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argent solbright's page

13 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Love the fiction as well. Best part of the blog for me.

I like this a lot. The Secret of The Rose and The glove was no so interesting to me at first but it closing was excellent. This, it is excellent from the beginning. :)

Nice story Anonymous User 80. :)

For a split second I though Darvin went OOC while playing an RPG instead of storytelling XD

Talon Stormwarden wrote:

I'm curious why you're enchanting both ends of the staff. Unless you're planning to two-weapon fight you only need one end enchanted.

I'm under the impression that magic weapon need to be enchanted on both end. After re-reading the rule, looks like there's isn't actually such wording.


Also, is your GM ok with you buying items at half price via crafting feats? Just checking.

Haven't check it yet actually. I usually build characters that way (in other games with other DMs).


I would go straight plusses on the staff, rather than effects. You can add effects on the fly as needed via arcane pool. Straight plusses are always useful to make up for 3/4 bab and later add to armor class.

As for UMD, if your party has any holes you could fill with it I'd recommend it, otherwise it's up to preference I think.

Okay, thanks

Thanks for the responses.

I haven't check UC stuffs . I'll go check them.

It is worth it to max UMD and purchase some scrolls/wands form outside Magus spell list? I heard a lot about UMD's usefulness but haven't actually seen much use of it in play.

So, I made this Staff Magus. What else I should take? I'm confused especially on Items. Not looking for super optimized character here, just some possibly good options.

Level 5 Human Staff Magus

Str: 14
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

(note: I know Cha is dump stat but the character concept demand at least non-negative Cha and I have spare 2 point anyway)

Arcane Accuracy
Maneuver Mastery (Trip)

QuarterStaff Master (B)
Weapon Focus: Quarterstaff (Bonus by Houserule)
Combat Expertise (Human bonus)
Improved Trip (1st)
Weapon Spec. (QuarterStaff) (3rd)
??? (5th)

And What Items I should spend my 11000 gp on? I can olny think of the normal +X/+X staff (+2/+2 affordable with craft MW&A otherwise just +1/+1), +1 Chain shirt, maybe mithral, Handy Haversack and Cloak of resistance.

Excellent Story.

Uh, withdrawing interest. Apparently I have too much things going on my plate lately.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Denim N Leather wrote:

There is a low-level PFS module that takes place in Absolam Voices in the Void; the Blackros Museum, specifically, and there is a planar gate as part of the plot ... No reason why you cannot use the same location/gate but altered to suit your needs.

Sounds Good, thanks. I'll check it later.


This is usually the type of campaign I run. The beautiful thing about Absolam is that you can throw sooo many different styles and NPC's at the players and let THEM pick the type of adventure they want to play.

Yup, that's probably one of the reason I like settings like Absalom or Eberrons's Sharn. Not only, they usually are fantastic enough on their own right but there's also room for almost anything.

What's Eureka BTW?
Eureka is a system-neutral book with 500 ready-to-roll plot hooks for your campaign. It's like inspiration-in-a-box!

That's... quite a treasure trove indeed.

Posting Interest. Been looking for a Kingamaker game for a while. I'll have sheet up in two or three days, probably an Oracle.

Thank you all for the replies so far :)


That's quite a cool idea.

Hmm, A crime syndicate hiding in plane of shadows, using the planar hopping (need to come up with low level way to do it) to gain advantage in doing its illicit activities. Lure the PCs to investigate some mysterious crimes,which likely will require them to enlist service of some higher level conjurer... And involve them in even deeper plot in Shadow plane and so forth Yup, that can work.


I'll check them


Uh, You're right. That book exist. Stupid me.

Campaign I want to play... Something a mixture of drama and action I guess.

What's Eureka BTW?

I've been thinking about GMing for a change. I like big cities. Absalom is like Sharn to me, 'the starting city, so I'm thinking about adventures idea in Absalom .. and I'm stumped. Anyone have ideas?

Well, some questions.

Beyond what in the campaign setting, what other official info available on Arcadia and where?

Since the official info will be very lacking anyway, Anybody got ideas how the cultures of Arcadia should look like?

I was tinkering with an idea of making native american styled character for Kingmaker. Of course she can be a Shoanti. But if she comes from Arcadia it will be a unique approach. How do you think an Arcadian can found herself in Brevoy?

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