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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,326 posts (5,351 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 21 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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I ran this tonight at the low tier. I was initially supposed to have six players but one dropped out due to technical difficulties. I had a level 12 barbarian, life oracle, magus/lore warden and paladin/cavalier along with a level 13 wizard.

The whole thing took a little over 5 hours to complete once we factored out breaks. This was largely made up of difficulties with the first encounter.

Encounter 1:
This encounter happens on a large map but you need to add more to it given the PC's start some significant distance from it. I scattered mine with bodies, burning wagons and bits of broken golem. The group spread out to investigate so they were split up when the combat began.

This fight on its own took about two hours to complete. For most of the battle none of the PC's were able to reduce their miss chance and that played a huge role in the fight. I did manage to abduct one PC after about 5 rounds of trying which unfortunately was the lance using cavalier who became effectively useless off his mount stuck in the astral. He did kill the shamble that brought him there so at least he didn't die.

As others have mentioned having a situation where you need someone abducted to get the next breadcrumb in the trail is a bad idea, at least unless there is also some other way of finding he same information. It is very easy to miss as the chance of anyone being abducted is quite low.

I did nearly feeblemind one of our local VC's but he saved after misfortuning into a 1 then using his shirt reroll. Thinking back on it the rerolls should have also been affected by persistent.

This I think remains the weakest part of the module. The opposition here might largely be described as a speed bump and we have a very tricky to adjusdicate unique effect. It is still unclear to me what actually triggers the wishbond effect.

When I played the fighter got petrified. When I ran it tonight she got possessed. I triggered the wishbod on possession although it is unclear to me still if I should have.

I did quite like the addition of the extra prep stuff for them although the fighters benefits could have been rather more substantial with little real risk. The limit to the conditions she can gain save bonuses to was too narrow for a high tier adventure. Honestly you could give her all three benefits and it wouldn't make much difference.

The final encounter remains a bit of a beast. My group managed to take her down as she was doing pretty well until she dropped from a lucky charging, smiting, challenging lance hit followed by a couple of lucky great axe blows. The group did dispel one of the pillars meaning she couldn't bring down the ceiling.

If I had one concern about the fight it would be the nature of the four player adjustment. It removes a pre cast buff which might not well have any relevance at all and she doesn't use one of her more minor class abilities. I do think a group of four would really struggle, if I had been running with one fewer player I strongly suspect the end fight would have been a TPK.


ryukadsgc wrote:
Its trivial to have the continual flame cast upon an burnt out dull gray ioun stone and then implant it for the same effect of casting it upon the hand and its only 25 gp to do it.

Implantation isn't trivial, the DC's are pretty high.


Validorn wrote:
It would definitely cut into the price efficiency of a wand but if you have a cracked purple vibrant prism (2000g), you can store 1 spell level of spells. At that point it would only cost a standard action to cast and not the additional move to draw. Just refill the stone after each encounter/casting. If your GM permits a wand in a spring loaded wrist sheath (5g), it would cost a swift instead of a move to draw but still the usual standard action to activate.

The cracked vibrant purple ioun stone works like a ring of spell storing. It requires a spell to be cast into it by a spellcaster. The ring specifies that scrolls can be used, I don't believe wand use counts.

TOZ wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:
It's official guys, fighters no longer suck and we can all stop b*tching.
Your naive optimism is adorable.

It's a marshmallow thread, the best option is to sit back and



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Nothing on the Emerald Spire chronicles suggests that you have to give up your day job to purchase a piece of land.

Nothing says that you have to buy the bit of land straight away either, they appear to be just regular boons.

Smiling at Eadie's performance Torvald turns, Aah, Eadie, titles do not make the man, or woman, and we need no recognition to know the extent of our own skills. Real confidence comes from within, from understanding ones own abilities, and limitations, and not from running after the approval of others. Erastil teaches us to learn from one another, to lean on one another, to grow as a group and...

He stops, realising he has started out on a sermon those he has travelled with have heard many times...errm, anyway, a Halfling Venture Captain you say, who could have imagined such a...

Torvald trails off again as he spots Henry, still unused to seeing halflings in positions of authority.

So, who is looking forward to the Passion?

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
James Risner wrote:
CR 7 High Attack = 13

That says that the average creature has a +13 bonus to hit. Other monsters might have higher or lower bonuses in exchange for changes in other stats.

It says nothing about what the design goal is for a PC's total AC.

Also, only looking at the attack bonus of equal CR creatures is a terrible idea, there you are talking about fairly easy encounters/. You want to be looking up to CR+3 at least. It also says nothing about the rest of the character, AC becomes increasingly irrelevant in the face of things targeting touch AC, saves and CMD.


Sin of Asmodeus wrote:

I killed a paladin 17 times through the entirety of Emerald Spire....

Good times.

I sent one to the Abyss twice in one level.

The Ancestors Spirit Guide option has the Wisdom of the Ages Hex. For shamans this makes all knowledge skills Wisdom based. The spirit guide archetype changes any references to wisdom to charisma.

I would strongly suggest going for the Battle mystery as your base and spirit guide for the flame spirit if you want to blast. I would also go down the str route, it synergises well with your racial stat boosts and you don't waste two feats on a class which is already feat starved. Battle will also give you multiple feats via revelations, allow you to act in surprise rounds and give you free armour proficiencies.

At level 7 you could have something like this guy. He makes a decent melee combatant, has a range of utility effects and decent defences. I am not really sure why you are going for fates favoured, with the nerf to the jingasa the only benefit you are seeing is an extra +1 to divine favour. If sticking with it you would be better off with a half orc which also gains the extra spells known FCB but if you want to stick with Suli I would reconsider your traits.

Battle Fire Oracle:
Suli oracle (spirit guide) 7
N Medium outsider (native)

Init +3 (roll twice); Senses low-light vision; Perception +16


AC 22, touch 10, flat-footed 22 (+10 armor, +2 shield)
hp 59 (7d8+21)
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +7
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5


Speed 40 ft. (30 ft. in armor)

Melee +1 adamantine scimitar +12 (1d6+6/18-20)
with power attack +10 (1d6+10/18-20)

Melee two handed +11 (1d6+8/18-20)
with power attack +9 (1d6+14/18-20)

Divine Favor: +3/3

Oracle (Spirit Guide) Spells Known (CL 7th; concentration +11)
. . 3rd (5/day)—channel the gift, cure serious wounds, dispel magic, fireball (DC 17), magic vestment
. . 2nd (7/day)—burst of radiance (DC 16), cure moderate wounds, defending bone, fog cloud, grace[APG], levitate, minor image (DC 16), resist energy
. . 1st (7/day)—burning disarm (DC 15), burning hands (DC 15), cure light wounds, divine favor, enlarge person (DC 15), liberating command[UC], remove fear, shield of faith
. . 0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, ghost sound (DC 14), guidance, mage hand, purify food and drink (DC 14), read magic, spark[APG] (DC 14), stabilize
. . Mystery Battle
. . S spirit magic spell; Spirit Flame Wandering Spirit

Str 21, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 18

Base Atk +5; CMB +10; CMD 20

Feats Additional Traits, Extra Revelation[APG], Extra Revelation[APG], Nimble Moves, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (scimitar)

Traits dangerously curious, fate's favored, reactionary, seeker

Skills Diplomacy +16, Knowledge (religion) +3, Perception +16, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +3, Use Magic Device +12;[/b]
Languages Common, Vudrani

SQ bonded spirit, bonded spirit hex (cinder dance), elemental assault, oracle's curse (haunted), revelations (skill at arms, war sight, weapon mastery), spirit (), touch of flame

Gear +1 full plate, +1 mithral buckler, +1 adamantine scimitar, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +2, eyes of the eagle, headband of alluring charisma +2, [I]ioun stone (dusty rose prism, cracked), 150 gp

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CWheezy wrote:
Unless you are claiming the developer never thought of the possibility of a player buying more than one of an item?

I rather strongly suspect that this is actually the case.

Paul Jackson wrote:

Unfortunately, well over 1/2 the items in the game fall into the "Too expensive for what you get" category. Listing them all seems like a fairly futile exercise.

My personal favourite item (which appears in just about every scenario) is magical studded lthr armour. Worse then mithril chain shirt in every respect.

Honestly, 50% seems like a pretty conservative estimate.


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Auke Teeninga wrote:
With the more freely interpretation (appyling a sheet even though the character itself is out of tier) I could GM credit a character to level 20 with tier 3-7 scenarios alone (apply 63 tier 3+ first, then apply 3 tier 1+). Clearly this is not what was intended.

While you could technically do this I am having a hard time working out why on earth you would choose to do so or even what harm allowing someone to do so could do. You cannot play at level 20 and even if someone used it to access seeker level play you end up with a high level character with a tiny fraction of the wealth you should have.

I suppose you could use it to troll seeker groups but if that is the sort of thing you do I cant imagine you would get into such a group in the first place.


nosig wrote:

I play with a number of teams who never use lights underground...

a lesson we learned early:
Darkvision scrolls cost 150gp. Potions cost 300gp. and have a duration of 3 hours.

But enough of derailing this thread... time to go home.

Sure, those lessons are going to be learned more easily when you have a regular and stable group. I mostly run online and the groups can be very variable.

Today I ran

Vengeance at Sundered Crag

Twice in that game two members of the group were screwed over by deeper darkness. It wasn't even creating supernatural darkness, just normal regular ordinary darkness. Completely hosed the human paladin archer and largely screwed the summoner. Not a single one of the party had anything which provided daylight in a group full of level 9 and 10's including a Magus, Summoner and Paladin. The human ranger/rogue had a potion of darkvision or he would have been completely stuffed too.


I have a fair amount of blood on my hands as a GM with only a single permanent death (level 2 bard bitten by a bloody great spider, 10con not a good idea when playing up). Mostly that has come from various crits, greataxes being the most common offender.

I came very close to killing an old school summoner tonight, full HP to 1 off negative con after a pair of babau's shish kebabed him while he was flying. He got very lucky with a 1 on the falling damage and another PC reached him in time.

I haven't had a PC die yet but I have come close. Worst was my level 3 alchemist having to kite tank the level 7 sorcerer boss in one module after our one high level character got suggested to go away, the mid level character got downed into negatives and everyone else (level 3) was trying to run away


nosig wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Players never think to do that. They buff in combat positions around the door.
Only because we judges have taught them that it doesn't make a difference. The monsters always know...

Speak for yourself. I am more than happy to give a party a surprise round if they exercise a degree of caution and care. This is however often difficult to do, especially when much of your time is spent in dark environments where half your team needs a light source and the enemy generally doesn't.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Players never think to do that. They buff in combat positions around the door.

Pretty much this.


MichaelCullen wrote:
Not allowed to use UMD with Rings of Revelation. Thanks a lot errata ;)

It makes my seeker oracle sad. Acting in surprise rounds automatically was really helpful on my lore oracle, alongside rolling three times for initiative.


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nosig wrote:

from the CRB:

Perception DC

I am familiar with the Perception DC table thanks, it's not exactly a huge secret. In my experience many groups tend to have long rambling conversations outside of doors, even in the midst of using the gloves, about what they should do and then are surprised when opponents are somehow aware that they are there.

They often do this in dank dark underground places with multiple light sources glowing and then start casting buff spells and get upset when they burst in and the bad guy has set up some of their own defences.


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The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Prethen wrote:
Rei wrote:

Phew, for a moment there I was super scared for that Ring of Inner Fortitude I just bought for my level 14 Seeker. Thankfully, the change isn't meaningful for him.

The jingasa suddenly went from one of the most OP items in the game to almost obsolete. That's... quite a change. Also, I will not rue the loss of the Gloves of Scenario Breaking.

But, you still have the scenario breaking One-Way Window which is allowed INFINITE usage!
Some of us *like* that item, and it costs significantly more than the gloves to account for it's ability.

It is also not especially scenario breaking but then neither were the gloves, I find a lot of GM's simply ignore the fact that it is relatively easy to hear people sitting outside your door using these things, probably discussing amongst themselves what to do and starting to prebuff.

Overall there too often seems to be a very video game mentality where opponents simply sit in their rooms waiting for PC's to barge in regardless of what noise has been coming from just behind the door.


John Compton wrote:
A second printing of Ultimate Equipment is just hitting the shelves, and the errata/updates document is just hitting While many of the changes are minor, editorial updates, I expect a handful of others will have a noticeable impact on some PCs.

The goblin fire drum isn't on the list of things that can be sold back. While it is not a huge amount of cash it was quite a popular item for blasters and is now essentially not worth the bother. Can it be sold back for full cost?


Wraith235 wrote:

have an odd bit here .... We know we can sell them back for full cost

but I have a strange thing on the Gloves of Recon

I picked them up ** spoiler omitted **

am I allowed to go back and change that ?

I imagine lots of people will be switching to the One Way Mirror.


Thomas Graham wrote:
Serisan wrote:
Thomas Graham wrote:
Okay what is up with the Jingasa? Either I haven't got the update PDF yet or I'm not reading it right.. whats the differencE?

It's worthless.

Luck -> Deflection
One time only for the crit/SA nullification.

Ever? Or daily/



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I do have one issue which comes to mind. While it doesn't affect me I know of at least one online wizard player who has a staff of the master as their arcane bond. Do they get a 15k refund of the enchant cost and get to pick an alternate arcane bond without paying the 200gp/level to do so?


I have I think two Oracles who have been using Rings of Revelation with UMD. Can these be sold back at the full price?

While it was pretty clear non Oracles couldn't UMD these that certainly didn't seem the case for Oracles. I have used these with multiple GM's, spelling them out prior to the games and they were happy that it worked for an Oracle.


Michael Eshleman wrote:
Quentin Coldwater wrote:
Prison: Due to initiative rolls, this was over before it began. Druid/Earth Elemental had Tremorsense...
Elemental body doesn't grant tremorsense. Did the druid have the ability through some other means?

These give it fairly easily and I think there is an archetype which may grant it as well.

She makes a dismissive gesture of her hand. “Besides, we haven’t even been properly introduced.”

Yes, of course, how very rude of me, erm, yes, well, of name is Torvald Galllonica, of the House of Gallonica of Egorian. I am afraid that I still find flying rather tricky. Perhaps you would grant me the privilege of escorting you to this...Saucy Wench? It sounds like a most fascinating sort of place.

Ka flaps down having finished his meal and begins nuzzling at Torvald again.

Aah, but first I must see to my friend here, he gets irritable if I leave him in his tack and saddle. Perhaps we might watch the Passion together, I hear the performance is exquisite although of course it is better heard in the original Chelaxian.

Torvald's gaze drifts into the distance, his face lost in some memory...

I had always hoped to tread the boards one day but alas fate chose a different path for me.


Christian Rapp wrote:

are the CR ratings in this scenario correct? it looks like many of the encounters ratings are based on a single monster, despite there being multiples (four hill giants, two rocs, etc).

I'm all for running a challenging scenario, but if these CRs are underestimated, that could result in a bad time for the players.

Yes, they look right. Looking at high tier we have:

Encounter 1:
4 CR7 Hill Giants = CR11
2 CR9 Rocs = CR11
1 CR 12 Hill Giant
That comes to roughly average CR+3 or a CR14 encounter

Encounter 2:
1 CR9 magical beast
1 CR11 troll
3 CR 7 trolls = CR10
A CR9, 10 and 11 is roughly CR13 which us what it is listed as.

Encounter 3:
2 CR11 things
1 CR11 ettin
3 CR3 opponents who can pretty much be ignored for CR calculation.
3 CR11 creatures come to CR14 as advertised.

Yours is mined wrote:
“I prefer ‘Miss’ or if you're slightly more daring … (which I doubt!) ‘Mademoiselle.’”

Righting himself Torvald turns his stumble into an elegant bow, pardon me Mademoiselle, I had not realised I was in the presence of one so famous...perhaps you will allow me the chance to make up for my faux pas?

diplomacy: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (13) + 17 = 30

Hmm wrote:
If you're only playing online, definitely plan for levels 1-11. Getting into seeker arcs can be really challenging.

I find there is a lot of seeker level content online.


I ran it as the ship was still heading towards the dock.


I have done that although generally only with intelligent creatures with multiple grab/constrict attacks. Your average giant octopus just wants to drag someone to a watery grave so it can feast on your delicious soft innards.


I have seen it presented as:

Start turn grappling and therefore get two free rakes
Drop grabbed target
Make full attack

I might be inclined to knock that on the head or require the companion to be pushed as that is far from what you might expect an animals natural behaviour to be. Once an animal has something grabbed it is likely to keep hold of its prey to finish it off.


RangerReek wrote:
Thanks for that, I have a big cat (White Tiger), so her full attack is 2 claws and bite (and if she hits, rake)?

You only get to rake in two situations.

When pouncing as part of a charge (which comes online at level 7) or if you begin the turn grappling an opponent (such as after having charged and grabbed with a bite or claw attack).


Sure, but have you ever watched it, that does not look comfortable or easy compared to riding, say, a horse.


I have two hopefully final questions, one about the adventure and one which impacts on the next two.

For this part, when equipping the Pathfinder teams presumably you can give them gear you have found in the adventure. Does this count towards the value limits and if you do it should I cross them off the chronicle?

For the next two parts, do the bonuses from True to the Mission stack? I imagine a lot of people will run this series with the same group which could lead to a very large bonus in subsequent parts if everyone has it.

And finally a last comment now that I have finished my prep.

I was really very surprised at just how low the skill check DC's are in this part. With one notable exception they are all very low for this level. Most are what I might expect in the low tier of a 7-11


Expect table variation on what counts as unsuitable. I tend to treat anything that isn't mostly a four legged mammalian critter as unsuitable. I am fine with horses and camels as well as wolves and big cats. I impose the penalty for big birds and snakes. I haven't had to consider dinosaurs yet. I would probably impose it for those running on two legs like the deinychus but be OK with something like an ankylosaurus.


One other question as I prep.

On return to Pashow the PC's have a chance to calm down the panicky Emir. If they fail this is said to give Kaarim more time to prepare but there is no reference to that in the encounter. Development oversight or am I missing something?


Something to bear in mind about Imlathre that occurred to me as I was prepping this.

If Imlathre ends up having to come to the material plane to engage, as he did with us, he can do so as a swift action due to the free quicken spell effect. If he needs to recover and heal himself he can plane shift back and drop a quickened spell that same round, such as heal, before returning as a swift action again the following round and dropping whatever attack he likes with his full round action.

One query on planar adventures. Its a DC15 Planes check to recognise your current plane, what sort of check would it be to identify the planar traits? If you don't now what those traits are can you take advantage of them?

For PFS I would max out diplomacy over acrobatics in a heartbeat. You aren't beating the CMD of dangerous opponents in any event, even with max skill, making it a class skill and buying elven boots because CMD scales faster than skill bonus.


Just a note on this:

It would have gone longer, but the 15th level wizard (everyone else was level 12) hit Imlathre with a persistent chains of light with a DC 29 save, and that was that

All of Imlatheres revelations are Su or Sp and so work even while paralysed which leaves him with some options. It would have been nice if he had silent as well as still at high tier as still spell really isn't doing anything for him on its own.

I really don't understand giving him abundant revelations, it's one extra use of a decidedly OK'ish revelation when he is far better off throwing a spell. Likewise maximise and empower really are redundant together, at least give him a bit of flexibility instead rather than wasting his feats.

ShieldLawrence wrote:
Is there a difference between a check that adds your CHA modifier and a check that is CHA-based?

You want to read the ability replacement FAQ

In general a stat check will be a d20 roll which adds a relevant stat. So, Initiative is a dexterity check. Skill checks are checks of their normal stat type. A will save is a wisdom check.

If you get to add another stat to that check it does not become a check of that type. For example, just because a Paladin adds their charisma mod to their saves that does not make each save a charisma check.

However, if you are replacing the stat then it becomes a check of the new type. For example, Noble Scion of War makes your initiative based on charisma instead of dex. The sidestep secret lore oracle revelation allows you to use charisma instead of dex for reflex saves. These turn your initiative and reflex saves into charisma checks instead of dex checks allowing things like the circlet of command to affect them.


I played this yesterday and am currently prepping to run it in a couple of weeks.

A few queries/comments about the stat blocks:

The advanced shamblers initiative looks to be two points too low

High tier Imlathre's caster level and therefore concentration are using the low tier level, they should be 2 higher

What deity does Imlathre worship for spiritual weapon/guardian? I assume yog

Also worth noting for people that Wings is a swift action possibly letting him do something else that round as well. Note if you follow his tactics and fly around 100' up he is out of range of quite a few of his spells, including one in his tactics

How we did

6 players, 4 14's, a 13 and a 12, 2 oracles both able to act in surprise rounds, 1 cleric, 1 hellknight, 1 alchemist/fighter/barbarian, 1 paladin/fighter archer. APL13.5, we round up and play high tier normal mode.

Encounter 1: Shamblers are identified in the surprise round by my lore oracle, everyone has freedom of movement by the start of the 2nd round. Both oracles started with it, the paladin had a ring, the cleric cast it on himself and I dropped it on the remaining two. No-one was going anywhere. This creates problems later on. Imlathere is forced to engage, persistent chains of light shuts him up. He tries to weird us as its an SLA but fails the concentration and then ends up unconscious as the melee and archers batter him.

Encounter 2: I open with Prismatic spray, fighter is a statue, cleric is banished to another plane, dismisses himself back, doesn't roll under 20, GM decides he returns to same spot. Fighter crumbles triggering wishcraft, cleric goes down very fast to melee and archers.

Encounter 3: Dragon with extremely high saves! And apparently massive AC. We disable columns, GM decides they take 1 round, the hellknight can beat the DC with ease and keeps running around doing so. My that's a lot of damage it can pump out but we have about 20 heal spells amongst the group. We pound it with greater dispels. Dragon runs away after all columns disabled.

There were some issues.

None of us got abducted so we didn't know there was an astral retreat. The clues to the next section are on the astral plane leaving us at quite a bit of a dead end. Our GM moved the document onto one of the raiders bodies just to keep us going.

In general the save DC's for the opposition are not really up to snuff. I can understand not wanting high DC's on stuff which can take people out of the fight for lengthy periods of time but at this tier there are options to remove most if not all conditions without too much issue.

Do we really need round by round tactics at this sort of tier? We aren't dealing with novice players here and GM's running this sort of content really don't need that level of hand holding, especially when they end up being fairly poor tactics like hanging about doing nothing hoping someone fails a fairly low DC will save.

Can we also please give NPC's some more reasonable defences, there is really no reason for an oracle of that level not to have freedom of movement up. The tactics for both major casters also missed some quite useful longer duration buffs they could have had up as well as rather obvious stuff like Imlathere dropping blessing of fervour on the shamblers before they leave. Its not as if they are going to miss level 1-4 spell slots.

Finally if we are going to have a hard mode can we please make it actually hard. While we didn't play hard mode (we had an understandably nervous 12) it would have made no difference. With only one change, and to the weakest encounter, it doesn't strike me like it provides much challenge. Frankly the fighter in that encounter is unlikely to be able to do anything due to her terrible defences (I turned her to stone, a full BaB good fort save NPC) that her ally has little chance.

Those comments might suggest that I didn't enjoy the scenario but that is far from true, it was thoroughly enjoyable I just think there were some adjustments which could have made it much more enjoyable.

There is one exception. The Boon...

Once again we see people who act like dicks, ignore the mission and generally avoid acting like pathfinders being rewarded, and not just with something minor. Yes there is a cost, but it is very small compared to the reward. It also seems very likely to spark a lot of group conflict as in character there is no way to see this as being an individual decision.

I can only hope that sticking with the mission has a similarly impressive payoff at the end.

Finally one amusing note

We saved Kaarim by dropping death ward on him to stop the negative levels and then spending several rounds throwing greater dispel at him to try and stop them. Our GM allowed it to work when we hit CL21 for it and he was sufficiently grateful that he ratted out his master after we promised to put a good word in for him with the Emir to recommend just banishment over death

We took about 4.5 hours to complete, including engaging in a fair bit of RP with the various teams who all succeeded in their missions. We lost one member of the Axes. Our group may however have been atypical.

Renegadeshepherd wrote:
Well if you want the the true best there is no alternative to swarming with foes which means summoning with animal domain in support. Grab either a reach weapon or a bow and arrow. I'm looking at you Erastil.

Summoning is significantly less effective in core than standard. No sacred summons for standard action summons, no superior summoning so you risk getting very little when you drop down a level for 1d3 and no expanded summon monster/summon good monster.

Gorum is a decent choice, he gives you greatsword proficiency if you want to mix it up in melee and the Glory Domain will boost your diplomacy checks. PFS scenarios are chock full of diplomacy checks and it is class skill for you worth investing in.

Harleequin wrote:
I thought Paragon Surge got nerf slapped into next week!?

Not really, they limited it to making these same choices each time it was cast in a single day. It still gives you access to your entire spell list for a level 3 spell slot.


It does, also arguably dispel magic will work on a magic jar possession SLA where there is no gem.


Intelligent item domination only lasts for a day. I would think being possessed by a shadow demon is a condition that would need to be cleared.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
If nothing else, this thread got me looking into alternatives to the cleric for dealing with afflictions. A chiurgeon alchemist or internal alchemist could make for a very fun character patterned off of Hoenheim. All the removal spells, ready with just a minute of prep.

Half elf oracles can do it from level 6 and don't even need to know the spells. Just paragon surge/expanded arcana. It is tricky if you need to do it for more than one type of affliction in a day but many of them (diseases and curses in particular) don't need immediate treatment.

Curaigh wrote:
At 14th level max attacks is six. That is generally for natural attacks. A weapon, would use the BAB, so at level 14 BAB is +11 (+11/+6/+1) or using rapid shot (+9/+4/-1/+9) and make two claw attacks presuming the claws are not on the hands.

The unchained summoners maximum number of attacks applies to both weapon and natural attacks.

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