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andromada369's page

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And I'm back with yet another wacky and crazy idea. This time its an enchantment.

Gifted (name WIP) Weapon enchantment

This enchantment adds a +3 bonus to all attack rolls. Unlike other bonuses this enchantment can be used to trigger effects that require a specific roll such as, Critical threat, Critical confirm, Vorpral, etc.

Price: +3

So what do you think?

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

1)Portable labratory.

2) Get a bottle of air and a sustaining spoon. A number of people can live there ... until it fills with poo.

I figured answers like #1 would be more common than this.

No one has any interesting uses for a portable hole of any size?

James Jacobs wrote:
Tels wrote:
But, but, but... Who's carrying us around?
A turtle is.

Is that a discworld reference?

Let's say we had rules for crafting a portable hole of any shape and size (hint, hint) what size would you make it and what would you use it for?

What would you do with a portable hole of any size Liz?

So I take it you've got a couple billion gold lying around to pay for it?

If you could create a portable hole of any size and shape besides the 6ft diameter by 10ft deep cylinder as found in the item's description (hint, hint Paizo) what size and shape would you make it and what would you use it for?

Yea I just noticed that. Well since the concept of two weapon fighting in pathfinder assumes you have an off-hand this poses a problem to a monk that uses nothing but unarmed strikes as a monk who uses unarmed strikes has no off-hand. And thus he doesn't gain the extra attack from the off-hand nor does he gain any of the bonus off-hand attacks granted by the twf feat line. Then again that's the way I understand it.

I'm too lazy to go through this post and it's predecessor. So I ask why was the fob=twf ruling made again?

Though I've never played a monk myself I say single weapon flurry. 'Cuz if fighter Kirby can do it I should be able too.

DeathQuaker wrote:

For me it is a matter of setting. If it's a very "classic" fantasy that's inspired by mythic lore, I find firearms jarring (I even find some "advanced" non firearm weapons or armor jarring, depending, again, on the specifics of the setting).

But if it's inspired by anything mid-Renaissance onward (and especially inspired by later time periods)--and it makes clear from the get-go that firearms are de-facto a part of the world, then I'm fine with it. Especially since then presumably the world's designers have thought thoroughly about how firearms interact with the other elements of the universe--how it competes with or complements magic, how it affects the development of other weapons, etc.

(But by the same token, I don't think post-medieval fantasy societies HAVE to have firearms. My homebrew setting is probably--giving or taking for accounting how magic's affected the world's development--roughly Age of Reason in its advancement, but has no firearms. But that's because I specifically wanted a world where technological advancements are directly tied into magic, and no one ever felt a need to design firearms or similar weaponry because the magic equivalents are less dangerous to use and easier to make, at around the same relative cost.)

I think what can be really bothersome about firearms-in-fantasy is not whether firearms are included or not, but whether they are added. Like I said, if a setting is presented as having firearms, then fine--that's what it does. But if a setting is presented as NOT having firearms, but then the game developers decide to add them in a supplement later on, THAT I find problematic because it may well upset how the world works as originally written versus "revised."

That's how I feel. If a world is built from the get go with guns in mind it doesn't bother me. However if guns are just thrown into medieval fantasy I think it just throws everything out of whack.

Well for example I've read that some of the most powerful boons where handed out with the Eyes of Ten trilogy and the Beginner Box Bash, which also had a nice gm boon from what I read. And if I can't download the old boons is there at least a list of what they where? It's just my curiosity just won't leave me alone until I find out.

First off I don't play in PFS nor do I plan to in the foreseeable future.

However I came across this thread where boons were mentioned.

1. What the heck is a boon?
2. Is there really any use for them outside PFS?
2. If so, are the old boons available for download?

A larger portable hole and magical amenities to turn it into a portable blacksmiths shop, portable kitchen and dining room, portable cold/frozen storage for items that need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, and for a portable bedroom/getaway room. Oh and maybe a portable hole type portal keyed to an elemental plane. That would be perfect in certain situations. Just think of the countless uses for those portals.

Well the idea I had was to put in training schools or some place where pc's could learn feats from npcs. Granted not all feats can be gained this way so it would be up to the gm to decide what feats can and can't be gotten in this way.

The pc's would first have to find who could teach their desired feat. Then they would need to find out if said npc is willing to train the pc. Then assuming the trainer is willing to train what does the pc need to do, pay cash, do a favor, etc. Then they get the training and boom they have the feat.

Not only could this keep things in check but it also makes sense (to me at least) in lore.

Or you could go even further and say after training you must practice for x period of time or lose the feat.

Again this is my idea however to me it sounds like it could work quite well and create interesting builds.

From what I know some builds and some feat trees in general are expensive in the vein of how many feats will it take to get my character to do what I want it to do. And if my understanding of the rules is correct there is nothing in the rules saying that feats can't be obtained from "outside means" I.E. other than leveling up. So my question is how do you deal with feat cost? Do you even bother? I've got my own idea but I'd like to hear what others have to say.

Adam Daigle wrote:
....and there's this.

I didn't know about that. thanks for sharing.

Don't know if there are stats for it floating around or not but why not stat up the Paizo golem?

I got to thinking about it and I remembered that in the later final fantasy games, i.e. 10 and later, when you summoned the rest of the party went poof until it was unsommoned. Would you incorporate something like that?

mdt wrote:
andromada369 wrote:
That archetype looks like it could be quite fun. Then again it also looks like all the complaints about the summoner are multiplied.

Well, that's not the only changes I made to the class before creating that archetype. I limited attacks (regardless of type, natural or manufactured weapon) to the limit on the table. I also halved the AC bonus but allowed armor to be worn, and allowed the eidelon a number of magic item slots equal to level / 2. That seems to have fixed most of the issues.

For this archetype though, all the eidelons share a pool of hitpoints. So switching one out for another doesn't gain you anything as far as ability to stay around. What it really does is give you different ones with flexibility around them. So, for example, you can do an elemental motif, where you have a fire, ice, acid, water eidelon combo, and summon out whichever one you need. And you give up the ability to spam summon with your spell like ability. Honestly, that's the more powerful ability.

Edit: clarification

I was actually referring to the complaint I saw most and that was the amount of paperwork that had to be kept.

mdt wrote:

Second that early FF summons can be simulated with existing spells.

Second also that for long term summons, the Summoner works well. What I did for this was to create an archetype.

My Customization wrote:

Polysummon Summoner
This archetype allows a summoner to make more than one pact with an otherworldly entity. The summoner cannot summon more than one eidelon at a time, but, they may switch out their eidelons as needed. The downside being that all the eidelons the summoner makes a pact with share a common pool of hp.

Benefit: At first level, the summoner may make a pact with one additional eidelon (two at first level). At 5th level, and each additional 5 levels (10th, 15th, 20th) the summoner gains the ability to form a pact with one additional eidelon. Note, however, that the eidelon's forms are less changeable than a normal eidelon's. The eidelons cannot be affected by the spell transmogrify.

In addition, the eidelon's all share a common HP pool (the summoner only calculates HP once for all eidelon's using the lowest CON of all his eidelons). If one eidelon is injured, then replacing it with a different eidelon results in summoning an injured eidelon. For example, a summoner (level 10) may have one quadruped eidelon with natural attacks that have fire, a serpentine that has ice natural attacks, and a biped with acid natural attacks. If the lowest CON was 12 amongst the three, the HP would be calculated for all 3 as if they had a 12 CON (although fort saves would be calculated normally for each).

To switch out an eidelon for another, the summoner may take a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity to banish and replace an already summoned eidelon. If the summoner doesn't have an eidelon summoned, they must use the normal 1 minute long ritual to summon one first. The summoner may not use the Summon Eidelon spell to summon a 2nd eidelon while he already has an eidelon summoned. He may, however, switch out his eidelon's using a full action as specified above when the


That archetype looks like it could be quite fun. Then again it also looks like all the complaints about the summoner are multiplied.

As the title says I'm curious as to how forum members and Paizo staff who are fans of the Final Fantasy series would implement final fantasy summons. All of the forum posts I found regarding final fantasy summons were using the summoners eidolon to mimic iconic summons. So how would you do it, would stat up the summons using the summoners eidolon, or would you create a spell mimics how summoning works in final fantasies 3-9, or would you stat up the summons as monsters and create spells that would summon them like the summon spells already in the game. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Epic Meepo wrote:

@andromeda369: Here's what happens when an alchemist (or wizard) attempts to create a new elemental species:

** spoiler omitted **...

Thanks so much. And glad you liked the concept.

Hmm I've got an idea. How about the failed attempt from a wizard to recreate an elemental through magical means.

NeverNever wrote:

The obvious method would to be to have a prestige class, that anyone can access giving you tons of shouts quite quickly, and also a option to gain a shout over 3 feats. That way people who don't take the class would be restricted heavily by how many feats they are willing to give up, to represent how they require a lot of training.

Question is what sort of actions should it take, and how often could it be used? Perhaps a "cooldown" system like a dragon with his breath attack?

I think the earlier shouts should be relatively weak, but swift actions, with them scaling up over turns to require more actions but become significantly more effective, or be different based on the shout.

(whirlwind sprint could be a effective way to give a pounce like ability for fighters for instance.)

Well what I was thinking was making words of power from Ultimate Magic available to everyone. Then give each word a static cooldown period in units of 1/4 rounds rounding up, and meta words increasing the units used i.e. rounds->minutes->hours->etc. That given when you use a wordspell aka shout each EFFECT word used is now in cool down for the COMBINED period of all words used. So for example if I used a shout with a target word(1/4 round) 2 effect words(1 1/2 rounds) and a powerful meta word(2 unit increase) the 2 effect words are now in cooldown for 4 hours. You would obviously need to make the words rare and hard to find. Learning the word is the easy part however mastering it is difficult. Once you learn the word you then have to master it and you have to master it in order to use it. A normal person needs to do a complex check(haven't decided on what kind of check, what dc, or how many success needed, but I know 2 things for sure-you need an 8 hour block to perform the check and 1 failure and you lose all progress.) while a person with "The Gift" needs to do something (kill a specific type of monster, etc etc)

Tark of the Shoanti wrote:

In the pen and paper of Dark Legacies, there is a class ability where people use "the voice". It could be converted into something close to the abilities of the Thu'um I suppose.

But then again, when you open this box of worms, everyone is going to want these abilities, and you're gonna have to work out why only some have it, or would it be very common, and thus kill a lot of the mystique.

Well from my understanding everyone in skyrim can use the voice. It's just that 99.9% don't know how to, .09% have spent their entire lives trying to master the Voice, and the final .01% are dragonborn who can learn and master shouts in a blink of an eye.

Fozbek wrote:
andromada369 wrote:
To cast spells you need to be a SPELLCASTER. It doesn't matter what path you take in Skyrim (Fighter, Ranger, thief, caster) you can still use shouts. Besides while there are spells in pathfinder that replicate Skyrim's shouts they (the shouts) seem more akin to word casting.

That's why I wrote that last sentence. To repeat:

So, to replicate them, just give those spells as spell-like abilities for whatever criteria (prestige class, rage powers, whatever).

Yea read your post a second time and just saw that. Anyway I don't think shouts are considered magic. And if it is I sure as hell wouldn't consider it arcane or divine magic.

Fozbek wrote:

They pretty much all already exist. They're called spells.

Unrelenting Force: telekinesis, but less utility.
Storm Call: call lightning or control weather.
Fire/Frost Breath: dragon's breath.

Etc. Every shout I've seen can be replicated by a spell in Pathfinder. So, to replicate them, just give those spells as spell-like abilities for whatever criteria (prestige class, rage powers, whatever).

To cast spells you need to be a SPELLCASTER. It doesn't matter what path you take in Skyrim (Fighter, Ranger, thief, caster) you can still use shouts. Besides while there are spells in pathfinder that replicate Skyrim's shouts they (the shouts) seem more akin to word casting.

Out of curiosity has anyone attempted to work Skyrim's th'um into pathfinder?

drkfathr1 wrote:
You can also use the Ironborn from Open Design, and I think one of Monte Cook's 3rd edition books had something similar...both OGL. (Might be the same race)

Yes I know about the Ironborn and have played them in both 3.5 and Pathfinder. However the warforged and the ironborn are completely separate in both crunch and fluff. The warforged are more "construct than living being" whereas the ironborn are more "living being than construct" in mechanics and flavor, or at least in my opinion. Again this was just an idea to give warforged fans the warforged without infringing on wotc's ip. That said I was unaware that Paizo stated they wouldn't reflavor wotc ip. But that doesn't stop 3rd party publishers from doing it, or maybe it does, who knows.

Jeraa wrote:
Sure Paizo can do it. They could do it for mind flayers and beholders as well. But they've already said they won't. There is nothing stoping a player from doing it for their own games,but they will never be anything official from Paizo like that (unless they change their minds).

If Paizo said they won't refluff any wotc ip then fine end of discussion. It's no big deal, and like you said people will convert it for their own games. It was just a thought that's all.

I got to thinking last night in bed randomly about how people would love to see the warforged in pathfinder and how Pizo can't publish it because it isn't open content. Then it hit me, go ahead and update all the mechanical stuff for the warforged and then give it a new identity. Easier said than done I'm sure, but with enough help from the community I wouldn't be surprised if Pizo could pull it off. Then again I could be completely talking out my ass as I don't know what it takes to put together something like this. I'm sure there are some eberon fanboys that won't settle for anything other than the warfarged, but for the most part I'm sure people would enjoy the new fluff and backstory to this race. So now as far as a new name I quite like the name Battlewrought. And instead of being created from a creation forge they are created from battlewrought foundries. Thoughts?

Last night my gm decided to spring a rule on us stating you can't have magic items whose enhancement bonus equivalent is greater than character level/3 rounded up. He claims this rule is from the game masters guide and further claims it's a rule Paizo carried over from 3.5. But I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere. Does this rule actually come from the GMG? If so what page? Is it from 3.5 and if so what book and page? Or does this sound like a house rule?

I'm back with yet another insane idea. This time it's a feat I'm going to call "Meteor Plunge". Now I don't know if there's a feat by this name or one with a similar effect but I'll give it a shot anyways.

Meteor Plunge

Prerequisites(just a stand in for now): Dex 18, Base Attack Bonus +14, Acrobatics 12 ranks

Benefit: When willfully falling from a height that would deal falling damage you can make an attack roll on an opponent that is within a 5ft of where you land. On a successful attack you deal extra damage equal to the falling damage you would have taken. This extra damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. If the attack misses you take falling damage as normal.

Normal: (I need help wording this)

Improved Meteor Plunge

Prerequisites(just a stand in for now): Dex 20, BAB +18, Acrobatics 16 ranks, Meteor Plunge

Benefit: When making a Meteor Plunge attack the extra damage is now multiplied on a successful critical.

Normal: Extra damage from a Meteor Plunge is not multiplied.

So what do you think? Are they too over powered? Do you think the prereq's are too much? Too little? Just let me know how I can improve these. And could you help me write the "Normal" section for meteor plunge?

Again this is just an idea. If enough people give me enough valid reasons I just might drop it all together. Hell I'm sure a general goods merchant you can summon is probably good enough.

I wouldn't say the craft mechanic isn't needed because it would be cheaper to craft an item than to buy it outright. And no an item like this shouldn't be a plot device just an item make things a little easier or to save. Or if it is going to be a plot item just make it a small side plot.

And Greg you just gave me a great idea.

Instead of a stone or a rock how about this:

It's a small golden disk like object with 6 gems inlaid in a horseshoe pattern. When the command phrase is spoken this item opens a portal to a pocket dimension containing a "shopping mall" of sorts. Each gem represents which of the fallowing merchants will be present: general goods merchant, non magical arms and armor merchant, potions and scrolls vendor, rods and staffs vendor, magic arms and armor merchant, and finally a wondrous items vendor. It's rare to find one with all six gems there and intact and thus obtained, the GM can determine how hard or how easy it is to come across and as a rule of thumb I would say they only have the general goods and non magical arms and armor merchant gems intact when the party finds one. When starting out the merchants do not have an inventory of any kind. The two ways you can increase the merchants' inventory are: 1. buying and selling items or 2. passing a dc 10 (is this appropriate?) gather information check on items you know about. Up to six people can be keyed to this item to allow entrance to the mall. If not in the possession of the owner or a keyed ally for 48 hours it completely resets and it's current or next possessor becomes the new owner.

so how is this?

Cheapy wrote:
A spell of wish.

This item is intended to help a party at early levels on. Besides wish is way too costly for something like this.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Just trying to point out that the effective "it can get anything" ability puts it up in artifact level territory.

Well screw teh big internets handout. I got the idea from Final Fantasy's "Call Shop" ability. And as it's name implies you can "visit" any shop you've been to anytime, anywhere. That's what I want to mimic but I want to make it a little more "user friendly". And yes I agree that the "it can get anything" ability makes it an artifact, hell I say that makes it a major artifact.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

The world of warcraft mammoth that has a merchant on the back.

Summoning spells don't normally summon someone from the prime material plane, much less a nonmagical person like a merchant, nor is there any mechanism for said merchant knowing , much less HAVING FOR SALE anything someone has ever seen.

Think about it, a 16th level living legend has a parade and walks in on his custom made 1 of a kind adamantite mechanical dragon. All of a sudden your merchant somehow gains access to a 800,000 gold piece adamantite mechanical dragon?

No it's not from world of warcraft. Never played that game and never will. To answer your second question as worded yes you could. Keep in mind this is just a rough idea, very rough at that, I want lots of community input to help shape and balance this item.

I need help building a magic item. What I want is a magic item to do is allow a person to summon a merchant anywhere, anytime whose inventory is based on what items the owner of the stone has seen. For example if character A has seen a longsword, a flaming burst throwing axe, and a +2 dagger, he can buy a +2 flaming burst longsword assuming he has the money to do so.

I'd like hear peoples thoughts on this idea and any ideas to help me finish this item. Oh and big internets to you if you can figure out where this idea came from.

Well the way I'm interpreting it is:

If you cast an echoed spell the spell echoed will be the same spell as the base spell ie. if I cast an prepared echoed fireball the echoed spell will be an echoed fireball thus granting us a loop. Or if I spontaneously cast a spell the echoed spell will be the base spell ie. if I cast an echoed fireball spell as a bard or cast a cure spell or summon nature's ally as a druid the echoed spell is the BASE spell, or the base fireball, cure, and summon nature's ally respectively. Now the question becomes as a spontaneous caster can I reapply the echoed metamagic feat to the echoed spell.

With that in mind if I use Spell Perfection to add echoing the echoed spell does NOT retain the echoed property on it's second casting ie. a fireball that is cast using Spell Perfection to add echoing echoes the base fireball. Now the question becomes can you apply Spell Perfection to the second casting? If not the loop is broken if so we get the loop.

Hello everybody, I'm looking to start a table of my own sometime in the future but I have very little (2 2hr sessions) experience as a player, zero experience as gm, and have no money for extra resources, ie. extra copies of books, battle mat, minis etc. So here I am look for a group that I can play with online. VTT and voice chat are a must. So if anyone is willing to take in this complete newbie it would be greatly appreciated.

BigJohn42 wrote:
Andromada369 wrote:
Yes I got these ideas from video games, the Final Fantasy series to be exact. But when I think of a superboss I think of a one-off monster that's hard for level 20 and beyond characters to defeat. One that comes to mind quickly is Yizmat from FF12. This beast had a whopping 50 million hp and could kill a level 99 party that was unprepared in 2 swats of its paw.

The problem with the FF "Superbosses" is that they're not usually part of the actual storyline, but extra things for players to do with their saved games, after they bore of beating down the "final" boss.

These extra fights (like the "Weapon" bosses in FF7) are really just there in order to give the game some extra playability. Those extra fights really aren't necessary in a Pen & Paper RPG... if the players REALLY want to dust off some uber-powerful retired characters, then the GM can easily whip something suitable epic up for them, outside of the campaign they retired from.

That's exactly my thinking behind a superboss. Something that isn't related to the can give a challenge to über characters players may want to dust off.

Yes I got these ideas from video games, the Final Fantasy series to be exact. But when I think of a superboss I think of a one-off monster that's hard for level 20 and beyond characters to defeat. One that comes to mind quickly is Yizmat from FF12. This beast had a whopping 50 million hp and could kill a level 99 party that was unprepared in 2 swats of its paw.

First off for those who don't know what I'm even talking about a brief description on what each type of boss is:

Multiple targets/pieces:

As the name suggests this type of boss has multiple parts that can be targeted. In most cases each part is considered a separate monster therefor have their own stat blocks with unique abilities and/or spells. Also in most cases when the main core of said monster is defeated the entire monster is defeated.


This type of boss has multiple forms as in you kill form a it transforms into form b so on and so forth until you defeat its final form.

last but not least


A boss, by design, that is supposed to be tougher than the final boss. A high level boss that has an insane amount of hit points and loaded with abilities and spells that could kill an unprepared party in ONE HIT or at least very very quickly.

So knowing what these kinds of bosses are do you think they could fit into pathfinder?

A few updates to ideas:

All abilities are the same as in my first post unless stated below.

changes in ideas:

I've decided to call this class the Spellblade.

Special weapon: A Spellblade MUST use a melee weapon made of arcanite (see below) A Spellblade may NOT have more than one weapon proficiency feat at a time. This feat can be changed through the Spellblades weapon specialty shift ritual (see below) (Note: A Spellblade can have MORE THAN ONE weapon of this type. Also he can still use other weapon types he just takes the non-proficiency penalties.)

Vigorous fighter training (new class ability): A Spellblade can count his Sepllblade levels as fighter levels for qualifying for fighter feats. If he has levels in fighter these levels stack.

Weapon specialty shift: If a Spellblade wishes to change his weapon proficiency feat he must undergo a ritual that lasts for 8 hours. He must have his old weapon and an arcanite weapon of which he wishes to use. This ritual also changes the weapon focus and weapon specialization feat trees.

Spell casting: I guess I need to clarify that the Spellblade will only have access to these weapon and armor spells.

Spells: All Spellblade spells now have a casting of 1 standard action. (I did this just in case there are any class abilities or feats that allow caster classes to pick spells from different lists.)

Speed casting: You cast all Spellblade spells as free actions, but only during your turn.

Saturation: You can now cast weapon spells on non-arcanite weapons though the duration is halved.

Greater Saturation: weapon spells now work normally on non-arcanite weapons.

Ira Arcana (The capstone ability, Latin for arcane rage): Once per day a Spellblade can turn his active Spellblade spells into raw arcane energy, thus nullifeing their effects, and forcefully infuse their weapon with this energy. Doing this heavily increases the damage done by the weapon at the cost of great harm to the Spellblade. For 1d6 rounds damage is incerased to xd20 where x is the combined level of your active Spellblade spells. It's threat range is doubled and gains a +1 to the critical multiplyer. It is also considered magical for hitting incorporeal targets and bypass all spell resistance and damage reduction. The Spellblade will take a base 20 damage per turn while Ira Arcana is active and will also take damage per turn according to a chart. (I haven't made the chart up yet.) Types of damage will include elemental damage, bleed damage, and ability damage. At the end of Ira Arcana the Spellblade becomes fatigued and his weapon deals only 1 point of damage and can't critical for 1d4 hours.

arcanite and iridan shards:

Arcanite is created from processing and removing the raw arcane energy from maginite. Maginite is a natural magical alloy found in small veins throughout the world.

A byproduct of the arcanite making process is iradan shards. They come in two forms perfect and imperfect.

Perfect shards allow +1 spell per day of any level you can cast for wizards or +1 spell known of any level you can cast for 24 hours for bards and sorcerers. Wizards would prepare spells normally while bards and sorcerers will choose a spell from the appropriate list as if they were leveling up. Perfect shards can be reused and could go for upwards of 5,000 gp.

An imperfect shard is the same as perfect shards accept they crumble after one use i.e. 24 hours for bards and sorcerers or one spell for wizards. Imperfect shards go for upwards of 500 gp

Note: You can only use one shard at a time. Also spells used in iradan shards are lost after 24 hours and imperfect shards are not destroyed if they are not used.

Stynkk wrote:
andromada369 wrote:

Alright I think it's making sense now.

So lets take the same scenario in my first post but make it a flaming bastard sword. So my critical damage formula would look like:

2d10+8+1d6 = (1, 4) + 8 + (1) = 14

Yes, you've got it.

Good luckily it didn't take me 2 years to understand like 3.5 flanking and line of sight.

Alright I think it's making sense now.

So lets take the same scenario in my first post but make it a flaming bastard sword. So my critical damage formula would look like:

2d10 + 8 + 1d6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 8 + (1) = 14

I'm sure there are countless threads about this topic but I'm being lazy.

Now I don't have a lot experience in Pathfinder, just 1 session, nor do I have a lot of experience in D&D and never landed a critical hit.

Now I've read the "multiplying damage" section on page 179 of the Core Rulebook and have two interpretations of this:

I've got a bastard sword (1d10 19-20/x2) and 18 strength. No feats no nothing. Assuming I've rolled a threat and confirmed I would roll critical hit damage as:

A: 1d10+3=10+3=13


B: 2d10+6=10,8+6=24

Which is correct?

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