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aslak's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 61 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Sovereign Court

It is a one round line effect, so I'm guessing it to small an area of effect to have any impact. Here's a list over spells and effects that affects naval combat: -in-naval-combat

Though you can always use it in a sneaky imaginative way and then it is the GM's decision

Sovereign Court wrote society....go for it, just so much fun to trap enemies that are supposed to teleport away :)

Sovereign Court

It is a definite safe or suck (die), that is essentially a high dc hold person combined with a dimensional anchor. I think it's worth it if you have a high enough casting stat and ability to overcome SR. Though in a campaign were reoccurring villains might have a story purpose it might not be a big thing

Sovereign Court

doesn't it only qualify if it mimics a spell of that level, like an Aasimar being able to cast Daylight

Sovereign Court

How do you qualify for Eldritch Knight at 3 rd level? the requirement is that you are able to cast 3rd level arcane spells

Sovereign Court

Andrew Nevin wrote:

It's banned in PFS play, that does not mean that is ceases to exist.

It's Special: This feat replaces the Two-Weapon Fighting feat for creatures with more than two arms.

Clearly states exactly what it does. Refer to the additional Resources page.

No debate needed as Andrew wrote, the feat exists even if you can't have it (your enemies sure can) and the special is pretty clear! If you have more arms than two, then you need this feat to gain the bonuses for two-weapon (or more) fighting. Might not make sense, might be annoying, might ruin a good piece of cheese, but there is no way around it IMO

Sovereign Court

I'm playing an 11th level druid and the Planar Wildshape gives me a template gives damagereduction 10/(evil or good).....that makes for a pretty efficient tank.

Sovereign Court *

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I just have to say that we are having a lot of fun playing PFSOP in Denmark and the energy and dedication Diego has put into it is a big part of it. I regards to the language debate I can't believe that none of you danes have mentioned that we play in "Danglish", because that is the only proper name of the language we use (and have used since the beginning of D&D in DK).

Sovereign Court

a 10x10 square

Sovereign Court

pming wrote:


I hope this doesn't derail the thread...but how does a wizard get this powerful anyway? We played 3.5 for about 3 years or so...I even played a wizard up to level 16. I was *easily* the most useless (in terms of combat) of the group every step of the way. Can somebody point me to a forum or something that has these so-called "uber-builds"?

EDIT: Is this feeling based on the "4-encounter per day" thing? That's the only thing I can think of...

Anyway, my suggestion...use the PHB and only the PHB. Build a wizard around characterization and not optimization. That may help I guess.


Paul L. Ming

I do believe that the wizards power level is best established by Treantmonks Guide and I think the wizard had the potential of being even more powerful in 3.5 with the right selection of broken spells

Sovereign Court

Sir_Wulf wrote:
One of our local players has an 8th-level lion shaman druid with a big cat as his companion. He indicated that his cat can pounce and rake on a charge, then use grab with every attack that hits. Is that the rules' intent? A pouncing charge followed by up to five grab attempts pretty much guarantees most foes end up wrestling a lion.

it is pretty difficult to discuss the intent of the rules, though RAW is quite clear in my opinion. The Grab ability is not tied to any specific attack and therefore counts on all successful attacks. Rake is automatic when pouncing and is described as to claw attacks. As far as RAW goes, pounce counts for 5 grab attempts, if the attacks succeed.

Sovereign Court *

Jonathan Cary wrote:
aslak wrote:

I can't find any description af the animals or resources available for wild shaping. I would presume that indicates that everything is available. On the other hand animal companions can only be chosen from bestiary one.

Is it okay to use animals from adventure paths and Bestiary 2, as well as the ones from bestiary 1?

Unless it's listed in the Additional Resources, the only legal animals in PFS are those listed in the original Bestiary. I'll mention adding Bestiary 2 (and 3, when it comes out) to the Additional Resources to the rest of the campaign staff.

If you look in the Additional Resources all that is available from bestiary 1 is animal companions, familiars and feats in relation to other sources. All I mean is that it is lacking a reference to wild shaping unless all or nothing is legal.

Thanks for the quick reply and for asking about the other bestiaries. We have been playing by Bestiary 1 only so far.

From Additional Resources:

"Pathfinder RPG Bestiary
Animal Companions: ankylosaurus, aurochs, brachiosaurus, dire bat, dire rat, dolphin, elasmosaurus, electric eel, elephant/mastodon, frog, goblin dog, hyena, monitor lizard, moray eel, octopus, orca, pteranodon, rhinoceros, roc, squid, stegosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus; Familiars: all familiars listed on pages 131–133; Feats: none of the feats are legal for play for PCs, animal companions, or familiars unless specifically granted by another legal source."

Sovereign Court *

I can't find any description af the animals or resources available for wild shaping. I would presume that indicates that everything is available. On the other hand animal companions can only be chosen from bestiary one.

Is it okay to use animals from adventure paths and Bestiary 2, as well as the ones from bestiary 1?

Sovereign Court

somehow I agree with all of you. The terminology is pretty clear: add the appropriate template, which refers specifically to the templates presented in the Bestiary. The weirdness occurs once we reach the second part of the feat.

Why add the text about +2 to crit confirmation?

Either because adding the templates didn't seem powerful enough, which is weird, because it is. Or because we are inventing a completely new kind of feat specific templates, which only adds +2 to crit against opposite alignments, which is really crappy for a lvl. 5 feat and completely muddles the water in regards to what templates is, thereby throwing the terminology off in any reference to templates.

I don't like any of the options, but A in my first post is preferable to B in my opinion.

Sovereign Court

15 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

Which of the following is the right interpretation of the Planar Wild Shape feat from UC?

A) You add the fiendish or celestial template as described in Bestiary 1 including a +2 to confirm crits as described in the feat.

B) You only add the +2 to confirm crits?


Planar Wild Shape

Prerequisite: Wild shape class feature, Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks.

Benefit: When you use wild shape to take the form of an animal, you can expend an additional daily use of your wild shape class feature to add the celestial template or fiendish template to your animal form. (Good druids must use the celestial template, while evil druids must use the fiendish template.) If your form has the celestial template and you score a critical threat against an evil creature while using your form’s natural weapons, you gain a +2 bonus on the attack roll to confirm the critical hit. The same bonus applies if your form has the fiendish template and you score a critical threat against a good creature.

Sovereign Court

Hama wrote:
You can't attack them anyway. You are the one overruning them so you don't have time to hit them also. The aoo is meant for your allies.

I disagree! Nothing in the feat description indicates that you shouldn't get an aoo as well.

EDIT: Unfortunately you can only overrun one foe, as it is a standart action to do so. Although the overbearing onslaught ragepower from the APG allows you to overrun multiple foes.

From the SRD:

Greater Overrun (Combat)
Enemies must dive to avoid your dangerous move.

Prerequisites: Improved Overrun, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6, Str 13.

Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on checks made to overrun a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Overrun. Whenever you overrun opponents, they provoke attacks of opportunity if they are knocked prone by your overrun.

Normal: Creatures knocked prone by your overrun do not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Sovereign Court

Anjohl wrote:

Hello, I am a 31 year old new RPG'er who has been tasked with GM'ing our first Pathfinder campaign. None of us have done any real roleplaying, but we play some heavy board games, so I think we should be ok once we get rolling.

I recently came into some extra money, and was considaring adding another book/product to our Pathfinder menagerie. I already have the core book, the bestiary, Crypt of the Everflame, Master of the Fallen Fortress, a set of Caravan tiles, Dungeons Tiles, and Council of Thieves items deck.

My question is, what should I get next? I have been eyeing the Inner Sea Setting Guide, the Classic Monsters Revisited, and the Advanced Player's Guide, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Any advice would be appreciated.

Get the adventurepath and the gamemastery guide. The APG will be tons of fun, but you should get the hang af the core rules before going APG.

Sovereign Court

The ring of Revelations from the APG states that:

"If the oracle already has that revelation and the revelation gives an ability with a limited number of uses per day, the oracle can use that ability one additional time per day."

Energy Body says that: "You may remain in energy body form for a number of rounds equal to your oracle level.

I you are a fifth level oracle of life with the energy body revelation wearing a ring of revelation, does that mean that:

a) You can use it for 6 nonconsecutive rounds pr. day
b) You can use it for 6 consecutive rounds pr. day
c) you can use it for 10 (two times five) nonconsecutive rounds pr. day
d) You can use it for 5 consecutive rounds twice pr. day

I think that RAW might indicate A, but I am not quite sure, the wording seems vague.

Sovereign Court

Varthanna wrote:
It's already been ruled via PFS that animal companions can take Heirloom Weapon through the Additional Traits feat, so surely they could take EWP.

Do you have a link to that ruling?

EDIT: You are probably referring to this thread:

Heirloom Weapon Animal Companions

Sovereign Court

According to general consensus on the boards, an animal with an intelligence of 3, should be able to acquire any feat, although they might not physically be able to utilize it. Though in this example I believe that an ape, with an intelligence of 3 should be able to take the exotic weapon feat and use the weapon, as it has hands.

Sovereign Court

The Grandfather wrote:

Au contraire, mon amie!

Ce' degenerate worshipers of Le Diable have impeded intellectual capacity and must expend more resources, to have a rudimentary grasp of the proud tongue of exquisite Taldor.
Away now, paysan!


Sovereign Court *

MisterSlanky wrote:

For Josh's sake (in case he actually reads this thread), I'll throw my hat in the ring for "this isn't nearly as complex as James' seems to think it is, so leave the ruling as-is".

Now that my vote is cast that's the last I'll speak of the matter, since I'm already outright tired of this conversation, and it's nice to see it in a thread that can just quietly die.


Sovereign Court *

Todd Morgan wrote:
Doesn't the hard PA have something to do with the favored classes of each of the factions and the skills of those classes? Taldor bards may have an easier time with their faction mission than say, a Taldor druid.

It does sometimes and I play one of each. And the bard will - usually - have more luck with completing PA missions, than an optimized fighter. Do yourself a favor when playing OP for PA missions: Get a decent int-score (that will help the PAs along), don't minmax - make a balanced character, have several characters to chose from to make a diverse party (all fighter groups will smack down the monsters, but fail their PA missions)

Sovereign Court

Allright....I have to say that if you want straight up melee battle potential, then go Cleric. Clerics have the best defensive capabilities and in melee: "offense make great games, but defense wins bowls".

But the bard is so much cooler...the master of non-combat situations, but he can hold his own in battle as well.

Sovereign Court

and good old confusion will soon be a viable option for taking out a melee heavy party. Throw it from great range and watch the poorly willed figther bash away on the healers. Vampire spawn with dominate is horrible as well. Anything with flight and invisibility. Grease to prevent charging. Solid fog, stinking cloud alle sorts of neat battlefield control, which - by the way - they lack, so large numbers of opponents is great.

Throw in a lot of low level alchemists to ignore all that armor and deal splash damage. The possibilities are endless, but I must say that a group with that much melee, armor and healing will be tuff, but you can soften them with traps and put archers (and casters) on balconies (two much frustration for meleetypes). Arrange for the fights to be in difficult terain and possibly with a lot of acrobatics needed, which sucks in heavy armor.....and so on and so forth.

Sovereign Court *

Eric Brittain wrote:

Am I correct in my reading of Adventure's Armory that the Urumi and Bladed Scarf are no longer reach weapons?

Eric W. Brittain

You are correct in the fact that it does not state it. Whether or not that is an error is a discussion for the ruleforum, not the society forum, as it is not society specific.

Sovereign Court

In the AP I'm playing we are usually asked to make a heal check to decide how hurt the opponent is. Actually that check is often made by the GM (in secret), so that we don't know if we botched it. I think it works pretty well. The description is still almost dying, doing pretty good or sometimes..."well he looks sort of 3/4 wounded" (if in that mood).

Sovereign Court *

Andrew Phillips wrote:
After this incident I got home and started checking the boards for help and found the huge centipede from Kingmaker Adventure path #1. The designers, in their wisdom gave the huge centipede a tail attack which made the bite damage Str modifier loses the x1.5 for having a single attack. Note that it still does the 2d6+7. So the crit would still have killed the PC. Math: damage total at the table 33 which includes the +20 for Str damage twice from the critical; without the +20 the damage was 13. Ok our official Paizo huge centipede has a +7 Str, 7x2=14 plus the 13 damage I rolled on 4d6 equals 27, still killing the PC.

As I play PFSOP and is about to start as a player in Kingmaker, some of these references would benefit from a spoiler tag. I don't like to have my huge centipede surprises ruined. (Allthough I am sure it was an honest mistake)

Sovereign Court *

james maissen wrote:

How much is it for my 4th level ranger to buy a divine scroll of resist energy, and what do I need to do to use it?

How much is a wand of gentle repose?

How much is a wand/divine scroll of poison?

I want to buy some arcane scrolls for my Bard. How much is an arcane scroll of silence? Speak with animals? What caster levels are they?

But you're missing my point. Did you play LG when it was around? Or any other organized campaign?


Resist energy = 150 gp as if made by a cleric (edit: you need to read it, it costs the same as if made by a cleric, and if you can cast the spell, then you can read the scroll CL 3)

Wand of Gentle repose = 4500 gp as if made by a cleric (the arcane/divine thing is effectually handwaived when it comes to purchases)

Poison (scroll) = 375 gp as if made by a druid
Poison (wand) = 11,250 as if made by a druid

Silence = 150 gp as if made by a cleric and caster level 3 as if made by a cleric (edit: although you might be allowed to buy a scroll of a higher caster level if you pay the cost cl x 2 x 25) and you have to be able to cast the spell (as a bard).

Speak with animals = 25 gp as if made by a druid and caster level 1 as if made by a druid (although you might be allowed to buy a scroll of a higher caster level if you pay the cost cl x 2 x 25) and you have to be able to cast the spell (as a bard).

Hope it helps

Sovereign Court

the combination of the feats disruptive, spellbreaker and step up (and perhaps lunge) should be quite sufficient although not as broken.

Sovereign Court *

james maissen wrote:

I do think it's a bad road to go down for an organized campaign, don't you?

I honestly don't have a problem with this particular rule or the road that Joshua generally has chosen for PFSOP, but that's just my two cents.

Sovereign Court

Krome wrote:

I'm sure it will get moved to the appropriate forum...

can I add a question?

Can an Eidolon, or ANY pet for that matter, have a template applied to it?

That has been answered somewhere by Joshua in cohoots with Jason, and the answer is no!

Sovereign Court *

Russ Taylor wrote:

It looks like Pathfinder RPG has kept the distinction between arcane and divine scrolls, based on the text on page 490 of the Core Rulebook. Sort of a shame - it isn't a distinction that adds much to the game, and modules almost never specify which type a scroll is. Good candidate for hand-waving away with a house rule.

So that would imply that no, a witch's familiar can not make use of a divine scroll of restoration.

But as mentioned by Austin Morgan, the distinction between divine and arcane scrolls when it comes to purchasing them in PFSOP is handwaived. Or - in other words - you can buy an arcane scroll of restoration at the same price as if it had been crafted by a druid, cleric or wizard.

Sovereign Court *

thank you very much for the answers, it all seems clear now!

Sovereign Court *

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
No. You must make the choices due to your character when they are available, which means you have to choose at 5th level.

This is not completely in accordance with the Org. play guide. In the guide it states that the animal companion should be one size-category larger than you at first level. Though as a Paladin you gain it at 5th level. So can you choose an animal that grows to the right size at 4th level?

Secondly the description of the cavalier (in the AP) states that he can change mounts when they grow. This is - of course - not finished work and may not be in accordance with org. play but I would still like it clearified.

Sovereign Court

Mok wrote:
outsiders68 wrote:
Let me define the parameters 25 point buy only from core book

Direct an to the point:

Human Barbarian

Str 18 Dex 13 Con 19 Int 7 Wis 10 Cha 7

Hit Points 12 +4 (Con) +1 (favored class) = 17

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave

Armed with Great Sword, have a few javelins in case you can't charge immediately.
Armor is a Chain Shirt

Just rage and you're attack is:

+1 BAB, +6 Str, -1 (power attack) = +6 and Damage is 2d6 +9(str) +2(PA)= 2d6+11

Just pound away until things are mush.

At 4th level put the attribute point into Con and you suddenly get +4 more hit points.

Actually the damage is 2d6 + 9 (str) + 3 (PA) = 2d6 + 12 since you are attacking with a 2-handed weapon.

Sovereign Court *

According to the OP guide the Void domain in Gods & Magic is not listed as legal for play. I was wondering whether that is a conscious omission or a mistake.

Sovereign Court *

Matthew Trent wrote:
aslak wrote:
I have not done the math


Base Form Diffrences:

Biped - Bad Save (Ref), Str 16, Dex 12
Quadruped - Bad Save (Will), Str 14, Dex 14
Serpentine - Bad Save (Fort), Str 12, Dex 16

This is per the latest APG playtest. The only other differences are which 5 evolution points come built in. Exactly which loophole are you restricting by limiting the riding evolution to quadruped forms?

It is a good point, the differences does not seem to be that much of an issue. It does however have some impact on the cavalier/paladin suitable mount debate. If their mounts are limited to quadruped animal companions, then how come the summoner are not? I know the paladin/cavalier mount debate is not settled yet, but it will be in the next OP update. I the case of the paladin/cavalier debate mount options are fewer than druid animal companions although you could probably ride all of them. I for one though want fewer restrictions on mounts, but there have to be some.

Sovereign Court *

Elyza wrote:

Medium sized PCs cannot build up the eidolon as a mount effectively with a dip. But, for a small character race, definitely do the dip of summoner. The dip 1 + feat will give you the possibility of:

For the regal and pompous who want to stand out, a medium sized griffon or hippogriff (old school) with four more evolution points to spend.
For those that want to frighten the villagers, a body can be molded like a small dragon.
For those of us that are sneaky, a fluffy llama who is more of the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing is fun.

If you don't like big flappy wings, a wingless flying mount is also possible. It stays a medium creature, so it will be able to go through all the dungeon crawls that a half-orc could fit into. It still leaves a couple evolution points for fun additions. Energy attacks = Shocking Amulet of Mighty Fists +0. Reach is wonderfully cheap evolution when combined with the Combat Reflexes feat. AC is easy to raise compared to the natural animals. Hit points of the eidolon will be one draw back, because they are harder to boost. The other is it's will save. That will always be an issue.

The summoner is only going to get two first level spells. Expeditious Retreat can be cast on the pet through share spells, giving the pet a land move of 70' through a battle. Such speed would be a tactical advantage. Mage Armor would be the other spell I would suggest. The pet cannot wear armor, but this spell compensates well. Then buy a ring of Feather Fall as soon as possible. Then you also have cantrips. Detect Magic will tell you if the baubles the wizard is pocketing are more than pretty trinkets. Read Magic opens up many scrolls to you. Mage Hand is a must. I was personally disappointed when Prestidigitation didn't make the spell list.

Even if you used charisma as a dump stat setting it at 7, you can still take the class. You are just giving up the spells. It would not affect the mount at all.

The dip can be taken at any time and be effective. I have a gnome...

The Eidolon is not allowed as a mount in OP yet. Though rules for it will be available once the APG is published. See the discussion in this thread

Sovereign Court *

I have not done the math, but I suppose mount restrictions is made for balance reasons more than 'what is and what is not possible and/or cool'. In a home campaign coolness and character-flavor is key, and a summoner riding a worm or a paladin riding a velociraptor is possible if it fits the setting. In OP though it is all about balance and eliminating possible loopholes. (Though coolness is a key factor, if it does not create balance issues).

Sovereign Court

well, I must say that it depends on the size of your group as well. Whether it is a 6 or a 3 man group of PC's should be taken in to account when deciding pt-build

Sovereign Court *

also on page 8 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play it says in the description of the pathfinder society that

"Pathfinder agents are expected to respect one another’s claims and stay out of each other’s affairs unless offering a helping hand"

Sovereign Court *

I'm game as well

Sovereign Court

Felgoroth wrote:

This has probably already been answered or I'm somehow reading over it but I can't find it to save my life. Does anyone know (or know where I can find) what Alchemists get in organized play instead of Brew Potion? I know Wizards get Spell Focus instead of Scribe Scroll but I can't find what Alchemists get.

Also does anyone know if poisons count as alchemical items for the Alchemists bonus to Craft (Alchemy)? The Pathfinder PHB says you can create poisons using Craft (Alchemy) but it doesn't come out and say it's an alchemical item but at the same time isn't anything crafted using Craft (Alchemy) alchemical? (I think I should say alchemy a few more times)

On a completely different note, does anyone know if creatures that are immune to fear are immune to the "demoralize" thing you can do with Intimidate? My friends party can't figure it out and he's not sure if he wants to take dazzling display if it doesn't work against things immune to fear.

Yes I can help you. It is discussed (clarified) in the Pathfinder Society forum right


Sovereign Court *

We are a group of pathfinders playing Organized play in Copenhagen Denmark and we presented it at a convention recently ("Vintersol" at Odense - grap a map), which will hopefully spawn new groups. We, however, will continue to play regularly and at conventions....trying to get our stars and reach the levelcap. (This group involves Entropi, Son of Dad and Grandfather as well)

Sovereign Court *

Joshua J. Frost wrote:

Paladins specifically receive a mount as part of their divine bond. Because it repeatedly uses the word "mount," I'm ruling for Pathfinder Society that you can't take a companion that can't function as a mount. It comes down to common sense and GM purview in home games, but since I'm effectively the GM for Pathfinder Society, here's how it works:

As a paladin, your divine bond mount must be at least one size category larger than you starting at 1st level. If you're a Medium PC, your mount must be large. If you're a Small PC, your mount must be at least medium. Your mount must have four legs and be viewed from a common sense perspective as suitable as a mount.

I'll add this specific language to the next guide update.

The starting at 1st. level size thingy is in contradiction with the examples used in the description of the Cavaliers mount (which of course may be something entirely different), where it states that you can choose a wolf, but not before level 4 where it reaches a sufficient size.

Thank you for your quick answer though, and I will be looking forward to the precise wording.

Sovereign Court *

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
The 7th level advancement for a dinosaur is to make it medium instead of small.

Actually most of them turns large now. I still have a question as to whether a gnome Paladin would be allowed to take the velociraptor from the animal companion in the Core Rulebook as his mount (at least when it turns medium at level 7). This would of course require an exotic saddle.

I would also like to know whether an Ape is a viable option for a medium paladin.

This is a bit of a gray area and I'm currently creating a paladin charger for organized play, so a little guidance as to what is allowed would be nice.

Would a gnome paladin be able to ride a large tiger with -5 penalty for size?

Sovereign Court

Lokie wrote:

A net big enough to cover and ensnare a person is going to be the size of a large quilt. Carrying more than two nets is about where things get silly just because of the bulky nature of nets. Were I to consider how this might work in real life... to carry two large readied nets you'd end up wearing one over a shoulder and the other in your hands.

The sack idea is the only way I can think of carrying more than one folded net and still have it be relatively easy to access. Your character would look fairly interesting with straps criss-crossing your chest and bulky sacks situated at your sides and back.

Something people may not be considering ... is that each net also has 10 feet of thumb-thick rope trailing from it on top of all the hemp twine or whatever the nets are made of. I'm assuming the net in question is much as a net for fishing as what a...

Actually I envisioned it quite a lot smaller and not at all for fishing, much more like a gladiators net, that doesn't necessarily cover the whole person, but more or less 'entangles' him, making it more difficult to continue fighting.

something like this: t.jpg

(sorry no net skills for easy clicking)

Still what is really interesting in my opinion is the interpretation of the rules in the net-section and whether or not you can carry a folded net somewhere other than your hand.

Sovereign Court

The Grandfather wrote:

I see you are of the school of players who believe a character cannot drown in milk and that holding your breath without being anywhere near a fluid body is potentially lethal.

What you are say is that anything not mentioned in the rules, should be exceptions from the rule. Such as when the only fluid body mentioned is water, then it doesn't count with other fluid substances. Our argument is that since it is not mentioned that a net is an exception from the common rule, then it falls under the common rules for weapons mentioned on the core weaponlist.

If we start introducing real world physics to the discussion of the rules, we would have a completely different system. When introducing things not mentioned in the rules such as milk-oceans, you will have to see whether something in the rules is close to that and go that way. When discussing something actually in the rules, saying that physics don't act according to the rules, and therefore exceptions must be made, is a slippery slope indeed.

Sovereign Court

The Grandfather wrote:

As alredy stated, I have no beef with the Quick Draw feat.

How would that feat be usable on a net if you can only carry it in your hand or your backpack?

And yes we both have good arguments, lets agree to disagree until outside clarification comes to our aid :)

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