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andreww's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,440 posts (5,556 including aliases). 16 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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Gnasher wrote:
On the other hand, if he had a tricked out spell list, how would a party actually ever beat him?

That is, I think, rather the point. His level 9 spell selection is generally terrible but if he came armed with stuff like shapechange, time stop or disjunction he would probably be unstoppable.


Mike Eckrich wrote:
Ok, round 2, after being attacked. Aracane bonded Time Stop Augmented with his meta magic artifact?

Because it is well outside of his tactics and we are not told what spells are in his spell books for him to use with Arcane Bond.

Elder Basilisk wrote:
If when asked what your character's role is, you have to say, "Diplomat, but he's useless otherwise" you're doing it wrong. You can be pretty much as good as anyone else in your primary role and still be a very good diplomat.

Pretty much this. My charisma 5 core druid still manages a +17 at level 11 which is more than enough to have a decent chance of hitting most tier 10-11 DC's or to auto aid a more focused character. It cost him a trait, a skill point per level and a 4500gp magic item but that's not exactly breaking the bank.


burkoJames wrote:
I thought the rule was if you got access to it via chronicle sheet, it gave access to both core and non-core characters.

If you play something in core you gain access to what is on the chronicle sheet.

What is not clear is if you gain access to any prerequisites. So if a chronicle opened up access to the Bloatmage prestige class would it also allow you to take the Bloatmage Initiate feat which is a pre-requisite for the class.

You would hope those sort of things might be expressly stated on the chronicle but I am getting the impression they haven't on the recent one although I haven't yet played or run it.


BigNorseWolf wrote:
By the time you get to the point that you're re running scenarios often enough for it to matter you really don't need the credit for credit:

I run somewhere between 1 and 3 games per week depending on how busy I am and I use all of the credit earned. I like creating characters and credit means I get to ignore the parts of the game I find tedious (levels 1-3 ish).

Replay for credit would make me more likely to run things which have already been prepped which brings benefits to the players, better knowledge of the scenario, better preparation, a better online table, which hopefully ensures a better game for the players.

At the moment I will occasionally run a scenario multiple times if there is a lot of demand or it's a scenario I particularly liked (Ancients Anguish and All for Immortality are two recent ones) but I would be lying if I said that the lack of credit wasn't a factor in making me less likely to do so.


Some were recently added back in too. As ever for PFS additional resources is the only valid source to be certain of what is or is not legal, even if it is a pain to use at times.


Drogon wrote:

Like Dave Baker most certainly has, I have asked these questions. With very few exceptions (only one I can think of, actually) I have received positive responses from those who want to GM for my events. "Positive" is something I define as wanting to to assist their fellow PFS players toward enjoying the campaign that so richly deserves their attention.

This kind of insolent response from you, I suspect, is what seeds your own interactions with players and GMs in your area. That and the absolute lack of respect you show for anyone who has a dissenting opinion toward you is why you get the responses that you most certainly expect.

Take a better approach, and see for yourself what you get.

Nothing Kifaru has said has been insolent or even a little bit rude. You on the other hand...


Jeff Hazuka wrote:

"Come back when you have more stars" is a bad argument for a thread about encouraging people to GM. Also, in general.

Put me down as "4 Stars and in favor of expanded rewards."

Hell, with a requirement of 5 GM chronicles per PC if you want to fill out a faction card, let alone more than one season's worth, there is now a reason to wish for more credit.

Put me down as in favour too, GM credit is great for starting new characters and I don't get tired of making them.

MeanMutton wrote:
andreww wrote:
Kotello wrote:
If you make a touch attack while blinded, can you cast Bungle on somebody?
No, Bungle is a close range spell, it doesn't have a touch attack. As an individually targeted spell you cannot use it while blinded.
I don't see any restriction on that. Where does that rule come from? The only thing I see is that if you can see or touch a creature or object then you can target that creature or object.

Individually targeted spells, such as Bungle or Haste, require line of sight. Knowing which square someone is in is not sufficient, you must be able to see them.

Area effects such as cones, cylinders, walls, bursts etc can be targeted either by seeing the place you want to place the spell of defining it.

The rules are under Aiming a Spell

Kotello wrote:
If you make a touch attack while blinded, can you cast Bungle on somebody?

No, Bungle is a close range spell, it doesn't have a touch attack. As an individually targeted spell you cannot use it while blinded.

Kobold Commando wrote:
Traits can be used to make these key off wisdom

Which traits are these?

There are various ways of creating effective face characters in PFS.

Any base charisma caster or other class can do it very effectively. Bard, Oracle, Summoner and Paladin all do it with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on available skill points. Using your FCB or putting some points in Int all help with this.

Any Int based character can make a highly effective face. Clever Wordplay or Student of Philosophy both make you an effective face character and you get far more base Int skills.

Various cleric domains and inquisitions help with face skills whether it is the Glory domain bonus or inquisitions which turn skills into Wisdom based.

Warrior Spirit is not PFS legal.


Jeff Hazuka wrote:

Speak for yourself.

-The advent of GM rewards on Faction Cards has made me want to get 5(!) GM credits on each character I build.

-The ability to make "GM lobs" as the detractors say opens up a lotore design space. Characters who don't really work until a level 3 class ability or you get access to 2nd level spells or you get your 6th level first step into a prestige class are now something you can consider building, crediting up, and skipping the boring 'I can do 1d4+2' levels.

-There's incentive to run colder. I get credit for running new stuff. I don't get credit for running something I have prepared and have run before, with annotations and experience enhancing the run-through.

Pretty much exactly this. I am no great fan of the low levels (1-2) and will often stick GM credit on characters to get them to at least 3rd (a 2nd feat, level 2 spells) or 4th for spontaneous casters (level 2 spells).

Spell Perfection is pretty much always worth it, even if it doesn't work all that great with Summon spells. You could apply it to a variety of offensive conjuration control spells (Pits, Glitterdust, Chains of Light etc) for free Persistent and/or Quickened application, to buffs (Quickened Haste from a level 3 spell slot goes well with summons) or utility (quickened ddoor or teleport is handy).

For your feat list I would probably ignore spell specialisation/greater specialisation. Spell specialisation does very little for summoning, +2 caster level isn't helping much. At level 10 you have more than enough slots to not really need to worry about casting summons spontaneously. If you want spell perfection and spontaneous summons then I would go the Heightened/Preferred spell route.

I would strongly recommend picking up Acadamae Graduate, making your summons a standard action to cast is pretty crucial to being an effective summoner.

I would pick up Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration) somewhere, Conjuration has some of the best control spells going and DC's are important. Conversely, summons and most conjuration based control doesn't care about SR making Spell Penetration less attractive.

I would look into expanded summon monster from the Monster Summoner's Handbook. It adds a lot of versatility to your summon options in the mid levels. Dropping something like an Animate Dream with SMVI could solo quite a number of encounters simply by virtue of its incorporeality.

Looking at him think you have the classic difficulty of trying to play a switch hitter, you lack focus in either melee or ranged and thereby end up being OK at both when you could be great at one or the other. Switch hitting works OK in Core as the pool of available feats is small, in regular though the returns are more limited. I think you also need to look to shore up your defences.

I would look at the following:

Cleave is an awful feat, in the last two years of running games I think I have managed to use it twice as a GM and lots of PFS NPC's get it. The requirements for it to work are rarely going to happen, especially at higher level when more enemies are flying or generally fairly mobile. This would be my first target for retraining.

The rest of your feats look fine as long as you are happy with the slightly divided focus. I might suggest Point Blank Master which becomes increasingly useful as you face more enemies with reach. You would need to take weapon focus. An alternative would be clustered shots, you have a variety of arrows but elemental DR/- or damage type DR will make you sad. Manyshot will also add a lot to your ranged damage.

You have invested a lot of feats into archery but have strength as your primary stat. I might consider retraining level stat bumps to increase your dexterity some more. I would definitely look to add Dex to your belt and possibly Con although it is less of an issue if you are staying at range. .

The damage on your longbow looks wrong. If your current bow doesn't have a +5str rating then I would sell it and buy a new one.

Your fort and reflex are OK'ish at this level but your Will is asking to be taken out of the fight with something as simple as suggestion. You can regularly expect to be facing DC's between 18 and 23 at this level and sometimes much higher. I would recommend improving them all, I would buy the save boosting cracked pale green ioun stone (4k) before the first cloak upgrade (5k) but honestly I would probably get both. I might also retrain into Iron Will as a feat. Saves just keep getting more and more important as more enemies have abilities which just bypass your AC, Hp, CMD etc and just take you out. One Plane Shift and its bye, bye.

I would invest in some cheap wands, longstrider, gravity bow and heightened awareness are all good choices. If you have the alchemy manual then I find blood boiling pills very handy. If you have the primer then the cracked magenta ioun stone is a great source of skill bonuses and you can switch them around on a daily basis. Eyes of the Eagle are an almost automatic buy for me on any character, not getting gibbed in the surprise round is important.

I would consider investing some ranks into Ride and taking the benefit of having a 50 base speed mount. You can still full attack with the bow provided you don't move more than a single move and it requires no feats. You want at least +9 ride so you can auto pass the DC5 guide with knees and DC10 direct combat trained mount. I might consider giving the wolf narrow frame to deal with squeezing issues but he will need a rank in escape artist.

I would invest in some durable adamantine arrows, they are mostly for golems and constructs and given their slow speed you can pretty much kite them to death shooting from the back of wolfie.

You could up your AC buy investing in a buckler, it gives no penalty to bow attacks but you would take -1 in melee.


I have seen this come up once, ever, in Masks of the Living God.

I have never seen it be an issue in a standard scenario. To the OP, you are assumed to start the session having you full spell slots available, even if Drandle Dreng wakes you up in the middle of the night, as you only need to rest to recover slots or prepared spells which have been used. Given time between scenario's is indeterminate you can be assumed to have used nothing the day prior to the adventure starting.

If you are in a multi day adventure then you could find issues if you cannot get sufficient rest but given the anecdotal evidence of this thread that seems like a vanishingly rare occurrence.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Gamerskum wrote:
I seem to remember a lot of " well we were going to send competent pathfinder , but they are busy" type of briefings which makes it hard to like your leadership.

I ran Sniper in the Deep recently and this is pretty much exactly what Adril Hestram says. Given this could easily be a group of level 9 Pathfinders who could quite conceivably murder him in the face it didn't seem too bright.

But then, that's Adril all over...


5 people marked this as a favorite.

What on earth does this actually have to do with PFS? Still seems like a trap post to me.

If you have issues with your local venture officers take it up with them or, if unable to do so, escalate to PFS management. Trying to conduct trial by forum never works well.


Indeed, a recent chronicle had blunt arrows on it making it a great Core game for any archers.


Another vote here for Calisro Benarry as best VC, her writing has always been top notch.

As far as Aram Zey goes, I am surprised anyone agrees to go on a mission to rescue him given he is consistently offensive towards PC's.


John Compton wrote:

How the occult classes (and vigilante, for that matter) synergize or do not synergize is a good question and one that I've noted for us to look into and clarify in the near future.

I've seen only a few suggestions of what such a list of synergies would look like—most notably having the occult classes all synergize with one another. I'm amenable to hearing what thoughts folks have regarding how we move forward on this issue; hyperbolic analogies are not terribly conducive to that process.

Could we also please get some clarity on whether or not retraining class features is something which occult classes and the vigilante can do and if so which features can be retrained.

Alternatively, in order to future proof things could we get a general statement on whether feature retraining is supposed to cover any feature where you have a choice or if it is limited to those items listed in UC and the blog posts.


As far as auditing goes, I routinely ask for copies of character sheets but know that I am quite unusual in doing so. I have hardly ever asked for chronicles/ITS as frankly this is supposed to be fun, not homework. I have occasionally queried purchases where they seemed very out of line with character level and checked things like fame etc.

That is probably more auditing than I have ever experienced in every face to face game I have ever played in combined which covers Cons in the UK and US.


I primarily run and play games online nowadays. There isn't really a face to face PFS scene in my local area so what little live gaming I do is normally at cons.

In general I will echo what others have said. Player and GM quality is as variable as you might find anywhere else with some exceptions. I find that the online player base tends to have fewer casual players, it takes a bit more commitment to play online than just to pop down to the local store occasionally.

I find the level of rules knowledge among the player base a bit higher than at conventions. Interest in RP is as variable although I have a fairly large and fairly consistent group of people I regularly play with online who are generally a pleasure to run for or play with.

Playing online has both its benefits and disadvantages. From a GM perspective mapping, dealing with monsters and generally running the game is a lot less hassle. I also find I can run online games much more quickly as so much of the dice rolling element can be automated. It also has benefits in that you are not competing with other tables, people are focused on what is happening in the game and generally there are few distractions and you can control your own environment. .

There are of course disadvantages. You cannot see how people are reacting, it can be harder to convey the feel or tone or to draw in the shyer players, there is no body language to read or make use of and there is a fair amount of preparation needed with the table.

Overall I actually prefer to run online, and I prefer playing online over being in a busy, noisy, hot convention room.


Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Looking at all the classes that are mentioned, the only class features of those classes that can't be retrained are oracle mystery and curse. In the case of curse I think the reason is obvious;

This is not quite true, the Witch cannot retrain their chosen Patron.


Jeff Merola wrote:
Look, we're explicitly not allowed to add items to lists that can be expanded "at the GM's discretion." How is this any different?

There is no reference in the class features retraining to adding extra options at the GM's discretion so it isn't even an issue. The list is what it is. You can retrain class levels although without any synergies but you can no more retrain an occult class feature than you can retrain your Mystery choice on an Oracle.

Indeed, if we look at the class features section of UC it actually gives this as an example:

For example, Ultimate Magic presents rules for inquisitions, which inquisitors can select in place of a domain, and the inquisitor entry below allows you to retrain your chosen domain, so you are allowed to instead retrain an inquisition, swapping it for a domain or another inquisition.


Shifty wrote:
Anyhow, I was more sad on behalf of a few players who need a Resto and having to pay for a cleric to come do it when the Uber Clerics on the raid have all gone to the pub :) Despite my hardball personality I can be a bit of a teddy bear in that way.

If they have just suffered damage then it will heal on its own. If its drain or negative levels then they are only saving chump change on the 280gp spell casting cost, the main cost for restoration is the 1000gp material component which they would still need to pay for.


I destroyed it on general principle when we play and was pleasantly surprised to find it helped.

I am going to be away at a con over this weekend. I will try and post as well as I can from my phone and leave instructions when I see where we are at tomorrow.


I should have tables for the following 1-5 scenarios:

Between the Lines
Consortium Compact
Dalsine Affair (1-7, not recommended for newbies)
Dead Man's Debt (another new one, not very complex, looks decent)
Emerald Spire (various levels but including 1-3)
Faithless and Forgotten 1-3 (recommended, season 7 but fairly straight forward)
From under Ice (a personal favourite)
Hall of the Flesh Eaters
Out of Anarchy (very much not recommended, overcomplex for little benefit)
School of Spirits (Excellent but play Black Waters first if possible)
Scions of the Sky Key 1-3 (very good, not complex)
Thornkeep 1 and 2 (avoid 1, its awful for lowbies unless they know what's coming or are very well prepared)
Trouble in Tamran (another personal favourite)


Thanks for that Linda.

I am just prepping this and it looks like the Beheaded's ranged attack modifier is wrong. It is listed as +2 but should I think be +4 due to them being tiny.


I just picked this up today after playing it and plan to run it next week.

Can the price of the bow in high tier please be fixed. I appreciate that the PDF may never actually get updated but can we get a campaign post or we will be dealing with people buying stupidly cheap magic bows for ever in the same way as we had the issue with the mispriced holy sword.


Serisan wrote:

Item 2 is the real issue. The quote in question:

The following are the many types of training available.
I would read that to say that a retraining option doesn't exist in the existing rules, it cannot be done. If it said "The following are examples of the many types of training available" I would have a different interpretation.

Actually that is not what Ultimate Campaign says. The text on page 189 is:

Class features you can retrain are as follows...

Which certainly sounds like it is setting out a definitive list. Now if Paizo wants to expand that list to include classes published after UC then I would be happy but as things stand UC provides an exhaustive list of features which can be retrained.

If you could retrain any class feature then there would be no need whatsoever for a list of ones which could be retrained.


The antagonist at the end of Blakross is from Traitors Lodge I think although you are far from certain to have met her as she is a little obscure. I know we missed her when we played as we were too busy running away.


Nefreet wrote:
I am one of those GMs who believes that the list in Ultimate Campaign is not exhaustive, and that Retraining can cover virtually any Class or Class Feature.

Except that this runs completely counter to what Ultimate Campaign actually says.


We named it "The cave of the incompetent necromancer"


Paul Jackson wrote:
I used to do this in a 3.0 campaign. The problem that I had was that the chance of failure was so low that it was very easy to forget to roll the dice (especially since casters already have so many things to consider during combat) and inadvertently cheat

*starts making notes*



I have run Beacon Below a couple of times recently. Each time the group has sided with Saruna. To be fair I have rather emphasised Badru's creepiness and his offer to upgrade frail mortal fleshlings to a more perfect form.

Yours is mined wrote:
So in the interests of progressing without this becoming a distraction, I am going to say for the rest of this game Ka cannot squeeze through narrow doorways while flying.

Fair enough, I disagree but it isn't worth arguing about. Ka has a 20' land speed and 80' fly speed.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

Blakros Matrimony/Hellknight's Feast?

The forerunners of this very scenario?

Matrimony derail:
A quick search of Matrimony suggests that Nobility is paired with History twice and Sense Motive once for discoveries. Hardly a rousing endorsement of the usefulness of Nobility.

The squeezing rules are found HERE.

A creature may squeeze through a space which is at least half its width with the listed penalties. There is no exception made for different types of movements. It applies to land speeds, swim, climb and fly.

The Fly skill details are HERE. There is no limitation there on squeezing while flying.


Did Oloch remember that Silence has a 1 round casting time?

What he said.


The last time we went we arrived at about 10pm on the Wednesday and the line snaked throughout the whole convention centre. It still only took us about 30 minutes to get to the front. It moves really fast.

What level are they now? Because I assumed the sheets you linked were the current ones and your gunslinger only has a +7 at level 12.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Not enough to kill, depending on the party. I really only question the one encounter if it is the AP I believe it is.

She does look like a liability to the party. One confusion spell landing and.....BOOM.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Published material with a GM who wants to run as written, I suppose.

Even published material will punish a will save which is that low.

Primary ability DC's hit 18 around CR8 which is a 50/50 chance of failure.

The Gunslinger you linked has a will save of +7 at level 12. Greater Forbid Action (Attack) will shut her down hard and allows no ongoing save unlike Greater Command.

Alternatively an 11k Rod of Reach Spell combined with Plane Shift will pretty much guarantee you finish her off.

Frankly I am not sure how she has survived this long.

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
The move action to pin is an attack roll. Therefore you need to choose whether you are Power Attacking before doing it, and you take all the appropriate penalties to it if you Power Attack. It doesn't matter that it just penalizes you, you have to choose before making an attack roll and every grapple roll is an attack roll (same as every other combat maneuver).

You can make the decision to power attack before any attack roll, it doesn't have to be used at the start of your turn. You can choose to turn it on part way through a full attack, or on an opportunity attack, but it's effects then last until the start of your next turn.


Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Its why we are stuck on lvl 16...

I have played all of Emerald Spire. If you are willing to play it online I have the table set up from a different group which didn't fire.

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