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aaron infante-levy's page

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beautiful and very useful

****( )

This is a great map to use for any kind of siege or storm the castle scenario. It's also quite beautiful. While the map itself is huge, the rooms themselves make it feel somewhat cramped, so I would limit using this map to medium miniatures, nothing too large.

The back, a wide open field, is great for running war scenarios, which is exactly how I'm using it.

I've only just been introduced to the flipmats, and I am a convert. I will definitely be picking up more of these! :)

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Tons of uses for a great product


This is a massive map, great for large scale confrontations with multiple foes that really gives the PCs a chance to utilize their movement. It's also absolutely gorgeous.

My only critique is that the creases from folding take a bit of work (i.e. laying books on top of) to keep it flush with the table and not bending at weird angles.

This being my first flip map I can definitely see purchasing others (in fact,I purchased the keep too). Great product! :)

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gorgeous product marred by limited utility

***( )( )

First of all, this is a beautiful beautiful map pack with several interesting ways to combine the tiles. If you're looking for a gorgeous ruin I highly recommend this pack.

However this may never see use at my table. My criticism is not specific to this map pack, but rather to all the map packs, so be forewarned.

First, once the package is open there's no way to keep all the tiles together so I ended up using a rubberband. It would be really nice if these came with a sleeve or some way of bundling them together.

Second, they're just too thin and flimsy. This is an issue because they can get moved around too easily due to a combination of their thinness and slickness. I would like something a little more sturdy.

Third, there is no way to connect the tiles provided, so they can be bumped around on the table and don't exactly line up. This is at the last of my list because I can just tape them if it bothers me. But the icing on the cake would be if there was a built in way to connect tiles to each other.

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