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abellius's page

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Decent detail for plastic minis. Wasteful packaging

****( )

Bought this over the holiday and I have to say that the detail and paint job on them are very good for pre-painted plastic miniatures. Way better than WOTC plastic minis! Also, these minis' weapons aren't as "floppy" or bendable when compared to WOTC plastic minis as well! I don't regret buying them!!

My only complaint is that packaging that these minis come in is extremely large for just 4 minis for they come in a big plastic box-like container. Since this plastic container is a #3 for recycling purposes, most recycling centers will not accept it and it will be just tossed in the trash. Very wasteful. I think the packaging could be more efficient size-wise and maybe being made of a plastic (#1 or #2) that is easier for people to recycle.

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