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For the most part, 3-4 rounds seems to be the norm for me, but on high levels, if things goes unexpected, it could last to 10, or even more rounds.

What, this is awesome, I might have to implement this kind of currency in my own game. :)

Realmwalker wrote:
amir90 wrote:

I feel a bit silly for asking, but I have read the description of this book several times, even gave it a peak at my local hobby story. I am still not sure what this book does, who it is for (I am guessing both GMs and players, because there are monster stats).

Is it a book that gives your heroes and monsters a sort of template? They gain powerful abilities and can withstand more, and you can apply that at very low levels (less than level 5) and epic characters? (15+, even over 20).

At first, I thought it was a book for epic level characters.

I am still not sure, if anyone could clarify this for, I would be very grateful.

It is not rules for epic play (Levels 21+)

It is usable between levels 1-20
every 2 Mythic Tiers is approximately equal to 1 level and there are up to 10 Mythic Tiers.

I hope this helps somewhat :)

A little :)

At what level range is it recommend to use it? Right from the beginning of a new campaign (level 1 usually) or is it more balanced at higher levels?

I won't buy the book untill a couple of months (because of school), but this book seems to change enough of Pathfinder that I need to plan it out a bit, especially since I will combine it with Ultimate Campaign :P

I feel a bit silly for asking, but I have read the description of this book several times, even gave it a peak at my local hobby story. I am still not sure what this book does, who it is for (I am guessing both GMs and players, because there are monster stats).

Is it a book that gives your heroes and monsters a sort of template? They gain powerful abilities and can withstand more, and you can apply that at very low levels (less than level 5) and epic characters? (15+, even over 20).

At first, I thought it was a book for epic level characters.

I am still not sure, if anyone could clarify this for, I would be very grateful.

mplindustries wrote:
amir90 wrote:
But kudos to Paizo for doing this, I cannot imagine the math and balance hell to make this.
Considering the game is already not balanced, I don't think it's a huge concern... :(

Okei, relativly balanced, meaning not openly OP or underpowered :P

I will give Paizo the benefit of the doubt that the Monk was not as strong as they thought, or that the summoner was a bit OP and so on.

It wouldn´t be 3.5, if there weren´t any unbalance involved, or I am making an outrageous claim here? xP

More choices? This book will probably be great for players who have played Pathfinder for awhile, but since I keep introducing new players to the game, I think it will be on my bookshelf :)

But kudos to Paizo for doing this, I cannot imagine the math and balance hell to make this.

Even though he is the character that has gone to 0 HP or less the most in our party, I still think that Monk with X amount of styles is pretty powerful.

The WIzards I can handle, I can force him to teleport away if needed.

For some reason I don´t like summoners, I remember reading about them, and then saying "nope, I won@t allow them in my game".

Hello duders!

I seem to have become confused about the attack of opportunity rules.
If I remember correctly (and correct me if I am wrong) the following situations will provoke an AoO:

- An unarmed attack (except those who are monks/taken a feat)
- A spell used in a threatening square
- A move action where you leave a threatening square (with the exception of 5.ft step or withdraw action, or if a character succed on an acrobatics check)

There are two situations I am not quite sure of:
If I am correct, a touch attack does not provoke AoO, however if it is a touch attack as part of a spell being cast, it does. But what if it is a (Su) or a granted power from a cleric domain? Does supernatural abilities count as spell, when it comes to attack of oppertunity?

Hello duders !
I am currently running a campaign where the party is investigating a case where all the alcohol has turned to vinegar. ( a quest inspired from this board :) ) The only alcohol that hasn't been affected are the ones made in the "Underdark" by the Drow and the Duergar. Who are currently making a killer profit (their booze is unaffected).

They have figured that the booze curse is in the air and covers all in the land. Their strongest lead is a giant (storm giant) who recently buried his wife. The ritual involved booze.

Others rumors they haven't persuaded are:
A cleric who commits sin at every opportunity , except alcohol which he hates.
A fey queen has cursed the realm, making the alcohol into fey piss.
The Drow and Duergar have sabotaged the alcohol (this have been disproven)
An antipaladin that wants to mock the god of alcohol (which is his opposite deity).

The giant they are going to interrogate governs a small community of humanoids in the mountain. His partner is a large undead lich, and he has a golem bodyguard.

The storm giant's nemesis is an Malik Efreet, they have fought over the same land for dozens of years. The Malik Efreet have 3 Efreet brothers.

Any cool suggestion to what I can add to the quest? Any cool battle tactics or RP moments? I usually just make up as I go. But many of these creatures are CR13 each, and the party consists of players at level 10. They are quite creative as a group, and they know when to run, and when to fight.

I am quite lousy at making battles a bit more varied, fighting on open planes with no terrain.

Setting: it resembles forgotten realms with some few minor exceptions:
- half of the dwarves are hippies, they hate metal, mountains and unescessary violence. The other half is like traditional dwarves.
- elves were the dominant race of the realm, but lost their position after an uprising from the other race. (Think the Roman Empire) they have also been affected by a curse which affects their mortality, which have been reduced to 250 years.
- drows are the dominant race of the underworld (Underdark). They are so powerful that they could in theory take over the realm under the sun. But currently they have a non violent agreement .

Thanks duders :P

Chaotic neutral, sometimes neutral good.
I am never 100% lawful :)


Holy s&~@, I am so going to use this on my next session! :D

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Delthyn wrote:

Paladins are despised because the concept of a prime moral law has vanished like tears in the rain. The younger generation has no concept of absolute right and absolute wrong. Even the terms invoke anger and hate in them.

In a world where each person has their own moral standards, and hold no one to the same standards, there is no room for a champion of justice and good. Killing is wrong for me, but its ok for you to do it. Slavery is wrong in my opinion, but it is ok if X culture does it. Or to put it into more contemporary, every-day terms, it is ok for people to curse in public, or in front of ladies nowadays, to use an example. Our culture has lost that sense of "common decency." It has been replaced by an "individualistic decency."

Argue against that if you will, but it is the truth. For better or for worse, we have abandoned the concept of a prime moral law. The repercussions will supposedly lead us to a new age of enlightenment...but is that really true? Or will the repercussions lead to something worse...

In any event, you stick a Paladin into that mess, and its like sticking oil into water. It doesn't mix.

Now that is a "main" reason. There are others. Like for instance, the "sterotypical" paladin concept is Waaaaayy over-used by players. Too many Paladin clones, not enough original thought. This is a failing of the players, not the class though. Paladins have just as much RP value as anyone else. In addition, Paladins are not exactly an OP class, nor are they inherently useful in every campaign. And even other moralists often find that the code can get in the way, particularly when it comes to the age-old question of "do the ends justify the means?"

So one main reason: culture, and several smaller reasons. There's your answer.

What prime moral law are you talking about? Religion or civil law?

In the second paragrahp you are talking about moral relativism, which is generally immoral. We can however gain some sort of understanding why people would do such actions (bad or good). But doesn't make it moral.

There are no such thing as a absolute morality, but it is easy to argue why lying and murdering is wrong, even biologically arguments for it.

Why is cursing wrong? Isn't the whole concept of cursing that you give words powers, a meaning beyond a sound? Do women deserve more respect than men? Isn't that sexist? There is a standard, the civil law. Are you hinting that we should follow a deity, this smells like religious morality preaching, but I might be wrong.

Common decency? Be specific.

"Argue against that if you will, but it's the truth", ehh, what? Why would write something if you aren't going to listen to other arguments?

I agree with you on the 2nd last paragraph, way too many paladin clones, there are many ways to roleplay a paladin. But I wouldn't point out indviduality as the reason why, maybe hypothetical morality situation doesn't just have one right or wrong answer.

As a GM, I would give the paladin a warning after doing something that would be a immoral, unless it's hororific beyond belief.

Ssalarn wrote:
amir90 wrote:
Blueluck wrote:
amir90 wrote:
I thought you couldn't attack against touch AC with feats, when using firearms :o
"When firing an early firearm, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim."
Isn't that what I said?
That text means that you can use Deadly Aim since the attack is not considered a touch attack.

Ohh, silly me.

The group protested against my NPC being to hit Touch AC with Deadly Aim.
Good to know I didn't screw up after all :)

Blueluck wrote:
amir90 wrote:
I thought you couldn't attack against touch AC with feats, when using firearms :o
"When firing an early firearm, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim."

Isn't that what I said?

I thought you couldn't attack against touch AC with feats, when using firearms :o

In my honest opinion, a bodyguard would intercept even if the attack wouldn´t hit, unless the bodyguard feat would give the person foresight when a hit actually happens :P
But then again, rules are rules.

"Cloak of many things"
1/day, the wearer may reach in the pocket of the cloak and throw set item out.
Roll a d100 and use the cloak of many things table.

Anything from a silver dagger to a big fat cow.

You would have to make the d100 table yourself though, I personally never got the time to do it myself :P

"Lucky clover"
A four leaf clover that can be activated once a day to re-roll a skill check, the player have to pick that new result.

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Henkkaart wrote:

Thanks guys once again for the clarification. You guys are a well of knowledge!

P.s. It's been a tough job basically starting from scratch to learn a totally new game (noob when it comes to tabletop RPGs).

Don´t give up, you will get there eventually :D

I make a few key points beforehand, but 90% is improvised during play.
And that seems to work for me ;p

1d100 → [33] = (33) Svinferblin
1d100 → [46] = (46)Albino feys
1d100 → [61] = (61) Sahuragans
1d100 → [7] = (7) Gnomes
1d100 → [1] = (1) Humans

Interesting :)

Mass combat rules?
All right :D

It is actually a good question.

It would be, based on your information:

First shot+4 (If it hits, 2 arrow damage), second shot -1 (1 arrow damage) third shot +4 (1 arrow) this third shot is the rapid shot one. I think only the very first shot can have 2 arrows (Manyshot).

If you had deadly aim as well, it would be:
+2 (2 arrows +2 damage on each) -3 (arrow + 2 damage) and +2 (arrow +2 damage)

That is at least my interperation from the forums here.

Weapon Enchantment that removes certain DR.
Houseruled that immediately, however, I agree that +5 should remove certain DRs. But not alignment based.

Aelryinth wrote:

Weapon finesse does nothing for your DAMAGE.

It only affects your roll TO HIT. With a 3 Str, you are at -4 on melee damage.

So you might be level 2 with +6 to hit with Weapon Finesse 17 Dex, Masterwork small rapier (weight!), small size and +1 BAB, but you are doing d4-4 dmg per hit...min 1 pt, so, 1 pt a thrust.

If you want Dex to're talking specific feats (Dervish Dancer) or the Agile weapon property, which you can't afford until you can afford a +2 weapon.

So, you MUST rely on stuff that doesn't rely on Strength to do damage. A crossbow would be one way, but probably blows your carrying capability away.


I thought agile weapons were at +1 bonus price.

Or am I missing something completly obvious?

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Bashing Light Shield will do 1d6.

All right, thanks for the replies.

I will let him know that he will be using spiked light shield untill he becomes level 11

So that means the calculation was correct?
And that he can use light spike shield untill level 11? Just to be able to do 1d6 damage?

Which stores are you going to?
Those prices aren't even that crazy high in Norway.

I envy the US prices.

Hey guys!
My little cousin wants a badass TWF shield + sword kind of guy.
I used a guide I found on the "Guide to the class guides", he choose the longsword with a spiked light shield.

Here is where things gets a bit complicated for me to calculate, I will add the info on his character so that you can see what he has available:

Level 7 Fighter, Human
STR 18
DEX 17
CON 16
INT 10
WIS 12

Weapon Training: Close (for his shield)

Improved Shield Bash
Power ATK
Weapon Focus (longsword)
Step Up
Improved TWF
Shield Slam

So, what I need help with is the calculation of the atk bonus and damage with this setup. Also how bashing + shield spikes works.

What I think the correct calculation are:
Longsword 1st atk: +11 (mwk, wp focus, str, BaB, -2 TWF)
LongSword 2nd atk: +6
Shield Bash, free atk: +12 (magic, wpn training, str, BaB, -2 TWF)
Shield Bash, 2nd free atk: +7 (same as above -5)

If I have read correctly, shield spikes increase damage, as though it was one size larger, and Bashed magic effect increases the damage two size larger.
Does that mean his bash attack does d8+1 damage (without any other mod)?

Almost half of my battles have lasted about 8 rounds.
The other half was done in 2 rounds.

Sometimes the players are clever, sometimes they are stupid :P

General advice?

Create your own world, then you can "b%%#+!~$" through anything, and decide what the history is and how the relationship between races etc.

If you don't want to spend several weeks or months creating the lore, you can just create the cities and NPCs that are close to the first encounters.

I personally don't like modules or adventure paths, despite them being very well made, I like to improvise a lot. Only writing a few keypoints for an encounter and certain NPC stats.

Reading the game master part from the core rulebook, or the gamemastery guide book from Paizo is a good way to get your creative juices going.

Through experience, you can learn a lot about yourself as a GM, always ask your players for feedback.

Prepare the setting, do you have guns? Is magic common? Uncommon? Does dragons exist? How does the material plane work? Does all fantasy races exist in your world?

Nice story Covent.

I did something similiar recently, though, they ended up attacking their savior.
Tis was hilarious.

Rules are guidelines to have fun, always feel free to houserule whatever you want, especially the miniscule ones.

Don't count out the old 3.0-3.5 books, they can still be quite useful.

I feel they have a connection to their customers, unlike most websites I am a member of.

I like how they encourage the RPG PDF market.

The artwork, ohh man. This style of art is now my favorite ones in RPGs, almost all of my players love the artwork!

Golarion seems like a wonderfully crafted world, but I rather just use my own homemade and wing it whenever I feel like it.

Hey guys!

I am GM for two groups, one is quite small (3 players accompanied with an NPC) and a big one (6 players, quite powerful.)

They are all level 7, and we are hyped to some sort of halloween ish themed session. I am not certain I will be able to make a decent session with this theme, or in time for that matter, so I am thinking of buying a module for this occasion. Not more than 10-15 USD if possible.

Preferably, this shouldn't last more than one session, which is maximum 5 hours, but if the module is good enough, I can push it to two whole sessions (maximum 10 hours).

So, is there any halloween themed modules you recommend?
It can either be mimicry of famous halloween movie starts such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy Krueger etc.
Or using undeads, werewolves or other iconic "scary monsters".


I don't bother with encumbrance unless it is blatantly obvious that the person is over-encumbered.

A bigger question would be, is it logical that a person wielding a breastplate gets the same movement penalty as one wearing a full plate armor? If any penalty at all?

Have any of you ever used "deus ex machina" to save a party or to do some convenient plot tool to advance the party further?

I was thinking about something more than cheating with dice rolls :)

I told my group that I will only use one "deus ex machina" as long as I am a GM :) After that, no convenient "several city guards with silver spears and arrows save you from the lycanthrop ambush" save.

Cool article

1. I agree, though my players seems to know when to ask for details or not.
2. Actually, this is where my improv skills go in. There has been so many situations where I have improved a cool NPC just because one of the PCs bothered to ask them about something. It has truly created some memorable moments.
3. Again, improv skills :P Though I must admit, I haven't gotten in a "middle of a very important segment" situation just yet.
4. If said player was in my group, I would suggest him to make his own group, or let him GM every now and then. I had little to no problem in convincing 3.5 players to play Pathfinder :)
5. Great advice!
6. I agree 100%, but maybe he should have mentioned that players should level up for the next session. Or create a new character for next time.
7. Talking about other subjects is a bigger problem in my opinion. But if I as a GM notice that certain players are inpatient because of all the bad jokes, I make sure everyone know's that it is time to move on.
8. I consider RPG sessions to be causal, but not that causal :P
9. That is actually a problem at my table, but a minor one imo.
10. Because my world is under construction, many of the options are viable, however, I flat out say NO to certain races/classes, but I usually follow it up with a good explanation.
11. This is actually something bot me (the gm) and the players have embraced, however, they are quick at using that against me, as well as me, against them.
12. My party did that on their last session, two of them ended up dead, but it was HILARIOUS!

1) Thanks for clarifying :) I might houserule the high weapon enhancement that bypasses DR (I am aware that there is a scale)

2B) Does the grappled creature lose all his weapons/items he was currently holding? Thanks for clarifying the damage, I didn't see the big point about grab at first.

3D) I am so stupid, the DC was 15... The NPC card actually specifically said that...

4A) sorry about that, hehe :)
I reckon if he skips one/two rounds, he can still cast a lightning bolt as a standard action?

5A) Witch Class 3rd Party

At 5th level the witch hunter can attempt to use the spellbane power as a standard action. The witch hunter makes a melee touch attack. If it is successful, the target is affected by the spellbane and this counts as a successful use of the ability. Spellbane functions as the targeted dispel ability of the dispel magic spell. A witch hunter may have a number of successful uses of spellbane per day equal to 3 + his Wisdom modifier.

5B) Thanks for the clarification, makes more sense now.

6) I misread on the "target any withing 30 feet".
So I guess the only use of this spell is to spam it at one person to make him become unconscious? If I remember correctly, one has to do nonlethal damage equal to the amount of the Total HP (not current) and he will become unconscious? Even if that wasn't the case, it is not worth the standard action it requires. If the penalty to atk rolls lasted longer and buffed the lightning bolt damage (I know it doesn't, I am only thinking out loud :P) it might have been worth it.

Anyways, if you could answer my follow up questions, that would be great. Also thank you very much for taking your time to answer my questions, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get the rules right by Wednesday (I have two different groups that more or less play the same encounter each group)

Most of these rules questions came up during an encounter against a Lycanthrope druid by a bridge between two big boulders, which I GM'd.

General questions:

1A) Damage Resistance: Lycanthrope has 10 DR/Silver, does that only apply for weapon type damage? What about magic damage inflicted by weapons?
What about "energy type damage, such as fire and acid?
I told my players that fire acid bypassed DR. (My logic was that resist energy was a different category)

1B) What about the Spiritual Weapon spell that deals force damage?

2) The party faced an Owlbear and a grizzly bear, both of them having the grab ability, which gives them a free grapple action that does not provoke an AoO. A couple of questions arised, despite that we used the famous grapple table (I know, we are such noobs).

2A) Does grab action (grapple) the same for every creature? What about the grizzly bear? Does he hold the creature down prone? What about attacks after someone is grappled? Does the owlbear and grizzly bear have to use their standard action to maintain grapple as everyone else? Or can they maintain grapple and use bite?

I hope I am being clear, because I couldn't see the immediate advantage of a creature grappling someone (the exception being that the creature being grappled gets -4 Dex bonus and -2 atk rating, and that he has to use his turn to get out of the grappled condition).

2B) One of the player was holding a two handed weapon, would the grapple condition make him use the weapon one handed? (What penalty would that give?)

Spells and Magic, how do they work?

3A) Entangle, if the creature was able to dodge the initial effect (reflex), does the player have to roll the next round to avoid being entangled again? (He remained still and attacked nearby enemies).
3B) What if he tries to move out of the entangled area and hasn't been entangled so far?
3C) If one tries to move through the entangled area (from outside) does one check suffice?
3D) I might have screwed up the DC, but I came up with DC20 for a level 6 druid lycanthrope, does that seem a bit high?

4A) Call Lightning, if I have read correctly.
The caster must use one full round to prepare the spell, after that round, he can unleash a lightning bolt once every round.
What kind of action does that require? How many rounds?

4B) The druid got hit by a player in melee, was I right that he needed to do a concentration check?

5A) Heat Metal, can it be dispelled by a witch hunters spellbane, does it have to be lethal damage? (one of the PCs got hit by Heat Metal, can the Witch Hunter dispel it?)
Was I fair in saying that create water did not remove the effect of heat metal?

5B) Does the damage stack if you are using a metal weapon, armor and shield? Does the damage get reduced if he drops his weapon and/or shield. Does the spell only target one piece of metal on the target?

6) Storm Burst, are there any particular point of this spell?
The only use I saw was that it would increase the lightning bolt if the target was dumb enough to stay inside that area?

I have a feeling some of these questions are dumb, but I couldn't find any quick answers to these during the session, so I house ruled most of them. And I want to learn them properly for the next group's session.

Thanks again Paizo Community!

Icyshadow wrote:

Which setting was that? The drow are rather exotic in Golarion and Eberron, so the open hostility thing wouldn't work in those.

Also, didn't the party speak out for their ally, try to convince people that the drow is indeed not evil, that he/she is an exception to the norm?

In a 4th edition (very causal group of players) group I wanted to play a drow, in Ebberon.

If I remember correctly they are savage, lives "upstairs' with the rest of the folks and are basically demon b!@!#es?

Anyways, I convinced the GM a way that would let me play a drow, and not get frowny faces whenever we are around.
LG paladin, raised at an orphanage. My masters turned out to be demons, so I had to kill them, and now I am trying to build and run my own orphanage.

That is my expeRience with the dRow as a player.
In my home brew game however,t he drows are a superpower underground a threat to everyone on the sunny side of the world. So the only way one can play a drow in my world is as if they are either related to a very rich merchant (some cities allow drow trade routes) or be the diplomats son/daughter.

But most people won't respect diplomatic immunity. So it is very hard to survive in the real world..

I guess the monk is a touchy subject :P

He is indeed Human KainPen, I might use that suggestion when they enter the next big dungeon :D

Chris Kenney wrote:
amir90 wrote:
He doesn't need to use ki or flurry to retalitate....he says he has been using knuckles against undead.

And that leaves open two problems. If I may...

Boar Style wrote:
Benefit: You can deal bludgeoning damage or slashing damage with your unarmed strikes—changing damage type is a free action. While using this style, once per round when you hit a single foe with two or more unarmed strikes, you can tear flesh. When you do, you deal 2d6 bleed damage with the attack.

The emphasis is mine. The first problem is, how is he getting two or more attacks on the same opponent while triggering Panther Style on multiple opponents? This should still be leaving him open to attacks before the second blow lands, at least.

The second is that brass knuckles (which I assume is what he means) count as armed attacks, and don't trigger Boar Style at all. Nor does Panther Style, for that matter.

Crap, I might need to sit down with him and make him explain what he usually does. (we haven't played in two weeks).

He has never used boar style at the end of run-by (move then attack), at least not by my memory.

Regarding unarmed strike and "stinky" creatures (undead, corps etc) he can choose to use brass knuckles, but he will lose all the stance style benefits. Which makes him quite useless against such creatures.

@Baron Thanks for some creative solutions, that firearm using villain sounds interesting!
@Roberta That is what I was thinking :)
@Will Thanks for the clarification
@James That might be, but that is how I create encounters. The latest encounters have been to easy, because I just put random monsters that were the exact CR for the group, it always ended up them killing them all with ease. (Might be my fault as I gave them an extra stat point, and the 20 point build system).

I am not interested in killing the players, just to provide a good challenge. AND a good story.

And to have fun :P

james maissen wrote:
amir90 wrote:

Hey guys!

I have this monk in my group that I am GMing, and I am not sure what weaknesses I can exploit in combat.

Why would a GM need to exploit weaknesses in combat?

You're simply representing the enemy NPCs. They might want to do so, but they don't know who or what he is and can do.

Don't go down this route. Rather present reasonable challenges to the party and roleplay the NPCs accordingly.

If he's provoking AOOs and this winds up being bad for the NPCs, perhaps elect not to take them depending upon who these NPCs are.

If they are mindless undead, continue to make them. If they are moderately smart then have a moderately smart reaction to this wrinkle away from the norm.


Just because I don't have enough experience with monks, also so that the encounter utilize and challenge every player's character, as much as possible.

So far the combat encounters have been to easy for the group.

Here is how he calculated the ki points:

Half level + wis mod. + 1/4 human, 1/5 level cleanliness + 1/6 level fasting, + 1/5 truth. The last three is min 1.

That is then 2+4+1+1+1+1 = 10

He says he will correct it to 10 now.

@Chris thanks for the suggestion
@Ninja thanks :)
@Will Pratt his stats are as followed : 16,16,14,10,18,7(20 point build, +1 stat for level 4 and +1 stat for starting level 3 with 0experience points)

He usually doesn't charge, he just moves past them.
They will be facing wicked knights soon (full plate).
I will talk to him to why he shouldn't get it feather fall for free.
I checked my chat log, it seems to be correct. He does not have deflect arrows. And his archetypes lets him get style feat without prerequisite.
To summarize, he has dodge, mobility, panther style and claw, and boar style.
He is indeed a human.
I haven't been keeping track of his stances. I will do so from now on.
(edit: he can activate two stances as one swift action)
He doesn't need to use ki or flurry to retalitate. It's only a free action that gets limited by his wisdom mod. The +4 to AC from AaO is from mobility. Not Ki.

I will tell him to count the correct number of ki points he has.

He has been fighting undead, he says he has been using knuckles against undead. He has actually avoided ugly stinky monsters.

He says he has a total of 11 ki points ( he forgot to add how he got to that number)
He has 20 AC, at first he said 21, but he couldn't get the math to work.

This guy is very nice and honest, so I believe him that he has been counting ki points so far.

Ninja in the Rye wrote:

Like I said, he seemingly has too may feats for a level 4 Monk.

You need to take a good look at his sheet and make sure there aren't other errors on there.

I should also ask if you're running the AoO correctly, each movement provokes only on AoO per enemy, most enemies are limited to one per round. So he can't just run back and forth in front of a group of enemies and provoke multiple AoO each round, unless everything he's fighting has combat reflexes.

Will do. He only runs by certain amount of enemies each round. Never around the same enemy. But are you saying that leaving a threading square can only provoke one enemy?

Ninja in the Rye wrote:

Core Monk is generally considered weak, some of the archetypes are considered to be good, MoMS is a good archetype.

Assuming he's Human he should have 5 feats (1 Human, 2 from levels, 2 Monk Bonus feats) at level 4. You say he has Panther Style, Boar Style, Panther Claw, and Deflect Arrows, since you say he has +4 to AC against AoO that would imply that he's got Dodge and Mobility. That's one too many feats.

You don't say what his stats are, but with Medium BAB he should either be having some problems hitting or his AC shouldn't be all that great due to needing multiple attributes.

I just checked, he has every feat you mentioned except deflect arrows. He must have thought it was a class ability and not a feat.

I will talk with him tomorrow about the stats and post it here.

Driver 325 yards wrote:

By what you are saying he likely has

Deflect Arrow
Boar Style
Panther Style
Panther Claw
Panther Parry
Combat Reflexes

He moves around purposefully trying to provoke AoO. With Mobility, Ki AC+4, Wis, Dex, AC Bonus +1, and Magic added to his AC his AC may approach 30+ at 5th level.

They swing. They Miss. He get return attacks against enemy. Then at the end he make his regular attack. If he hits twice there is bleed damage.

The answer is obvious. Stop his tactic. Grapple, Grease spell, Range Touch Spells (arrows not the only range weapon), Cramped Spaces, Multiple arrows (a fifth level opponent with rapid attack has 3 shots), opponents with high attack bonuses or high AC bonuses.

Is he that tank in the group? Force him to protect his party rather than running around everywhere. Oh No, they are going to go for the cleric if I don't stay in front of the party.

Use tactics like trip, dirty trick (blind him).

You are correct on your analysis, thanks for the suggestions.

You may not want to fight all creatures with your hands. Some could have barbs on their bodies, fire around thier bodies. Just add these features to creatures if you cant find any.

I could go on.

Don't house rule feather fall. Tell him to get a feather fall ring.

Chris Kenney wrote:
Big one here is Flurry of Blows - he doesn't have it, but you say he's using Boar Style, which does nothing unless he can hit the enemy two times in the same round. While he can still use a ki point for an extra attack, that's a resource that's probably a little too precious to be wasting on mook sweeping like I think you're describing.

Monk Master of Many Styles with Vow of Truth, Fasting and Cleanliness. Feats: Panther Style, Dodge, Panther Claw, Boar Style and Mobility.

Yeah seems so, but if I have counted right, he has 11 ki points at level 4.

That +4 to AC just annoys the hell out of me :P
He even brags about his ability to beat Tarrasque at level 13.
Some weird combo with enlarge potion and certain 3.5 books he wants to use. I probably won't allow those books, and the build seemed questionable at best.

Tesailion wrote:

U cry about moms monks?

Combat reflexes and ur problem is solved with him.
I dont even know how he can be the problem in this group.
Give him feather fall. Monks need every love they can get.

Yeah, I never seen monks as weak at all tbh.

But then again I haven't run that many games over level 5.
Is it unanimous that monks are weak overall, or is it a disputed issue?

I will give him feather fall, I trust your judgment :P

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