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Fleshcrafted Drow

c873788's page

560 posts. Alias of Paul Van Eyk.


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Faelyn wrote:
Between the two races, I would say go with Aasimar; the favored class bonus, Darkvision, and Glitterdust 1/day is simply amazing. Especially Darkvision, because without magical items bards have no way to see in the dark. Nothing shuts down a DD faster than not being able to see (I should know... happened to me several times in WotR (Half-elf DD) early on.)

Faelyn is right about this. Muse-touched Aasimar was made to go with DD. The favoured class bonus means your battle dance can be +4 at 4th instead of 5th level and you get the increase sooner the more you level up.

I am also playing a Dawnflower Dervish at the moment and he rocks. He's a muse-touched Aasimar with maxed out Dexterity and Charisma and is currently level 4. This is a strong archetype and all 3 versions you suggest are viable.

I've gone a slightly different route to your options as besides Maestro of Society trait (an obvious pick), I selected Blade of Mercy trait along with the Enforcer feat which allows me to make a free intimidate check to give the shaken or frightened condition on the enemy every time I hit them.

I also picked up the Pageant of the Peacock masterpiece at 4th level which has basically made the character supernova on nearly every skill in the game... except for perception. I dumped my wisdom to 8 and have a -1 perception for fluff reasons. The way I play the character is that he is totally full of himself as he is beautiful beyond compare being an Aasimar and he carries a little hand mirror around using mage hand constantly distracted from what is going on around him while he stares at himself and whispers to himself just how beautiful he is.

From levels 5 to 8 I intend to go Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) as this will give me a +6 bonus to all my saves as well as Smite and Lay on Hands pretty much whenever I feel like it. I will also pick up Arcane Strike at level 5 when the bonus becomes +2.

Levels 9 onwards will be bard again.

Umbranus wrote:

If this is not about the price, why is it important? Is there some corner case where it is important which it is?

Apart from that Captain Zoom gave the RAW answer.

The real reason I care can be found at this thread: Rhino Hide and Pounce

So, the bottom line is that if bipedal animal companions can wear armor, not barding, then perhaps they can wear rhino hide.

I don't mind if it is more expensive and I suppose what you're saying is a RAI interpretation. According to the definition for barding, it seems it's for horses and mounts only. Do we have a RAW answer one way or another that tells us whether it's barding or armor?

I want to know whether a medium sized Ape animal companion with light armor proficiency wears armor or barding.

Barding in the rules is defined as follows:
Barding is a type of armor that covers the head, neck, chest, body, and possibly legs of a horse or other mount.

An Ape being a bipedal creatue, would seem to not qualify as a mount. This idea is strengthened by rules on the Summoner’s Eidolon and the 1-Point Evolution called Mount (Ex):
An eidolon is properly skilled and formed to serve as a combat-trained mount. The eidolon must be at least one size category larger than its rider. This evolution is only available to eidolons of the quadruped and serpentine base forms.

This would seem to suggest that the Ape would wear armor instead of barding. What are people’s thoughts on this?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

James Jacobs answer should be sufficient. The DM is being arrogant if he wants to overrule Paizo staff who take the time out on the message boards to answer rules questions.

I want to second Frank's comments and say what a pleasure it was meeting Mike as well as playing with him.

PS - To all society players out there, jump in if you get the chance to play with Mike in a scenario game as it is very rewarding. His Oracle saved us from a potential TPK.

chaoseffect wrote:
TarkXT wrote:
Why not a polearm?

A couple reasons I had were:

1. Reach is nice, but I dislike not being able to attack directly in front of me. It may not be a problem all the time, but its a threat that's there enough to make me wary. Along the same lines I've come to dislike using two-handed weapons as opposed to just using a one handed weapon in two hands; never know when I'm going to end up grappled.

Just use one of the 2 monk weapons that allow you to attack close as well as being a reach weapon.

If you are playing that high a level, pick up the weapon that will give you +9 to your CMB.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think what I have learned from all of this is that next time I am adventuring and come into town, I will kill all the bakers... just to be on the safe side.

I think it is worth mentioning if I have remembered this correctly that Trip works differently from every other CMB maneuver if you read the Core Rulebook closely. Trip requires you to roll higher than the CMD of your opponent while all other maneuvers only require you to equal the CMD.

Sub_Zero wrote:

6 (bab) + 6 (strength+belt) + 2 (lore warden) + 2 (wayfinder with dusty rose ion stone) + 2 (brawler enchant) + 4 (trip/greater trip) + 1 (amulet of mighty fists)+ 1 (bred for war) +1 (weapon training)

You could potentially get a much higher trip score if you do 3 things with the build:

1. use a weapon instead of unarmed and assuming you have standard wealth for your level (the trick is to buy a +2 dueling weapon instead of using the expensive AoMF)
2. fury's fall (let's assume you have a dex of 14)
3. weapon focus

This would grant you an extra +9 to your CMB to trip.

Nice story and a good beginning. Good luck with future sessions. It sounds like you're doing your bit to introduce this wonderful game to the next generation.

Dekalinder wrote:

I'll not mince word. This version sucks. It has all sort of problems and no advantage whatsoever

I'm glad Paizo have taken the time to qualify what this ability really does. But wow, what a nerf. Have to agree with Dekalinder. The decision is easy for me and that is that this archetype is now one to avoid playing. Luckily, there are lots of other interesting and awesome archetypes out there to play.

Ormin1982 wrote:

Hi All,

I am interested in switching over to a monk for pfs. I have built one around the flowing monk archetype with the below stats and feats. Please reply with feedback on effectiveness.

Thoughts ?

A maneuver master/ weapon adept monk would be far stronger. Take both Improved Trip and Improved Dirty Trick (this feat lets you blind foes) for the times that the opponent is untrippable.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
c873788 wrote:
I can't remember when and where I saw it, but there was another thread on something very similar to what you're doing somewhere in the Pathfinder messageboards. Someone had taken the initiative to launch Pathfinder at the local school. If your search-fu is strong, you might be able to find that thread as it was quite a good read and had some good ideas.

Found the link. Hope this generates some good ideas for you:

Go to Starting-a-middleschool-Pathfinder-club

I can't remember when and where I saw it, but there was another thread on something very similar to what you're doing somewhere in the Pathfinder messageboards. Someone had taken the initiative to launch Pathfinder at the local school. If your search-fu is strong, you might be able to find that thread as it was quite a good read and had some good ideas.

Hobbun wrote:

So what you are saying is move the bomb to where it is only doing splash damage and not hitting party members.

Sure, I can do that, but then my bombs aren't being used at full effect (no direct damage). Also, if I move the bomb to the extent where it doesn't affect party members, the effectiveness in hitting the enemies will be significantly less, as well due to my allies and enemies will be intermingled.

I think Sitri was talking about aiming your Stink bombs at the ground near your targets so only your opponents and not your party are in the area of effect after combat has begun. It's also dead easy to hit the ground.

Not sure about this but I'm assuming that the Stink Bombs do no damage because their effect has been changed to nauseate in a foggy clouded area as opposed to doing explosive, fiery damage. Can anybody clarify if this interpretation is correct?

N. Jolly wrote:
Multiclassing section is up, next is a quick jaunt to Prestige Classes, as so little offer the Alchemist anything.

I'm keen to see you write about the Archetypes. Great guide so far.

Cao Phen wrote:
What you also need to know is that when calculating damage, you have to separate your damage dice. Very important when going against DR or Hardness. So with the recalculation of a 6th level Aasimar Sound Striker, you are doing not 9d8+36, you are doing 1d8+4 x9. This means that a DR/Hardness of 10 will give you a really tough time. DR/Hardness of 15 will put you at a dead halt.

Agreed. It will be of limited use against creatures with DR.

David_Bross wrote:
Several rules things. First, Dawnflower Dervish alters bardic performance (including inspire competence), so you can't take it and sound striker, at all.

Not sure about this:

When the Dawnflower dervish uses the inspire courage, inspire greatness, or inspire heroics bardic performance types as battle dances, these performance types only provide benefit to the Dawnflower dervish himself. All other types of bardic performance work normally (affecting the bard and his allies, or the bard’s enemies, as appropriate).

This ability alters the standard bardic performance ability.

Herolab allows the 2 archetypes to work together and it has inbuilt programming to remove incompatible archetypes. Having said that, I understand that Herolab is not the ultimate authority on this matter.

Chris O'Reilly wrote:
They were clarified by a developer to be one word per target and subject to DR. If someone else doesnt post the link in a while I'll see if I can find it.

I remember seeing the clarification that it is subject to DR. I don't recall seeing that it was one per target. In fact, what I read on the various threads seemed to indicate the opposite. If you could find the developers comments regarding targets, I would appreciate it.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Thalin wrote:
I don't think so either; but cover and such do apply (it is just a "ranged touch attack"). So to make it good you need precise shot.

It's been argued in other threads regarding Weird Words that the supernatural ability does not count as a weapon so therefore the benefits and drawbacks of attacking with Weird Words do not count. This would also mean that feats such as Precise Shot could not apply. See below:

Precise Shot: You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without taking the standard –4 penalty on your attack roll.

Personally speaking, I don't really know if it counts as a weapon but it would be nice to know whether you should invest in all the ranged feats for this.

Kyoni wrote:

So... Weird Words says it's a bunch of ranged touch attacks... similarly to a Scorching Ray for example.

Casters can take Weapon focus in "rays" (aka. magic ranged touch attacks).

So the only thing to still clear up is whether rays include all ranged touch attacks or only spells with the word "ray" in it...
Though, I don't see why those feats work on Scorching Ray but not on Acid Arrow.

If you rule Acid Arrows and Weird Words are something non-ray, you should houserule cover and shooting into melee... because right now cover and shooting into melee does affect all ranged touch attacks: lengthy post about rules

I don't think it can be compared to Scorching Ray or Acid Arrow as Weird Words is a supernatural ability, not a spell.

Kyoni wrote:

As for the Favored Class bonus for being an Azata? I'd say you still only get the Performance at level 6, but it'll do 8d8+x at that level. I don't see how that favored class thing gives you early access to a performance,
boost it: yes,
early-entrance: no.

I hadn't considered it as a boost but with a denial of early-entry. Your explanation of how the Favored Class bonus works seems the most plausible.

CWheezy wrote:

Remember it is still subject to things like cover and precise shot.

Yep, it is good, but lots of things are good.

Actually, it is not subject to precise shot. Weird Words do not count as weapons and therefore do not get bonuses from things like PBS but they also don't suffer -4 to hit into combat for the same reason. See this thread which discusses this at length:


I am still unsure whether I would get 4d8 or 6d8 damage from Weird Words at 4th level.

By 4th level, my bard build looks like it could potentially dish out 6d8 plus 24 points of damage as a ranged touch attack using up just one round of bardic performance.

The bard build I had in mind was a Azata-Blooded Aasimar (Musetouched) Bard (Dawnflower Dervish, Sound Striker). The Sound Striker archetype grants the Weird Words special ability at 6th level. This gives you 1d8 plus the Bard's charisma modifier in damage as a ranged touch attack (fortitude for half damage) as a number of attacks per bard levels that can be targeted against a single or multiple enemies.

Apparently, I could gain this bardic ability by 4th level by selecting the +1/2 to Performance (specify Bardic Performance type) if I chose Weird Words as my Favored Bonus for being an Aasimar. That means one of 3 things:
a. I'm reading it wrong somehow and the Favored bonus won't let me get Weird Words early at all.
b. I get 4d8 plus 16 points assuming 18 charisma at 4th level as potential damage using Weird Words.
c. I get 6d8 plus 24 points assuming 18 charisma at 4th level as potential damage using Weird Words because my favored bonus treats me as being 6th level for this matter only.

If this favored racial bonus doesn't work for Weird Words, it could still be very powerful for Inspire Courage as by 8th level it would grant my character +6 to hit/+6 damage when performing the Dawnflower Dervish style of Inspire Courage which is different from the standard bard.

I am interested in people's thoughts on this. Am I misinterpreting the rules?

Lastexile0 wrote:
Seriously, I can't get enough of this game, but unfortunately the people I play with, aside from my brother, don't share the same passion. So, I'm unable to get enough playtime to satisfy my craving.

You should consider playing Pathfinder online to overcome the tyranny of distance. My friends all have their own lives with families but we manage to get together once a week and I GM online using D20Pro, Herolab, Skype and the Adventure Paths. It works out really well and players are more likely to be available to play if they can just play from home without having to worry about travel.

I can't remember where I've seen it, but I'm pretty sure that somewhere there are websites where you can find and then hook up with other people to play online who might be living far away from you.

Aeris Fallstar wrote:
Does a Tengu make a good Ninja?

Yes. It's the only race that allows you 3 sneak attacks at first level if you are flanking.

Monk Weapon Adept and Maneuver Master is probably the best tripper in the game.

STR Ranger wrote:

Here is a Magus I am currently playing in Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Currently level 5, but Varrel is one of my Favorites and I have played him in a few different games up to level 14.

I like your build and may try something similar in Society Play. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts of playing this build as a Human vs Elf vs Tiefling. Do you think the Elf has a clear advantage over playing the build as a Human or Tiefling?

To give a rough idea of how powerful a viv. Alchemist or Tengu ninja is with damage, by 5th level with the sap adept feat and a merciful AoMF hitting with all your sneak attacks, you would on average do over 80 points of damage in a single round.

Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

I have been dealing with a particular GM that for what-ever reason, thinks that natural weapons are super-powerful.

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thank you,

They can be powerful in certain builds. Consider a Tengu ninja that at first level can get 3 natural attacks that with sneak damage is going to do massive amounts of damage. Consider also that of these 3 attacks, there is no penalty for hitting as there is for 2 weapon fighting and that the beak attack is considered both piercing/bludgeoning/slashing and claws are both bludgeoning/slashing which gets you around DR problems.

FallofCamelot wrote:
"What's that Skip? Hellicopter crash? 47 miles north west of Bongaloo?"

You play a Summoner called "Sonny", don't you?

Ryan. Costello wrote:


That makes justifying the kangeroo a bit tough. Washed up in a crate and I mistook him for a giant mouse, maybe?

Sorry, but this is bugging me. It's kangaroo, not kangeroo.


Resident of Sarusan.

Sparksfanboy wrote:
I'm playing a Wizard in a party of Fighters and Barbarians!

That's the most broken thing I've read yet. You should be ashamed of yourself!

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Alcomus wrote:
What about a baleful polymorphed fighter who USED to be human, but is now horse?

That is actually worse.

We had a Baleful Polymorphed player(Cat).

He is no longer allowed in any game, or at anyone's home, or at anyone's work.

Bad memories.

My imagination is letting me down today. Honestly, I can't think of anything a player could do to get banned if all he was roleplaying was a cat??

blackbloodtroll wrote:
c873788 wrote:

What does your horse do when it comes to a ladder in a dungeon or needs to climb down a rope? He'll be as useless as the Daleks, supreme masters of the universe.

Ranks in climb, then Spider Climb.

I'm having a terrible time trying to visualise this, but if you can achieve it by RAW then more kudos to you.

What does your horse do when it comes to a ladder in a dungeon or needs to climb down a rope? He'll be as useless as the Daleks, supreme masters of the universe.

Wrath wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Hi Wrath. Regarding your question:

off topic:
There is a gaming store (I can't remember the name of the store sorry) at Nundah that does PFS games on weekends. There's a store at Spring Hill I think it's called Good Games that does PFS play every second Wednesday. Clearly, the Nundah store would be closer to you.

Michael Brock wrote:

Times are changing in Australia, as well as the rest of the world. When was the last time you played PFS? Do you even realize we just assigned a female Venture-Lieutenant in Wollongong?

We have quite a few female VCs and VLs that are females and I am proud to game with each and every one of them.

Pity there appear to be no female pathfinder players in Brisbane. They are an extint species in our area.

I read somewhere that you are coming to Australia. I hope you have a good time while you are "down under" and that you are made to feel welcome. :)

Adam Daigle wrote:
Side order of monk?[/url]

LMAO. I have such a terrible "gay-dar". I never thought about either of those iconics in that way before. Well done Paizo. Keep that closet door open.

TanithT wrote:
I do think that equality in these depictions is a good thing, and that neither one should belong in a situation where it is *stupid* for them to be acting that way. We are never going to get this, IMO, specifically because of how violently heterosexual men tend to react to images that actually sexualize men. And I mean actually sexualize, complete with the sexy poses and come-hither smouldering looks, not a picture of Conan in a loincloth.

Unfortunately, you are spot on about how violently some heterosexual men would react to images that sexualize men. Maybe the best thing would be to bring this dirty laundry out of the closet and wave it in people's faces. It would be great if Paizo made their next iconic a clearly attractive man in suggestive and possibly homo-erotic poses. This is not to pander to my own desires as I'm straight. Though my wife and I did change our marriage vows to include a protest speech about how we disagree with current laws that forbid a gay couple to marry.

TanithT wrote:

This is clearly a sexualized pose. She is sticking it out for all it's worth, looking sexy and seductive. And while there is nothing wrong with that in a context that makes sense for her to be acting that way, it seriously chaps my drawers that you will almost never see a man drawn in the same sexualized come-hither way.

And, WHY is she striking the sexxay pose? Do we get an in-character reason for this that actually makes sense, or is it just the gratuitous logic that women are always supposed to look and act like this by default?

Because it is pretty detrimental to being able to take a character seriously if they randomly go around sticking their butt and boobs out, and there isn't any rational justification for why they would be doing this.

I have no problem with a feminine figure striking a sexy pose and I have no problem if there was a lot more sexualization of males figures in gaming pictures. What's good for the goose is good for the gander or vice versa.

What I do have a problem with is the sexual double standard. Why is it that a woman who looks sexy is a "slut" but a guy is a "stud". I hate the word "slut" because of the negative connotations associated with it and how it is predisposed towards applying to women. Why can't a man be a "slut"?

The problem to fix here is not necessarily of female figures in a sexy pose in gaming material but the broader context of letting women in general in society celebrate their sexuality without being called a "slut". I think a lot of people like labelling promiscuous women or women who like to express their sexuality as "sluts" because they are insecure and are afraid of being compared if the woman sleeps around and she knows that they are a "dud" in the sack. Most religions are to blame as well for their punitive and patriarchal attitudes that should have been consigned to the scrap heap centuries ago.

Alice Margatroid wrote:

I'd love to go to the PFS games in Sydney, but I'm in Newcastle and the 2.5+ hour drive is a bit of a drag. The VC in Sydney said in another thread that they tried to start games up here in Newwie but they didn't go well. (Probably when I was overseas last year... else I would've dragged my friends along for sure.)

When I played PFS games at GenConOz back in '09 I was usually the only woman at the table. Or even the only woman at all the tables in that session. Here's hoping that PAX Aus's PFS games aren't the same way!

Hi Alice. Have you considered Pathfinder gaming online using Hero Lab, D20Pro and Skype with some of your gaming friends to overcome the tyranny of distance?

I am GMing some of my friends through Kingmaker online at the moment on a weekly basis and they are having a ball. If I had more time, I would also GM online for my sister and her girlfriend and take them through RotRL as she has expressed an interest in roleplaying in the past.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

I'm in Sydney as well AM. I have a home group that's me and the lads. I do go to a PFS once in a blue moon.

I remember my first PFS session, I had met Al Rigg at the pub once and he was the only person I knew in the hall.

When you go to PFS sessions in Sydney, do you see any women show up?

The PFS sessions I attend now and then in Brisbane only ever seem to have males at the FLGS. I only occasionally see women in the other room of the gaming store playing MTG. The random guys that show up always seem to be well behaved with no jerkish behaviour so I'm not sure what keeps the ladies away. It's a shame really, as the few times over the years I have ever gotten to roleplay with women, the standard of roleplaying they bring to the table is very high making it a more enjoyable experience for all.

I wonder if some women are put off gaming because it's considered by many to be uncool and played by nerds. In other words, some would consider that it's played by the socially inept and would be boring. Is roleplaying still stereotyped with this poor image? I don't know that if I was still single, whether I would admit to being a roleplayer on a first date.

So the question in my mind is to whether the "brand" image of roleplaying puts women off playing and if this is true, what could be done about it?

Lightminder wrote:
c873788 wrote:
PatientWolf wrote:
For that reason in my games I would always rule that cooking and/or knowingly eating a living or dead intelligent humanoid with or without this hex would be considered and evil act.
There's a nasty rumour that there is an island nation near Tian Xia where the folk regularly hunt intelligent sea life such as whales, dolphins and merfolk with harpoons from ships. They then harvest the meat for eating or making soup. Would they be considered evil?

Is sea shepard society in pathfinders?

It should be. My characters would join right away. :)

Venshad wrote:

Dennis Baler,

I can't belive why such weapons aren't finessable, considering that without a chain (light?) they are all light weapons.

Well, it seems more like a bug than an intentional weapon feature to me.

I strongly belive, though, that DEX could be used instead of STR, without paying for Weapon Finesse (this feat could allow DEX to damage), but this was not a system's choice, however.

In conclusion, there are no finessable weapons with reach, sadly.

Why would you want a finessable weapon anyway? That is an inferior build for the tripper.

Venshad wrote:


Kama, double-chained 1d6/1d6 Reach 10ft. 20/x2

FEATS and Habilities

1- FEAT (Dodge), FEAT (Crane Style), FEAT (Weapon Finesse)*, FoB, Redirection*, Unarmed Strike
2- Unbalancing Counter*, FEAT (Toughness)*, AC +1 Natural
3- FEAT (Improved Trip), Flowing Dodge*, Maneuver Training, Still Mind
4- Ki Pool (magic), Bastion Stance*
5- FEAT (Crane Wing), Elusive Target*, Iron Limb Defense AC +2/+4 Shield*
6- FEAT (Combat Reflexes)*
7- FEAT (Crane Riposte), Wholeness of Body
8- Poison Use, Sneak Attack +1d6
9- FEAT (Combat Expertise), Ninja Trick (Greater Trip), Ki Pool
10- No trace +1, Sneak Attack +2d6

This build will not work well. Kama, double-chained, while an awesome tripping weapon (the best in my opinion), is an exotic weapon. You have not taken a feat to pick up exotic weapon proficiency for this weapon which means you are -4 to attack and to your attempts to trip.

The only way to pick up this feat at 1st level is to go Half Elf and use Ancestral Weaponry alternate racial trait.

Quandary wrote:
Furious Kender wrote:

To put this another way, the party would have failed the mission if I listened to the paladin. If the paladin could have, he would have tied me up/fought me for my attempts to save innocent lives, which would have led to the deaths of innocents.

If the paladin was prepared with manacles and gags and such, then sure whatever. He wasn't. He was prepared to cut them in two, but only if they were conscious. My witch wasn't even certain that throwing the sleeping pirates overboard (with 6 seconds left to sleep) would kill them, but it would remove them from the fight and make it much harder to alert the crew.

Seriously, if the Paladin in question had implemented his plan, I would seriously be considering that he should Fall, based on his actions (presuming he didn't get him and/or all of the party killed, along with the hostages).

Sure, he thought he was being zealous about good and evil, right and wrong. Turns out, it was a horribly stupid idea. Especially when he knew that any alerting of the enemy would result in hostage exectution. He may not have LIKED his allies' approach, but taking into account the danger to the innocent prisoners, the danger to the party as a whole, and the fact that he otherwise accepted the party's motivations and plan for aggression against the enemy, his proposed actions could have only helped Evil triumph.

That is Fall material, even if it came with the best intentions. Hubris is also a sin, that every self righteous Paladin should come face to face with... the refusal to look outside the narrow confines of how...

It's such a shame that some players choose to play their Paladin's alignment as Lawful Stupid instead of Lawful Good. The way I play my Paladin in PFS play is to have a personal honour code that only applies to the character himself hoping that by his example he will lead others to follow a better path.

Blured wrote:

As the owner of the Slaver character and having had this forum pointed out to me tonight i feel it fair i way in. (first hi Glariofun i know who you are as i only have one evil citation, strangely enough not for slavery.)

So just out of curiosity, what was the evil citation for then for this slaver character?

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