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Brass Dragon

apexut's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 60 posts (75 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Temporal Power with Straightforward Mechanics


Players Option: Timebender presents a streamlined class with a tight array of combat related temporal effects. A primary melee combatant, its powers allow it to stagger its attacks throughout the round to gain increased versatility and accuracy. While this diminishes the comparable “Burst DPS” full attack actions against those of barbarians and power-attack themed fighters, it makes up for these dispersed amounts of damage by allowing for a series of standard actions to occur throughout the round. The strategic options and power to course-correct are dizzyingly cool. While enabling amazing movement options like selective time that allows the timebender to walk on water and even air, these “Temporal Flurry” actions bar spellcasting and most exploitable sequences my group could throw at them.

The class showcases “Time Control Tricks” and a few other time-themed core abilities to fill it out. While several of these abilities lean toward the strong end of balance (Such as the inflicted Re-Rolls of Forced Repetition or the temporary banishment of Shove Forward), a requisite of a high INT score places their usability in point buy games at a limited level. A player will likely have to focus on a damage dealer role or a controller role to excel at either but GMs should probably generally expect a balanced versatility more common to monks and rangers from this class.

A player missing some of the feel of 3.5’s Tome of Battle or one transitioning from 4e to Pathfinder will find this class a good fit with simple resource management mechanics and reusability. On the other hand, GMs running a time themed campaign will find it rounds out the ranks nicely. Other time magic products (Like Time Thief and Time Warden from RGG/SGG) have left the melee niche relatively untouched and the timebender blinks into that place nicely allowing for balanced parties of temporal reavers to vex your PCs.

A strong offering but its straight-forward mechanics prevent it from becoming too powerful, Players Options: Timebender is a 5-star addition for a GM already planning on a temporal magic element in their campaign.

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Playful and Disturbing - with Amazing Mechanics


Having just missed the deadline for the Kickstarter I lamented my chances at seeing this product physically as soon as I would have liked. Much to my very-pleased surprise Zombie Sky was at PaizoCon and ran demos of the product. I got to play in the introductory scenario Mockingbird. While generally I lower my bar for convention games, I was quite earnestly impressed. With only subtle tweaks outlined in the module the GM was able to instantly establish a feeling of deep, disturbing oddity. The horror mounted and then exploded into action that was a classic tale echoing tones of Lovecraft and the Twilight Zone. The module delivered instantly on its promise.

That said, what really blew me away was how it just seemed flow into place in a way that would have made it at home in nearly any setting. A robust addition that could fit easily in many of my own campaign settings.

As a bonus, a good selection of races are present ranging from playable Amiboids to racial class based living Swarms. And two base classes that are REAL show stoppers.

They are:

Moon Child - A variant arcane caster class drawing its abilities from celestial Houses. Comparable to Super Genius' Mosaic Mage, Moon Child is a expansive customizable class with echoes of Oracle, each House not only opening your spell selections but offering specific new class abilities. At the end of each House guidelines were presented offering guidance for GMs to add more spells from non-Core sources. I cannot stress how awesome that forethought is.

Starseed - Master of a weaponized tendril of psychoactive ectoplasm, the Starseed is an arcane cousin to Psionics Unleashed's Soulknife. A unique adaptation of the Paladin's progression and its signature weapon's suite of powers make this class a perfect answer to a player bored with the roles and options of traditional BAB +20 classes.

I would buy a supplement with just one of these classes alone and you get both. Not enough? How about giant Star Beasts so big that they barely fit into 20 pages of Bestiary? Add four adventures and it is go time!

Some critical feedback should probably make it into any review, no matter how good the product so I will say that the print quality had minor issues in my copy cutting a bit of some borders I suspect higher than their layout intended. That said, it is in full color and has a playful style of illustration that lends vividness to the stellar and alien themes without taking itself too seriously.

4.5 for Print/5 for PDF, rounding up to 5 of 5 for me.

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Sci-Fi Modern Rules at an Affordable Price...

****( )

A very interesting product with a surprising amount of content for the size and price. Reminiscent of some of the best Sci-Fi I have played (Fading Suns, Alternity, and even the Revised Star Wars Rules), nearly anyone running a future or post-apocalyptic setting could find value in it.

It also features a very streamlined Psionics system, which while nowhere near as robust as Psionics Unleashed, allows a fairly functional and complete Psion character with a minimum of fuss for a DM allowing the idea for the first time.

The art was interesting but suffered a little from re-sizing distortions.

Summary: If you are new to Pathfinder and want to run Sci-Fi this is a solid affordable buy. If you are new to Psionics and still unsure how much you want to add take a look at it. Otherwise an excellent springboard product to start a new Sci-Fi Pathfinder Game, but I would rapidly seek to find more complex support for it.

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Not usually impressed by NPC collections but... Dang!


Ok. Love Golarion? This has rich, creamy history and cultural context. Want textured, fully developed NPCs that will stand-up to a few hours of role-played smack talk with their motives in tact? Yes, this fits the bill with side-plots to spare. Want a decent chance that these Leagues of Doom and Soldiers of Fortune might send your players screaming for their Mothers? Don't be surprised if the Cleric is panting after an encounter with one of these groups. Worth every damn cent.

Oh... and new rules content too!

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Worth the cost...

****( )

A great product with a focus on possible new directions for the concept of metamagic. Particularly interesting are the concept of weaker spell modifications for reduced cost or varied effects. My only real issues were a few editorial glitches and typos.

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