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bozo907's page

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Great for new players


I'll keep this review short and simple. I loved this module. I ran it for a single player, making slight adjustments, but my player loved it. It introduced her to game mechanics that are beyond the beginner box, without giving the feel of this being a training adventure. It introduced combat maneuvers in an easy way, and allowed her to get a feel for the possibilities of Pathfinder. She had a great time and this is a great module to introduce new players to the game.


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Very Good


This was a great way to start a Pathfinder group full of complete noobs to the PnP RPG world. The game went smoothly and within minutes, the group wizard was casting burning hands instead of the basic magic missle. The pre made characters were a nice addition but we disregarded them. Climbing was nice to have for it showcased some of the other mechanics PCs have to encounter in the world. This was my 2nd time being a GM and I would say this is a great module for new GMs. Great Work!

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The Pathfinder beginner box is everything I could have asked for as a new Pathfinder player. It broke down the basic mechanics beautifully and helped me understand character building better than the Core Rule Book did. It was very organized and the blank side of the dungeon map has come in handy big time. This box was the reason I sucessfully GM'd for the first time in every RPG I have played. This box is a must have for any new Pathfinder players.

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