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City Guard

avr's page

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I don't think you've read Violent Display correctly. It requires a successful sneak attack or a critical, shatter defences isn't required. Sneak attack is one of the ways of triggering it but it's not a prereq.

Alternately Intimidating Performance works if you're a bard, skald, or have other access to a bardic performance.

What have you got already? I assume you're some sort of melee character with dazzling display & no sneak attack but that leaves many possibilities open.

A ragechemist (single classed).

A dex-based, unarmed monk.

Brute vigilante.

That's a quarry, not a mine. I think the only practical difference is taxation admittedly.

If they're transporting the stone via wagon (horse or ox-drawn) then they want to reduce the weight as much as possible before loading it up. Which means cutting it or otherwise processing it on site. Wagon transport is expensive.

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Dark Midian wrote:
avr wrote:
Flame is one aspect of fire, but smoke is another. A raven made of fire might be made more of black smoke than glowing flame. If you wanted to use it as a scout you'd probably prefer that too.
Subject to GM discretion, as a creature that's meant to be made of fire is not a "smoke elemental", not to mention the fact that being made of smoke would give them undue mechanical advantages.

I think you've got the wrong end of that argument. A familiar gained through elemental whispers doesn't have a penalty to stealth - it probably therefore doesn't glow bright orange or whatever.

Flame is one aspect of fire, but smoke is another. A raven made of fire might be made more of black smoke than glowing flame. If you wanted to use it as a scout you'd probably prefer that too.

If you have any dexterity then combat reflexes might be fun with your one big hit style.

The mist assassin was a fairly well known build a while back. It doesn't play very well with others but if you're not planning to actually use that tactic much that shouldn't be a great concern.

It's a swift action whatever feats you might have, yeah.

Amateur gunslinger is a feat which gives a little grit to deal with his gun wanting to blow up.

Alternately a Beneficial Bandolier can load a firearm as a swift action.

Mechanical Pear wrote:

I really, really wish Summon Good Monster had as much power as Summon Evil Monster. Summon Evil gives "Special: If you possess the Sacred Summons feat, you can apply it to a creature on this list whose alignment (as opposed to its subtype or subtypes) matches your aura." Summon Good doesn't have that.

As a PC, having your summons Smite Evil is probably much more useful than Smite Good.

True. Summon Good does give the summons an extra ~10 hp (effectively) though, and from SM III+ it has some creatures with subtypes which Sacred Summons will work with.

Being able to summon pugwampis as a standard action via Summon Evil M. with SM II (if you're NE) is very, very nice though.

Just remember that without specific exceptions you can't trip something more than one size larger than you; you can't trip something without legs, or which is incorporeal; and you can't trip something flying.

Otherwise, yeah trip can be amazing when it works.

Since June 2015. The FAQ's here.

Default alchemists get poison use at 2nd, as do toxicologist druids. Urushiol druids become immune to poison at 4th.

The effective level of a guardian spirit is set by the spell level you use to summon it. You can change that spell level with a 24 hour ritual. It doesn't get character levels, just hit dice and SLAs - see here.

& yes sacred summons should work just fine with a lyrakien, guardian spirit or not.

Expanded Summon Monster, Summon Good/Neutral/Evil Monster and probably a few more feats give you extra options. This is especially useful for sacred summons since it's often hard to find something to match your alignment types exactly, as you note.

Versatile Summon Monster can help you use creatures in different environments.

Summon Guardian Spirit is another way of getting minute/level summons, though limited. Also there's a bunch of SLAs it gets.

You want acrobatics because you want a choice about who you grapple - so you can get to the enemy spellcaster rather than just one of their bodyguards.

& let the wizard cover UMD then.

Is the rogue or wizard getting UMD, or are there any other characters in the party who use divine magic? If so then you don't need to. If not, someone needs to use scrolls and wands of healing. Hopefully not you though as monks normally have the worst stats for that skill.

Top 3 skills - perception because you always, always need it. Acrobatics for getting past enemies without taking AoOs. If you're only getting 3 skill points per level I might divide the last between several useful skills including climb, swim, sense motive etc. If I had to put it all in one skill though I might choose stealth because that skill gets a lot more benefit out of being high.

I think the skills in playing PF are building characters, using characters and roleplaying. Building is straightforward though a few people do have a hard time grasping it, and others need help finding options. Using them is a partly social thing, partly rules-based - knowing when to charge and when to move more cautiously, working with the other PCs etc. Roleplaying gets hints from the rules but is basically social.

Claiming 'system mastery' even if you mean only the first two is setting yourself up for a fall though. Are there people that do that?

What do you actually want out of the swashbuckler/flying blade? Is it the parry, or just being able to write 'swashbuckler' on your character sheet, or what?

No, you'll need to spend another 50 gp each on medium size and small size masterwork manacles. A halfling's arm is way too small for large size manacles to hold it.

Or buy a cheap iron chain and get a fortifying stone as Castilonium suggests for 1030 gp total if your 1000 gp limit isn't a hard one.

If they're literally Large size then large masterwork manacles cost 500 gp and would be the best. If they're larger then you're looking at a temporary (3 use) magic item, an Iron Rope as an ordinary chain could probably be broken by a huge+ creature, and manacles are getting too expensive at that point.

I think that's what I said Gobo?

Casting Mending a thousand times or so is a few weeks' work. Maybe more if you're trying to piece together a jigsaw. I don't know this adventure - do they have a few weeks to spare?

Yes, it is. Which means it's absolutely safe from anyone with +9 Str bonus or less.

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Feats at 13, 15, 17, maybe 19. Spell perfection might be an option, barely, but you'd have to do without a crafting feat and hope you got to about the highest likely level. Probably not.

Still, some metamagic is a good thing once you have a lot of spell slots. Quicken Spell obviously, maybe Contingent Spell. Both of those have action economy advantages. If you find a lot of people trying to dispel your buffs you might like Tenacious Spell.

You could reasonably wait until you see what is needed before picking a crafting feat. Most likely it will be Craft Wondrous Item but you never know.

It may be boring but Improved Initiative is at least as good at high levels as it is early on.

I mentioned Summon Good Monster before. It does add options. Summon Guardian Spirit is also worth looking at.

Mithral manacles. Adamantine chain has higher hardness but less hit points.

A myrmidiarch magus gets weapon training too. Only a few necromancy spells, vampiric touch and the like, but you can add more with spell blending if you like. Not ideal with a two-handed weapon though.

A weapon master fighter 3 gets weapon training, which is just on the edge of what you could call a dip. Follow it with cleric or wizard I guess.

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American politics is a great spectator sport for non-Americans. Not sure how popular it is in the USA though.

There's several magic items which do something related. A search on AoN for doll under magic items finds the anatomy doll, ganji doll (& greater) and waxen image which all seem similar.

As to whether it's a problem for game balance, it depends whether this is a style of hounding someone which you want in the game. It's basically unrelated to normal combat.

From the other thread where you asked this -


If you're not in PFS, there's the shadow dragon aspect spell as an alternative dragon-shape. I mention this because there's a totally different way of combining necromancy, dragons and the arcane - a skald with the wyrm singer archetype, using spell kenning to cast animate dead or command undead. A skald is a more natural melee type and the wyrm singer abilities include partial dragon shapes. From 10th level shadow dragon aspect will let them turn into a dragon.

Since only one of the rage powers is replaced by the archetype you could pick up the lesser beast totem or lesser draconic blood rage powers for claws if you want those early.

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Cenorin wrote:
You can argue that the various "specialized" Fighter archetypes like Two-Handed Fighter, Phalanx Soldier, and such do a better job of reflecting the character concepts that most people have when making Fighters - it's much more common for someone to be thinking "I want to be the ultimate greatsword user" or "I want to be the ultimate pikeman" than "I want to be really good at wielding a wide variety of weapons", in which case you don't need the Weapon Training in five different weapon groups offered by the base class.

I'd dispute that - PF pushes you into specialising in a weapon via feats and the cost of enchanting multiple weapons, but characters which people seek to emulate are generally able to fight well with fists or swords or whatever other weapons are in-genre. The limitations of the game create those character 'concepts' you mention rather than any outside ideas.

If you're not in PFS, there's the shadow dragon aspect spell as an alternative dragon-shape. I mention this because there's a totally different way of combining necromancy, dragons and the arcane - a skald with the wyrm singer archetype, using spell kenning to cast animate dead or command undead. A skald is a more natural melee type and the wyrm singer abilities include partial dragon shapes. From 10th level shadow dragon aspect will let them turn into a dragon.

Since only one of the rage powers is replaced by the archetype you could pick up the lesser beast totem or lesser draconic blood rage powers for claws if you want those early.

Channelling falls behind fast anyway at mid-levels. You want to go all in on it or not spend even one feat IMO. You could get Additional Traits instead if that's what you wanted, or Improved Initiative to get buffs and summons out there in time to matter.

The Pack at 9th - many of the better later summons aren't animals, and summoning (e.g.) 1d4+3 leopards is a massive pain at the table, especially if 90-95% of their attacks are going to miss. Animals don't work with sacred summons either. I'd consider getting summon good monster in place of superior summoning, maybe even drop the Pack to move some of the other arcana up, perhaps get the Daughter at some point as a handy passive buff.

At 6th level with studied target, a +2 dex belt & a +1 weapon the heavy crossbow guy is looking at +13/+13/+8 for 1d8+3 damage. My bow variant, adding deadly aim as well gets +11/+11/+6 for 1d4+5. The light crossbow added up to +10/+10/+5 for 1d6+5. Add one slayer talent to each of mine (I forgot the FCB) if you like but it won't change much. Point blank shot, sneak attack & any buffs are on top of that; precise & improved precise shot ensure that the attack bonus won't go any lower.

A bolt ace compared to Tiwaz' heavy crossbow guy would have 4 higher damage from the crossbow training, 2 less attack/damage from not having studied target, three less feats/talents & some deeds at the same point. I don't think it'd be a big difference.

I still need to finish equipment and a few other minor things. Mostly done though.

Jynnjun, LG Female Kobold Wildblooded (Umbral) Seeker Sorcerer 1

Str 9, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 16
HD: 1d6+1, HP: 7
AC 16, FF 12, T 15, CMD 12
Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +1 (+2 vs. disease)
Initiative +4, Speed 30
Perception 0, +1 to find traps (darkvision 60’)

Traits & Feats:

Spell Focus (illusion)

Racial Abilities:
Humanoid (reptilian)
Small size
Base speed 30’
Armor (+1 NA)
Spellcaster sneak (+2 stealth, silent spell 1/day)
Darkvision 60’
Light sensitivity (dazzled in bright light)

Trained Skills
Bluff +9, +6 vs. kobolds (1R, class+3, cha+3, trait +2/-1)
Disable Device +9 (1R, class +3, dex +4, tinkering +1)
Perception 0, +1 to find traps (1R, wis -1)
Spellcraft +6 (1R, class +3, int +2)
Stealth +14 (1R, class +3, dex +4, race +2, size +4)

Background Skills
Craft (traps) +6 (1R, class +3, int +2)
Linguistics +3 (1R, int +2)

Untrained Skills
Diplomacy +5, +2 vs. kobolds (cha +3, trait +2/-1)


Class Abilities:
Spells (concentration +4):
0) Detect Magic, Message, Ray of Frost, Read Magic (at will)
1) Color Spray (Will DC 15), Vanish (4/day)
Tinkering (trapfinding, disable device as a class skill)
Bloodline arcana: +1 CL to spells cast in dim light or darkness
Cloak of Shadows (Sp): std action to give touched person +1 stealth for 1 round (6/day)

Thieves' tools
50' silk rope & grapnel
Sorcerer's kit

With scales of gold and green, Jynnjun stands out among kobolds. Among most others kobolds are small and easily overlooked of course.
16 years old, 2' 10", 26 lbs.

Gold-scaled kobolds are regarded with deep suspicion by other kobolds for their possible connections to dragons not of the chromatic kind. Early on Jynnjun found herself forced to the fringes of their society, living by stealth and theft from kobolds and their gnomish enemies alike.

This taught her much about traps; bypassing them, setting them to protect her caches, etc.

When she found & started looting a campsite and was caught by the owner, a dragon passing as a gnome, it seemed like fate. Throwing herself at the surprised dragon Jynnjun declared her eternal loyalty and devotion.

It took some time before he was able to convince her that stealing wasn't good. Once that was settled she enthusiastically set about retrieving stolen items and returning them to their owners. It made a living up until a disaster struck.

The blight came to the village where Jynnjun was staying. Her mentor left to find a cure and bring it back - but he never returned. Jynnjun barely survived the disease, left as soon as she could and hadn't been back. Though she left a message for the dragon saying where she was going. Perhaps one day she'll find him again or he her.

Fatigue: A fatigued character can neither run nor charge and takes a –2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity.

i.e. ToF doesn't hit Con. If it did, it'd be pretty solid, better than a crossbow at least.

I'm sure I read somewhere that the spells from Inner Sea Gods weren't restricted to the religions which created them.

Touch of gracelessness isn't a witch spell. Touch of fatigue doesn't do enough to the enemy to make it worthwhile being in melee IMO unless you have a natural attack to deliver it or spellstrike or similar, which a witch doesn't get. The usefulness of touch of blindness depends on how much your allies get out of it - since the blindness lasts only one round you can't make use of it yourself.

Basically I think you don't get good enough touch attack spells for it to be worth trying to use them before 3rd level anyway. At that point you can look at rime spell + frostbite or touch of bloodletting perhaps.

What melee touch spells are you going to be using at levels 1-2? Chill touch, frostbite and touch of blindness are barely worth casting for 1-2 touches each.

Edit: and Conduit surge being likely to stagger you doesn't seem like a good idea with a melee touch spell either.

Calistria has some wasp-themed options - her divine fighting technique involves poisoning a whip, there's a wasp familiar feat which requires her worship, probably more.

Druids and verminous hunters can choose vermin companions in place of the more usual animal companion, and a giant wasp is an option there.

If you have brew potion the potions you make might be described as varieties of honey perhaps. Or alchemist/investigator infusions likewise.

Cape of wasps is a spell which might be appropriate.

If you're looking at a wildblooded sylvan sorcerer or a ranger a necessary feat will be boon companion of course. For blasting you'll want spell focus, varisian tattoo, and/or spell specialization, and later on empower spell & either spell penetration or piercing spell.

A roc is faster, tougher, has more attacks and is stronger. A bat has blindsense and good maneuverability. If you might be forced into melee a roc is better, if you just want a good flying platform the bat has its points.

Wayangs are small without a strength penalty. I think they're PFS legal if you've played the right adventure or something? Boons, whatever they are.

You get an enhancement bonus to attacks & damage and/or some useful weapon property from a AoMF. DR is far from your only concern when making an attack.

As a kobold my good rolls make up for a lot. The statline after a kobolds terrible racials still reads Str 9, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 16. If you'd be willing to drop a free feat on top of that I'd be obliged, but it's not entirely necessary.

With all those divine casters around source severance might be a useful spell.

In general fear effects from different spells stack. Two shaken effects result in panic for example. There are quite a few cleric spells which cause fear, some even when the save is made, and there's some wizard spells which do too.

And this is where Maerra's limitations kick in - anyone with actual charisma skills want to front up and give Father Zantus a push?

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I think the guide ranger does a better job of ranger than the base class does. Yes, there are wands of instant enemy for more damage, but those are out of theme IMO. Also the terrain bond fits better than hunter's bond.

CBDunkerson wrote:
thejeff wrote:

It wasn't the base that was ignored (or stifled or lying) in the polling.

It was the swing voters and the new or occasional voters who came out for him.

The polls also just weren't that far off... Clinton beat him in the national popular vote by about the margin the polls suggested she would.

Some of the state polls were off a few percent, but that is always the case. The biggest polling error of the election was Sanders' primary win in Michigan. Nothing that happened on election day even came close. Indeed, I'm not sure any of the election day divergences were even outside the stated uncertainty margin of the polls.

They weren't outside the margin of error. But having vilified the polls I don't think Republican politicians will be able or willing to use polls to abandon Trump, and they've demonstrated that they'll put up with anything he can do at the moment. Impeachment, if it ever happens, won't be until 2018/19.

@All Seeing Eye - try one of, or the prd here or here.

My rolls:

4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 2, 2) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 3, 4) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 4, 2) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4, 2) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 4) = 14
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 5) = 16

4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4, 2) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5, 1) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 5) = 19
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 1, 2) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 6) = 18
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 5) = 17

4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 4) = 14
4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 3) = 11
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 6, 2) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 6, 4) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 4) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 6, 2) = 12

The middle set it is. One gold dragon-worshipping kobold seeker sorcerer coming up.

It depends on level to some extent. A witch with spite loaded with frigid touch or vampiric touch can survive the first round at least, but to do that they need to be 7th+ level to cast spite. A +1 spell storing armored kilt could do the same but if you're unable to afford an agile weapon that's probably off the table too.

A gunslinger can easily dip a level in some class to become more effective in melee. Past 5th level (barring certain archetypes, which musket master and pistolero aren't) there's little enough in the gunslinger class that they might as well. A level in swashbuckler to be able to parry for example, or a couple in warpriest for some buffs, or in magus for a different sort of buffs.

If you can get any room at all then Dien's suggestions should work wel.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can't see the party abandoning him until and unless there are electoral consequences. Which means not until the 2018 midterm elections at best. Polls I think won't be enough to change their minds.

With the Foresight spell being flat-footed is a choice for a high level wizard, not a requirement.

1d6 vs. 1d3 adds 1.5 damage on average, less counting the better crit range on a kukri. It helps but it's not really enough.

An archer is a definite improvement. It makes multiple attacks easier (studied target wants multiple attacks), it makes your slow movement less relevant, and since it doesn't look like you'll have great AC/CMD (probably light armor, no magic or class features giving a bonus) a bit of range will help there too.

With a bow you're looking at something like point blank shot, precise shot, deadly aim, rapid shot, weapon focus, improved precise shot, manyshot, sniper's eye, clustered shots & point blank master to level 10. With a light crossbow the 3rd level feat becomes rapid reload, 5th becomes deadly aim, 7th weapon focus, 10th/last ranger combat style maybe pinpoint targeting or shot on the run. The crossbow is better early on (levels 1-6), the bow later. Maybe it's possible to retrain about level 6 or so?

Edit: similar to yours but if you're using a light crossbow you can skip crossbow mastery. Also I missed the additional slayer talents from the FCB which would help.

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