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andreww's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,969 posts (4,985 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

I'm generally trusting of people, but certain behaviors raise red flags quick with me

  • using a GM screen
  • So a GM using a tool that is almost as iconic as dice and books makes you distrustful of them?

    It raises a red flag for me. I vastly prefer GM's to be open with how they play. When running in person I don't use a screen and make the vast majority of my rolls in the open. Likewise when running online my dice are open to the players. Let the dice fall where they may, it is only a game after all.

    My view *might* be different if I was running for a lot of newbies but as I mostly run online it isn't as much of an issue.


    TheFlyingPhoton wrote:
    Heinrich Lichtenshnitz wrote:
    I ask this because my 4 player party nearly got killed during the first combat.

    It is my understanding that EotT was written to be extra deadly because when it was written, there was no high-level play. So if your characters retired because they were dead or retired because they finished EotT, it didn't really matter.

    But the continued publishing of more and more content and character options has apparently made it less deadly than it was when it first came out.

    Having just recently run part 1 for a Magus, Druid, Paladin and Oracle I can say that Part 1 remains pretty damn challenging. What I suspect is happening more is that people are running it with the current norm of 6 players when it was written for 4.


    Is there anything in the rules which makes the CL of a magical trap clear if it isn't specified? I had this come up recently in a scenario where there was a Forbiddance spell in effect. One of the players tried to dispel it but Forbiddance cannot be dispelled by someone of lower caster level than the spell.

    The trap didn't specify caster level but Forbiddance has a minimum of 11 so I went with that.


    Drake Brimstone wrote:
    Rigby, the Racial Heritage feat means ARE effectively that race for that purpose, so no, that AR line does not stop it.

    In PFS it stops it dead. Additional Resources takes priority. You must actually be a member of that race to take racial options from ARG.

    Racial Heritage should probably just be banned in PFS because this keeps coming up.

    3 people marked this as a favorite.
    Diminuendo wrote:
    I love hearing about how Monks suck when, in my opinion, Sohei Monk is a better Fighter than the fighter.

    Fighting better than the Fighter is a really low bar to get across.


    My normal position is to trust but verify. I normally run online and will often ask for character sheets in advance, mostly to check anything I might be unfamiliar with, sometimes to undertake a brief mini audit.

    In game I will occasionally ask someone to explain how they obtained a certain modifier, effect or ability. It keeps everyone honest and doesn't take up much time.

    I have yet to encounter anyone I thought was deliberately cheating but it has picked up a variety of mistakes, errors or omissions. Sometimes these are in favour of the players (missing various bonuses, effects of feats etc), sometimes not (someone didn't realise Divine Protection wasn't legal etc).

    RDM42 wrote:

    I'd say you could make a god argument that having a knowledge of a creature is not the same as being familiar with them. You can read all the books in the world on dogs and 'know' them inside and out but still not be 'familiar' with them in the same way a dog breeder, for example, is.

    I would tend to go with the less generous standard that is somewhat like the teleport location standards: Has personally interacted with them on a reasonably frequent basis.

    Most of the most useful forms are available on the summon natures ally list at around the time you might be using them anyway so if that is your requirement it is hardly difficult to meet.

    blood_kite wrote:
    During an aquatic adventure we went from being underwater to the deck of a hostile ship. The GM learned that holding your breath works both ways when my druid pulled himself out of the water as a giant octopus with animal growth, pummeling mooks with 8 attacks and 20+ feet of reach.

    Wild Shape doesn't change you type so you are not a legal target for Animal Growth.


    Muser wrote:

    I've got an oracle who Disables while decked in platemail. He's the best roguelike I've ever done.

    Last time there was a trap, it contained a prismatic spray. I was pretty glad of having a good roguelike.

    I have an arcanist and two sorcerers who both do the same. My cleric and druid have perceptions scores to make the keenest eyes green with envy.

    It's not as if traps in PFS are normally all that dangerous. The majority of them are little more than wand taxes. The rest can normally be set off with a summon or similar if you don't have someone who can disable.

    I did once send a Paladin to another plane with a prismatic spray trap. It was the second time that session he was sent away, the first being when he fell into the abyss.

    Why yes, some levels of the Emerald Spire can be rather dangerous.


    trollbill wrote:
    Only the Rogue is good at disabling it.

    Have you missed like the last four years of releases? Alchemists, Investigatgors, Bards, Seeker Sorcerers and Oracles and plenty of others can be as good if not better than Rogues at removing traps. That's before you even get into the issue of many Rogue archetypes trading away trapfinding.

    Pretty much any Int based character can easily invest in disable, its not as if its exclusive to Rogues and they are liable to have skill points to spare. Spells like Aram Zey's Focus and Pilfering Hand add insult to injury.


    Mikko Kallio wrote:
    The DCs in the encounter with the guards are intentionally tough--they're devoted guardians and will not let anyone pass unless they're really impressed with the PCs. Based on a few play-throughs that I've personally run or heard about from other GMs, I think it's slightly more likely that the PCs succeed than that they fail.

    I have run it three times. One group got passed them without incident. One group just failed to impress Ardashir, combat broke out and they had a rough time. I gave them a chance to end hostilities after they finally managed to bring him down. One group impressed both of them then the Witch tried a charm hex on Ardashir which he easily saved against. I gave them an emergency diplomacy check to smooth things over which they only jut hit.

    1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

    I have been looking at Improved Spell Sharing from ACG and considering taking it for my Nature Oracle. For those who don't know it is a Teamwork feat that lets you split spells you cast between yourself and your companion, eidolon, familiar etc, dividing the duration between the both of you.

    To work both you and your companion must have the feat(making it tricky to use with familiars who don't normally get feats). However, it has a pre-requisite that you must be able to acquire an eidolon, familiar or companion creature.

    On the face of it that seems to make it useless for most characters except for those capable of sharing their teamwork feats. Given it seems intended to be used by druids, cavaliers, summoners and other classes with companions it seems the pre-requisite should only apply to the master on taking it.

    So, here's my FAQ question:

    Can an animal companion, mount or eidolon take the Improved Spell Sharing feat from ACG despite not qualifying for the Pre-requisite of "Ability to acquire an animal companion,eidolon, familiar, or special mount" or is this feat only intended to work with classes and archetypes who share their teamwork feats?


    chris manning wrote:

    ran this for the 2nd and 3rd times this week. great fun for all, the last group managed to break the scenario

    ** spoiler omitted **

    Don't they fail then as they lack the gem? Also I think he is limited to leaving the shrine area rather than just those two rooms.

    Also see HERE

    Diego Rossi wrote:

    The FAQ I cited above say "when a creature uses an emanation or burst with the text “centered on you,” treat the creature’s entire space as the spell’s point of origin, and measure the spell’s area or effect from the edges of the creature’s space", not from a corner square.

    So the spell AoE is 3x3 squares.

    If you had read the Actual FAQ Question you would realise that this only applies when cast by creatures larger than medium. A medium creature uses the normal rules, going from a grid intersection.

    But you didn't...


    James Anderson wrote:
    When using armor with the Wild enchantment while Wild Shaped into something that flies, does the armor prevent you from flying per the barding rules? What about for shapes with magical flight like air elementals?

    It shouldn't do. Armour on its own does not prevent flight. You would be taking the ACP to your fly skill. Medium or Heavy Barding would prevent a flying mount from flying but armour is not barding and widlshaped druids are not mounts.


    Bob Jonquet wrote:
    Does Surma get to chose the effect of the gaze individually for each target, or only a single effect applies to all targets per round? I cannot seem to find anything in the Bestiary or the scenario indicating either. If there former, Surma could theoretically stun some characters while focusing the curse effect on someone about to get a spell in the face. And if any PCs are down, unconscious, hit them with 1d4 damage to push them closer to death.

    I ran it as she chose each time someone was forced to save with her making the choice of which to apply before the save is made. I generally tried to confuse big melee types next to squishies or stun people who were flying or using dangerous weapons. The 1d4 damage is almost never going to be a good choice and neither is shaken in comparison to stun or confuse.

    As I recall from animal archive animals have a barding slot not an armour one. Barding is for animals, non humanoid is for stuff like Xill's and what have you.

    Diego Rossi wrote:

    Side note: that 5' radius around the caster make EFS useless against melee attacks unless the attacker has reach.

    But I agree with you.

    No, it doesn't. A 5' radius burst is an area 2x2 on the map from a grid intersection. Choose an intersection opposite your opponent and you are safe inside the sphere with them outside it.

    I run it as option 1. I don't necessarily require people to use limited resources like Smite but I expect Barbarians to maintain rage, casters to cast, etc. Basically attack the nearest enemy in the normal way you might attack an enemy.

    chris manning wrote:

    I got the 'Dark Forest' OOP flip mat printed full size onto vinyl (as two single sided maps)

    They worked out about £7 each (I used an online printing company, after seeing lots of forum posts about x-wing players printing hires starmaps onto vinyl)

    Who did you use Chris?


    I saw it accidentally kill a few characters as well. Got retconned the day after, luckily, but still. They should put it more clearly PCs are unaffected by this, other than being deafened.

    They could but it wouldn't be true. Creatures with an evil aura get no caster level discount. That means neutral clerics of evil gods as well as evilly aligned familiars can all be fried by it.


    David H wrote:
    3. Had a severely wounded PC die from the end effect of Weapon in the Rift. Luckily she just bought first aid gloves so the party quickly put them on and saved her with a breath of life.

    I don't believe this is actually possible unless you are looking at a level 5 cleric of an evil deity playing up.

    I haven't had one of my PC's die yet but it is only a matter of time. I don't particularly go out of my way to kill PC's but I have blood on my hands.

    Warning, some mild spoilers.

    Serpents Rise: 3 deaths so far, two from firesnake, one from confused smiting paladin

    Jade Regent 5: One alchemist turned into a shadow. Resurrected then later killed from an Oni full attack doing over 200 damage. Unlucky crossbow fighter died to an ogre mage naginata crit.

    Ancient's Anguish: Squishy level 8 sorcerer playing in high tier ended his turn standing within a 5' step of a multiple attack using natural attack monster with no defensive spells cast. I consider that largely a matter of character suicide and accept no responsibility for it.

    Emerald Spire: Various PC's have ended up insane, turned to stone or killed by unlucky carnivourous crystal crits.

    Bronze House Reprisal: A raging barbarian died to phantasmal killer after dispatching one of the gnomes frineds in an excessively gory way. Yes, a barbarian, while raging, killed by phantasmal killer. It was...unexpected.

    Sealed Gate: I was quite surprised no-one died during this. One PC did decline to continue after the first encounter but the rest of the group managed to tough their was through it.

    Echoes of the Everwar 2: Gnomes make delightful snacks for giant snakes. I would not have wanted to be on that body recovery mission.

    Six Seconds to Mignight: One dead mauler fox familiar, one group allowed to run away because the module lacked its 4 player adjustment when first released.

    Moonscar: One unfortunate good aligned cleric reduced to paste by a smiting anti paladin. More amusing was the level 17 shapeshifted druid running away from magic missile spam.

    Rats of Round Mountain 2: Dwarf Stonelord Paladin turned to stone, possible irony poisoning.

    Tapestry's Toil: Kyra killed by a crit, animated as a zombie.

    By Way of Bloodcove: Unlucky occult tanky class (Occultist maybe) hit then crit by a greataxe, went from full hp to dead. Later all bar one of the group died as they just couldn't overcome the end bad guy. Last member left their unconscious allies to be killed off rather than lose 1pp by giving up the MacGuffin...Closest I have ever come to a TPK.

    Segang Expedition: Level 3 paladin playing up, bite crit, predictable results. Dead from full in a single hit.

    Scions of the Skykey 3: Pounce kitty pounces witch playing up, two crits and death from full HP.

    Dalsine Affair: Tier 3-4, 10 con melee bard runs up to spider of unusual size. Dies to con poison. End guy fails to do much.

    King of the Storval Stairs: Life Oracle takes full attack from giant barbarian, dies, gets better. Rogue tries to tumble past King, opportunity attack kills him and then some, gets better.

    Beacon Below: Riddywhipple is out and doing stuff. Valid target to be included in chain lightning. Fails save, enough said.

    That is 20 or so deaths ignoring Emerald Spire over 133 tables of credit which isn't too bloody and most are from unlucky crits.

    Ian Bell wrote:
    You can also eventually use a mercy to remove the Stunned or Paralyzed conditions, which also can't be done to yourself. It's still useful for fixing someone else's condition, this doesn't break it.

    Sure, they work on other people but it takes a standard action to do so. You cant take a standard action while nauseated to cure someone else.

    Trogdar wrote:

    The thing that makes me laugh while reading this and the other thread is that I have yet to read anything broken or even remotely worrisome about allowing free or swifts when nauseated.

    A few references to supernatural abilities and lay on hands, which personally, I think makes perfect sense to use in this instance.

    Still a storm in a tea cup.

    Given that one of the Mercy options for Lay on Hands is to remove the nauseated condition and that Lay on Hands is used either as a Swift action (on yourself) or a Standard action (on someone else) it seems that this particular FAQ didn't actually receive a very great deal of consideration before being published. I could understand if we were talking about some obscure companion book written by a freelancer three years ago but we are talking about a signature ability of a core class turned into a literal trap option.


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    Jessex wrote:

    I got in when Unlimited and Arabian Nights were out and have owned basically everything from those early days people drool over. When I sold my collection I paid off the last of my college loans and put a nice down payment on a car. I saw what a beta Black Lotus was going for a while back and almost had a heart attack.

    I started at the tail end of revised. I left at around Tempest. I bought my first car with the money I made selling my collection.

    Of course if I had never bought the damn things in the first place I could have saved the money and had a much nicer car.

    I give my players a choice, they can either ask me questions or I can pick some useful information to provide them with. Depending on how much information is within a particular category (special attacks, defences, resistances etc) I may give them all or only some of the information.

    Diego Rossi wrote:

    "How we can kill this monster?"

    Knowledge (aberrations) "This monster can only be killed by the holy obsidian knife of Zara Thoot."
    "Where is it?"
    Knowledge (geography) "The lost temple of Zara Thoot is in the island of Timolty in the Eye of Abdengo."
    "How we get there?"
    Knowledge (geography) "the character draw a map based on his knowledge."

    Adventure solved with 3 checks. If those check can be made by a barely competent character without any research the adventure lost all the flavor. If they are the result of gathering information, going to places and doing things those 3 checks can be worth a whole AP.

    Straw man is made of straw and is a serious fire risk to the whole forum.

    Try harder next time.


    Nefreet wrote:
    ...and I weep every time I see how much dual lands are selling for =(

    Dual Lands are nothing, I live in one of the few places in the world where the darkened print summer magic cards went on sale before they recalled them in the transition between Revised and 4th. Basic Lands used to sell for $20 each back in the mid 90's. Now they are selling for $200 each.


    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

    What is kind of neat during this discussion is a recollection I had of a WBG I'd played (can't remember if was Too! or Free!) and Poog was a freaking tactical genius with his placements of AoE.

    C'mon, if goblins (who have no reason to get along all the time) can do it, members of the Society can, right?

    It isn't always an option. I was running a certain scenario recently where the party got jump by multiple mummies. Two of them were paralysed in the middle of the room. The witch, who was a little outside, fireballed the room, including the two paralyzed PC's. Yep, she fireballed the group which contained two people with an effective dex of 0 because the enemy threat was greater.

    Sadly what she hadn't realised (due to a lack of any knowledge religion) was that these Mummies were immune to fire.

    The main thing I would think about is your race. Human, Half Elf or Half Orc all get access to extra spells known as a FCB. You could two extra spells at each level up to 4th which is a hige increase in flexbility.

    I would strongly consider buying a lot of low level Pages of Spell Knowledge. 1k for an extra level 1 spell know is an absolute bargain.

    I would consider adding the following to your spells known:

    1: Heightened Awareness, Shield, Silent Image, Snowball. Dump Ray of Enfeeblement, its a complete waste.

    2: Glitterdust is pretty mcuh the best level 2 spell in the game. Mirror Image is the best level 2 defensive spell going. See Invisibility is really important at this level. web is probably not going to do much and may annoy your teammates.

    3: You dont need fireball and lightning bolt. I wouldnt take either. Ray of Exhaustion just isnt good enough for level 3. I would strongly consider Dispel Magic, it is extremely useful. Also Communal Resist Energy is amazingly effective, you will never regret having it.

    4: Level 4 has some extremely useful area effect will save spells. Fear and Confusion are encounter ending spells. Other excellent candidates include Elemental Body (so many different movement types), Emergency Force Sphere (hello virtual immunity to death) and Dragon's Breath (direct damage but from almost any energy type, great for handling resistances/immunities).

    5: Overland Flight should probably be your first level 5 spell. Virtual Immunity to melee based enemies for hours per level as well as excellent utility for getting around problems. Once you have this your feet will never touch the ground again. Walking is for martial proles. I would dump cone of cold, it has weak damage and as a cone may be awkward to use.


    Lau Bannenberg wrote:
    It's really simple. Blasting with fire or law is all the same; it's not okay to blast teammates without their informed consent.

    I dont believe that to be true at all. The essence of the no PvP rule is that we must not kill another PC. There may be many situations where I have little choice but to include an ally within a spell effect based on the situation facing us and the PvP rule shouldn't prevent that if it wont lead to that ally's death.

    Sometimes you have to take actions which are for the good of the team, even if they inconvenience or harm one member of it. You shouldnt go blindly blowing up your team mates because you feel like it or because they have a different moral outlook to you but if its that or something far more horrible happening then you really probably should.

    Ginsu23 wrote:
    don't forget that this spell gives you potentially all the magic item crafting feats. Since you can only craft a single item at a time anyway, you would just paragon surge-craft wondrous items one day, then paragon surge-forge ring the next day. before you ask, notice that the spell says nothing about ignoring feat prerequisites, so you would still need to meet those. no reliquary arms and shield for you. lol.

    The spell lasts 1 minute per level, crafting takes ever so slightly longer than that.

    Folder does not exist.


    kinevon wrote:
    TOZ wrote:
    andreww wrote:
    Tomb of the Iron Medusa has maps with 50' squares...


    Yow. Feel bad for rknop running it for us.

    ** spoiler omitted **

    The necropolis area has at least one encounter in it.

    The crashed hearse

    gfvelastegui wrote:
    andreww, about the feat, I was thinking about Improved Initiative, this gives me +4 in initiative. Noble Scion of War gives me +4 in initiative and +2 bonus on all Knowledge (nobility) checks. That´s why I took Noble Scion of War. The main idea is to go first to cast doom and help to the melee characters in my team. I know, doom will work only in the first levels.

    Improved initiative will make your initiative +6 as you add your dex mod, Noble Scion sets it as your Charisma bonus of +4. Noble Scion is a great feat for Oracles but not if you are also investing in Dexterity. It works particularly well if you are using other effects to replace dex with Charisma like the Lore or Lunar revelations.

    Cloak of Darkness will help me if I enter in battle for bad luck. I don´t know about armor that gives me +4 in armor and Arcane fail 0%.The +2 in stealth is a bonus.

    Oracles do not have to deal with arcane spell failure, they are a divine casting class. You can wear any medium armour you want. I recommend starting with a breastplate for a +6 armour bonus.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Half Elf Spirit Guide Oracle with Paragon Surge and Mnemonic Vestment, you have access to all of the spells.

    Go Lore or Lunar for Dex to AC/reflex saves. Go Lore if you want to crush every knowledge check ever. Go Lunar for the animal companion and the ability to confuse enemies with inflict spells.

    Take Noble Scion of War for massive initiative.

    At the moment the main thing you seem to have are a few knowledge checks. I would strongly recommend having something you can reasonably do to either contribute to combat or to talk your way out of it. Oracles are by their very nature good at Diplomacy and it is worth investing in it.

    They are not, as a general rule, all that very good at Knowledge skills but there are ways to make them very good at them. The Lore Mystery has abilities allowing you to turn all Knowledge skills into Charisma skills. It also has Focused trance allowing you to add +20 to an int skill check a number of times equal to your Charisma mod. Note these dont work together.

    You might also want to check out possible archetypes. Spirit Guide will turn all knowledge skills into class skills for you as well as offering a range of excellent options at level 4 when you get the spells of a wandering spirit each day. At level 3 you also get a Hex, the Ancestor and Lore spirits both offer hexes which turn Knowledge skills into Wis based skills, Spirit Guide changes that to Charisma.

    Dual-Cursed is also an excellent option. It gives you access to more revelations and also adds Misfortune to your list which allows you to force rerolls. Sadly Dual Cursed and Spirit Guide cannot be combined.

    I would take another look at your Feat, Spell and Revelation choices. Noble Scion is going nothing for your initiative and Knowledge Nobility is probably the least used of all Knowledges. Improved initiative would give you a much better boost to init if that if what you want.

    Cloak of Darkness also isnt doing that much for you. You could simply wear armour for a muhc better bonus at this level. +2 to stealth is unlikely to count for much, it is difficult to make stealth work well in many games, even moreso in PFS.

    Doom is an OK spell but there is a save. Bless will add a benefit to your entire team but is often better bought later as a wand. Things like Cause Fear, Command, Forbid Action, Murderous Command all work well provided you are not facing undead/oozes/constructs/plants. Sanctuary is OK but will break as soon as you make an attack. If you want a ddefnsive spell then Stunning Barrier is pretty good as a surprise gotcha spell for enemies to leave them in a horrible position.


    Bonekeep 3 is now available to run outside of Conventions by 4/5* GM's and VO's. If you are interested in testing yourselves against the final layer of this infamous dungeon then go and sign up HERE.


    Tonya Woldridge wrote:
    Wraith235 wrote:
    I would like to request campaign coordinator confirmation before I start schedulaing it

    I thought I had posted about Bonekeep II & III in these forums, but cannot find the post anywhere.

    Here is the official word!

    All Bonekeeps can be ran by any 4*/5*/VO at any time. They no longer need convention status.


    Thank you!

    Hurries off to list a table for Sunday.


    James McTeague wrote:
    That being said, the more creatures there are in combat, the better I find the scenario to work online because of the wonderful thing that is macros. Having all the macros prepped ahead of time makes the scenario go much smoother.

    Dear lord this yes, they are also a boon for the more maths challenged players or for anyone engaging in summoning, using animal companions or raising their personal undead horde.


    Basically everything that Chris said.

    There are some scenario's and modules which are less suited to online play. Any module with maps which came in 10' squares is a pain to sort out, doable but it is extra work. Tomb of the Iron Medusa has maps with 50' squares...

    Similarly scenarios which lack proper maps for significant sections are more awkward to set up and run. I am looking at you Between the Lines. Lots of modules are guilty of this as well, the entire first segment of The Moonscar for example.


    THIS is the last post I can find fro John about it. I cannot find anything from Tonya about it.

    I assume it has been discussed in the super secret VC forum?


    Auke Teeninga wrote:
    andreww wrote:
    until someone says otherwise.
    It is open to be run anywhere! :-)

    Is there somewhere public where this has been confirmed?


    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Murdock Mudeater wrote:
    If you are the cleric, how about just bringing it at the 40lb version and forcing the party's tank to carry it for you in exchange for healing (which you'd probably do anyway....).

    My portable altar is dedicated to our Lord and Master, the Prince of Darkness, Asmodeus, and is used as a focus for casting Desecrate.

    The meat shield is of course welcome to some of Asmodeus' blood powered healing. Dont worry, the desire to kill puppies fades quickly.


    I havent seen anything public saying that Bonekeep 3 was open to be run anywhere. As far as I know it is still a convention exclusive until someone says otherwise.

    If it isnt then I have a roll20 table prepped and ready to go.


    BigNorseWolf wrote:
    erm, how are you getting access to flyby attack? Bestiary feats aren't generally available for pcs

    Clarifications help GM's too.


    nosig wrote:
    I do tend to have erratic dice luck. My rolls have been wonky to the point that my players made me openly roll until I proved it.

    Hah, I have a similar story. Gencon two years ago and playing the mildly infamous Sealed Gate. We had managed to struggle through to the end boss and...

    She is a giant evil plant monster. Plants are notorious for their terrible reflex saves, being big, slow and clumsy. My sorcerer is flying around being chased by that idiot Nikolai trying to drop the boss in a Hungry Pit. She needs a natural 20 to pass.

    First go, nat 20 and she avoids. Pretty much the rest of the party is either calmed or bogged down. I evade Nikolai some more and drop another pit. Another natural 20. Sigh, I suppose it's going to happen every so often.

    More flying shenanigans ensure, I drop a third Hungry Pit and she saves again. This is becoming aggravating. It takes a total of 5 castings before she finally falls into the stupid Pit which kills her.


    GM Lamplighter wrote:
    Those who want the rule changed: please start a separate thread and suggest your change, rather than yelling at the people who actually enforce the rules as they exist. Polite approaches have gotten various changes enacted in recent years.

    Except that Nefreet isn't enforcing the rules that exist. He is enforcing his own prejudice. Nothing prevents a player from making use of other resources at the table provided they also have a paper character sheet and are not being disruptive with their use.

    Nefreet's position seems to be that using Herolab is of itself disruptive which is simply wrong.


    2 people marked this as a favorite.
    Jessex wrote:

    If PFS was anything like these nitpicking rules threads I'd hate it too. It's not. I've never seen any of the problems these threads build up into monumental issues. PFS is just a nice set time when people who don't have home campaigns can show up at a place and time and get some roleplaying on. I've never seen a player audited, I've never had anyone give a s#+@ about any of the paperwork that hundred page threads wage jihad over the details of, I've never seen a player kicked from a table.

    I have seen some very casual audits. We had players getting entirely too "casual" about their builds and some of the GM's started checking over character sheets.

    I do most of my running online and routinely ask for character sheets so I can check for anyhting unusual that I need to know how it works in advance. Online play has that time advantage but I have yet to demand a player mail me a physical copy of their sheet. Maybe I should start...:)

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