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adolfo tavizon's page

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Any one can give me this one for christmas, 2009 christmas maybe

lots of friends, and I mean lots of them (around 36)

the best one, the real best and all over villian its Mr Smith

oh, mini dungeons for me please, after the 2 level I begin to fall sleep, ass a DM and as a player, give me an 8 rooms dungeon and I will be happy

Heathansson wrote:
Your English is great. You want poor, my Spanish is poor. I won't even try it here. I'm gonna look up those authors.

Thanks man, thanks, if you let me I suggest you the following books and authors:

- Santitos by Maria Escandon
- The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende
- The Aleph by J. L.Borges
- The raft of stone (I´m not shure about the name in eanglish) by Jose Saramago (look for any book of Mr Saramago its a great writer its not latin American he is from Portugal, but its great)

The first two books were made movies (the books are soo much better) but if you cant find the book, blockbuster can do the trick for you.

oh, sorry, I forget to say this, but we live soo near the United States that we play nearly as you play, maybe we dislike big dungeons and love a little bit more a dramatic story plenty of intrigue and betrayal than a big hack and slash; sadly Tolkien, Lovecraft and the other big ones are more familiar to the general gammer population than Garcia Marquez, Borges or Isabel Allende.... but this is a theme for another tread

Hi there, I´m from Mexico and all in all, the major players and the big names in fantasy are Tolkien/ Leiber / Vance / Moorcock / Lovecraft / and (of course) Roulling.
But we have others authors that make a diferent kind of fantasy, names like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Heraclio Zepeda or Borges are our own style of fantasy, thats way games like Ravenloft and all the White Wolf line are so popular here, because they talk in the same line as us, we have the dia de muertos, to talk whit your grandma you don not need to be a necromancer, you wait for october 12 and put some tequila in a glass, a pice of bread and a candle in her name, she will arrive and she will dine whit you. The fantasy its more real whit this authors, my eanglish its very poor hope the idea gets understood.

The impressive part of running AoW in Rokugan its that its very easy transfer the whole campaign to the Oriental flavor of Rokugan.

I let Diamond Lake North of Toshi Ranbo (the new imperial city) and its incredible that even a mine of diamonds was recentlly discovered there (this is canon info of l5r).

Great work guys, and Erick untill now your adventure its the better of all.

Boredflak wrote:

What campaign setting are you using (or planning to use) for Age of Worms?

I think I'm going to use Eberron.

I´m running it on Rokugan, you need to see the face of the little samurais as they are forced to touch dead bodies, kill worms and drink tea in a dungeon.

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