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Spirit Caterpillar

bodhranist's page

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I'm acquainted with a guy who ran a horror one-shot at a convention. He did something quite clever, but if any of your prospective players read it, it would ruin the effect, so I'll...

put it here.:
He got an accomplice to join the game along with the players. In the first half-hour of the game, he killed the accomplice's character, and then 'made' the accomplice (who was in on the plan) leave the game and go home. Utterly shocked the rest of the players, and made them way more nervous about the rest of the adventure, thinking that at any moment they might die and have to leave. Of course, it was all for effect, he didn't plan on anyone else dying, and apparently everyone else had a spooky but fun time.

Rynjin wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:
Not seeing bulletproof hide on this character, so it's not like he has Hulk's durability.
Thankfully Orcs are not known for their common use of guns. =)

What say? MORE DAKKA!!!

Only in 4th edition. Rogue, went around with a hooded robe, with a hooded cloak on top of that. Realized most of civilized society would treat him as subhuman if they knew what he was and basically accepted it. Skulked a lot, dealt with traps, and was very very tricky in combat. Got shinies.

Don't forget about action economy. The patrons give you some nice spells, but think about when you'll have time to cast them. Precombat buffs and out of combat utilities might be better if you've got plenty of things you already want to get done once combat starts.

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In a recent campaign, all of the characters had been petrified at various times and places in the past. Their 'statues', among others, had been collected by a wizard who liked collecting petrified things. Then there was a magical mishap, and they were all un-petrified at the same time.

I really liked the background feats from 'Curse of the Crimson Throne', where all of the PCs have a grudge against a local crime boss and team up to take him out.

Of course, talking with your players is always good, and finding out if they have some way they'd like to know one another, if they want you to take the lead, or what. The FATE rpg has as a part of character generation a section where you write a brief, vague story from your past, and then two more sections where two other players include themselves in that story in some way, so everybody all has some reason for knowing everyone else.

We ran an all-dwarven (okay, and one gnome) group through Red Hand of Doom. It was great fun, and made sense. Almost everyone was from the dwarven holds in the south of the valley that the hobgoblin horde wanted to conquer, and dwarves geneally don't like goblinoids much anyay, so it all flowed pretty smoothly. Plus, it's a fun mega-adventure.

Quandary wrote:

Although the people in Fatherland are amongst the ones denying that Svoboda are fascists, and choosing to welcome them into government and rely on them in parliament, even while excluding the UDAR party (with US blessing, apparently). There IS a reason the EU Parliament previously warned of Svoboda's fascist tendencies and warned against any cooperation/legitimization of them by other parties.

Last I read, Svoboda has been given Security and Military portfolios, and I believe Environment and Education.
Ironically, the very person they just appointed as the new commander of the navy has now defected to the "other side".

And really, sorry about the info dump on Svoboda, but when people are doubting that neo-nazis are neo-nazis, it's just time to face facts. Whether Yanuovych deserved to be over-thrown, legally or illegally, has nothing to do with calling a nazi a nazi. There's plenty of badness in the world, and Nazis would just love to legitimize themself by standing against that, setting themselves up in the role of heroes.

As of a week ago, I was under the impression that UDAR had been given control of Security, although I'm aware that a lot can happen in a week (and it does look like a member of svoboda is prosecutor general and in charge of defense). Do you have any information more current than that?

Quandary has some good information, but it's also worth pointing out that the 'acting president of Ukraine' Oleksandr Turchynov, isn't associated with the Svoboda party that had the massive info dump about it above. He's in the center-right 'Fatherland' party, which is conservative but pro-european.

I agree with some of the others. Strictly RAW, probably not - waterproof amniotic sac, no smells getting out. However, child-scent is so clearly intended as 'creepy', that the extension of the creepiness to supernaturally detecting a 'pre-child' seems to fit really well.

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Holy Guns get the Amateur Gunslinger feat at 1st level, which gives them grit.

Diego Rossi wrote:

Hemp fiber density 30-85 kg/M3. Iron density 7874 kg/m³.


That hemp density seems awfully low for a rope. Around 1% the weight of iron? That would mean a 25' long 1" diameter hemp rope would weigh less than a pound. (rather than the 5 pounds the equipment list would suggest). (My calculations basically agree with Vod's for the iron bar, btw). This page has a 24mm (~1") hemp rope weighing in at 92 kg per 220 meters. That means 202 pounds for 721 feet, or 7 pounds for 25 feet, which seems more reasonable, although half again as heavy as the Core Rulebook hemp rope.

Of course, that's an interesting page, since it lists the breaking strengths of the ropes. A thinner rope, where 50' of it weighs 10 pounds instead of 14 pounds, has a listed tensile strength of of 6000 pounds, which is useful information to start with for those curious about what our adventurers have been carrying around with them. (Although trying most knots pretty much halves the strength of a rope, and working load is usually roughly a tenth of new rope tensile strength.)

Maybe use a re-skinned, slightly tweaked ooze mephit? Change the swim speed to burrow 15' (through non-rock only) and remove the fly skill (whhich should have been changed to swim anyway). The acid arrow, acid breath, and stinking cloud abilities all get flavored as various forms of spray. Keep the required caster level the same. Just say it looks like a big, magic-infused skunk instead a a weird little humanoid.

The Terrible Zodin wrote:
Side question - what other races have beards. I'm not sure, but I don't think I have ever seen an illustration of halflings, gnomes, or orcs with beards. Although catfolk do have whiskers.

Lem, the pathfinder halfling is rocking muttonchops so thick it would be seriously odd for him not to have chin hair, although the wiki says the usually only grow sideburns.

In D&D3, this guy was right there as the half-orc, so they're bearded. The example pathfinder half-orc is also bearded.

Gnomes also have beards

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Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Of course we've assuming that orcs and elves can breed. Some aberrant magical experiment perhaps...

It would make sense, given how Tolkien considered orcs to originate. (Kids these days.... :) )

Thanks! We'd have tried to pass them on even if we weren't moving because, really, they're kind of a single use item. I do plan to take a nice, really-high-res photo of the moathouse, which is probably the best of the lot, so I can make a print later and put it up on a wall or something.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Around the summer of 2011, my wife and I really wanted to play through a classic dungeon adventure. We'd played plenty of D&D 3.5 (mostly home-brewed adventures), two Star Wars campaigns set about halfway between the KOTOR games and the prequel movies (using the BESM system), some Shadowrun, some Deadlands, and it was time for some hack and slashing.

However, since we didn't have to script the games any more, it seemed like we would have a lot more prep time available, and we went a little crazy and decided to handpaint the battle mats for the entire adventure, starting with the moathouse, and continuing on fast enough to keep up with the pace of the adventure.

Finally, two years later we've finished. 27 maps, weighing over 15 pounds in total (paint's heavy!), covering 200 square feet. And just in time, as we're going to be studying abroad for at least a year and need to get rid of pretty much everything we own. Hopefully, linking to them on ebay doesn't violate the messageboard terms of use. I don't intend to infringe or be a jerk. We've also got a fairly-well-updated webpage from the game with summaries of all the sessions and some character details.

We used most of the monsters as-is with their pathfinder stats, rebuilding some with templates or whatever to scale them for the party's level, and built the NPCs as close as we could to the ones in the book and still be decently challenging. When we finished, the party was five 8th level characters, one PC death, and with two players having dropped out and two new ones dropped in to fill the gap. Most of the PCs had the wealth of 13th level characters, and there were almost a dozen NPCs, mostly staying at our camp to guard the huge pile of loot.

We're hoping to sell them, partly because we spent a lot of money on paint, brushes, and masking tape while making them, but partly because we think using them was great fun and wanted to spread it around. It was what we'd wanted to be able to do when we were teenagers but didn't have the ability to manage. If anyone knows somewhere besides here that would be good to publicize them, let me know.

The feat specifically allows you to use flame blade, a weapon-like, scimitar-shaped melee spell effect. If making attack rolls with that doesn't cause you to lose the benefits of the feat, it seems to suggest that what the oath is about is not holding and using a physically distinct, non-longsword weapon. If swinging your fist at someone while it holds a "magical blazing beam of red-hot fire" doesn't break the oath, then swinging that fist without the blazing beam should be no worse. Unarmed combat should be fine, combat maneuvers performed without using a weapon should be fine. Clubbing or trying to disarm someone someone with a candelabra wouldn't be fine, because you *picked it up and swung it*, like it was a physical weapon. Bull rush should be fine, I've always pictured it as a football-esque shoulder charge, just make sure to use the shoulder of your weapon arm and not your shield.

The raise dead spell has this wording included in the spell:

Normal poison and normal disease are cured in the process of raising the subject, but magical diseases and curses are not undone.

If being dead for several days doesn't end a magical curse, it seems unlikely that less than a round of death would end it.

My group is just finishing up with Village of Hommlet/Temple of Elemental Evil. Pretty much just swapped in pathfinder stats for the monsters. We used the slow advancement track, and are just hitting 8th level as we explore the elemental nodes. So that has worked fine, and we're planning on jumping right in to the Against the Giants adventures. Even on slow advancement, there might not be room between levels 1 and 20 for all of the modules the OP has mentioned.

The one issue we've had is that even cutting down the awarded treasure somewhat, all five players have about the wealth of an average-to-rich 13th level character, which is more than a little ridiculous. I'd recommend just reallocating treasure on the pathfinder guidelines. the only exception to the gear-overpowered cakewalk it turned into is that the main spellcaster, gargoyle, ogre and ettin fight on the 4th level of the temple, as written, is around a CR 16. We managed to use a Wall of Force scroll we'd found to cut into a pair of back-to-back CR 13s, which worked. Good times.

Pathfinder Module S1: Clash of the Kingslayers takes place in a couple different dwarven holds. One is occupied by dwarves, and one is mostly abandoned by them. Of course, the occupied one may not be by the end....

Probably much of the reason you see all the abandoned strongholds is that when you're going adventuring in a stronghold, you're going there to fight the occupants. Since

  • a) dwarves are usually the good guys and
  • b) they'd probably beat the pants off an average adventuring party,

you're not going to see that scenario all that often. You don't see too many adventures in an occupied elven/gnomish/halfling stronghold either. It's pretty much only the humans out of the 'good' races you see being enough of a threat to those around them to warrant a visit by good-hearted murder-hobos (aka adventurers).

It does if the GM wants it to. Probably wouldn't happen in most games. Channel energy affects creatures, and most GMs I know don't consider plants 'creatures'. Living objects, certainly, but not creatures.

I looked at it from another direction. With pounce, do all attacks get the +2 from charging? It looks like they do, so to me it makes sense all the attacks would get the other bonuses (like sneak attacks from a scout) from charging as well.

Crimson Jester wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
I do wonder why they cannot be unlocked (via a boon) in the Pathfinder Society.
Because part of the Pathfinder Society campaign is the fact that the campaign is intended to represent the core races—Golarion is not a setting where a lot of unusual humanoid races hang out in Star Wars Cantina style.
And yet, it has enough races to easily have the cantina scene in it. If someone were to want such a scene where would it most likely be?

Kaer Maga. Maybe not so many catfolk, but definitely a racially diverse hive of scum etc....

I've only seen the rules in the srd, but it does say hallways are included for free.

Constructing Buildings from Rooms wrote:
If you are constructing a building, you can connect these rooms in any way you see fit using normal doors and hallways, or fit them together without interior partitions into a large common space. Unless otherwise stated, each room includes a floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, doors, windows, and other details that are appropriate to the room's purpose in your building.

4 rounds give or take, occasionally shorter if it's a few weak creatures. The biggest notable exception was my most recent two games, at the bottom of the temple of elemental evil. 8th level party, with enough gear for 13th level characters. Versus: 3 or 4 hill giants, 3 ettins, 8 gargoyles, 14 bugbears, around a dozen ogres, a CR 8 mystic theurge, a CR 8 wizard, a CR 8 cleric, and a CR 7 caster of some sort.

Thanks to a scroll of Wall of Force, that was two combats of CR 13 or so. (otherwise, more like CR 16 with a retreat after a few rounds) That took two full 4 hour sessions of a little over 10 rounds each. Once in a great while that sort of thing is fine, but I'm glad it doesn't happen on a regular basis.

Universal Monster Rules, Grab ability wrote:
Unless otherwise noted, grab can only be used against targets of a size equal to or smaller than the creature with this ability. If the creature can use grab on creatures of other sizes, it is noted in the creature's Special Attacks line.

graystone wrote:
Second question: A tiefing changes into a aasimar. Does it keep it's resistances then?

That's pretty much what the whole argument has been about. No consensus has been reached. However, as far as I know, there is no spell allowing you to assume the form of an outsider, so turning into an aasimar is more or less impossible RAW.

graystone wrote:
[Third] question: And why wouldn't he get the aasimars resistances if it's all based on form if he can't keep his own?

If, for the sake of this question, we assume that you are able to change into an aasimar with Alter Self, then he doesn't get the aasimar's resistances because polymorph-type spells only give specific attributes of the creature being turned into. Alter Self doesn't list energy resistance as one of the granted abilities, so you don't gain it.

There's an achievement feat called 'armor of scars'. To take it, you have to have taken 1000 cumulative points of damage. Every 5 points of magical healing you receive subtracts 1 point from that total. Basing a judgement on that would suggest that magical healing reduces scarring but doesn't eliminate it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go count the number of Constitution based skills. It shouldn't take long. :)

A dwarf of half-orc (or human with appropriate feat) can take the ironhide feat for a +1 natural armor bonus.

Jakoli wrote:
So let's say my Enlarged Fighter innitiates a grapple with an enemy that is at my extended reach of 10ft AND is currently being threatened by other party members. WHEN (not if lol) my grapple succeeds and I place the creature in a space adjacent to me, does that count as that creature leaving a threatened square provoking AoO's from any other party members that threatened the square the enemy left? If so at what (if any) penalties?

It's not specifically stated one way or the other, but I'd say it doesn't provoke, since forced movement from other combat maneuvers (bull rush, drag, reposition) doesn't.

Glamered is just a flat +4000 that doesn't raise the overall bonus of the weapon. They're in the chart with the +whatever bonuses for random generation purposes.

A weapon need to be enchanted to at least +1 before it can have any other special abilities added to it.

One thing with druids is that they have to be some variety of neutral, RAW, so lawful evil would be difficult.

I'd say it wouldn't. If the touch attack is using your familiar's attack bonus, then it's the one "targeting a foe".

There's no rule on it one way or the other. However, in any case, your back isn't the only (or even necessarily the best) place to wear a quiver.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There's one on the Pathfinder wiki

In this case, I'm remembering a crotchety, forgetful-but-cultured pipe-smoking, tea-drinking dragon-creature doing its best to keep alive (and out of prison) a crazed gnome that has all the common sense of a rabid weasel.

I've never seen an eidolon NOT get talking. In some games it really does seem like the eidolon is the primary PC, with the summoner just a sidekick, in regarding not only mechanical performance, but with role-playing as well.

Using the casting stat mod for attack instead of str/dex seems like enough of a change from flame blade to warrant bumping the spell from 2nd to third level. I'd either let it stay at 1 min/lvl and drop the 1/2 damage on trip, or keep the trip damage, but reduce the duration to 1 round/lvl. As a spell and a touch attack, it should be able to damage creatures regardless of armor.

DM_Blake wrote:
As listed, Greater Age Resistance is level 7, requiring a level 13 caster, so 13 x 7 x 2,000 = 182,000 gp. WOW! The book has it at only 50,000 gp so they really underpriced it to about 27.5% of the formula price.

Age resistance has a 24 hour duration, so the total price in the use-activated section would normally be divided in half. So, it's about half the standard formula price, not a quarter of it.

graystone wrote:
Vamptastic wrote:
And maybe I'm overlooking it, but is there anywhere that says they can't wield weapons?
Most animals don't have hands to wield a normal weapon. However, I see no reason an animal couldn't use armor spikes as a weapon.

Lack of proficiency would be a hindrance.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
a thylacine, an animal that I'll bet a $5 donation to the Red Cross you've not heard of before.

I probably wouldn't have known what it was a few years ago without looking it up, but these days I know due to it having pathfinder stats.

I'm curious what other people think about this as well.

As far as I know, you need to have line of effect to where the spell effect takes place, so probably not.

I'm in two different games.

In one, we all get XP at the end of every session, whether the player was there or not. Additionally, we don't level until we've spent 1 or more in-game weeks of downtime and a sufficient quantity of cash on training.

In the other, we also get XP at the end of every session, but only the players that were there. (It's a deliberately old-school pathfinder-ized Temple of Elemental Evil) However, we have our 'health and family leave act', which means you still get the experience if you were sick or taking care of family members' sickness. Additionally, we've had members go off on side quests, for which they were the only ones to get XP. To help re-balance things, if a character is a level or more below the average party level, they get a 150% share of the XP. In that game, we level up instantly once the XP target is reached, no resting required (although any injuries remain, and no new spells are learned until the next rest).

Shrink item only works on non-magical items.

You can only make an oil out of a spell that targets one or more creatures or objects. The plant growth spell targets an area, so you can't make an oil out of it.

Esreyr wrote:
Magic Missile is not usually a spell you'd heighten.

This is fairly true, but if you did heighten it, it would affect a target inside a lesser globe of invulnerability, even though a magic missile prepared in a 5th level slot without heighten would fizzle out.

Sounds good!

Tholomyes wrote:
As such, you could probably use Pope as a unisex title, or, what would probably work better is to differentiate the higher titles between different faiths. So the leader of one god's faith might have a separate title from the leader of another faith.

In fact, there is historical precedent for using pope as a unisex title. Also, it's not exclusively a catholic title. The discordians also use it (for pretty much everybody).

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