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What sort of terrain are we going to be encountering in this campaign primarily? Is it going to be like the Cairdens where it is entirely underground or would it be the complete opposite? Or a mix? What sort of terrain will we see on the surface?

So I calculated my spell point allotment and it looks like I get 19? Do we use the chart on the d20srd for this?

HP: 2d8 ⇒ (7, 6) = 13

Okay, what we have should mesh pretty well.

Dark Tapestry is an interesting Oracle mystery, how do you intend to play it?

I'm gonna be debuffing everything we come across with murderous command and hold person since I have a really high save DC on those spells. Also I will have undead to fight for me.

*I had a hilarious and somewhat disgusting idea earlier today as I was thinking about what I could do with my character. Since I am playing a necro I could easily go out into the wild, kill some wild game, raise it as a zombie and then have it follow me around as a mobile pantry where I can pull off bits of flesh and use purify food and drink on it.

Ya, it would be sorta nice to have something mutual in our background so we can skip the "funnel" phase.
Also the more I look at what the playing field is for magic users the more I think a swarm of bloody belching beheadeds would be utter hilarity.

Updated stat block.

19 *swap
11 *swap

Stat block in use.


1d6 ⇒ 6
1d6 ⇒ 6

It's an oracle mystery not an archetype.

Ok, I think I will play a Juju Oracle.

With how you described the origin of magic the way I see it working is that magic use originates by innate sensitivity to magic (at least for the sorc). So by being a natural conduit for magical energy one could harness it. But what I see from the story of the setting on how magic originated is that there could very well be areas that for whatever reason magic has an element to it that is much more chaotic then the, mostly, orderly sense that magic has.
So what I see as happening is that a person naturally attuned to magical energy in a place that has that chaotic element strongly presenting itself to be driven a bit nuts by the exposure, and their magic use manifesting itself differently. Because let's be honest, witches be crazy.

Also did you see my question on crafting? Did you intend for the players to be using the crafting skills a lot?

So one big question I have about this is if non-magical crafting is such an important part of the game will we be house ruling the craft skills so it doesn't take eons to finish even simple items?

Also I know it's not on the list but could I play a witch? Specifically I want to play a scarred witch doctor, though not as an Orc.

4d6 - 1 ⇒ (6, 2, 1, 6) - 1 = 14
4d6 - 2 ⇒ (5, 2, 5, 4) - 2 = 14
4d6 - 1 ⇒ (5, 3, 1, 4) - 1 = 12
4d6 - 2 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 2) - 2 = 16
4d6 - 3 ⇒ (3, 6, 3, 6) - 3 = 15
4d6 - 2 ⇒ (4, 4, 3, 2) - 2 = 11

It's Matt. I'm in!

"If a shadow companion is destroyed, or the shadowdancer chooses to dismiss it, the shadowdancer must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude save. If the saving throw fails, the shadowdancer gains one permanent negative level. A successful saving throw avoids this negative level. A destroyed or dismissed shadow companion cannot be replaced for 30 days."

This right here in my mind is probably the number one reason why you don't see more people playing the shadowdancer. The risk of gaining a permanent negative level makes summoning a shadow the biggest threat to the shadowdancer.

Otherwise I think this is a great idea.

Use this.
You can't select by size, but it contains all paizo materials in one location.

That should read level 6 saurian shaman...

I don't think I understand what you mean, does it mean that a level 6 serpent saurian could use beast shape 3 while taking a dinosaur form, and only beast shape 1 if anything else?

Hello everyone, I have never played a druid before in my pathfinder gaming career so I am a bit uncertain about just exactly what the archetypes do to wildshape when it says to use plus or minus your druid level for whatever the stipulation is. Does this merely affect the duration you can remain in the shape? Or does it mean that a level 6 serpent saurian could use beast shape 3 while taking a dinosaur form, and only beast shape 1 if anything else?

And Paizo... Why no shaman of elementals >:[

I have a question for all of you. I am playing in a campaign where any and all official paizo products are permitted for use in gameplay. Which means that a great deal more beasties are available for wildshaping as a druid.
Using this wonderful little search tool

What are some things that stand out to you all as really good options that might just be too good to pass up?
So far one that I have found is this huge sea snake.

One thing I am considering doing with a new druid character is taking desert druid and just going outright nuts with poisons...

Oh! one more thing I need to ask... I have never played a druid before, and I am wondering if on top of the ability bonuses listed for wildshape do you get the appropriate stat change for changing size category as well?

Something I had thought of recently is that you could use illusions as a means to humiliate a PC, or NPC if you wanted. I came to this thought after realizing that making a will save on an illusion does not necessarily mean that it would go away. I figured that despite someone realizing what is going on, an illusionist could still maintain an illusion just to annoy that target. Case in point, lets say Illusionist wizard wants to humiliate big stupid fighter companion. What if illusionist were to use silent image to cause a phallic like protuberance to spring forth from BSF's forehead or some such. It has no real combat purpose, but if BSF were in polite company it would be exceedingly humiliating. and even if everyone knew it was fake? well it is still there and wont go away until the wizard gets bored. Mostly an RP thing, but could be useful/amusing.

Oh, by "it" I meant background. I think that having my character from Evereska is fine. But like I said, gonna be busy till the latter half of the week.

I did take traits, they are listed with my feats. I took reactionary and into enemy territory. As for the locale I chose, I took an alternate racial trait that gives me fire resist 5, and it suggests in the alt trait list that it could come about due to living in hostile environments. I don' particularly mind changing it, but I will have to do it later. I will be working on a ton of school work until about Thursday.

Ok, so the bulk of the character is done. But seeing as it is now 1 AM I absolutely refuse to go any further on this until tomorrow. I changed the character to stay as close to my original concept as I could under such a short time frame, and I will rewrite the character background to reflect that appropriately. I think you will like what I have. (Guhh! I really hope so, I don't know what I would do if I had to start from scratch.)

Crap on a crap cracker! I kept looking in the recruitment section for any news on the template without realizing anything was being posted here. I did not even think of not being able to take the template as a possibility so I am kinda winging it right now. I will try to get something decent up tonight but I can't guarantee it will all be perfect.

I need the template before I can finish a character sheet.

Herkymr the Silly wrote:
dont think the sorcerer would be very easy on a pbp and would take more effort on my part. Also there is the concern of it being a new template or adjustment which then makes the balance come into play and need to be tested. So I would say no on the Lich thing for now.

Dang, I was all excited about it for a while. Rune fated druid should be good too though. But I need the stats for dark side rune fated before I can begin to make a character.

I guess that means no to my sorcerer idea?


Heimdallr, a Tiefling saurian shaman, was born of circumstances that nobody in his village were fully aware of. His mother was a recluse and no one could identify who the father was. Even stranger still was his mothers disappearance shortly after his birth. The village soon discovered her absence when they found Heimdallr abandoned in his home. Realizing that not all was right when they saw the small undeveloped horns they felt a mix of pity and disgust at what they saw before them. After a great discussion as to what would become of the child a kobold who felt the child would grow up in a hostile environment if he stayed within the town took it upon herself to give the child the opportunity to have a loving upbringing. The little herbalist, being very familiar with the rune fated forest as her gathering ground for components, knew of a group of druids who would raise the little one without care for past circumstances. So she took Heimdallr to them and they raised him as their own. He flourished in the new environment he was placed and upon reaching full maturity was come over with the wanderlust, a strong desire to explore the world beyond his own forest.

My druid concept is one that is primarily melee and magic secondary, which we already seem to have enough of. Alternately, I remembered one of my character concepts I had a while ago that I discussed with our GM, the good aligned lich. The group completely lacks a full caster class, and appears to need one, and I would be eager to play this if allowed.

Magnus was known as being one of the most talented sorcerers of his time. Seemingly against all typical convention, there was no real trace of magic in his lineage. This did not seem to bother Magnus as he soon became known as one of the most talented sorcerers for his age, and thought to have the potential for true greatness within him. His instructors at the academy of magic convened with the Azlanti house of lords to discuss a new addition to the guardians of the Azlanti throne, and parliament known as the color guard. The color guard was a group of individuals in a position of great honor among the Azlanti who were charged with the defense of the seat of power of the Azlanti people against all who would try to harm it. The ritual required to become a color guard was long arduous affair wrought with significant risk for the one undergoing the transformation. When Magnus was invited to join the color guard he was thrilled at the prospect of serving his nation in a position so well regarded and jumped at the opportunity. Magnus survived the transformation and went on to serve the Azlanti empire until the day the continent was torn apart in a massive earthquake and lost to the sea. Magnus, who was in the capitol at the time, and the capitol itself being on the coast, was sent to the bottom of the ocean as well. (The official story is that the Aboleths did it, but the whole idea that an evil entity would create a human civilization to me is utter b%!+&@%#. So I say that the Aboleth story is a fairytale and that it was lost to geological forces.) Having lost his beloved empire, and with no greater cause to guide him. Magnus wandered the land aimlessly for what seemed like ages, lost in despair at the fall of Azlant. This despair came to an end when he came upon an upstart civilization that recognized his color guard uniform. A group of people gathered around excitedly at the sight of someone from the old empire of Azlant. Magnus soon discovered that the people before him were descendents of the survivors and Azlant, and that there were people like these all across the world as they scattered from the lost continent. Finding renewed hope that the old empire of Azlant was not truly lost, Magnus dedicated himself to defending the inheritors of the fallen empire of Azlant and to one day see the descendents of Azlant united in the old empire reborn.

So, since it will inevitably come up. My thoughts on changes to the lich template to make it thematically appropriate.

1. Color guard represent law and the forces that stand against evil. As such, the touch attack instead channels holy energy. (negative energy replaced by good, so heals good aligned and harms evil aligned. kinda like lay on hands.)

2. The Color guard scatter evil before them and any evil being who looks upon them is filled with fear at their presence. (fear aura only affects evil aligned.)

3. Paralyzing touch. replace with smite evil, progresses same as it would for a paladin.

Well, it would appear that there is not much in the way of magic users, though I don't quite want to go full casting class for a PBP. I am thinking possibly a hex magus. Though druid sorta falls within that same category as well.

What are you expecting for stuff that works with the party? I am used to just making whatever I want to play and using it in a way that benefits the group. If you mean filling an unfulfilled healer/tank/dps role than I would have to consider the options.

I am in like Flint! I am thinking I will do rune fated druid, dark side!, not sure on the race just yet.

If you don't already know, Spencer, it's Matt. Kharn is my alias.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
You need to get more information about this Schrodinger psion and actually pin down HOW he can beat anything in the game. I imagine mis-applied rules will come to light. Does he know that he cannot spend more points per power than manifester level?

I certainly hope he would know about the manifester level cap on power point usage per round. As for Schrodinger's psion, I asked the same question. For a short time I played a psion in a campaign where I was nearly one shot from full HP by a pistolero. So having gone through that I asked the very same question out of disbelief. His reply was that any psion discipline could pull that off. After that I went to go research whatever I could find on just how that could possibly be true.

All I was really able to come up with after reading older 3.0 psionics handbooks as well as various forums was that there seems to be a consensus that 3.0 psionics was broken. But I have no idea how, but I don't believe for an instant that what we have now is overpowered. Back to said DM, he told me about a nomad build he had that was able beat "4 monsters equal to his CR without taking damage". Then there are claims about powers that there are no saves against, which I have yet to see.

I don't mean to turn this into a rant, but it's just frustrating not being knowledgeable enough to prove my point.

Anyone care to take a swing at this argument? The GM I am with right now does not allow psionics because of his experience with them from what I understand to be D&D v. 3.0, and his argument is that you can take any level ten psion and pit them against any other class/race combo including a template and the psion will win hands down every single time and possibly even without taking damage. I have tried to counter his arguments to the best of my ability, but through a combination of his stubbornness and the fact that I have only been playing D&D since September of last year. I love playing magic users in any game but I want out from under the vancian system so bad :(

That is absolutely superb! I love it.

SmiloDan wrote:

Should this guerilla warrior use Grit? Or some other kind of mechanic?

I think the grit mechanic is perfectly reasonable.

*For a viking you could just go with a barbarian and give him/her a bearskin that you put on and then jump around growling and snarling to initiate rage. Note: this is actually what some historians believe viking berzerkers did before battle. And the word berzerk originated from the norse words for "bear shirt". TMYK!

I would really like to see a musket/rifle using class centered on guerilla warfare. So, lots of stealth, using terrain to your advantage, and ambushing your enemy with sneak attacks, and blowing stuff up with huge explosions. I would also prefer it to use no magic. Pathfinder sticks with mainly wild west style, and stand-in-a-line-and-shoot-at-each-other styles of firearms users which is fine, but I like variety.

I am going to shoot him with empowered scorching ray.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26 to hit vs. touch AC
5d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 6, 5, 3) = 21 damage
Applying metamagic empower, 21*1.5=31.5 damage

I will scoop up a handful of lava and move up so I can see the goblin. Once I can I will throw the lava at it. 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Witch doctor? Sage something?

Here's one for you if you don't mind. I am working on a class centered around elemental body using the 7 elements from the wizard elemental arcane schools (air, earth, fire, water, wood, metal, and void). I need to expand elemental body to include the other three, but I can't seem to get a clear idea of what sort of damage/defense characteristic represents them. For example I have considered giving metal an SR, or a DR, as a defensive characteristic. Void is equally as tricky, but at least has an elemental for it. But I can't really come to any decent conclusion as to what would well an truly represent those elements. I thought that maybe if I gave them a clear definition as to what they represent (void being gravity, space, and time. Metal being logic, reason, and technology as opposed to magic. etc..) it would help me come to a decision, though it still eludes me.

Would you care to take a crack at this?

I will take a full round action and puke lava on the orc, it will make a 3 inch puddle on that square. If the orc is still alive, it takes 2d6 per round.

* Also I should say that once this particular encounter has finished I am going to stop and do a major overhaul of the class as it stands. Basing this off of a druid, while technically accurate to the mechanics I am using, leaves too many problems to solve. So I am going to base it off of a monk which gives me a more solid system for melee, which is what this class is attempting to lean towards, without having to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

I will take a 5' step away from the orc and cast burning hand at it. DC 18 reflex.
If the orc fails his reflex save he will be on fire for 1d4 ⇒ 3 rounds taking 1 point of damage each round. He can either let them go out on their own or take a move action to attempt another DC 18 reflex save to put them out.
damage 6d4 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 4, 2, 1) = 17

What kind of spell did the drow cast? Also something I forgot to take into account is that I have burning magic as part of my abilities for this form. The drow will catch fire for 1d4 rounds doing 3 points of damage a round. This will happen any time they fail a save.

I will move back 30 feet and use scorching ray on the orc. This is a ranged touch attack with no save (Burning magic only works on spells with saves)
roll to hit vs. touch AC1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
damage dealt. 5d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 1, 3, 1) = 15

How do I make an alias?


AC is 20

By the way, those modifiers on the to hit rolls look kinda low... What is the CR of this encounter? I made this character level 6 for this round of testing.

Making sure I am not within 5' of them I am going to cast fireball at the goblin. The spell DC is 18

*I guess I need to roll damage dice for it.
6d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 6, 2, 2) = 21


Right then, I will move to the opening where the goblin stepped out from and look for the goblin and if he has friends
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (12) + 17 = 29perception

My standard action I take depends on what I see

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