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Attic Whisperer

baron arem heshvaun's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,964 posts (4,109 including aliases). No reviews. 4 lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 26 aliases.

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Dark Archive

Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed to play the Sorcerer Supreme.

Dark Archive

It took almost twelve hours before someone posted this but here it is! As someone wise once put it, because why not?

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Because why not?

Dark Archive

Is anyone planning on playing this?

Gen Con demo.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not comprehensive but up to date, Marvel and DC scheduled releases, its a good time to be alive for comic book fans.


Dark Archive

But I would certainly like to borrow some bits from his life.

Dark Archive

Is it almost Fall 2014 yet?

I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

Welcome Players!

I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

You have been convicted of a heinous crime and thrown into Branderscar prison, on a small island just offshore from the mainland of Talingarde.

You were brought here in a closed carriage, chained and hooded. You know that a stone causeway connects the island to the mainland and that your cell is on an upper floor. Otherwise, you have seen nothing.

Each of you received the same greeting when you arrived: you were held down by rough hands and branded upon the arm with a runic F. The mark signifies ‘forsaken’ and the painful scar is indelible proof that each of you has betrayed the great and eternal love of Mitra and his chosen mortal vassals.

Condemned, you face at best a life of shackles and servitude in the nearby salt mines. Others might await the ministrations of the inquisitors so that co-conspirators may be revealed and confessions extracted. Perhaps some of you will be spared this ordeal. Perhaps instead you have come to Branderscar to face the final judgment. In three days, the executioner arrives and the axe falls or the pyre will be lit. Through fire or steel, your crimes will be answered.

You have all been chained together in the same communal cell dressed in nothing but filthy, tattered rags. Manhandled and mistreated, any finery you once possessed is either ruined or long lost. No special treatment has been given any prisoner – male or female, commoner or noble – all of the forsaken are bound and imprisoned together.

Your feet are secured by iron cuffs tethered by one long chain. Your arms are secured to the wall above by manacles. A guard is posted
right outside the cell day and night.

Little thought is given to long term accommodations. At Branderscar, justice comes swift and sure.

The Prison of Branderscar

Dark Archive

Well close enough (link).

Dark Archive

Because ... in this day and age, why not?

Dark Archive

Two characters in the series

The 'Jedi' Kanan

The astromech droid Chopper

Dark Archive

What Class Skills would Nationalities of the World Have.

Dark Archive

Somewhat interesting idea. Maybe Lisa and Vic would add these to their collection.

Sheriff Akan "Death" Vardas

Chewing Bear

Dark Archive

Male Imperial Purebred Human 13 th level bard/9 th level nightlife empressario/epic level chocolate fiend

It begins.

I'm creating this page for use by my players.

Good luck with your rolls guys, I hope you fare better than me at rolling up PCs.

Dark Archive

Paul Rudd IS Ant Man.

Dark Archive

Male Imperial Purebred Human 13 th level bard/9 th level nightlife empressario/epic level chocolate fiend

Welcome Players!

Dark Archive

Male Imperial Purebred Human 13 th level bard/9 th level nightlife empressario/epic level chocolate fiend

Welcome Players!

Dark Archive

First off, I am looking for TWO CO GMs for ... an experiment of sorts on Pbp.

PM me or leave ways to contact you here.

And since we all like hints - this adventure takes place long 'B I G'

That is all. (For now)

Dark Archive

Alright gang, make up an alter ego super villain for the modern world.

For We Are The Legion of Doom!

Who would you be, what is your villain's name?

What are your super powers?

What are your motivations and backstory?

What is your secret hidden base? Do you have minions?

Who is your (good guy) arch enemy ? (Try to use one everyone has heard about and why)

What if any are your weaknesses?

And, who plays your villain in the movie?

Victory is Ours!

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Or New York! Same difference.

Please remain calm. (I was talking to New York.)

Dark Archive

Just saw this at a press screening, fun movie, great cast that (from appearances) enjoyed doing it, nothing serious just outright fun combining elements of 'Ocean's Eleven', 'The Prestige' and a dash of 'Catch Me is You Can'.

Dark Archive

It's the largest Lego toy you'll see and the engines light up, check the video link.

And now the work on a fully armed and operational Battle Station continues.

Dark Archive

May the 4th Be With You!


Email sent.

I think I caught Mike's yuck. Hopefully my email made sense. Looking forward to Gen Con again. Mike's doing a fantastic job!

Edit: arrrrrrrrgggg. Hotmail failed again. Second attempt sent.

Dark Archive

4 people marked this as a favorite.

With the Reign of Winter AP beginning and many of the Paizo faithful eagerly awaiting how Mother Russia will be portrayed in the pages of the AP - an ancient threat may have callously revealed itself.

Seeing that the umbral veil between worlds has been penetrated and obfuscation and utmost secrecy are no longer the by words of the day, it appears the Aboleths have seen it fit to test fire* their weapon that will ultimately bring an Age of Darkness into our own world.

* (To give some perspective on this 'test fire' - the Meteorite that burned through the skies above Siberia late last week is estimated to be some 17.5 meters across, had an estimated mass of 8,000 to 10,000 Tons, and released the energy equivalent to nearly 500 Kilotons of TNT which is the rough equivalent of 25 of the atomic bombs detonated above Hiroshima that turned that ancient city into cinders.)

Thus, armed with this knowledge, I once again implore Vic Wertz to continue diverting funds into the Death Star project, our only hope against the threat of the Aboleths.

Help us Vic Wertz, you are our only hope.

Dark Archive

Premiering at South by Southwest, Zero Charisma is a story about a passionate gamemaster struggle to regain his honor from a neo nerd hipster duchebag*

I guess 'Three Charisma' does not have the same ring to it, and Zero Dark Thirty was taken.

*Thanks for that line Trisha Hershberger

Dark Archive *

Hi gang.

I have to figure out some tie ins and backstory for a new group so that has led me to this question -

As far as PFS scenarios go - who is the most memorable villains in the scenarios thus far. I am looking for unique individuals and not organizations.

Bonus points it they are alive at scenarios end and appear in more than two scenarios.

Pleas briefly state your reasons for picking the villain in question.

I have to take out a certain BBEG from is in 'Eyes of the Ten' out of the running. Grandmaster Torch, the ParaCountess, and certain four and five star GMs do not count either.

Dark Archive

I am playing in a Shattered Star campaign currently and we're about to wrap up the second adventure, and I am trying visualize the Runelord of Lust.

I guess she's rather on the young side for the part of Sorshen but looking at her wield the twin kayak paddles Nina Agdal could be somewhat of a contender for that image.

Hey parts of Denmark are like Varisia right?

Dark Archive *

Air do Shlàinte William!

Dark Archive

As I said on a thread about a month ago, 2013, Year of the Grognard.

As we bid a fond loving farewell to the mighty Kobold (Quarterly), all hail the coming of Gygax Magazine.

Dark Archive

2013, The Year of the Grognad.

Dark Archive

I was looking to complete my Pathfinder miniatures line and chanced upon this.

If this has been brought up before, hey they are still great figures of inspiration.

Hellknight Signifier I ordered this one.

Possible Hellknight

Female Hellknight

Dishounored Hellknight

And this reminds me of a certain fallen Aasimar from Burnt Offerings. She's on a gravestone to boot!

Amiko is that you?

Dark Archive

Before the Core Rulebook came out, through your kindness we got a group of then new friends to try the Pathfinder Beta rules, with the Mythic play test coming in a day, shall we once more unto the breach, dear friend?

Our friend who run and completed Age of Worms and Council of Thieves and I were chatting and I used several Intimidate, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Profession: Cattle Trader, rolls to get him to run a Mythic level play test.

He wants to run a much altered Savage Tide campaign set after the events of the failed/partial return of Kyuss from AoW.

Character level will be around 11, we start just outside Scuttlecove and in a few adventure will enter the Abyssal ocean. He will incorporate the Pirates miniature ship combat rules because he has some 200 ships he wants to place on the Sultan gaming table, counting you and I we have six other players including some regular PFS GMs (to be honest I think we have some 30 players who want in, but you sir, as they say, have 'dibs').

Your friends and numerous cliched gaming humor await, what say you?

Dark Archive

New Star Wars film in 2015. (as reported by my friend Michael)

Waiting to see the Jar Jar/Donald Duck Speak n' Spell Children's line of products.

In other news, Asmodeous and Demogorgon still negotiating on their planned partnership with Microsoft.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Worth quick the watch, fun ending.

Dark Archive

Ok, despite my best efforts it was hard not to smile and like this trailer.

Gotta love the cast, even if I'm not really a Tarantino fan.

Dark Archive

Although I started with the Red Box, and I cut my teeth (and a few giants, slave lords and a certain Vampire in Castle Ravenloft) with 1st Ed, there was always a warm spot in my heart for 2nd Edition. I still love how they made specialty priests unique. And the plethora of game worlds were distinctly from that edition of the game - fun times!

The Planescape petitioners have been heard: The 2nd Ed Premium Reprints are slated for early summer next year! That's a grognard's dream for summer reading!

Even better news! The release is to include, premium editions of the Players Handbook, the Dungeonmaster's Guide, The Monstrous Compendium, and hardcover editions of Against the Slave Lords and S1-S4!

Here is the link for The Players Handbook on Amazon. They have all been listed.

As Johnny "Drama" Chase would put it: VICTORY!

Dark Archive

I loved Cosmic Encounters when I was younger, and then The Succession Wars (Battletech mass combat) when that game came out.

I wanted to get this game for a friend, has anyone played this one?

Dark Archive

Hellfire Hot!

Even for Cheliax standards!

Dark Archive

Undisbutable proof that God loves my friend, Freehold DM.

Dark Archive *

It begins ...

Dark Archive *

Are there any Gencon GMs who are familiar with this mod or will soon be who are NOT already running Slot 3 Thursday at Gencon.

If so kindly post here and I will contact you directly.

Much thanks and safe travels all.

Dark Archive

So my partnerships are offering a rewards program to our most 'avid' constituents, clients who spend upwards of $50K or more with us a year, some of these people spend that in a WEEK!

We had a meeting today of what to call the cream of that group, and some of the names bandied about were filled with hubris like "One Percent" (alluding to the top percentile income/tax bracket, which I flat out shot down for obvious reasons, said hubris not the least of them), to others more in the realm of whimsy like "Hellfire Club" (yep one of my partners is a comic book fan) and "Skull and Bones" (taken).

I put forth some names like "Primogeniture" and jokingly "Killer Whales" (referring to Whales, which is Las Vegas slang for big spenders) but I was only half hearted in these and was working on finishing another project at the time. And yes someone said "The GOP" and "Fuk the Recession" already.

Would any here in the community have any ideas for a name of an exclusive private high rollers membership that is already a part of a larger high rollers club?

Our main competition in New York and Miami is Carbon and we murder them in all possible aspects of comparison.

If we select your suggestion, we'll make you an honorary member and send you a platinum membership card for use in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and London.

Dark Archive

I'll name my next Great Druid "Patton."

Sweet. Blitzkrieg. For real.

Dark Archive

Gob smack number of games. The links under 'show more' are previews of all the new upcoming games, from Watch Dogs to The Last of Us, I can't wait for Star Wars 1313!


Does this mean there's actually a small chance we'll get to see you play online Yoda, Mark?

Dark Archive

It's about time we had another film like 'The Untouchables'.

I've got two platinum on Sean Peen for the Oscar.

Dark Archive

Cartoon, of what has transpired before.

One of the many trailers.

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