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bastlynn's page

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Let us know what you think! :) I'm hoping we can do more of these over the course of the next year.

lizard1978uk wrote:

a couple of weeks ago someone posted a message with a link to

the link took you directly to a gods list for all the gods ever to be in D&D and forgotten realms.
when you go to the planewalker site now it is a dead link
does anyone have the new link, as this would be a very useful supplement to have. if no link does anyone have anything with all the gods on as it is annoying when you have to have loads of books to hand when you could have it all on one list.

I know it's been a long while but in case you never got an answer to this anywhere else:

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Sigil, city at the centre of the multiverse. Domain of deadly and enigmatic Lady of Pain, crossroads of the infinite planes, home for beings of light and darkness from every world imaginable and quite a few that aren't. Here all paths intertwine and all things meet their opposite. Where else would a true adventurer go to begin their career?

When chaos strikes the normally dead quiet district around the Great Mortuary in Sigil's infamous Hive Ward, the people know for certain that something awful can't be far behind. So the call goes out for heroes to bring peace back to the streets, and by hook or by crook your characters soon find themselves under the shadows of three factions, and caught up in the bloody aftermath that follows."

Desire and the Dead is a Planescape scenario based on the Ennie-award winning website, keeping the Planescape setting alive for Dungeons & Dragons: Third Edition. Designed for those new to Planescape and even those new to D20 in general, this pack produces not only a heroic adventure, but a base of operations and starting point for a whole campaign's worth of scenarios. Desire and the Dead is a Planescape adventure for a party of four to six adventurers from levels 1 to 3, and is particularly suitable as the first adventure of a new campaign. Pick up your free copy at

A Play-By-Post game is starting up on Planewalker to playtest this module under Pathfinder rules. We hope to create a conversion for the alternate rule set and player recruitment is currently going on - so if you want in, let the GM know!

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Dammit Todd! Thanks for making me rethink my list. ^_~

He's good at that, very good at that. I second what's on his list actually... and I'm really rather fond of Anubis. :)

No problem, I'll keep an eye out then. :)

I have a proposal that was sent on 9/26/2006 about mystical languages? I know that's right on the edge of the material that's already been looked at, so should I just sit tight for everyone to come back from the holidays or get worried?

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