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andreww's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,397 posts (5,480 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 21 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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The last time we went we arrived at about 10pm on the Wednesday and the line snaked throughout the whole convention centre. It still only took us about 30 minutes to get to the front. It moves really fast.

What level are they now? Because I assumed the sheets you linked were the current ones and your gunslinger only has a +7 at level 12.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Not enough to kill, depending on the party. I really only question the one encounter if it is the AP I believe it is.

She does look like a liability to the party. One confusion spell landing and.....BOOM.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Published material with a GM who wants to run as written, I suppose.

Even published material will punish a will save which is that low.

Primary ability DC's hit 18 around CR8 which is a 50/50 chance of failure.

The Gunslinger you linked has a will save of +7 at level 12. Greater Forbid Action (Attack) will shut her down hard and allows no ongoing save unlike Greater Command.

Alternatively an 11k Rod of Reach Spell combined with Plane Shift will pretty much guarantee you finish her off.

Frankly I am not sure how she has survived this long.

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
The move action to pin is an attack roll. Therefore you need to choose whether you are Power Attacking before doing it, and you take all the appropriate penalties to it if you Power Attack. It doesn't matter that it just penalizes you, you have to choose before making an attack roll and every grapple roll is an attack roll (same as every other combat maneuver).

You can make the decision to power attack before any attack roll, it doesn't have to be used at the start of your turn. You can choose to turn it on part way through a full attack, or on an opportunity attack, but it's effects then last until the start of your next turn.


Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Its why we are stuck on lvl 16...

I have played all of Emerald Spire. If you are willing to play it online I have the table set up from a different group which didn't fire.

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Covent wrote:
2.) I am planning on buying Authorative Vestaments when I can afford them. This would allow me to diplomacy to change attitude as a swift action correct, even in combat?

It doesn't matter how fast you can make your diplomacy check, in combat you run into this limitation of the skill.

Diplomacy is generally ineffective in combat and against creatures that intend to harm you or your allies in the immediate future.


I have had one space open up in this game tonight.. Please sign up HERE


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James McTeague wrote:
For people who are having trouble with the prep work - would it be helpful if there were a series of short videos/audio files that walked through how to GM a kineticist/occultist/mesmerist/swashbuckler/etc.?

I think one of the issues is that Season 7 scenarios have contained an enormous amount of Occult Adventures material, and quite a lot of people seem to have little interest in it. As GM's that means there is a hell of a lot of reading to do in order to get to grips with how these classes work and they are dense. Most of them come with a dizzying mess of different abilities and those class levels are often being added on to templated creatures or ones with racial HD.

Of the season 7's I have played and/or run Between the Lines, School of Spirits, Blackros Connection, All for Immortality Captive in Crystal, Ancients Anguish and To Judge a Soul 2 all feature occult classes or material. As yet I don't have a single Occult PC so that is a lot of material to digest and the stat blocks in the modules do little to nothing to explain what they do.

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Thomas Hutchins wrote:
plus, the GM job is to tell the story for hte players to win.

No, no it really isn't. Otherwise we wouldn't ever bother rolling any dice.

OK, but has anything in character happened that would suggest it as our destination?


Ragoz wrote:
Paladins spell list makes it impossible for them to prepare an evil spell anyway. The others don't worship a god as a class feature.

That used to be the case but unsanctioned knowledge opened it up as a possible, if rather stupid choice.


Ragoz wrote:
Most divine casters who worship gods simply can't even prepare spells of the opposite alignment. Makes it unlikely to happen.

Actually that isn't the case. Clerics and Warpriests have that restriction. Hunters and Druids do but only if they worship an actual deity. Paladins and Rangers don't. Neither do Oracles or Shamans.


thejeff wrote:

I'm actually a little surprised that killing is the only thing that's banned as PvP. Under that rule, you can freely attack another PC, as long as you don't kill them. Any kinds of non-fatal SoL spells - blind them, paralyze them, cripple them. Or attack physically, but non-lethally and knock them unconscious. Hell, attack normally, but don't give the final blow.

All perfectly legal. Not how I've ever played it. We've always taken the spirit of no-PvP to be no player vs player combat, not have as much as you like as long as you don't actually kill them.

They might not be covered by the PvP rule but they would almost always be covered by the don't be a jerk rule.


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Ragoz wrote:

I disagree. It hasn't done anything to violate the rule as it currently stands. At most it is inconvenient. You aren't being harmed by the caster of the spell.

This is even more so true if you are outside the range of the spell when it is cast and the player with the darkness source never moves any closer to you.

Deeper Darkness has a 60' radius, it is almost certainly affecting everyone.

I don't consider it to be PvP, I do think it is often going to be acting like a jerk. Unless the rest of your party are set up to be able to take advantage you are essentially saying that your ability to play the game should trump everyone else's ability to do stuff.

That's just a bit s$~&.

Why would you want Wisdom to social skills when you can convert them to Int using various traits.

Clever Wordplay covers any charisma skill
Student of Philosophy covers Diplomacy and Bluff
Bruising Intellect covers Intimidate

Additional Traits is your friend or you could go Skill Focus/Orator and run all three main social skills from Linguistics.

Boosting your Int will give you far more benefit as an Investigator in the long run and give you more skill points to play with.

Also as far as Investigators go Empiricist is your friend, it is one of the few archetypes really worth taking.


Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
I've always required people to put their assigned characters on the signup sheet before the module begins. I've seen no reason to allow someone to make a change on that and use that sort of cheesy exploit, just because things went south. I do allow them to use that character's assets to fix things.

Well, you are DOING IT WRONG


Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Kraak SteVe wrote:

Yes, he wish to apply it sooner and I have just informed of the higher chance of death.

Let him remember though if the pregen dies, that death is applied to the character he's assigning the scenario to.

Except that if your pregen dies you can create a new character number and hurl it in front of the death.

Sissyl wrote:
IronVanguard wrote:
A few good burning bloody skeletons do make a good replacement for the frontliners, and clerics make the best necromancer as far as I can see, so I think they've got that covered. (Well, in neutral-to-evil parties at least, depending.)
Considering that bloody skeletons are CR 1/2, and burning skeletons are CR 1/2, I sincerely doubt that.

You realise that you can make skeletons from things other than 1HD humanoids yes?

Because if you didn't that would be really quite embarrassing.


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This sounds like no PFS game I have ever participated in.

Your first stop would normally be to speak to the GM but I would suggest to speaking to whoever your local venture agent/lieutenant/captain is. You can find their contact details in the PFS section of the site.

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There is no generic "retrain class feature" option in UC. The list on page 189 appears to be exhaustive:

Class features you can retrain are as follows (some entries also call out other retraining options that are significant for the class in question, such as retraining feats for fighters, skill ranks for ogues, or spells known for sorcerers)

That would mean you would need to retrain the bloatmage levels. It is debateable if you could retrain a bloatmage level into a bloatmage level pointing to a different class as you must retrain class levels into another class. You cannot retrain from base class levels to prestige class levels.

Retraining class levels to Arcanist would also take 7 days. You may consider the synergy obvious but no ACG retrain synergies have actually been published as far as I am aware.

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Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
The entire create pit line, aqueous orb, geyser, and all summon monster spells. Best battlefield control in the game (glitterdust and stinking cloud ain't bad either. But pound for pound pit spells are awesome at bf control so long as your opponent isn't flying.

Glitterdust beats out the Pit spells for me by quite a ways. It debuffs the enemy making them extremely easy to hit, negates at least 50% of their damage, quite probably more if they cannot pin point a square, leaves them in place to allow your allies to still kill them, works against flying creatures and things with climb speeds and targets will which is often a weaker save than reflex.

Saldiven wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
So the day after you use holy word to completely dominate an encounter with demons, you simply use terrible remorse to take the giant out of the fight, because giants have terrible Will saves.
Or Murderous Command, or Compassionate Ally, or Forbid Action (Greater), etc.

I find Burst of Radiance solves a lot of low level cleric offence issues. Blinded is just one of the worst conditions.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
Pathfinder doesn't seem to have meaningful rules for burrowing, which earthglide basically is. But I see nothing to suggest you are weightless while using earthglide.
Earthglide isn't burrowing at all. It's the elemental simply moving it's essence through the earth. It's also called "earthgliding" not "floorgliding" or "roof gliding" or "pavement gliding" it's gliding through unworked earth.

You are wrong. There is no reference to unworked stone in the Earth Glide ability of earth elementals. Here is the text:

Earth Glide (Ex) A burrowing earth elemental can pass through STONE, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, it can even glide through lava. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or other sign of its presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing a burrowing earth elemental flings the elemental back 30 feet, stunning the creature for 1 round unless it succeeds on a DC 15 Fortitude save.

The only reference to worked stone is to be found in the Stone Oracle revelation Earth Glide.

Thanks John

Is it just the one custom map?

Thank you


Thanks. I knew I had seen it somewhere. I should have searched for downtime instead of day job.


I have a question for the masses, do GM's get a downtime period when applying credit for a session which they ran? If so can they make a day job check or do things in lieu of it such as ticking off a treasure map?

I used to think the answer was clearly no but reading through the Guide I am now less than certain. This is what the Season 7 Guide says about downtime:

Not every Pathfinder works for the Society full time. Some are trained artisans, professionals, or performers and earn extra gold on the side, between missions. After each adventure that grants XP, you gain a period of Downtime before your next mission. During Downtime, you can attempt a trained Craft, Perform, or Profession check to see how much extra money you earn—this is called a Day Job check. At the end of each adventure in the Pathfinder Society campaign, you have the opportunity to make one Day Job check.

So, am I missing something obvious (entirely possible) or not?


You will find a lot of table variation on what is and is not allowed in terms of damaging or affecting other PC's.


Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Wait, so I'm allowed pvp provided my actions don't directly cause deaths?!?!

The guide says you cannot intentionally kill another PC. That doesn't mean you can carpet bomb people to near death and leave them to be murdered by the enemy.


Core is pretty popular online and I run a lot of online core. This weekend I ran Elven Entanglement and I am running Core Beacon Below and Ancients Anguish in a week or two.

I have a decent group of online core players and plan to run Eyes of the Ten when enough of them hit level 12 and then probably the new seeker arc. I know I have three players who haven't played or run eyes before and will probably be looking for a fourth rather than a replay.

Games are listed on the Google Group and our WARHORN

Atarlost wrote:
If your concern is condition removal you need a cleric. If you want to save them cure light wounds wands you want a life oracle.

You really don't.

Pages of Spell Knowledge will cover level 1 spells such as Remove Fear and Remove Sickness.

Life Oracles get Lesser Restoration, Neutralise Poison, Restoration, Breath of Life and Greater Restoration. Any spirit guide Oracle can get them on demand from the Life Spirit.

Remove Disease is something you will very rarely need as an immediate spell and can easily be acquired as a spellcasting service, ditto Remove Curse.

Remove Blindness can be covered by scrolls provided not everyone who can use it has been blinded as it has no caster level check.

Most of these become obsolete when Heal comes online at level 12, which Life Oracles and Life Spirit spirit guides both get automatically.

Half Elves can Paragon Surge for whatever they need as and when they need it.

Quick map question, are the buildings on the map actual buildings or more like market stalls?


Ragoz wrote:
A parting blast destroys your body, which might prevent any magic that requires an intact corpse.
Anyone who uses this gets to enjoy their Resurrection costs every time anyway.

Resurrection requires part of a creatures body to remain. This would force you to use True Resurrection so it's unlikely to happen more than once.

I cannot see any good reason why anyone would take this other than to troll their fellow players.

On 29th May I ran All for Immortality in normal mode on event number 49351, session 118. I reported the game but reported one of the characters wrongly.

I initially report character 185165-1. It should have been 185165-2. I have corrected the report but character -1 should be a core character and this report has moved him out of the Core campaign.

Can 185165-1 please be returned to Core character status.

Just one quick thing, given it has taken us some time here would we have had time to get Henry and Shiradaz healed up?

Crossblooded is a trap, I would avoid it like the plague. Yes it will give you +2 DC on a second type of spells but it also means you get new levels of spells a level later. This is awful.

It means that you wont actually know a level 2 spell until level 5. Your first level 3 spell comes at level 7. You are even further behind prepared casters. Yes you get level 2 spell slots at level 4 but unless you have metamagic feats you aren't making great use of them.

This is even more important given you are hyper specialising in an area of magic which comes with some huge holes.

This character type can work very well but you really need to be able to cover other bases as well which means you need spells other than charms and compulsions.


Stars do not reset automatically, they only reset if you have the boon.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Mithral is 15, so +3 mithral does it.

Only for items which are made entirely or almost entirely out of the special material. Guns and swords might make it past 20 but most other things see no benefit to their hardness.

A mithril longspear is still going to be hardness 5.


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James Anderson wrote:
I also played her and had a blast. I did have a bit of trouble coming up with 'standard combat actions' though. She's got a few very special abilities and lots of options, but no bread-and-butter default thing to do in a fight.

If in doubt Gift of Madness, she has loads of uses and it is the Gift that keeps on giving. Note that because she is level 7 each use lasts 7 rounds.

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I know I am bumping an oldish thread but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the extra information we are learning about 322 throughout Season 7. She is one of the most interesting recent NPC's and it's great to see these sort of links following through a season.

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Das Bier wrote:

I can't find them on the SRD's yet, I have a favor.

Could someone post the text of the Warrior's Spirit ability (the AWT that grants weapon bond), the Armor Materials Mastery, and, I think, the Advanced Armor Materials mastery? (the one allowed you to get an ability based on the material of your armor, and the second treated your armor like ALL materials, I think).

I'd like to keep them as a reference for build recommendations. I believe the Warrior Spirit is the best AWT to take at level 5. Bane when needed is too cool to pass up, and if you get Abundant Tactics at 9th with Gloves of Dueling, that's 8 times a day you can use it...

Warrior Spirit is a SU ability. At the start of each day you have to pick one specific weapon which it works with. You get 1+your weapon training points to spend on it per day. While wielding the weapon you can spend a point to increase the weapons enhancement bonus on a 1 for 1 basis. You can instead give it a weapon special ability equal to or less than the bonus you are applying. To do so the item must already be +1, whether naturally or by using this ability. Each time you use this it only lasts for 1 minute.

Bane is a pretty good choice but you had best hope you or a member of your party can identify what you are fighting if you want to use it.

I cannot find the Training magic weapon property anywhere and it isn't on the PFSRD or Archives of Nethys.


I find that there is no real reason not to make your early weapons, even non masterwork starting stuff, cold iron. The cost is minimal.

Later on I look to invest in an adamantine weapon over enchanting cold iron ones because hardness is annoying and you can enchant it to be effectively cold iron or silver in any event.

So, I picked this up today and have a question about Wall of Bone. The SR entry says yes; see text but the text says nothing about SR. It does reference Wall of Stone which normally doesn't have SR. Is this what is meant by see text or did something hit the editing floor?

pauljathome wrote:
Hogeyhead wrote:


Have any of you been saved by choosing to fail a save?

I had my character fail his save against his own create pit spell (he was on the lip and moving would have killed him). The fall knocked him unconscious but he was now away from the rabid raging badger and so survived :-)

That was exactly the incident I had in mind when I saw this thread.

Raging badgers are awesomesauce!

Depending on the extent to which you want to make use of metamagic reduction you will want Persistent Spell somewhere between level 3 and 7. It will do an amazing job in improving your chances of landing a spell.

As you have gone Gnome you may well want to invest in Expanded Arcana to improve your number of spell options. Personally I would go with half orc, human or half elf for the extra spells known FCB. Half orc if you want darkvision and +2 to all saves, half elf for paragon surge, human for an extra feat and more skill points.

You will have very few SR: No spells. I would pick up Spell Penetration somewhere after level 7.

I would be cautious about over investing in Colour Spray. Your spell list has a wide range of extra options, make use of them.

Personally I like Noble Scion of War at level 1 as it will be the gift which keeps on giving and means your initiative will benefit from the Circlet of Persuasion later down the line.


The venue has multiple food outlets and there are food trucks in the streets around the convention centre. There are also multiple eateries within a five minute walk.

Badges can either be posted out (if you are in the US) or collected on arrival. Queues for badge collection are enormous but they are very efficient at dispersal so they move pretty fast.

You have to buy tickets to events you are playing in. They will be included with your badge. You can buy generics which will get you a spot if one is available but people with actual tickets for a specific event will get priority.

Mustering is down to players. If going on your own be ready to put yourself forward and ask people. There are often groups of people looking for extra members to fill a table, especially for a special. They tend to congregate in the hall outside the Sagamore waving pieces of paper and tablets advertising what they are looking for.


My spontaneous spellcasters retrain fairly regularly to update spells which dont really stay useful as they level. One free swop every two levels isn't really enough.

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