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amir90's page

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I highly recommend this product


The biggest problem with the miniature market is that it is almost impossible to get what you exactly want.
Even if you do find what you want, it is usually an unpainted metal figurine, and so in the end you sort of get what you need, but it takes A LOT OF TIME and a lot of money.

The solution with pawns, the way Paizo has done it, is brilliant.
You get the most iconic creatures from the Bestiary, from small to huge size. You even get multiple miniatures of certain monsters as well.

The only problem I have is the prize.
No, not the prize that Paizo is presenting here, I would love to have to just pay about 35 dollars for this awesome product.
Sadly, because of how importing of products work, I had to pay almost 70 USD for this.

Despite that, I still think it's worth it.

So if you are an american, go BUY IT!
It's such a bargain, I can use so much more monsters in my session now :)

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