon Finesse and Dex 17 (+3), Masterwork rapier (+1 Atk), for a total Rapier Attack +6 (as was printed, pre-errata).

Scarab Sages

Any hints as to when the print edition will reach the UK - shipping from the USA costs *so* much...

Scarab Sages

Does anyone import the Litko pieces into the UK?

If not, what is the postage from USA to UK?

Scarab Sages

the definition text for "Spell-like abilities" is fragmenting as more text is added.

There are 3 entries in the core PFRPG book, in thr "significant term", under combat actions, and in the glossary;
and no the PF Bestiary adds another definition.

The PF RPG core states

PFRPG wrote:
Spell-like abilities can be dispelled and counterspelled as normal.

The bestiary states

PFBestiary wrote:
Spell-like abilities cannot be used to counterspell, nor can they be counterspelled. which is right?

I had hoped it;d be as simple as "the Bestiary came 2nd, Paizo corrected something, and updated the PRD as well as the OGL Bestiary", but they haven't...

Scarab Sages

a question has come from a player - if they have (eg a Rogue with "Minor Magic" Rogue Talent) a Spell-like Ability, does it count for activating a Spell Trigger item like a wand?

Actually, the player is trying to argue that having one spell-like ability as a class feature puts spell-like-casting into her class, and wants to evade Use Magical Device for other wands she has!

I can't actually find anything specific to clarify the question, and it applies to Monsters too, so I'd like to get a grasp on this...

A related question, which I fell I have seen an answer to somewhere but can't pin down (maybe in 3e stuff?) was: ok, a spell-like ability requires speech is the spell has verbal components, and gestures if it has somatic components, but does a Spell-like Ability require spell-components??

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Kiratlan wrote:

Please excuse me if this has already been posted or explained, but on page 65 in the section on Combat Style it speaks of being able to acquire "Greater Two Weapon Fighting" at level 10. However, the feat section has the prerequisite for "Greater Two Weapon Fighting" as requiring a BAB of +11. In thinking about this, a BAB of +10 (which for the Ranger is level 10) only allows two attacks as Full-Round actions. Does it seem right that a Ranger would be allowed to get three attacks with his off-hand and two attacks with his Primary hand?

Just my 2 cp.

P.65, 1st para of "Combat Style Feat (Ex)", last sentence:

He can choose feats from his selected combat style, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

Lack of prerequisites means the Ranger doesn't have to bother with prerequisite Feats, but it also means bypassing BAB and Level/Class requirements.

As for the number of attacks - yes it seems quirky, but fortunately a dose of XP will solve the problem by raising him to L11 and 3/3 attacks!

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Vic Wertz wrote:

The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary arrived in our warehouse today. Here's how the schedule stands:

Today and tomorrow: prep for shipments, ship distributor orders.

Monday is a holiday, so we'll begin shipping subscriber copies and preorders on Tuesday; it'll probably take the rest of the week. Subscribers to the Pathfinder RPG line will get access to the PDF when their subscription copy ships.

Currently, the retail release date is set at November 4 for all outlets. (If any retailer is telling you differently, that's their own choice.) The PDF will be available for sale separately on that date as well, and that's *probably* also the date that we'll add appropriate Open Game Content from the Bestiary to the PRD.

Any idea when retailers (or at least, distributors) in the UK might get it?

Scarab Sages

I am puzzled about "same size" changes.

Consider Alter Self, and a Small or Medium target.
The spell says


Small creature: If the form you take is that of a Small humanoid, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Dexterity.

Medium creature: If the form you take is that of a Medium humanoid, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Strength.

I see that if a Human (Medium) changes to "Halfling" (Small), he gains +2 Dex, and changes Size category which adds a further +1 AC, +1 Atk, -1 CMB, -1 CMD;

and if a Gnome changes to "Elf" (Medium) she gains +2 Str, and changes Size category which adds a further -1 AC, -1 Atk, +1 CMB, +1 CMD;
but is this really saying that changing from Human to "Elf" gains +2 Str? and Gnome changing to "Halfling" gets +2 Dex?

Scarab Sages

Assuming I read correctly, then:
1) like any Wizard, the specialist Evoker can cast a prepared 0-level spell any number of times
2) the Intense Spells school power adds (Wiz/2) (min +1) to damage from spells
3) Acid Splash, 0-level, D3 damage, and Ray Of Frost, 0-level D3 damage get +(Wiz/2) extra damage and can be cast any number of times if prepared.
A Wiz 1 Evoker can cast such freely for D3+1, or a Wiz 8 for D3+4, and never run out of such castings ...

Hmmm... or have I missed some rule that says "0-level spells are not Intense Spells"?

Scarab Sages

Michael Donovan wrote:

I would like to support both Paizo and my FLGS. Is it possible to have PDF-only subscriptions for PFRPG and APs from Paizo, while I order and buy the hard copy through my FLGS?

Brilliant idea - I'd go for that too!

I'd Subscribe directly, but trans-Atlantic shipping rates are insanely expensive...

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