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I have an unverifyable report that Mordenkainen has one of the
octyhs in his possession.

I started making maps of what levels were connected where, and come up with some ideas. I thought that making levels closer to the top of the dungeon was the next logical step, for I believe that the upper levels would be slightly easier for creators like me to handle. But nothing I did felt right. Nothing, I tried mapping the 1st or 2nd level several times, but I just could not get the feel of it right. I have a notebook with some ideas, later tonight I will get back on when I dig it up, and post some of my ideas.

An update:

As I was getting real close to getting out of gaming for good, an opportunity has come up. I have been asked by a friend to be one of his designers in a world setting of his creation that is to be published. I am sorry that I got everybody excited, and that several people starting looking for a fan driven continuation. I will say this,
if I turn out to put out quality material for this upcoming new game world, I will revisit this at a later date, for right now I doubt my ability to provide as good as material as Rob has done over the years. Also, talking over the telephone is not a good way for me to communicate with anybody. So, if there are others that want to continue working on fan based material, do so. Maybe someday in the future, I will be able to meet with Uncle for a major sit down and hammer ideas event and have enough confidence in my work to tackle such a treasure that Maure Castle has become. Just want to inform all gentle readers. Godspeed.

Ok, well, I will find time and coordinate with the wife when I will be able to call, and try to get ahold of this LUZ at Canonfire. Will contact in the future.

Well, i did contact Grodog and the email match. I give up. Must not be meant to be.

No delivery failure notice, thats a good sign.

Ok uncle, I have tried again.

Wow, this part of the forums really are dead.

Om, yeah, and I tried it. I'll try again within the next couple days.

did I send the email to the right address?

Ok Grodog,
Iggwilv any idea how old she is, and
do you have any idea of an appropriate
EL for Baba Yaga?

Wow, that is generous. TY
Yeah, i thought I would try and develope Maure some
more myself due to being at my limit of repopulating
Myth Drannor in the Forgotten Realms. I just have
writers block there.

A phone call? My inner nerd is about to faint. I am so
not worthy.

was Level 1 just storage and stairs from the above castle?
I finally found my graph paper and will start working my
way down from there.

yeah, i just saw that recently, and will investigate forthwith

Questions I have for when you have the time and
energy, and if you never have any again, then that's
fine too:

A passoff mention that Xaene is from another dimension.
Can you comment?

Can you provide more detail on Lynn, the continent to the

During the cataclysm that caused the downfall, did all
the fiends come from box o' hordlings in the Chamber
of Antiquities?

What language is Slerotin's writings in?

Is Power Magic different from Epic?

Could you provide answers to what levels are
connected to what other levels/

Thank you sir.

Wow, that was far deeper than I was expecting.
I haven't kept up on your career. I didn't know
you were designing boardgames.

Sorry about switching gears, but you writing back is
absolutely golden.

Is the person introduced in Letter 1 as ILL
somebody introduces into Greyhawk lore before?

Do you know how old Iggwilv is, anyway? I think the
two questions are related, but know you won't
confirm or deny, which is fine.
Gosh I know I have more questions about Maure,
but I can't think of any of them right now.
Will you be keeping an eye out if I have more
questions in the near future?

Uncle, I know this is presumptuous so don't
take it as such.

Have you chosen/groomed a torchbearer? I sort
of asked Ed Greenwood that at Candlekeep a couple
years ago and he seemed to me he had plans for
when he was no longer able to write. Do you
have an apprentice? I don't want the job, but
would like to know to look for somebody in the

Well, think about this.
Thousands and thousands of players have tried to
puzzle this out with the scant clues and writings
that we have on the subject. As it was called the
last printed Dragon: one of the great mysteries
of D&D.

Wouldn't you want to be the one to crack the code?

Thank you it was nice of you to come in and at least
let me know I'm close.

I don't even want 15 minutes of fame, maybe just 5.

Believe me, I understand. If I had the capital, I would
pay you. Or I would take the mantle if I had the time
and scope of imagination that true game writers have(which
I may have, just not the self esteem to assume.)
(not to mention permission of spouse, who hates DD)
I despise those in seats of power that don't understand
the genre we're involved in. We are losing the great
forebearers of our hobby, and with it all the stuff in their
head. It frankly angers me a great deal, but I have no power
over it. Sorry didn't mean to hop on the soapbox.

Have you ever talked to WoTC and asked them how much for the
rights to Maure Castle?

Id wish he'd come in and comment in some way.

Tharzidun is established in Greyhawk canon
as an diety that has existed in the world
before, and that he has been banished by all
the other gods acting in concert. Yog-Shothoth
has never made an appearence in canon Greyhawk
before. And RJK has stated in several locations
that Y has never ever been in Greyhawk universe.
Mayyybeeee hinted at, but never named.

In the adventures published of Maure Castle,
we have seen no inverted pyramids, no purple/
red colored alters, no symbols of the
Elder Elemental God, no brown robes, no spirals,
nothing that has been established before in
Greyhawk products that is a link to Tharzidun.

Plus look above at some of the clues: The Silver
Key of Dalt and the correlation with Yog-Shothoth's
story "Through the Silver Gate". Outside space and
time, that's Yog-Shothoth. I think that even RJK has
denied that Tharzidun is it.

I agree about Troll Lord Castle Zagyg's Castle being
a dud. I was really looking forward to that at
one time. I sincerely hope that hard copy exists
of all these classical works exist, maybe somebody with
an axe to grind against the establishment will release all
these goodies to us. The three letters I hate most in
the english language are "NDA", and my name is impossible
to spell without them.

On a side note, the letter #1 in Berstock workshop: the ILL I believe is a mention of Iggwilv, but I have absolutely no proof to back that up, other than I think she has investigated or is mentioned in 3 1st edition modules as having investigated temples, like the lost temple of Tharzidun and others.

Continued from above:

Elluvia ...... (gave? sacrificed?) to her mistress. H... message was sent by a mere .... The inept and ...ish coward, may Y abosrb him like he did Dalt!!! (Dalt contains the unnamed servant that helps summon Y, see the differece in Dalt between the first seen in the Fraz-Urb'luu portrait and Dalt's own portrait on pp 75-77. The scenes under Fraz-Urb'luu appear as Dalt is being sent outside space and time by Elluvia with the help of Fraz-Urb'luu, just my interpretation. I also point to a note in room 12 of the Greater Halls: Pray that the boy opens the way so HE may come. My niece is not always the trust worthy sort. Afelbain should follow her to make sure the plan is forwarded without error. Also, the Elders in the same note give me the impression of the Elder Gods.)

We are separated by a magical seal... Impossible!! Another has entered who we do not know.

I will leave upon the current (which I think is what they call the time stream). They will have some surprised I left for ... Malcanthet other ... ... they do not understand... we will return! Death to US and our enemies. I commit these sentences to obilvion.

Elder is known as a planeswalker.

The Silver Key of Portals is given to Mordenkainen by Dalt. This is a clue.

The Maure's are insane, this is commonplace under worshippers of Y.

And now for the payoff.....
Go read the entry of Yog-Sothoth under Wikipedia and see the connections between the nicknames and descriptions and what I have pointed out in the magazines.

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Before I reveal it, I would like to present my proof
so as not to appear as a random guess. It may take a couple
of posts, so please be patient with me.

Dragon 359 Hints:
Not a known god or outsider within recent reckoning: (Not appear in
any previous product of Greyhawk.)

Uncle is "immortal"(as per his description Y's servants, he desires
human sacrifice and eternal servitude, both are mentioned in this article.)

ritual....requires manipulating space and time to acheive: (is a primal power not released on Greyhawk)

the summoning of "Y" is always preceded by the calling forth of his unnamed servant, who always inhabits an immortal body to assist the servant's of Y in colpleting the ritual:
Proof 1: the letter Translated

this is the letter #2 which I believe goes like this:

Uncle has fallen! We have interred him but the rejuvination will not last. The formula guards... Curse the oaf Vex ... greed! (I believe Vex was trying to commit incest with Elluvia, also he tries to buy her attention with a blue pearl in Room 105 Statuary Level Statue Set B)
Helping Elluvia to summon Malcanthet. I hope HER... claws rent him.

They are upon us again, a nightmare battle endless. I go and summon
the ...wings to fight... The Abyss... and the hordes......unfathomable numbers pouring forth.

Afleban fell defending the Star... Chamber, though his body wasn't seen no time to investigate. (See scene under Orcus portrait.)

CURSE VEXUS!! The staff is lost... us. (I believe this staff is referred to in the Shadow Lords portrait.)

Ran out of time, more later.