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andreww's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,499 posts (3,504 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Your equipment section should probably note one stave, the Staff of the Master Necromancer. The spells it provides are irrelevant but its ability to add any metamagic feat you know to any of your spells is crushingly powerful. It is also far less expensive than any of the greater metamagic rods.

You are an Occultist so presumably already have Spell Focus (Conjuration) as the pre-req for Augment Summoning. This makes a conjuration spell a natural choice. Helpfully conjuration has some of the most powerful control spells on the game. Great choices include:

Glitterdust - Persistent Quickened is only costing you a level 4 spell slot

Aqueous Orb - Dazing Aqueous Orb is one of the most hilarious and effective form of control around. Persistent Dazing Orb is even funnier and only takes a level 5 slot with Perfection.

Ice Spears - pin point accurate and add Dazing for great control.

Black Tentacles - If you have any CL boosters then you can jack up the CMB check on this. Add Dazing for more hilarity.

Hungry Pit - Quickened or Dazing or just high DC, this is great against anything that cannot fly or teleport.

Geyser - huge area effect and great for apply Dazing to if you have the space to use it. Fire damage so resistance may well be an issue.

Acidic Spray - relatively short range line attack but another interesting Dazing option

Caustic Eruption - another huge area effect, add Dazing but requires magical lineage.

The key thing that all of these options feature is that none of them care about SR meaning that you can completely ignore the need for Spell Penetration and pick other feats.


Actually I have a question related to this as well. Additional Resources for the Bestiaries only list animal companions and familiars and the "Other" category only deals with polymorph shapes as legal options for player use of any of these sources. Does this mean that Planar Binding and Planar Ally cannot in effect be used by players as nothing in those books is a legal choice for them?


Years after the Pathfinder Society delved deep into the Jistkan ruins of Rachikan in western Cheliax, archaeological investigations continue to uncover ancient wonder. Reports recently ceased after scholars reported finding a sealed chamber believed to contain cadres of battle golems untouched since the Jistka Imperium’s collapse. The Pathfinder Society hopes to recover the golems for study and possible use in the Worldwound, but can its agents reach the sealed storeroom before the constructs fall into enemy hands? “Fate of the Fiend” is the spiritual sequel to “Fingerprints of the Fiend” and “Fury of the Fiend,” though the scenarios can be played in any order.

Warhorn can be found here. Note priority will be given to those playing earlier parts in the series.

I have listed this session for 5 hours. Players should be aware that this scenario has a real reputation for running long, there is an awful lot inside it. You may want to bear that in mind when deciding whether or not to sign up.


The Pathfinder Society once again sends a team of agents into the deadly ruins of Rachikan in western Cheliax. This time, however, the Pathfinders must infiltrate a Hellknight encampment to gain access to the lost city's lower levels. Can they work their way past the suspicious soldiers and survive the ancient terrors that lurk below? Fury of the Fiend is the spiritual sequel of Fingerprints of the Fiend, though the scenarios can be played in any order.

Warhorn can be found here. Note that people playing in the Fingerprints game will have first call on places. While the scenarios are not directly linked they do all explore the same area and largely follow on from each other.


It is GMT


When a retired Pathfinder's nephew goes missing after allegedly discovered the fabled city of Rachikan of the ancient Jistka Imperium, he turns to the Society for help. Now you've been sent to the coast of devil-tainted Cheliax to uncover the missing nephew's whereabouts and to, quite possibly, uncover one of the most sought-after legendary cities on Golarion. But you have to move quick! The Aspis Consortium is rumored to be racing to the site ahead of you and their involvement could spell disaster for the Pathfinder Society.

Warhorn sign up can be found here. Given this is a Season 0 I am limiting the initial number of players to 4. I also plan to run Fury and Fate of the Fiend over the Christmas break. People playing earlier parts will be given priority for later ones.


pauljathome wrote:
Muser wrote:
I find that it is saving throw bonuses if anything which should be turbocharged.
Champion of Irori for the win. Except for rolling a natural 1 I don't think mine has failed a save for about 5 levels. His AC and touch AC are pretty good too :-)

I guess I broke your lucky streak...:)


GM Lamplighter wrote:

And really, the main class with 2 skill points is the fighter, since most others will have some Int skill bonuses. And that's why they invented the Lore Warden.

So Clerics, Paladins and Sorcerers dont exist in your world?

Im would consider Student of Philosophy as a trait. Diplomacy is the second most common skill rolled in PFS and it will give you a +6 swing on your checks which will increase as you gain levels. Even if you dont want to be the face it is worth having a character who can step and do it if needed. You will almost inevitably end up in one of those parties where your group is being sent to some fancy ball and you have a drooling fighter, stinking barbarian and malformed druid as your only other team mates.

John Compton wrote:

I have a druid character who sometimes pulls a similar trick, and I just assume that he is exposed yet has cover any round in which he attacks or casts a spell from the wall. It grants my character an advantage, but it doesn't completely cut his foes off from fighting back.

That's just my approach as a player, though from a developer's perspective, using the incorporeal rules makes a lot of sense.

I have no issue with him having some cover but he was claiming total.cover off his turn and improved while he cast.

twells wrote:
Keep in mind .. mindless means just that ... without the ability to think or remember anything, or the ability to develop tactics beyond what it has been specifically instructed to do. Also keep in mind that instruction have to be simple, per the creation rules of such automatons.

Citation required. Mindless does not mean unable to think or remember anything. In fact Golems often have perfectly decent Wisdom scores which suggests otherwise. The Golem section describes mindless as:

Being mindless, golems do nothing without orders from their creators. They follow instructions explicitly and are incapable of complex strategy or tactics. A golem's creator can command it if the golem is within 60 feet and can see and hear its creator. If uncommanded, a golem usually follows its last instruction to the best of its ability, though if attacked it returns the attack. The creator can give the golem a simple command to govern its actions in his absence, or can order the golem to obey the commands of another, but the golem's creator can always resume control by commanding the golem to obey him alone.

They are only incapable of complex strategy or tactics, not any form of thought at all and nothing suggests they cannot recall information.

Personally if you silent image a Golem in a game I am running while you are fighting it then it will try and break it down getting a Will save due to interaction.

OK, I was running beacon Below today and had a level 11 Druid who spent most of his time in the form of an Earth Elemental which also granted him Earth Glide. He claimed that he could remain just in contact with the ground and cast spells at targets while benefitting from total cover, improved only while he was casting as he had to emerge slightly to be able to target. In effect he was saying he could gain the same sort of benefits incorporeal undead gain when attacking from inside walls.

For reference this is what earth glide says:

Earth Glide (Ex) A burrowing earth elemental can pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, it can even glide through lava. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or other sign of its presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing a burrowing earth elemental flings the elemental back 30 feet, stunning the creature for 1 round unless it succeeds on a DC 15 Fortitude save.

This is what the incorporeal ability says:

In order to see beyond the object it is in and attack normally, the incorporeal creature must emerge. An incorporeal creature inside an object has total cover, but when it attacks a creature outside the object it only has cover, so a creature outside with a readied action could strike at it as it attacks. An incorporeal creature cannot pass through a force effect.

The druid in question has tremorsense.

I allowed it to fly in the scenario if only because I didn't want to get bogged down in a rules argument as Beacon Below runs long anyway. I am curious however about how other PFS GM's would have ruled this?

Improved Eldritch Heritage wont work to give you arcane spells post FAQ.


Prethen wrote:

Yep, I seemed to have gotten the rules messed up in regards to activating wands.

So, back to my original question. Beyond, needing to overcome a DC 20 for activating a wand, what compelling reasons have you found for having a high UMD? For characters without a lot of skill points to distribute it would need to be quite a compelling reason.

I agree that having a decent UMD (30? better?) for casting BOL for a non-Cleric might be a good idea.

My Razmirian Priest Sage Sorcerer has a UMD in the mid 30's for divine spell completion and trigger items but then he can power divine scrolls with his spell slots without expending them. He happily provides free restorations and raise dead while also having access to some of the best buff spells going. Dropping Holy Sword on the big stupid melee guys with a level 5 spell slot is always amusing.


I am running this on Wednesday and have a couple of questions.

1. Can a holder of a fake jewel attempt to deactivate the beacon while the forcefield is still up? The paragraph on doing so is entirely separate from the one dealing with the forcefield.

2. Sending the shut off code is described as a full round action used within 5' of the beacon and it takes 5 rounds to halt. Do people read that as requiring a full round action on each of the five rounds?


Qstor wrote:
andreww wrote:

I believe that the blast can outright kill neutral Clerics of Evil deities as they have an evil aura and are therefore not subject to the reduced caster level effect. With a CL of 20 any Cleric of an evil deity not wearing the suit will die if they fail the save. If they don the suit hastily level 8-9 characters will only suffer temporary effects. With a suit put on normally any character of level 5+ will have no chance of death.

That seems like a pretty harsh effect and the evil item removal seems like a deliberate attempt to remove stuff which was made available in season 4.

I think it was mentioned that the holy word wasn't as strong.


The spell has a full caster level against targets with an evil aura such as neutral clerics of evil deities. It is very unlikely to kill anyone but the possibility is there for some. Against others the caster level is lower.


RSVP's have gone out for this game. Steve, I have had a failure to deliver notification come back to me for you. Can you please check that your email address on Warhorn is correct and let me have a way to get hold of you. Feel free to PM me here.

Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider wrote:
what about the evil conjurer that uses summoned archons to do his bidding or the good cleric who summons a demon to save a burning orphanage? do they get a sudden alignment shift for using spells of an opposite alignment?

The good cleric can't do it although the general issue remains.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Rikkan wrote:
Keep in mind, oozes are blind. And beast shape can only grant blind sense, not blind sight. Thus you can't target other people with spells (since you have no line of sight to them).

Wild Shape does not change your creature type, you only gain what the particular spell says you gain. The general polymorph rules in the Magic chapter spell out that you lose any extraordinary or supernatural abilities based on your normal form. Darkvision is included there, basic sight is not.

As such if you turn into an Ooze you can still see using your normal vision.

Snorter wrote:
But as a sorcerer, he's stuck with them, unless the GM takes pity on him and lets him rebuild. He can't learn new ones or trade out till he levels up.

The page of spell knowledge allows you to do just that. As does the mnemonic vestment. As does paragon surge. The razmirian priest archetype may as well say "have access to every divine spell of level 8 or lower" printed on it.

Players who understand the class easily take spontaneous casters to the equal of prepared ones. I know, I have done it several times.

It is a bit difficult to advise without knowing what each of them are actually bringing to the table, how optimised they are, how effective they are as players.

However, just looking at the classmake up I would suggest that you seem to be missing the skill monkey/knwoledge specialist and as such I would recommend any sort of Int primary class. A Wizard, Witch or Sage Sorcerer would add an enormous amount of versatility to the group. Summons can easily make up for a lack of front linters, nothing quite like putting a wall of monsters between you and the enemy. Also at level 9 most full casters should be pretty much flying all of the time and so largely immune to many ground based threats.

You could look at the investigator or alchemist as an alternate.

Straight Wizard with Acadamae Graduate is probably better. Academy graduate is available as a PFS legal feat in a free resource. I dont see envoy of balance as being particularly worth it. You gain:

1. A small SR penetration bonus which your summons dont care about and neither do most of the best spells (glitterdust, pits, tenatacles, haste etc).

2. An Endowment which is very unlikely to come up in the vast majority of scenarios.

3. Penetrate alignment DR, it takes a standard action to transfer this to an ally.

In exchange for this you are giving up an extra feat, a longer distance on shift and dimensional steps.

I do currently run a summoning wizard in PFS who has recently turned 8th level. he is wizard5/bloatmage3 which has worked rather well so far.

Snorter wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Spontaneous casters don't "always have the right spells prepared", I'm not sure where you get that notion. They have the spells they have.
andreww wrote:
Except they aren't really. PF adds loads of ways for sponataneous casters to gain extra spells known whether it is with cash and pages of spell knowledge, the Human FCB, Mnemonic Vestment, Paragon Surge, Razmirian Priests or the Spirit Guide archetype.

While that may be true, isn't that exactly the kind of game-savvy knowledge that comes with experience?

I wouldn't expect a new or inexperienced player to know such things existed, let alone that they were good choices.

So it's not really relevant to a discussion of the floor level, unless your hypothetical inexperienced player has a more experienced player building their character for them, which defeats the point of the thread.

I was talking about the ceiling for 9th level casters not the floor and I can guarantee that a well played Oracle or Sorcerer can accomplish quite literally anything that a similarly well played Wizard or cleric can do.

Artanthos wrote:
Snorter wrote:
Artanthos wrote:

Don't bother arguing with Anzyr.

He only plays Schrodinger's wizard. Every time somebody challenges him to generate an actual written character, he can do nothing but stutter excuses.

It's hardly 'Schrodinger's wizard', to learn a counter to the few spells that would compeletely shut you down. And to cast it as soon as possible every day, since at the level you can do so, it lasts 17+ hours, and costs nothing but a dirt-cheap one-time focus cost.

If the duration were minutes, and the focus were instead materials, you could justify someone being caught with their pants down, but not how it's currently written.

One comment, no.

History of posts, yes.

Emergency, emergency, the pot is calling the kettle black.

Rynjin wrote:

Yes, they are harder to mess up.

Spontaneous casters are stuck with what they have, period. Prepared casters are not.

It may be a difficult skill, but so is picking spells to begi with. If you can't pick spells properly for one, you can't pick spells properly for the other. There's more margin for error in prepared casters.

Spontaneous casters don't "always have the right spells prepared", I'm not sure where you get that notion. They have the spells they have.

Except they aren't really. PF adds loads of ways for sponataneous casters to gain extar spells known whether it is with cash and pages of spell knowledge, the Human FCB, Mnemonic Vestment, Paragon Surge, Razmirian Priests or the Spirit Guide archetype.

Every 9th level caster has a ceiling of 10+ at high OP levels in PF because all of them can access their entire list in one way or another and many of them can poach from others.


I have seen far more monks and rogues take a dirt nap than I have any number of wizards, witches or sorcerers. Being ranged in and of itself makes it far less likely you are going to get targeted, especially with the 6 player assumption nowadays. As far as druids, clerics and oracles go, all of them are pretty durable right out of the gate.


Majuba wrote:
Undone wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

For myself - I played it with my spouse at PaizoCon upon release, run by the esteemed and exquisite Eric Brittain. I'm not sure I'd quite consider that a pickup game, but it was a fairly random group of 4 11's and 2 10's (one of them me). Two Paladins, one ranger, one rogue, one super-healy cleric and my own necromancer bloatmage (+ emerald elixir - turned out smarter than Krune!).

** spoiler omitted **

Interestingly using that particular opener directly ignores Krunes listed tactics.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
G-Zeus wrote:

To my knowledge krune's wish is part of a contingency spell in case anyone stops him from teleporting to remove whatever is hindering that.
I will also note that I've run this scenario twice as well (after having played it as to not gain any unfair advantage)

Not quite, he has previously used a Wish to cast Contingency as I believe he is barred from Evocation spells. He still has Wish memorised in hard mode high tier and can cast it twice using his arcane bond if he needs to.


Thousands of years ago, a defeated order of Osirian sages sought refuge in the perilous Pillars of the Sun in central Osirian. Until recently they were presumed lost, but recent exploration has uncovered the fortress sanctum they left behind. When the PCs delve into one of its sealed halls, they find the sages’ millennia-old projects dormant but not dead.

Warhorn sign up is here.


Most of my gaming is done online nowadays and we always go through character introductions and description. I dont really recognise your depiction. Even at Aetherrcon over this weekend when games were pretty packed in it was still happening.

Marroar Gellantara wrote:
Oddly enough, I would not like this feat for PFS. The benefits of the feat are FAR less in the PFS setting.

Versatile Spontaneity is also only one spell and Surge was erratted to fix your choices for the day. Expanded Arcana will get you either 1 spell of your highest level or 2 of one level lower or less. A 3rd level spell slot is also a much smaller cost than a feat.

Marroar Gellantara wrote:

Versatile Spontaneity

I'm just going to link that for you.

This is a good feat. It allows for a lot of downtime utility. Now such utility is delayed by 3 levels compared to a wizard, but I think that is fair. It also allows you to grab those spells you are really only going to cast once per day without expending a spell known.

I also like how this feat makes a spell book desirable. I always felt it was kind of a shame that sorcerers could care less about magical writing and research.

It's an OK feat although the Int requirement is annoying for any non sage sorcerer. Paragon Surge remains a better option for most sorcerers although it locks you into being a half elf if you are playing in PFS.

You have exactly one class choice (as opposed to spell choices) as a sorcerer -- what bloodline are you. Unlike the oracle where you can have different flame mystery oracle builds, or the shaman with different spirits and different hexes. Or wizards with different specializations and different subschools.

This is a joke right? Oracles get a choice of mystery and curse and that is about it. Most of the Mysteries are as bad as the Sorcerer bloodlines and as far as revelations go most Mysteries have maybe 3 that are worth anything. Wizard schools are worse, anything that isn't Conjuration, Divination or Void may as well not exist with the possible exception of Admixture for certain blasting builds.

Sorcerers do have some issues. Their bloodlines are generally badly designed like many class features of other classes. Getting their bloodline spells a level later is idiotic, the character who is born of fire gets his flame spells later than those who aren't. The bloodline abilities are also often filled with terrible abilities like claws and SLA's of spells you have known for 5 levels.

And you know what, none of that actually matters because you have the entire breadth of the most powerful spell list in the game to choose from and make better use of metamagic and get to choose what you use on the fly. If you cannot come up with a spell list that covers all of your in combat bases by level 6 you aren't trying hard enough.

Also the fact that many of the bloodline abilities are junk doesn't change the fact that there are a small number of excellent options to grab, much as happens with Oracles, Wizards and Clerics. Have you seen how many utterly terrible domains and sub domains exist?

wraithstrike wrote:
I am sure with enough effort a sorcerer can be built to do something similar, but it still does not do it as well. And a player who knows what he is doing is rarely if ever caught without being able to do anything unless their resources have been drained, and that can happen to either class.

It honestly doesn't take all that much effort. Without spending a penny at level 10 a straight up human sorcerer knows 26 different spells of 1-5, 28 if they are arcane. Combined with a single metamagic feat (dazing or persistent) to keep level 2-3 spells as effective offensive options you can easily have an answer to pretty much any situation you might face. It wont always be the perfect answer but you will have it.

Also as far as being out of resources by the mid levels does that ever happen to anyone? I played my 10th level caster oracle in the season 5 PFS special Legacy of the Stonelords last night an it was pretty much encounter after encounter, about 15 encounters all told. This is a character which has never swung a weapon in his life and doesn't use an animal companion and he ended he session still having about 8 spell slots left including 2-3 5th. After 15 encounters.

I doubt many home games have so many between rests.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
wraithstrike wrote:
Spells per day is about even, as long as you pick a variety of spells you don't need the "perfect" spell. You only need one that is suitable.

Except that is also very much true for the sorcerer. It is very easy to have a generically useful spell list which can cover you for pretty much any situation and ensure you have something useful whatever you face. This gets even easier when you add in things like the Human FCB, Paragon Surge, Mnemonic Vestments and Razmirian Priest.

Mid and high level sorcerers easily compete with Wizards and Clerics for versatility if played well. Access to the entire spell list is vastly overrated by many people. Just look through the full list at each level and think how many of them you would ever actually be likely to prepare on any given day.

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:


FAQ wrote:

Sleeves of Many Garments: Are the effects of sleeves of many garments illusion or transmutation?

The effects are illusion (glamer) like the glamered weapon and armor properties. This means they can’t be disbelieved like a figment could, but they do not actually physically change the clothes. The transformation changes only the appearance, including the feel, smell, and other sensory aspects.

Oh joy another terrible faqratta.


Kyrie Ebonblade wrote:
Lormyr wrote:
andreww wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Weapon in the Rift claimed a 9th level barbarian this past weekend after no one healed her enough to survive the 70-odd damage a round she was taking.

Unless you have access to Heal (unlikely in a 5-9) there are very few healers who will be able to keep up with that sort of punishment. Maybe a Paladin/Life Oracle mixing Lay on Hands, Swift Channel and a Cure while using Life link. Otherwise discretion is the better part of valour.

Armor Class is the better part of valor!!!
Not always. In THAT scenario there is ALL manners of nastiness. AC 40+? BBEG has a VERY good chance of hitting you MULTIPLE times.

You arent supposed to be attackiing that in Weapon in the Rift.


andreww wrote:

The Dark Archive counts His Grace Viscount Casomir Gallonica, Lord of Faldamount and Signifier of the Order of the Gate as one of their members.

** spoiler omitted **

Oops, this should be Antonius Gallnonica, Casomir is his twin brother who is still at level 10.


The Dark Archive counts His Grace Viscount Casomir Gallonica, Lord of Faldamount and Signifier of the Order of the Gate as one of their members.

Dark Archive, Half Elf Razmirian Priest Sorcerer 12, Taldan Noble and Signifier of the Order of the Gate

Ipslore the Red wrote:
To everyone doubting that a single character can solo an AP, it's been done. The thread was "Son of Beastmass", I believe. Still, that used one specific build I don't want to force him to use.

Son of Beastmass wasn't a full AP. As I recall I did The Witchwar Legacy and the last book of Kingmaker. Both used fairly straight forward sorcerers. It could just as easily have been done with any 9 level caster.

Doing the lower level books would be tricky solo but I suspect a druid and various clerics and oracles could manage it.

Elbe-el wrote: quote to follow...

"When a creature takes damage from this spell, they become dazed for a number of rounds equal to the original level of the spell."

...note here that NO DAMAGE TYPE, NOR SPELL TYPE IS SPECIFIED! No distinction is made between energy damage or mundane damage, and no magical school (Conjuration, Abjuration, Evocation, etc.) is specified, either. The ABSOLUTELY ONLY DISTINCTION is as follows: "Spells that do not inflict damage do not benefit from this feat."

So, no, a Cure spell cannot benefit from this feat, as they HEAL damage, rather than deal it (not even against Undead, as they are immune to the Dazed condition), but an Inflict spell can (EXCEPT against Undead, as they are HEALED rather than DAMAGED by this spell).

Undead are not immune to being dazed. They are immune to stun. They are different conditions. They would be immune to daze from.a fortitude save based daze which didn't effect objects like the the ankylosaurus tail daze.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Marroar Gellantara wrote:

Paragon surge was "FAQ'd" to only allow one selection of Expanded Acana per day.

It's not infinite spell access or more than two per day.

EDIT: FAQ in the Paizo way of unprinted Errata.

You can actually get three from it in one limited situation. If you dont have the Arcane bloodline and take Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) then you can use it for Improved Eldritch Heritage which will eventually give you three spells. Its probably not worth the feat investment but it is an option.

You are however far better off just being a Razmirian Priest and making use of all of the divine spells. The Wizard list shares masses of options with the cleric/druid/inquisitor/paladin/shaman and many of them dont really care about caster level. This gives virtually free access to a mass of options.

My current PFS sorcerer has just retired at level 12 and is a Razmirian Priest. He carries about 30 divine scrolls covering a huge number of bases. It also allows you to cheat certain material component costs. For example, he has bought 1 restoration scroll with the 1000gp diamond component included and can now fuel that one purchase with level 5 spell slots for ever. He is considering doing the same thing with Raise Dead now he has level 6 spell slots.

Undone wrote:
DarkPhoenixx wrote:

I now wonder if that logic makes Ice Spear and Acid Splash go thru Antimagic Field because they are mundane objects? I would not rule so, but to each their own.
Just as a point I'm fairly sure they are no longer magical effects but still don't function in AMF because any effect created by a spell is negated by an AMF unless it's prismatic or wall of force because the spell says so.

Instantaneous conjuration effects ignore AMF but neither Ice Spear nor Acid Arrow count as they both have a duration.

Summoned creatures of any type wink out if they enter an antimagic field. They reappear in the same spot once the field goes away. Time spent winked out counts normally against the duration of the conjuration that is maintaining the creature. If you cast antimagic field in an area occupied by a summoned creature that has spell resistance, you must make a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against the creature's spell resistance to make it wink out. (The effects of instantaneous conjurations are not affected by an antimagic field because the conjuration itself is no longer in effect, only its result.)

Abraham spalding wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Wheldrake wrote:
There are also other ways to add spells to the sorcerer's repertory. What was that magic device called again, the one that lets him cast off scrolls using his slots instead of expending the scroll?
Dunno, never seen it used.
It's not a device, it's an archetype ability for the false priest at level 9.

There is also the Mnemonic Vestment. A 5k Robe that lets you do it once per day.

Arcane, sage, fey, sylvan, infernal, serpentine, empyreal, maybe one or two others. Certain niche builds might use something else like abyssal for summoners starting at level 15 for the extra summons. Personally I wouldnt suffer through the 15 levels of dross that is the abyssal bloodline to get to the one good ability but it mightbe worth it if starting out at that level.


Mattastrophic wrote:

There are traps in PFS?

hehe, j/k. That 7-Str Rogue did encounter a single trap in her career.

Point being, no need to be a hater. It's PFS. Any one of the other players can easily build a hyper-efficient killing machine which can solo the module by itself. Heck, the Easy Mode players should be grateful to have a tablemate who isn't a threat to their combat dominance.

I'd even go so far as to say that intentionally-underoptimized characters are a gift to the Easy Mode players at the table. So why the hate?

-Matt can totally see himself doing a 9-Int Wizard as a part of a weird melee build that eventually goes to 11 Int to constantly cycle Heightened Awareness with Pearls of Power.

And what about tables which dont have suchcharacters? Most of my play nowadays is conventions and online so I rarely know who I will be sitting with. I would be less than pleased to see an int9 wizard at anything above about level 3 and would probably prefer to go off and do something else than suffer the frustration of dealing with such a snowflake.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Indeed, given all the variety and power of bloodlines, it surprises me that anyone could claim that sorcerers have a "problem" of any sort.

To be fair most of the bloodlines are mechanically terrible either filled with redundant spells, trivial sla's which are generally outdated by the time you get them or useless melee orientated abilities. There are about 6 bloodlines which are actually any good out of the lot.

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
Sorcerers are fine. It's Crossblooded Sorcerers that get hit pretty hard.

crossblooded is generally a trap. The loss of spells known and theextra delay inaccessing thrm is brutal. It is only really worth it asa dip for the dedicated blaster.


Mattastrophic wrote:
andreww wrote:

Rogues may not be the most effective of classes for various reasons but I doubt you are bringing ones with a dex and wis of 7 and no ranks in perception or disable device while claiming to fill the trap spotter role.

Well, I've done Wis 7 on a Monk, and I've done no Perception or Disable Device on a Rogue, but I haven't done 7 Dex yet, so you have me there.

However, I recall having a damage roll of 1d4-2. Those were fun times, critting for 1 point.


Sure but did you play the rogue while also claiming to fulfill the trap spotter role? The wizard doesnt really have any other class features apart from its spells. I suppose it would be like building a rogue with neither strength nor dex who sank all his skill points into craft basketweaving. Would you consider that a reasonable thing to do? Would it be fair to the rest of the table?

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