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andreww's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,250 posts (4,259 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Dave Baker wrote:
There has never been anything wrong with a rogue, regardless of what most on the boards will tell you.

There are plenty of issues with the core rogue which are widely known about, pretending they don't exist doesn't help anyone.


N N 959 wrote:
From my perspective, many of the responses here have simplify ignored the basis of your question and focused on their pro-GM advocacy. You'll need to take special care when you ask questions that involve the decisions of GMs as they will solicit the knee-jerk responses that seek to protect the sanctity of the GM's right to make judgment calls. To wit, many of the responses here focus on resolving the issue when it was clear from your responses that you're not trying to resolve anything with said GM nor are you seeking any redress.

If you had actually read the thread rather than engaging in your own tired and repetitive anti GM stance you would realise that multiple people have already given the answer below.

I take your question at face value: can the GM change location on a whim? The answer is no.


the David wrote:
Walter Sheppard wrote:
The best example is the 13 vampire sorcerers that won initiative and hit us with 13 simultaneous fireballs before we could act.

13 level 5 vampire sorcerers would be at least a level 13 encounter. They'd do a collective average damage of 227,5 on 13 failed reflex saves of DC19. Even if you'd managed to make all your saves, you'd face the damage output of a CR of 19. This sounds like an unexperienced GM to me.

What was the party level?

I believe it is from

The Moonscar
so the group would have been level 15-17.

I am not sure why there were 13 as that particular level has 8 and a vampire succubus mistress so there shouldn't have been more than 9 of them total. The leader is level 11 and the vampires are normal sorcerer 8's and they explicitly work together so you could easily find yourself facing 74d6 damage in one round although the leader has lightning bolt rather than fireball.


Cave Mother wrote:
Cave Mother, Human (Unknown Ethnicity) Hunter 12, has rapidly achieved the rank of Seeker. This was in large part to playing the Emerald Spire...and riding a big snake helps too.

That was quick, it was only a little while ago you were quavering beneath the heavy axe of a certain dwarf oracle!


Schiffer wrote:
Where do i find Chronicle sheets for novels and advneturepaths?

No idea about the novel but AP and Module chronicles are a free download on the particular product page.


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jtaylor73003 wrote:
Is it okay to change the final encounter of a scenario without any influence from the players, the same as changing tactics to make it more challenging which some players find more fun, or is it against the rules to do so, which could invalidate all players playing that session?

This question has now been answered multiple times but you seem to be ignoring the responses you are getting. In short:

1. No, GM's should not adjust encounters, whether the location, number of enemies, order or whatever just because they feel like it or because they feel it would make for a better game or more challenge. It isn't down to GM's to second guess the author or scenario developers and we should try to run the session as written where possible.

2. BUT, we are not required to act like computer simulators simply executing the script put before us. We can and should adjust how we deliver the session to react to what the PC's do. Often this will come in the form of tactics which are invalidated by some action of the PC's. Sometimes it will mean you need to move the location of an encounter or combine encounters or change how they play out. This can be for a wide variety of entirely legitimate reasons which are not really subject to exhaustive listing but will generally be based on some action the players took to change the status quo.

Ravingdork wrote:
andreww wrote:
I don't think I would count a character whose defences are quite that weak as being an amazing combat built. Especially with an initiative modifier of +2, you need to be able to survive to actually act.
Easily solved by not making it a strength rogue. I believe I made that point in the OP.

How is that going to improve your terrible will save? Doing so also drops your Intimidate by quite a lot. You also don't have much of a plan for things that cannot be intimidated or sneak attacked. You are going to suffer horribly against constructs, plants, undead, oozes, elementals, incorporeal creatures and vermin and will struggle to intimidate level appropriate creatures larger than you.

I don't think I would count a character whose defences are quite that weak as being an amazing combat built. Especially with an initiative modifier of +2, you need to be able to survive to actually act.

Ssalarn wrote:
I definitely wouldn't say the Cleric is better in every way, but I think a given Cleric is certainly capable of being better in more situations than a given Oracle. The Oracle needs to pick basically one thing he's really good at, and one thing he can be reasonably effective in. The Cleric on the other hand can be good at a broad range of things almost simultaneously. Basically, once the character has been built the Oracle's going to have to say "Okay, I'm the healer and I've got some good buffing" (or whatever statement is appropriate to the abilities he's chosen) while the Cleric can say "Okay, what do we need today?". The Oracle will almost always be better at the thing he's chosen to specialize in, but it's at the cost of being able to do other things. A Cleric who's chosen the Healing domain will make for a good healer, but could still easily also serve as secondary front-liner and control.

In my experience this isn't really very true any more. It might have been when the Oracle first came out but since then we have had the Human extra spells known FCB for multiple extra spells, Paragon Surge into Expanded Arcana (useful even post nerf) for access to any spell on your list, Spirit Guide opening up dozens of different spells on a daily basis and Mnemonic Vestments allowing you to potentially access anything for the cost of a scroll.

The only thing the Cleric has going for it really is early access to higher spell levels and its a big thing but the Oracle easily holds its own in multiple different fields at once.

Alex Mack wrote:

Did some DPR calculations for the build at level 9 assuming two +1 furios daggers and a +4 DEX belt and weapon spec at level 9. These numbers are without haste effects. DPR calculations also indicate that piranha strike adds more damage than double slice so I might have to make some changes to feats.

Single Attack 19.2 damage
Full attack 84.8 damage
Single Attack with sneak attack 24.9 damage
Full attack with sneak attack 93.8 damage
Single Attack with risky striker 25.5 damage
Full attack with risky striker 104.9 damage
Single Attack with risky striker 6 sneak 31.4 damage
Full attack with risky striker & sneak attack 117.5 damage

You cannot just look at average damage results as if you assumed every attack will hit, you have to look at likely damage against a target AC. You also need to be realistic about whether or not you will actually get to apply sneak attack. I have run plenty of 5-9 and 7-11 PFS and it gets more and more difficult to get those in as you get higher level.

For comparison sake, assuming level 9, then average AC for CR8-12 creatures is:

8: 21
9: 23
10: 24
11: 25
12: 28

You also cannot ignore your defences. What are your saves and AC looking like at this point. Dead DPS does no DPS, mind controlled DPS just gets in the bloody way.

Sorsohka wrote:
What conjuration spell is so good that everyone propose spell focus conjuration? when I look at the list I didn't saw a single interesting conjuration spell requiring DC.

Grease, Glitterdust, all of the Create Pit spells, Aqueous Orb, Stinking Cloud, basically all of the strong control spells.


claudekennilol wrote:
You don't have to see a spell to id it with spellcraft. And if he's casting spells you can hear them. You can't both be stealthy and cast. A detect magic will ping him because the aura won't have the concealment the invisibility is granting him. Just because I can't see him doesn't mean at this point I wouldn't be aware of something going on.

Spellcraft requires you to be able to see the spell being cast as per here.

Detect magic wont do anything to ping an invisible target until the third round of concentration as per here. It does nothing to negate concealment.


Paz wrote:

Previous discussion on this topic HERE.

I tend to group initiatives when I have several creatures of the same type, but I've taken to checking that this is OK with the players at the start of combat (and being clear that the only reason I'm doing it for is to save time). I would roll initiatives individually if a player requested, but I can't recall an occasion when they have done so.

I find when I am running face to face that it is easier to preroll initiative which saves a lot of time. I just put them numbers on my prep sheets.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I always roll each individual initiative, especially when online on Roll20, as the tracker makes it much easier to do so. I don't really see this to be a problem, or rather not the root of the problem. The real problem is the conflict between the player and the GM.

I do exactly the same on Roll20 and in face to face games. It isn't particularly difficult and the majority of monster turns are quick and simple, they tend to have far fewer options than PC's and you are often stuck with scripted tactics in any event.

Jeff Merola wrote:

You cannot hire an NPC to cast a metamagiced spell. You have to get another PC to do it.

And yes, it can be dispelled, requiring you to get another one if you want it (and if you can get it).

They can also be stolen as happening to mine in Bonekeep 3.


Several years ago, rebellion in the seaside town of Pezzack resulted in a Chelish blockade to slowly starve the rioters into submission. Since then few have entered or left, trapping the increasingly desperate citizens with little with which to repair their broken homes and eke out a living. When the Society learns that an important informant still lives in the ruined town, the PCs must smuggle themselves into Pezzack, navigate the devastated urban landscape, and extract their contact—all without igniting a new rebellion and inviting Cheliax’s unfettered wrath.

Sign up HERE



Agreed fully!

Let's also not forget that a PC needs several alignment warnings before a shift to evil alignment is forced. So an isolated incident like this probably isn't the end of the world.

But it is at least an interesting discussion point.

That is not necessarily true at all. If someone decides to fireball an orphanage for the lols I am going to give them an alignment shift there and then.

I recall a story some time back about a player who would go into bars at the start of a game and negative channel the patrons to death so he had corpses to animate. That sort of act would also justify an immediate switch in my view.

I ran through the entirety of emerald spire and wardens of the reborn forge with my Lunar Oracle and his cat of doom. The cleric list contains a lot of junk, even without using the Human FCB it wasn't difficult to have a spell list which covered all of the major bases. Being a Spirit Oracle also meant access to a huge variety of other spell effects when required.

The only real issue was lack of SR: No spells but Clerics suffer the same issue there as the Cleric list is very lacking in those.


GM Lamplighter wrote:
Hmm, petrifying your animal friends repeatedly just so you can carry more stuff and not spend a paltry few thousand gold on a haversack? Sounds like someone has ceased to revere nature...

Really, this sounds more like an enormous GM dick move. Nothing about this suggests a character has ceased to revere nature. If anything, using the spell on your companions is far safer for them when you know you are travelling into hazardous areas and fighting dangerous monsters on a regular basis.

Dazing Hungry Darkness. You need a Staff of the Master to pull it off but it they fail the initial save they are taking 2 con damage and some force damage every round and they cannot act to get out of the cloud. They are initially dazed for 7 rounds and they are forced to save every turn to avoid further time being dazed and unable to get out.

At cast level 13 you are looking at 26 points of Con damage and 39d6 force damage.

You can do much the same with a simple Dazing Wall of Fire. This will pretty much outright kill anyone without fire resistance. If they fail the initial save they are looking, at CL13, at a minimum of 8d6+52 and more likely 26d6+169 as it takes 4 consecutive successful will saves to get out of the daze effect.

Light Armour Proficiency and AAT are effectively netting you +2AC over just casting Mage Armour and are very much not worth it. If you don't have it as a spell known then a Wand is 750gp or a Page of Spell Knowledge is 1000gp. Both are better options than burning two feats.

As for the rest it is difficult to know without knowing the rest of your character. What is it you want to do. You are going into DD but without it seems many of the levels needed to really back up being a melee combatant. If casting is you preference then DD is a terrible option.

What are your spells known currently, how do you view metamagic, what sources are available to you?

If you are concerned about survivability then your best option is to not lose any caster levels. The sooner you get to things like greater invisibility and overland flight the better.


For millennia, a complex plot has brewed in a demonic jungle on the surface of the moon—a plan by the patient and sinister succubi of the Moonscar to kidnap and brainwash the people of Golarion. Now a long-dormant portal linking the moon to Golarion has returned to life, accelerating the demon queen’s designs. Only the brave PCs can venture to the surface of the moon, navigate the treacherous Abyssal jungle called the Moonscar, and delve into the depths of the Insatiable Queen’s subterranean palace of torture, seduction, and depravity. Can the heroes rescue the kidnapped people of Golarion and return them to their positions of power and prominence, or is it too late for the unfortunate victims of the demon queen of the moon?

Hello all,

I am planning on running The Moonscar module in mid July. I plan to run for 4 players only. I have set the table up to accept 12 as people tend not to sign up when a table shows as full. If there is demand then I will look at running it a second or possibly third time. If there is a table of Core players at the level then I will happily run it as core as well. When signing up please send me the following:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS Number
Character Token
Slow or Normal xp
Character Sheet
A brief description of your character and why the Ten would send you to the Moon!

Warhorn link is HERE. If you don't have my email address then just PM me.


Did you use Ironwhips earth glide? He can attack while partially submerged to gain cover as well as the rest of his buffs. The xorn can do the same.

Mark Hoover wrote:
andreww wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:
Anything on this?
Deliver Touch Spells only works when you cast a spell. Activating a Scroll isn't casting a spell, it's using a spell completion device so I don't think it works.
So then by that answer I couldn't cast Shield on myself from a scroll but use Share Spells to add that to my familiar?

I don't believe Share Spells works with Scrolls or Wands, you are still not "casting a spell". Likewise I don't allow people to fill the cracked Ioun Stone with them either.

Mark Hoover wrote:
Anything on this?

Deliver Touch Spells only works when you cast a spell. Activating a Scroll isn't casting a spell, it's using a spell completion device so I don't think it works.


grandpoobah wrote:
Convince a party member to cast speak with animals (maybe you should carry scrolls of it?)

I thought about that and I do carry a couple but I don't think it works. Wild Shape doesn't change your type so although you have the shape of an animal you are not in fact an animal. Even if it does the spell is only on the druid and ranger list meaning most will have to UMD it.


Lets see:

A swarm isn't a single creature, its hundreds of them.
Lightning lamp oil doesn't instantly kill a swarm, it does it a small amount of fire damage and then they eat you. You gain additional demerits for setting the Grand Lodge on fire.
Animating a bunch of dead rats will give you a lot of undead rats, not an undead rat swarm.
Swarms which are reduced to 0HP break up and disperse.
There is no such time as "the night before the scenario", if you want to do this you need to do it after the briefing/introduction.

If you try and use Blood Money at my table I expect to see a watermarked copy of the Rise Anniversary edition.


Victor Zajic wrote:
I've found most levels of the Emerald Spire run very short, especially for 3xp modules.

We found this was true up to about level 9 or 10 when they started taking about a session and a half.


Chris Mortika wrote:

A related question: if a character obtains pieces of the Sky Key and *then* plays Legacy of the Stonelords, does the character still receive the Prestige points, sort of all at once?

If not, then we should warn players not to play certain scenarios until they have first played Legacy.

I wouldn't think so, aren't boons applied in order, they wouldn't be retrospective unless it clearly said so.


I am playing a Druid in Core at the moment and I am finding one annoying issue, I cannot speak while wild shaped. In normal mode I could pick up the Ring of Eloquence. Is there anything similar in Core that anyone knows of that would allow a Druid to communicate with their allies and others while wild shaped.

New Arcana does nothing for a class without a spells known mechanic so doesn't benefit prepared casters.

For spontaneous casters it doesn't add the spells to your spell list. This was dealt with in the paragon surge nerf errata.


There is a convention boon for the Sczarni ones.


I ran Fortress of the Nail tonight in about three hours. It only has two fixed fights and an optional. I used the optional although it was low tier. I could see high tier running longer what with all the fleeing and the death and the pain at the end.


Gamerskum wrote:
GMG is not an approved Additional Resources.

Additional Resources only applies to available player options, not material GM's can draw from.

I would use the full value of magical gems, the card doesn't specify inherent or gem only value, it just refers to worth.

Torbyne wrote:
FCB are not core? you mean you are restricted to just one hard back book and nothing else? I always thought core included APG and ARG. In just that one book there arent many options at all for what you want. page of spell knowledge for versatility and ring of wizardry/staves for uses per day. I think the best advice was already given though, work with the wizard to set up a cache of scrolls for you two to work with.

PFS Core only includes the CRB, Web Traits and Guide to Organised Play as legal sources.

For Mysteries, Lunar or Lore, the ability to be single attribute dependant is incredible.

For Sorcerers I am addicted to Sage but then I mostly play in PFS and having all the skill points is a great way to ensure success.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, I ran a core game of this over the weekend with 4 players at the lower tier and it was again a blast. I incorporated some of the suggestions above and had a great time with it. The party negotiated with Grondel again, I havent had her fight anyone yet, and navigated the river fairly easily. The fey was a bit more troublesome and the party wizard spent a lot of time stuck in an Orb but they overcame him.

The gate guards were dealt with easily, it isnt a difficult fight on either tier and they negotiated with Tanbaruk. He got them to the forge without incident where Muerrit was hit with a Suggestion to surrender. She did but the Xorn was having none of it and attacked the party viciously, downing the barbarian with a critical bite. Muerrit was distresed by people attacking Droskers representative but affected by the suggestion she limited herself to casting buffs on him. Fortunately the 4 player adjustment meant she hadnt cast any on herself!

They overcame it eventually and moved on to the sanctum where again things went south. Ironwhip is an absolute beast in combat, especially when using earth glide to gain cover in addition to his other abilities. This time he again dropped a wall of stone near the door to slow down the group and just started wailing on them. His minions went down fast but he was piling on the damage. In desperation the wizard dropped a stinking cloud to provide some cover.

His snake familiar was sent into the office to retrieve the sky key under the cover of the cloud. It grabbed it and set off the trap but fortunately wasnt affected. The barbarian ended up fleeing with the snake and the Key using a fly potion, the other Barbarian and Wizard similarly flew off (but into the citadel as Ironwhip blocked the exit with another wall of stone) and the poor pregen Kyra was reduced to a wet stain from a warhammer crit. Ironwhip animated her corpse out of spite which I think shuts down the Kyra clone vats so everyone else has to play a different pregen now.

In the end the group completed their mission but lost a PP from the secondary as Tanbaru wouldnt ally with them as they fled Ironwhip.

Overall another excellent game and I heartily recommend this one to everyone.


I ran this yesterday at the low tier and allowed rerolls. The setting is interesting, there is a sense of tension with the portals but unfortunately I have to say that the fights, at low tier, are rather lackluster. Tig-0 is the only potentially dangerous enemy and I think we all know by now how badly most single enemies fare against a party of 6.

The portals bit did add a lot however. My group actually inserted the battery into the main gate. They also failed to fully shut down even a single portal during the prep stage meaning 4 of them started with 4 charges and began spewing lava immediately. The Gate was fully open by round two as it was getting double charges due to the battery. Jethzerai managed to flee through it and was pursued into the elemental plane of fire by the bloodrager who wanted a jetpack.

He would have got away but for the ongoing acid arrow damage and they managed to shut things down with a minute to spare. I did keep stressing to them that the VC has said not to destroy anything which made them very cautious about breaking the portals. That left the witch and bard trying to make Engineering checks at about +11 and +3 respectively.

I should also add that I played this at high tier the week before and it was much more dicey. We lost a player to Jethzerais fireball and the magma ooze was potentially very dangerous if not for a lucky liberating command. The monks also proved far more troublesome than the base Azers at the low tier.


I plan to run this two parter on two consecutive days.

Part 1 sign up HERE

Part 2 sign up HERE

Priority will be given to those able and willing to sign up for both parts


The Pathfinder Society sends a team of agents into a Hellknight citadel to free a wrongfully imprisoned ally. Among the law-bound knights, however, they may find that getting out of the prison isn't as easy as getting in.

Sign up is HERE

NB: I am looking to run this at high tier and so will be taking characters accordingly.

Gregory Connolly wrote:

Dazing Call Lightning is decent for a 6th, good for a 5th, and insane for a 4th. Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter really make a lot of difference.

Animal Growth is pretty good if you have an animal companion and the room to maneuver.

Scrying is either useless or mandatory depending on the campaign in my experience.

Call Lightning has an annoying 1 round cast time. If you want a persistent dazing spell effect then Dazing Aqueous Orb is a great battlefield sweeper spell. No use against undead or constructs but pretty much everything else is fair game.

Shalin wrote:

Is this a viable build?

s 7
d 14
c 12
i 18 (+2)
w 10
ch 10

human occultist
4 arcane pool - usable to cast SM1 as a standard action

traits - Reactionary +2 Init & ???

Feats - SF - Conjuration & Augment Summoning.

spells memorised - Grease & something else.

obvious advantage is he's got 8 'spells' per day, giving much more lasting power.

What's lost vs a straight conjurer? the swift teleport ability, a familiar (which is quite a loss) and whatever the 2nd feat would have been.

would it be better to do something else with his feats? feels a bit boring as stands. Coudl get SF Evoc and Spell Specialisation (+2CL feat) giving him a reasonable blast power. Would that be better?

It looks perfectly fine although you could also dump Charisma to increase Con, the vast majority of exploits that require much charisma are terrible.

For traits I would recommend anyone with a high Int grab either Clever Wordplay or Student of Philosophy. Diplomacy is probably the second most common skill check in the game in PFS and it is well worth being able to step into the face role.

Your feats are fine, augment is very strong. You might consider pushing it back to 3rd and grabbing improved initiative instead. I wouldn't grab the blasting effects and be an occultist, it isn't worth it. Your summons will do more damage over time at a lower cost than blasts.

If you do want to go down the blast route then you probably want potent exploit instead. Then you could be throwing 5d4 burning hands at level 1 with an arcane pool point and spell specialisation.


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Jeff Merola wrote:
FLite wrote:
Robert Hetherington wrote:
I have allowed 5pp body recovery to recover PCs that I plane-shifted to Hell and had no way of recovering them selves.

But would you allow a body recovery if someone got plane shifted into the sun?

(Yes, this can happen in PFS, theoretically, if playing hard mode in a certain scenario)

The sun isn't another plane, but no. There's no body to recover in that situation.

That particular scenario has the possibility of being wished into the sun.


FLite wrote:
Robert Hetherington wrote:
I have allowed 5pp body recovery to recover PCs that I plane-shifted to Hell and had no way of recovering them selves.

But would you allow a body recovery if someone got plane shifted into the sun?

(Yes, this can happen in PFS, theoretically, if playing hard mode in a certain scenario)

I might let it recover any of your gear that might survive but you are needing a true res if you end up in the sun.

LazarX wrote:
PFS puts a Fame cap on the spells you can obtain.

No it doesnt, at all. It puts a level cap on accessing level 7+ spells but fame has barely anything to do with accessing anything other than that.

Even if you apply the fame rules to spell access the cost to access a level 6 spell is 180gp, something you can obtain right out of the gate at level 1.

Dominate takes 1 round to activate and that command is likely to give a second save at +2.


Elay Silverhair wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

6-19 has no tech in it and neither does 6-21.

CWheezy wrote:
Silke doesn't care about aoe, very high reflex save and evasion. What he dies from stealth us pick a target and kill it dead with the target functionally being able to do nothing.

As soon as he makes his first attack he breaks stealth and the target is aware of him and so the remainder are against normal AC rather than flatfooted.

As far as the Marilith goes, Hide in Plain Sight is a SU ability and I could see an argument for saying that constant True Seeing effectively negates it meaning he has to find cover or concealment from some other source.

For other enemies that +9 will save is ripe for being affected by all sorts of area effect will based spells, Blasphemy, Fear and Unholy Blight are all common SLA's.

If you want to be diplomatic you are better off taking either Student of Philosophy or Clever Wordplay and then dumping Charisma.


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Matt Wrycraft wrote:

I actually think that taking a 10 (and the even less used Taking a 20) aren't used enough by both GMs AND players.

I ran some games at UK Expo last weekend and had to remind people that they can take a 10 (outside of combat etc).

It speeds up the game and keeps the dice rolling for when the pressures on.

I ended up writing it on back of my character name plate thingy to remind me.

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