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ahzad's page

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Just a quick question for those that were familiar with the d20 mini games and Christopher West's Global Positioning Maps. I've went thru my mags and compiled a list of both features if you are familiar w/ these features take a quick look and see if I may have missed anything. Thanks

D20 Mini Games
Dungeon #90 Pulp Heroes
Dungeon #91 Shadow Chasers
Dungeon #92 Spelljammer
Dungeon #93 Thunderball Rally
Dungeon #94 Omega World
Dungeon #95 Mecha Crusade
Dungeon #96 Genetech / Delta Green
Dungeon #97 V for Victory
Dungeon #99 Hijinx
Dungeon #101 Iron Lords of Jupiter
Dungeon #102 Pulp Heroes Redux / Iron Lords of Jupiter part 2
Dungeon #105 Deathnet
Dungeon #108 Dark Matter

I would love to see these thing collected up into a PDF document and made available to purchase. I'm prolly one of the few that enjoyed these little games, but oh well the majority has spoken and I can live with that.

Global Positioning Maps
Dungeon #98 Municipal Police Station
Dungeon #99 Bank / Nightclub
Dungeon #100 Fast Food Restaurant
Dungeon #101 Family Home
Dungeon #102 Corporate Office Building / Modern Cemetery / Pawn Shop / Sleazy Urban Bar
Dungeon #103 Bowling Alley
Dungeon #104 Roadside Motel
Dungeon #107 Public High School
Dungeon #108 Artic Research Station
Dungeon #109 Modern Cineplex
Dungeon #111 Old Urban Firehouse / Occult Bookstore
Dungeon #113 Lakeside Cottage

Anyone got any idea if these maps are going to be reprinted in the d20 Modern Critical Locations book I saw solicited in the new Game Trade magazine?

Ph0eNiX wrote:
I personally have no trouble with the white text on black background. I actually like it. In truth, I use the same "format" (for lack of a better word) with my IM screens, and any other computer screen/interface that will let me set it like that. It's more comfortable for me.

I wouldn't mind it b/c i use the same scheme for a lot of my IMs as well, but every time Dragon has done a good 80% of the article is a mess with the white text graying to gray and getting fuzzy. Which makes it almost unreadable except under the best of lighting conditions.

Some postives first, I like seeing a return to the 'dead' campaign world articles. They tickle my fancy especially the SJ ones, and Erik has done a great job w/ the magazines since taking the helm, good enough that I'll be renewing my subscriptions to them.

The bad w/ this SJ article is the black background and the white text. Just quit using it everytime you put that combo in the magazine it's terrible. The first two pages are fine, the next 3 pages are a mess, and the last page is fine. The 3 pages that are a mess the white text has turned gray and the text is kind of fuzzy, and it's happened in every article that you've used the black background/white text option. It gives you a headache to try and read, and you need to be under really good lighting to even begin to make out the messed up pages. Other than that I liked the article I just wish I could read it w/o a headache.

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