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Lord of Blades

bodrin's page

122 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Usually not bothered about this kind of thing but.....
Isn't it about having fun?
Bumblebees aren't aerodynamically sound but they can still fly! :|
Dammit bumblebees stop being able to fly, the science proves it.
Nature release an errata on bumblebees please otherwise banish them with the forest that needs to shape up.

Some Roleplaying game rules don't make sense :/
Cats and dogs living together mass hysteria!!!

We're all doomed.

"Framework of rules" and "Have fun" I seem to recall that line of text from somewhere in the annals of time.

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Thank you for supporting the extra suplemental non core options in your published products, and not just publishing fluff just for the hell of it!

Thank you for not deviating from the OGL ruleset too much. ;)

Thank you for re-inventing some of the more confusing / time consuming D20 rules

Thank you for re-invigorating the D20 RPG scene.

Thank you for releasing quality products that I want to purchase.

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Okay Paizonians, I'm asking this here because I'm unsure if it needs to be in the general discussion area or elsewhere.

Here goes, as Hero Lab has been licensed as the official Character creator for the Pathfinder RPG would it be a future possibility for the Golarion IP to be licensed to the new Realmworks campaign manager software? Link below to screenshots currently in closed Beta though.

Lone Wolf Development Realmworks

I for one would love to have a fully supported and licensed campaign manager. Just a thought:)

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Pedantic wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
Black Knight wrote:

IMO the whole idea of BAB differences between classes is pretty terrible.

Having the different BAB progressions introduces severe imbalances in the system. A monster who is easy to hit for a fighter with full BAB can be very difficult to hit for a rogue. When you get to level 20 you have a 5 point difference in BAB between a fighter and rogue, which is a pretty huge spread.

Er, that's kinda the point. Fighters are supposed to be better at fighting stuff than rogueus are. That's why they're called rogues. It's also why rogues are better at being sneaky in general.

Maybe using your logic we should give a fighter the sorcerer spell progression, because by the time you get to 20th level there's a massive difference between the spellcasting ability of a wizard and a fighter. :P

The problem is, rogues still need to hit monsters to do their sneaky backstab damage. Reflecting "better at fighting" with an 80% chance to hit vs. a 55% chance is problematic. Worse, fighters get more chances than rogues to hit, making their odds of hurting the monster way higher than the rogue's. The rogue has to struggle hard to stay relevant at all in combat. Perhaps he should be less impressive than the fighter unless he's got the drop or better positioning on his opponent, but he shouldn't be hard pressed to fight at all.

Evey rogue I've had in my campaigns always offset the BAB discrepancy by utilising delay, tumble, spring attack, magic weapons and flanking. Possibly benefiting from a bulls strength effect or weapon finesse.

Fighters just hit things. Sneaky types ought to be nimble and sneaky!

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