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Goblin Dog

anthony abbott's page

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For me if the other players are going to dabble into my character background, something as a DM that I strongly discourage for players to do to each other at my table, then I'd have fun dabbling in their's. I'd make an Inquisitor of Kord as my next character, encourage the Paladin/ Cleric to not be so cowardly. An example is I'd criticized the Paladin for not insisting he challenge the lizard king reminding him that he is the Holy Warrior of a diety with the Dogma "The strong and fit should lead the weaker. Bravery is the greatest quality in any ruler. Scorn cowardice." Evenutally the Paladin will try to solo something too tough and either die or prove to be a coward.

If the other players choose to mess with your backstory, then they knowingly chose to put their character's lives in danger. Act like the character is choosing to become good and kill them in their sleep. You can all roll new characters together.

As a DM I would have the paladin fall if he has anything to do with it. This act is the same as breaking an evil assassin out of prison.

Which class is planning on removing the curse? This would be an evil act. If it is the cleric then Kord, being CG, may not be too happy with his follower causing the spread of evil.

While the animate dead will allow him to make a skeleton owlbear, it will not have the flesh required to fly.

Focus more on the story, than the mechanics of the game. Don't worry about stuff like trip, disarm or sunder for a while. Make her character with her without offering too many decisions at first. I she wants to swing a sword make a fighter and choose her feets for her. No archtypes to start. She may never get to the point that she wants to make a character on her own, and that is perfectly fine. My youngest has gamed for 5 years now, and still wants to just tell me the character idea and have me worry about the details when creating a character. My middle child has taken an active interest and has absorbed everything in every book she can get hold of. Give her the opportunity to interact with the environment without putting her on the spot. Have a friend who tried to introduce his wife into gaming, but failed. He basically stressed her out with forcing her to roleplay too much too soon. Make the game fun first and foremost, too many DM's stress over the rules and forget the purpose of this hobby.

I think she'll do fine, and wouldn't worry too much about the rules. You might try her out with We be goblins, allowing her to experience the game without the mechanics getting in the way. It is a somewhat short adventure, which will allow her the opportunity to experience the game in a shorter session prior to having to worry about rules getting in the way. My current group were all new to RPG and have done wonderful. The group consists of my wife and 3 children. The youngest started when she was 8, so I wouldn't worry too much about the math and reading. Make the game fun, if she will not mesh well with your current group then start a different group for her.

See if your rogue/wizard has any interest in a bard. Has high skills and can cast some arcane spells along with cure and restore spells. Easier for the bard to wear armor and cast spells too.

I've ran two groups thru this adventure. The haunts were played as is and neither group had too much problems with them. Several things to keep in mind is most of the haunts do not have to be defeated, since they are bound to locations. The haunts are on timers, and alot of them do not do actual damage. There is alot of holy water given along with 6 haunt siphons before the group encounters the haunts.

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