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Count Aericnein Neska

baronbloodbath's page

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Xuttah wrote:
Iron Gods eh? Sounds like every adventure will have a special featured ingredient.

"Tonight's iron ingredient is...drumroll please.......SHOGGOTH!"

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Maybe playing an alchemist who has been mutated from exposure to the strange energies and materials in Numeria is a good idea.

He would have a tumor familiar named Kuato. When someone inevitably says"It's not a tumor!" You can tell them yes, yes it is.

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Louis Lyons wrote:

Personally, I am all for steam-punk style mechs, whether they are clockwork, steam-powered, magical, etc. However, if I had my way, I would want Final Fantasy VI-style Magitek armor, rather than man-sized power armor suits or Macross/Robotech-style machines.

Edit: Just read James Jacobs' latest post on Iron Gods.

I'm sure that I'll be quite happy with what I get. :)

You know, I haven't seen any airships in any Adventure Paths or modules since they released the rules in Ultimate Combat. How about an android airship pilot?

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DaemonAngel wrote:

It's not a stretch to say the originators of the crashed starship (which may suggests that it's presence is unintentional) placed programmed protocols in things like the "robots" to help prevent or at least limit "contamination" on what they consider a developing planet. But what if some of the "AI's" gain a form of self-awareness and choose a different course of action.

Coridan wrote:

I will start by saying this is not anywhere near the top of my looking forward to list. One guy in my group is super excited to run it though as it will plug in to his region well.

I just hope that paizo does this full throttle. The Tian Xia AP was only half in Tian Xia, the trip to the City of Brass was a trip to one house. I want no half-measures. The opening scene should be like the opening scene in Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

The Silver Mount went on-line 4th of Arodus, 4697. The Silver Mount begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Absolom time, 29th of Arodus. In a panic, the Technic League tries to pull the plug.

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This post may be a little off topic (and long) but there are ways to introduce "technological effects" without breaking the game. The only things to consider would be Spell Resistance and Use Magic Device; have "technological effects" work the same for spell resistance and UMD.

So, there really can be no difference between a staff with runes carved on it that pulses blue under the moon and shoots magic missiles and a metal shaft with strange etchings that that discharges force bolts.

Here are some common substitutions I've come up with-
Arcane Spells-
Magic Missile: Force Bolt
Mage Armor: Force Field
Silent Image: Hologram
See Invisibility: Infrared Vision
Scorching Ray- Laser Beam
Tongues: Universal Translation
Hold Person: Paralytic Field
Invisibility Sphere: Cloaking Field
Fly/Overland Flight: Antigravity
Haste: Temporal Acceleration
Slow: Temporal Deceleration
Minor/Major Creation: Minor/Major Matter Replication
Hallucinatory Terrain: Hologram Field
Fabricate: Matter Conversion
True Seeing: Wide Spectrum Vision
Mislead: Holographic Ruse
Delayed Blast Fireball: Timed Detonation
Moment of Prescience: Temporal Jaunt
Sunburst: UV Blast

It's fairly easy to come up with "technological" magic items. Just put a prefix like "trans" or "sub" and a suffix like "field" or "enhancer". A belt of giant strength +2 becomes a "transmuscular enhancer" and bracers of armor become "Force Field Generators +2".

Fusion of sci-fi and fantasy makes me giddy. I'm 100% certain Iron Gods will deliver a nicely blended experience.

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Halfway-Hagan wrote:

I know I am definitely in the minority here but this is an AP I am not looking forward to.

I cringe at the thought of Fantasy characters running around with laser beams and stuff. I didn't like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and I know I was not alone in this.
But I also understand I have the recourse simply not to play in it or purchase it. :)

I can just see it now, the maximized Zen Archer with Proton Beams, or the maximized Gunslinger with the Plasma Cannon...may the Gods help us all.

You've got it right. Paizo can't please everyone. But I'm sure I will please Paizo by purchasing the Adventure Path, the Players Guide, the Regional Guide, an Iron Gods miniatures case, and the limited edition collectible Silver Mount ship signed by James Jacobs, Erik Mona, and James Jacobs.

Yeah, I know he signed it twice. Can you tell I'm a fan of Numeria?

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Jayne's hat adds +5 to Diplomacy checks.

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I've come up with some additional punishments; for those GM's who want to use it: The Boo Box, and the Gauntlet! (Based off the movie Hook, and real life pirate punishments, respectively)

The Boo Box is an appropriate punishment for the 2nd or third time a character falls asleep on duty, or if they are caught lying to an officer of the ship.
Running the Gauntlet could serve as a punishment for crew members fighting, or for selling or spilling your ration of rum (after the first time you're caught).

Boo Box - This oversized wooden chest can fit all but the largest Medium creatures. Crew members are typically bound before being placed in the boo box. The boo box contains a small opening (it looks similar to a chimney) that crew members use to put vermin (bilge spiders, bilge rats, sea snakes) or foul substances (rotten fish heads, bird crap, snot, and worse) in the box with the crew member. Crew members in the boo box must first make a DC 15 Will Save to avoid becoming shaken for the rest of the day. This is a mind affecting fear effect. Crew members in the boo box must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid becoming sickened, throwing up all over themselves (taking the standard penalty to their saving throws if they failed the first save). This punishment is very humiliating.

Running the Gauntlet: Crew members line up in two rows, and administer 1-2 rope bashes as the offending crew member proceeds down the "gauntlet". With all hands participating, this is a sort of democratic deterrent and an encouragement to work as a team.

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