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adviar's page

10 posts. Alias of Herkymr the Silly.


I will pet Seeker. Then go back into the in and find the maid that served us earlier 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13perception. If i cannot find her I will look for t he main keeper or someone that looks like they are running this inn. 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (20) + 11 = 31 perception.
Excuse me. I need to stable a friend of mine. Where would I find the accommodations for such?

diplomacy if needed 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (12) - 2 = 10

yeah I have made the adjustment and am raring to sink my proverbial teeth into something or someone :)

by the way I am on west coast usa time

all i can say gax.... is boot to the um a I mean chair

Here it is..thanks Cuan. I will get an alias set up for Tamimay shortly.

If you still have room I would submit an dual cursed oracle.

probable back story:

Small at birth Tamimay M'oskyto was destined to die. He was proclaimed as a curse to the Greenskins tribe to which he was born and abandoned at the stones of the druid circle. The druids however refused to take in the child. A lone mystic or emissary of the green took pity on this child and raised him. It was no life of luxury but Tamimay still grew though not as much as other Greenskins.
He received his calling one day after going out for a hunt. He entered a cave following a fire Fennec but once he crawled past the constricting entrance he entered a room of massive proportions. Gone was the Fennec and standing in the room was a figure of pure fire. This figure called Tamimay by name and bid him come. Still in awe more than in fear, the young greenskin followed the creature to the back of the cavern. There reflected on the walls was a vision or foretelling of what would become of the tribes if they didn't throw back the expansion of the "civilized."
He reached his hand out to touch the mosaic on the wall only to have pain shoot up his arm and encase his body. Still unsure of what happened or where it happened, he awoke near the site of his home. The mystic that had raised him left a robe with flames stitched into the sleeves, a simple not saying this is for you, and a weeks worth of rations. The mystic and all accoutrements in the home had vanished.
Lost to the purpose for his abandonment and the recent vision, Tamimay wandered for days searching for a purpose and answers. He wandered into a tribe seeking nightly hospitality. During the evening meal, the encampment was attacked by folks from the nearby settlement. In anger, he stood, raised his hands and voice in protest, and stared as heat emanated from his body lighting all flammable materials nearby.
The invaders were repelled though much was lost.
In the aftermath, pain seared from his mind to his leg, leaving him
with a memory of the heat and a limp, which he acknowledges as a manifestation of the flame. The spirits of the flames still haunt him causing mishaps to things around him as they swirl to remind him of his calling, that of an oracle of flame.
Since that night he has wandered from enclave to enclave assisting where he could and passing on the story of his "vision." During his travels and wandering he has sought to find the cave once again in hopes of more knowledge. But the cave like the Fire Fennec of so long ago remains hidden.
Recently he has heard of a leader who is trying to throwback the settlers and gathering warriors from all walks of life to do so. The name whispered at first and now proclaimed openly is that of Wammsutta Thunderstick. Prompted by an urge he understands not, Tamimay has begun his search for this leader. Hoping that the he will give answer or lend direction to those seeking to oppose the incumbents to the island.

I will be using HeroLab software to create my toon.

I'd be game for either. I rarely get the chance to play because I usually dm but I like the challenge of playing. I think the high fantasy one would be fun more so than the other but that all depends on races allowed.
I have never played in a low magic campaign so it looks fun.

yep ....

would it be damage where I am just kicking the chair out from under him? if so 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Gax wrote:
Am I stepping on anyone's toes with the way I'm playing? I feel like some of my posts are a little long and I don't want to monopolize our story. I'm trying to RP as Gax would though, which is to really mix it up and try to make people think he knows more than he does to make himself kind of the center of the group.

I think it is going great it adds flair. not stepping on my toes at all

I tick off the list in my head.....
The scales of a multicolored aquatic animal --rainbow trout(fish)

The key that opens the door to fires best friend --match or chimney

The heart of a wild beast that eats truffles --boar

a soothing tea that is used for headaches--willow bark (has aspirin)

the stones of the archangel -- curious..archangels aren't made of stones

a liquid that refreshes and quences their thirst --water

an Item that is used to defend yourself from most foes --shield

a food that is the favorite of my wife --mm ??

the thing that answers this riddle What are we? --a pair of Shoes

NotMousse wrote:
I'm fairly sure this falls apart because the flurry is considered it's own action and not a normal full attack action.

Flurry of blows reads specifically

"pg 56--starting at 1st level, a monk can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action..." this does not mean he cannot use other things to supplement it.

Rapid shot reads "pg 132-- when making a full attack action with a ranged weapon, you can fire one additional time this round.."

How do they counter act each other?

Please explain with examples so I can see specifically how they counter act each other.

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