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captain yesterday's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 16,987 posts (23,055 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 409 aliases.

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The Best Just Got Bester!


Ahoy hoy everyone!

Welcome to the officially official first review of Captain Yesterday's not so official reviews of everything and life... or is that too cumbersome... how about an acronym... The O.O.F.R.O.C.Y.N.S.O.R.O.E.A.L... that will have to do for now.

Now that I've milked how many words on that, let me say without a doubt this is one beautiful book, and hefty too! With upwards of 480 pages you really get your money's worth.

This might take awhile so I'll most likely come back and edit and update, so stay tuned!

The campaign traits - this is one of my favorite parts of the book, while there are only six traits, each one has two different options, they do an excellent job at both getting your party to really hate Gaedren Lamm, they also do an exceptional job at giving the player's a glimpse of Korvosa. So five stars!

Alright, gotta go for now! But I'll be back soon!

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The Devil's in the details.


A spectacular in depth look at Cheliax, it's government, people, and creatures. Essential reading for any campaign set in Cheliax, especially the three adventure paths that take place there, the Godfather-esque Council of Thieves, the rebellious minded Hell's Rebels, or the infernal affairs of Hell's Vengeance, this is the book you need to add nuance, beasties, and depth to your campaign.

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an acquired taste, but wonderful nonetheless.


First off i owe paizo and mike shel an apology, my first review was unnecessarily harsh. after my initial go through i was disappointed, however after subsequent read throughs i was quite impressed with the writing and found most of the art great (i still don't care for a couple of art but thats okay). the monsters are also quite useful and well done.
the first time i read the book of fiends 1: princes of darkness, it didn't really excite me, however as time passes it is now one of my favorite rpg books of all time, so my recommendation is if at first it's not your cup of tea, let it age and it'll grow on you. kudos to mike shell and the team at paizo, a wonderful book worth owning for any campaign or just fun to read on a rainy day.


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best adventure module ever!


the local game store in my area was not participating in free rpg day so i had to wait for the pdf (i love the store so i can't complain).
i ran it for my daughter and nephews this weekend and they loved it so much the immediately wanted to play it again!. thank you richard pett and thank you paizo for this adventure.
the goblin pregen characters are all super awesome and the adventure has a perfect amount of role playing and combat.
i would give this adventure 6 stars if i could.
everyone involved should be very proud of the job they did, it will be remembered fondly for years to come on par with the original game.

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i loved this product. the 3 maps provided are all large 8 panel maps, very colorful. it has maps of smuggler's shiv, saventh-yhi and ilmurea.
they are all useful to the campaign and enhance the playing experience greatly. it has no keyed locations and are exceptionally detailed, worth the 16 bucks i threw down at my local game store (go local economy!).

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