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Denrelwe Azrinae

Zyren Zemerys's page

3,202 posts. Alias of Zyrenity.


we're looking for a replacement in our currently running Warhammer campaign. We just finished the introductory adventure and are planning to start Edge of Night soon.

Campaign Thread:

Heart of Ruin

This is your chance to get a spot in one of the "Heart of..." campaigns and join the legendary campfire-thread (woohoo) *_*

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

For Franz:

The third of Nachgeheim was a day not very interested in waking up the people of Ubersreik with a picturesque rose sun...actually the third of Nachgeheim was a day which preferred clouds and drizzling rain...

Which wouldn't be that much of a problem if you had found a decent inn with clean rooms and comfortable beds...sadly, your purse was light and the night was dark yesterday, and so you took the first establishment you found - not the best choice since that led to the fact that you just woke-up in the Red Moon Inn...a run-down place located in the city's centry next to the river Teufel.

Your tries to contact Ricard Aschaffenberg, your distant relative, waren't very successful, but at least his loyal manservant Vern Hendrick had yesterday agreed to meet you here in the afternoon.

The smell of cooked eel had meanwhile reached your nostrils and within seconds driven away the last remains of sleepiness...urgh...the cult place of a sect of Nurgle followers couldn't smell worse...

For Zadlužený:

Ubersreik's Garden of Morr was a sad sight...crumbled tombstones, lots of them toppled over and a chaotic thicket of black roses - normally one of the most well-kept things in a Garden of Morr...At once did you realise why your superiors had sent you here. There was a lot of work to do, much more than a single priest could dare to manage.

Maybe it was pure luck, but it was hard to believe in luck these days, that you met this Vern Hendrick at the city gates. A fragile looking man in an old-fashioned livery...but despite his rather sad appearance he made an offer you couldn't resist thinking about:

His master, a certain Ricard Aschaffenberg, was in need of men and women with certain qualities for a small "adventure"...that was the moment you stopped listening, but Hendrick was quick to explain that in return his master was more than willing to pay a nice sum of money for the renovation of the Garden of Morr - the task you had been entrusted to do by Meister Fabian Schwarzherz...

There wasn't much to think about, you accepted his invitation to the Red Moon Inn in the afternoon - you could at least spare some minutes and listen to the man and his plan...

For Mareike:

Ubersreik...a town that claimed to be the birthplace of Sigmar himself...well, nothing special since more than two dozen cities scattered all over the Empire claimed the same thing, but still, maybe the myth proved to be true - and if not, the Reikswald was near and there had been lots of Beastmen sightings during the last weeks...something was stirring in the dark, of so much you were sure.

Your first stroll through the city brought you to the central markeptlace, a large square dominated by a massive cathedral consecrated to Sigmar and Verena...Verena...what good could come from a clergy who believed collecting all kinds of books would do a great deal of good to the Empire...

Once you had started to ask the people about the beastmen, most of them fell silent and tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible, only the servant of a certain Ricard Acshaffenberg was willing to talk to you - he even understood how urgent it was to fight the monsters. He had told you that his master was also one of Sigmar's most devout followers and that he possessed special knowledge about the beastmen's hiding places in the woods. He promised to meet you later at the Red Moon Inn...

For Fernis and Rangnir:

Axe and Hammer Inn...well, the place certainly didn't sound bad. The flat squat building looked a bit odd between the human framework houses, but odd meant good in this case. Without doubt was the stonework of dwarven making and the name plate was written in Khazalid...

As soon as you had entered, you found out that it wasn't only an inn but also a meeting place for humans and dwarves. Ubersreik, located at the river Teufel at the foot of the Grey Mountains was a city with a long history of human-dwarvish relationships.

Dwarves were a common sight here, especially in recent years with the upswing of Karak Azgaraz the nearest hold of the proud race. Still, you were more than a bit surprised when the human servant Vern Hendrick joined you at your table. He told you he was working for Lord Ricard Aschaffenberg, a noble of great reknown and a man looking for men and women with certain talents.

Normally the talk would have ended here, cut short by the next round of beer brought to your table, but when the man mentioned "gold" he had bought himself enough time to explain that whoever was interested in helping Ricard could earn a small share of the precious material.

If you were interested you could just come and meet him at the Red Moon Inn in the afternoon...

What is this about:

Checking interest for a WHFRP campaign (yeah I know, the title was already quite a giveaway)...

The problems:

WHFRP with all its fancy dice and cards does not look like it was made for PBP - I agree, but since FFG claims it can be played like any other RPG we will find a solution for that.


Player(s) will have to keep track of certain things (the DM already has enough to do -_-). Keeping track of party tension, fortune pool, party sheet etc. this could be your job!

The good thing:

It's Warhammer - the Old World is one of the best settings out there and the third edition adds an all new flavour to Roleplaying.

About you:

You should have access to the Player's Guide - if you already know the rules, that's even better.
I don't want you to come up with something like I wanna play a swordmaster of Hoeth - we do it the traditional way, everyone draws three careers and is allowed to keep one (I'll do the drawing, you choose).
I only accept active players = people who are able to post at least once per day. If you are new to these boards that is ok, but applicants with a longer posting history always have a slight edge.

About me:

I'm already running several campaigns on these boards and all of them are successes (HRHR). I've been here for quite some time now and with more than 10k sensible posts (yada yada) I count as a reliable DM I guess.
As you may have already guessed by my weirdo English, I'm a non-native speaker, but I try my best not to write (see, I like to-infinitive constructions) too awkwardly.

In the end:

You're still interested - cool - just put all your worries and hopes below this post.
You wanna bribe me? Great, PM me for bank details. *_*

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Wow, that's really cool!



As you enter the room, the first thing you notice is the strange humming of the old ventilator which sounds like the motor of a damaged Matilda...oh yeah, the Matildas...the whole base is full of that strangely camouflaged vehicles and you can't think of any reason why the British Army has painted tanks in blue/green and yellow in midst the desert...oh yeah...oasis capturing maybe...

Besides you, some other guys already sit in the room Please describe yourself in retrospection and all seem to suffer from the immense heat...again like 45 degrees Celsius...
Suddenly the door is thrown open and with large strides a rakish, grizzled major of an unknown unit enters the room.

Hello gentlemen he has a slightly German accent, you are here since you have proved yourself as absolute experts in your field. Expert sniping, expert demolitions, expert information extraction and so on. That's why you were extracted of your former units and are now here in Sidi Barrani (Egyptian Coast, some hundred kilometers west of Cairo). As you know, the Italian troops are only about 20 kilometers away from us, sitting in their trenches and waiting for our onslaught - but that is not of interest for you anymore, since you will now belong to a unit consisting only of five men and me. I'm Major Cornelius von Gilding, former “Sturmbannführer der Waffen-SS Sondereinsatztruppe Fenris”. He rolls his sleeve up and shows you the SS blood group tattoo on the inner face of his left arm.

After switching sides I fast became head of the ASSF – Allied Secret Special Forces. We, and I say we, because you are now also part of this unit - are tasked with disrupting any Nazi action involving certain... projects of the Third Reich that are out of normal military actions. Since time is pressing, we are starting hour first mission in exactly... he looks on his watch 117 minutes, at exactly eighteen hundred.


The hot wind stings into your eyes and cheeks, small sand particles dance around in the air and it's not easy to spy at the Germans from behind the sand dune.
Von Gilding, wearing a typical desert outfit now with an old-fashioned topee full of scratches, hands the field glasses over to Oskar

What can you make out?

Perception DC 15:

Between some palms you can make out a German tank and a Kuebelwagen.

Perception DC 20:

Between some palms you can make out a German tank and a Kuebelwagen. There is also some kind of trailer for a Krad or something and a tent.

Perception DC 25:

Between some palms you can make out a German tank and a Kuebelwagen. There is also some kind of trailer for a Krad or something and a tent. Several German soldiers move around in the small camp.

Hey everyone!

I was thinking about starting a pulp action campaign based on D20 modern rules. Haven't decided much about the plot by now, but I can imagine a gritty version of Indiana Jones/ Hollow Earth.
All players would belong to an allied special forces unit consisting of frontline soldiers as well as scholars and people who have a knack for the supernatural.
I guess it would turn out rather action oriented with some puzzle parts and mostly in-group RPing...I mean who wants to chat with dinosaurs or savages...or nazis?!
Ah yes, nazis, as you might have guessed, the campaign would either take place prior to WWII (mid 30ies maybe) or at the time when the Germans look like they were winning (40-41).

Gimme some feedback if you are generally interested and what your thoughts on this are.

When encountering several Attic Whisperers, are their auras cumulative?

Subject says it all :)

We got two slots left for a Cthulhu D20 campaign with some minor Pathfinder changes.

Four slots have already been taken by very active players.

The campaign has just started and takes place in Massachusetts in 1927. All PCs have taken the bus ride from Boston to NYC, but eventually they had a minor accident.

Here is the newborn ingame thread Heart of Madness

Character creation goes like this:

You roll 4D6, drop the lowest and that seven times and in the end also drop the lowest sum. If the result does not exceed 70, reroll.
Since all characters are humans you don't gain racial benefits.
The game knows no classes, they are just defined by choosing 12 core skills (which will work like Pathfinder class skills) and a defensive or offensive character (rule stuff can also be clarified later)

For those of you interested, this is the Core Rulebook:

Cthulhu D20

To apply, you don't need a finished sheet, I would like to read an intriguing background, motivations, aspirations, beliefs etc. and a reason why your character is on the bus^^

I tend to choose players whose posting history shows that they are active and whose style of writing I like.

Questions left? I bet there are some :)

Welcome everyone-I know what to expect, you know what to expect, isn't it nice and familiar here?^^

13th of July 1927 - Somewhere in Massachusetts

The brand new, red and adorned with chrome Chevrolet bus rumbles over the dusty street, barely broad enough for the large car. The driver, a man of Irish heritage from Boston, with the name Patrick, had told you last night that all streets leading south from Boston to New York were chockfull, but he knew some kind of secret shortcut along the murky Miskatonic River. After following the road for just some miles westwards, all the way south would be clear and free until New York.

The heat of about 35 degrees celsius is draining the last salty beads of sweat out of your body and since there is not a single cloud to be seen, you guess this will become the longest and hardest busride of your whole life.

While the landscape here is normally green, consisting of deep woods, moors and marshland, this extreme summer has also changed the surroundings. Now, the trees look like candles to be lit and the mires have turned to dry plains. Sometimes you see the corpses of deer and foxes died of thirst or starvation. You wonder why the animals didn't drink at the nearby river, yet when you look at the strange greenish brown broth, you're not sure what is worst, drinking or...

As the car hits a stone, which must have been half-hidden beneath a bushel of dry grass, you firstly are jolted out of your thoughts and secondly you hear the driver cursing as the bus comes to a sudden halt.

Hey everyone! Since some of the campaign I'm running could need replacements, I wanted to check interest. All players involved in the campaigns are big time fun, experienced PBP-players and very friendly. As there are:

Heart of Riddles. A Second Darkness Ap I took over from Tom when he vanished. The party is still level 1 and not much has happened by now. They need a tank and maybe one additional character...of whatever type.

Heart of Light. A homebrew campaign set in Ustalav. It's an epic and quite gothic campaign and we would be happy to welcome one more player, regardless of class. The characters are halfway through level 4.

Heart of Darkness. Another homebrew campaign, this time set in Kaer Maga, or better below it, since the party has just begun to explore the Darklands. Here we need one dedicated healer type character. The characters are also halfway through level 4.

Furthermore we have a newly established common ooc room, which is to be found here campfire. The campaigns are very active and most players post several times per day...and I contribute between 10 and 40 posts (in summation) each day.

Since I would like to get a feeling for your style of RPing, I'd like you to apply roleplay-wise. Imagine your character/concept awakes in the abyss killed by some ugly accident. And while you now walk around, totally terrified by the surroundings, you stumble upon a shabby wooden stand with a beautiful drow maiden behind it (correct, that's me, hooray). Now you just have to convince me that you deserve another chance to walk on Golarion's surface instead of experiencing an aeon of tortures. Since this is a properly run stand, you will have to form a queue, and plese don't push too much. (a short note, for which campaign you're applying is necessary btw.)

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

Hey everyone, now this is our common OOC room for:

Heart of Drakness:


Heart of Light:


Heart of Runes:


Enjoy yourself!

Me likey that, hopefully this makes children start playing RPGs!

Welcome to the OOC Thread!

Summon wall of text! Yeeha, here we go-Welcome to Sandpoint and Heart of Runes, a Rise of the Runelords Experience extraordinaire!

The sun stands high above Sandpoint - one could think the waning summer desperately tries to cling to the rocky cliffs that surround the Varisian Gulf. In fact, the last few days have been amongst the warmest during Erastus and Arodus for years. Not a single cloud shows mercy with the inhabitants of the small coastal town, yet that doen't seem to dampen the people's mood.

All inhabitans of Sandpoint are industriously working on this or that to ensure that the following day – the first day of autumn – is going to be a memorable one. It's Swallowtail festival, named after the eponymous butterfly, one of the most sacred holidays of Desna, the goddess of dreams, travel, luck and last but not least the stars.

For the small town of Sandpoint tomorrow is even more special: it's the day of the consecration of the new cathedral. A building dedicated to the five most revered gods: Erastil, Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn and Gozreh. There is no shrine for Desna, but only because of the fact that the winged goddess doesn't like to be enclosed in a beautiful it may be.

The driving force behind the construction of the cathedral was Father Abstalar Zantus, former a wandering priest of Desna, who has become the spiritual leader of the town after his antecessor has found his death in a tragic fire some years ago...a fire that also destroyed the former temple.

However, the gloomy happenings of the past aren't something that worries the people of today. Everyone is looking forward to the festival and a brighter future that is surely soon to come.
Mayor Kendra Deverin and Sheriff Belore Hemlock have tried everything to arrange the external circumstances in a way that the success of the ceremony is guaranteed.

Wagons full of good beer and wine have been transported to Sandpoint from Magnimar, liquors and spirits from Riddleport and...umm yeah, ok nothing from Korvosa, but the people from Sandpoint don't expect anything good to come from that Chelish hideout (that's what the people tend to call it...)

Spits for sucklings, ham and lamb roast have already been prepared and the smell of cakes, cookies, and other pastries fills the air since days...This was all made possible by the four ruling families of Sandpoint: The Kaijitsus, the Valdemars, the Scarnettis and the Deverins. All of them gave large sums of money to fund the festival and most normal shop owners and innkeepers also contributed what they could.

OK, one final day until the festival will begin-last preparations from your side? If not, maybe you could already describe yourself and introduce yourself to the setting :-)

Hey everyone,

I'm intesrested in DMing the ROTRL AP. While I already run two Campaigns on these boards, I think I got time for a third one.

I'd like dedicated players that are at least able to post once per day and notice me if they're absent.
Also I'd like you to take a look at my DMing style by checking my other campaigns (I hate to see people dropping out after a week or so).

For character creation: Allowed is every official Pathfinder release I own (obviously for easier reference). (Which is everything until "Halflings of Golarion").

Character creation method is 4D6-drop lowest- X6 - free allocation.

Two traits for everyone.

Come up with a good and interesting concept and at least appear to be a commited player and you got good chances :-)

Since I'm looking for 5 players and one spot is already occupied, there is place for four players.

Questions left?

I need some Minis for a cyberpunk RPG. Since I don't have the time to paint, I would like to use prepainted minis-any suggestions besides AT-43 and SW Miniatures?


the ROTRL campaign group I'm running at the moment only meets twice a month and I'm quite annoyed that between sessions my player forget lots of the background, NPC names, relations etc.

So we always have moments like:

"Wait, what's a runewell?"
"Ok let me talk with the priest, umm the one in Sandpoint, Brother Abs...whatever his name was"
"Karzoug who is that? Oh dear a Runelord? Of what? Necromancy?"

Any advice on how I can avert things like that?

p.s. my player are not willing to put more effort in RPGing, so they won't take notes, make character constellations etc. :-(

I can't find the material component for protection from evil, maybe I'm just blind, but any advice is welcomed.

Nice one-I really prefer bright colours for wallpapers.

A player of my group came up with the following question:

Can alchemists, like rogues, disable magic locks and devices or are they only capable of disabling standard locks etc.?

The fourth of Calistril 4708 was a cold and crisp morning. Even the sun seemed to be reluctant to come out and ground fog swept through the cobblestoned streets of Karcau.

Nevertheless, the city was in a good mood. The onion-domes of the four major academies of the city were festively decorated and alot of house owners followed this example with great joy and enthusiasm. That at this special morning a flock of ravens circled around the spires of the academies, was regarded as a good omen (while few doubted the beasts were magically attracted).

The alumni ceremony was one of the major, maybe even the most important, highlights of the year for the inhabitants of the city. Visitors and Professors from all of Ustalav attended the celebrations always trying to persuade promising students to join the University of Lepidstadt or the Arcanas of Caliphas or just to become the new swordmaster or bodyguard of an important noble.

It was about noon, when the student's gathered on the great square in front of Pettoria Academy. The ceremony began with a sermon of the great history of the four academies, accentuating their good cooperation (and concealing that alone in this year three students had died in cross-academy duels) and the fair sportsmanship within the students.

After all academy masters held speaches (highlighting the enormous quality of their students) and chosen students gave performances of their trades, the festivities began.
Whole Karcau drowned in a swirl of Varisian dancing performances, wine, ale, roasts of all kinds, the work of illusionists, various juggler and acrobat performances etc.

Just tell me, what you are intending to do during the festivities. Those of you, who are from the same academy, cann assume that they know each other.

Pettoria: Adelain, Rakston, Garabott

Kiavelak: Asuna

Vizyalesh: Rautha

Noriski: Victoria, Dominic

I already chose a bonus trait for each of you, if that choice hampers your own ideas just tell me.


14, 15, 15, 15, 16, 8
very fortunate you were
Bonus Trait=Accelerated Drinker


8, 16, 12, 15, 13, 14
Bonus trait= Child of the Temple


15, 12, 11, 15, 16, 12
Bonus trait= Princess


12, 14, 8, 17, 13, 15
Bonus Trait= Classicaly Schooled


15, 15, 16, 10, 12, 11
Bonus Trait=Fencer


18, 5, 17, 14, 12, 12
Bonus Trait=threatening Defender


16, 12, 10, 15, 15, 13
Bonus Trait=Dirty Fighter

Last week I started my first PBP and I think i got time for another one.

This one will begin in the City of Karcau on the shores of Lake Prophyria in Ustalav in the beginning of 4708.

All PCs have to be natives of Karcau and have just finished their training in one of the four major academies:

Pettoria: Academy of cavaliers, fighters, rogues and bards.

Kiavelak: Academy of good and neutral aligned clerics and inquisitors, paladins and good and neutral aligned wizards except necromancers.

Vizyalesh: Academy of Clerics, wizards of evil alignment and necromancers.

Noriski: Academy of alchemists, sorcerers, druids and rangers.

(all mentioned classes are allowed as PC classes-no exceptions to those).

Races: Core Rulebook + Tiefling.

Alignment: Good, neutral and "disguised" evils...

Stats: GM rolls 6 times 4D6 (drop worst), players distribute freely.

Starting Wealth: Confer Rulebook

In general:

I'm a rather active GM and do post a lot when online; GMT +1.
The campaign is going to be based on a gothic-horror theme.

Questions left? If not, create your character and post it here. I will decide based on background story and group constellation. Time for application is until Sunday.

Desna be with ye!

I just decided to open one more spot for the Heart of Darkness Campaign. artOfDarkness&page=1#45

OOC Thread artOfDarkness&page=1#45

Its a Pathfinder Campaign set in Kaer Maga in 4707.
It's going to be a huge plot and I#m a rather active DM.
By now the group consists of 5 humans of rather good alignment (bard, rogue, cleric of iomedae, paladin of iomedae and a sorcerer).

If you're interested post here and I will squeeze you in as long as the action is about to start.

In the outcast city of Kaer Maga, your business is your own, and no ware is too dangerous or taboo to find a buyer. Within the walls of the ancient ruined fortress, refugees and criminals from every nation disappear into the swirling crowds of gangs and monsters. Here leech covered bloatmages haggle with religious zealots who set their own lips shut, while naga crime lords squeeze self-mutilating troll prophets for protection or money. And these are just the city's anarchic residents, not the fearsome beasts contained in the mysterious dungeons beneath the streets, held at bay by the elite rangers known as the duskwardens. Welcome to the City of Strangers, a haven of freedom and independence - assuming you survive.

View of Kaer Maga from the bottom of the Storval Rise

That's what common folk in Varisia whisper about Kaer Maga, while the details change, the underlying meaning always stays the same: Kaer Maga is dangerous, old, mysterious and one of Golarions best places to get rich or die trying.

You all had your reasons to venture here; maybe fate will form a bond between you, maybe not - everything can happen in Kaer Maga...

On a rainy morning of the 2nd of Arodus 4707

Introduction for Esfana:

Tired and still feeling wounded - both physically and mentally - you get off the wagon, as it reaches the city. Here, in the northeastern corner of Kaer Maga, the gigantic stone wall that encircles the whole city is destroyed, as if millennias ago a titan has set his foot on it.
The old carriage driver nods in the direction of the gap:
There ye go, the place's called Meatgate, it's where the farmers trade with the city folk. Desna be with ye, child. Then he turns around again, cracks his whip and slowly steers the wagon into the buzzing crowd.
The whole place is bustling with life and hundreds of people swirl through the area where still some parts of debris from the citywall lie around like relics of a long forgotten past.

Introduction for Torald:

Can there be a better place to fight evil and dark villains than a place like Kaer Maga? Hardly, nevertheless you don't feel very comfortable now that you face one of the oldest cities of Golarion. Here, in the northeastern corner of Kaer Maga, the gigantic stone wall that encircles the whole city is destroyed, as if millennias ago a titan has set his foot on it.
Some farmers you met about an hour ago told you that this place was called "Meatgate" and that it is the only entrance to the city. The name derives from the fact that here is as well the most important city gate as the place where farmers and shepherds sell their cattle to the city's inhabitants. The whole place is bustling with life and hundreds of people swirl through the area where still some parts of debris from the citywall lie around like relics of a long forgotten past.

Introduction for Bahir:

Starting the day with a smile-truth to be told, that aint easy on a morning like this, nevertheless: You finally reached the legendary city. Here, in the northeastern corner of Kaer Maga, the gigantic stone wall that encircles the whole city is destroyed, as if millennias ago a titan has set his foot on it.
Some farmers you met about an hour ago told you that this place was called "Meatgate" and that it is the only entrance to the city. The name derives from the fact that here is as well the most important city gate as the place where farmers and shepherds sell their cattle to the city's inhabitants. The whole place is bustling with life and hundreds of people swirl through the area where still some parts of debris from the citywall lie around like relics of a long forgotten past.

Introduction for Alexite:

Tired and exhausted but sure that all possible followers are far behind you finally reach the city.
Here, in the northeastern corner of Kaer Maga, the gigantic stone wall that encircles the whole city is destroyed, as if millennias ago a titan has set his foot on it.
Some farmers you met about an hour ago told you that this place was called "Meatgate" and that it is the only entrance to the city. The name derives from the fact that here is as well the most important city gate as the place where farmers and shepherds sell their cattle to the city's inhabitants. The whole place is bustling with life and hundreds of people swirl through the area where still some parts of debris from the citywall lie around like relics of a long forgotten past.

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

There we go:

This will be our Discussion Thread for the upcoming "Heart of Darkness" (no, not Joseph Conrad :-) )which will start in Kaer Maga in Arodus 4707.
Participating players are by now:

Drayen-Alexite Wintrish
Stephan-Torald Othric of Griffonstone
Gandal-Esfana Arantia
Von Doom-Bahir
Beckett-Wait List no. 1
Martinaj-Wait List no. 2

Two Questions:

Would you like to use the board dice roller, or roll for yourself?
Do you want me to make your initiative rolls at the beginning of combat?

Hey there, I'm interested in DM'ing a homebrew Pathfinder Campaign, but I have absolutely no idea of the rules of PBP.
I'm a rather seasoned DM with about 20 years of experience, but I neither know about the necessary commands nor other things I have to know about PBP. So if there are helpful players out there, I'm willing to DM.
I'm posting from GMT+1, so European players would be nice, while not a must.

About the Campaing:

Maximum of 5 PC
Starting LVL 1
Classes allowed: Everything form the Core Rulebook
Races allwoed: Everything form the Core Rulebook
Interested Players should send a synopsis of their character and his background to me.

Since I didn't find a similar topic on the forums, I just wanted to share the priest grades for all major deities of Golarion that we use in our campaigns. Since I'm not a native English speaker some of my translations may sound odd :-)

All priesthoods have been divided into certain grades. I tried to resemble the god's nature in the various titles and forms (e.g. simple titles for erastil followers etc.)


Novice priest = Merchant Brother
Hamlet priest = Watcher
Town priest = Keeper of Order
City priest = Minister of Law
Metropolis priest = Lord of Builders
Highest member of clergy = Right Hand of the Vault's Protector


Novice priest = Devotee of Power
Hamlet priest = Inker
Town priest = Master of the Whip
City priest = Hellcount
Metropolis priest = Liege of Fiends
Highest member of clergy = Keeper of the Black Altar


Novice priest = Stinger
Hamlet priest = Many Faced
Town priest = Thrillhunter
City priest = Mischief Maker
Metropolis priest = Zealot of Zest
Highest member of clergy = Nurturer of the Queen Wasp

Cayden Caillean:

Novice priest = Brewer
Hamlet priest = Lucky Beggar
Town priest = Freedom Bringer
City priest = Devil Hunter
Metropolis priest = Herald of Courage
Highest member of clergy = The One's Booze Buddy


Novice priest = Wanderer
Hamlet priest = Starfarer
Town priest = Interpreter of Constellations
City priest = Sailor of thousand Seas
Metropolis priest = Spherewalker
Highest member of clergy = Master of all Ways


Novice priest = Young Boar
Hamlet priest = Hunter
Town priest = Keeper
City priest = Protector
Metropolis priest = Defender
Highest member of clergy = Guardian


Novice priest = Acolyte of Anger
Hamlet priest = Blood Spiller
Town priest = Boundless Warrior
City priest = Spiker
Metropolis priest = Firebreather
Highest member of clergy = Deathgiver


Novice priest = Elementarian
Hamlet priest = Thunder Howler
Town priest = Rain Caller
City priest = Wind Vizier
Metropolis priest = Earth Tamer
Highest member of clergy = Advocate of Nature


Novice priest = Squire
Hamlet priest = Man at Arms
Town priest = Knight
City priest = Knight Commander
Metropolis priest = Lord
Highest member of clergy = Grandmaster


Novice priest = Seeker of Enlightenment
Hamlet priest = Monk
Town priest = Tigerclaw
City priest = Master over Mind and Body
Metropolis priest = Complete Soul
Highest member of clergy = Ever training One


Novice priest = Spawn
Hamlet priest = Tainter
Town priest = Desecrator
City priest = Deformer
Metropolis priest = Lord of Beasts
Highest member of clergy = Monster's Birthgiver


Novice priest = Spectator
Hamlet priest = Wielder
Town priest = Witness
City priest = Bilaterist
Metropolis priest = Spell Savant
Highest member of clergy = The Ever Cracking


Novice priest = Eavesdropper
Hamlet priest = Silencer
Town priest = Shadow
City priest = Poisoner
Metropolis priest = Prince of Death
Highest member of clergy = Lord of Secrets


Novice priest = Undertaker
Hamlet priest = Deadspeaker
Town priest = Tombstone Chiseler
City priest = Boneguard
Metropolis priest = Reaper
Highest member of clergy = Sovereign of the Boneyard


Novice priest = Nihilist
Hamlet priest = Destructor
Town priest = Destroyer
City priest = Caller of Kingdom Come
Metropolis priest = Bringer of Ruin
Highest member of clergy = Herald of the End


Novice priest = Servant of the Sun
Hamlet priest = Dawn Caller
Town priest = Illuminator
City priest = Novaist
Metropolis priest = Wielder of the Flame
Highest member of clergy = Firestar


Novice priest = Beauty Seeker
Hamlet priest = Dancer
Town priest = Troubadour
City priest = Inspirer
Metropolis priest = Keeper of the Arts
Highest member of clergy = Champion of Beauty


Novice priest = Apprentice
Hamlet priest = Brother of the Smithy
Town priest = Anvil Ringer
City priest = Furnace Heater
Metropolis priest = Supervisor of the Forge
Highest member of clergy = The great Artisan


Novice priest = Cultist
Hamlet priest = Maneater
Town priest = Fleshtainter
City priest = Bonebeauty
Metropolis priest = The Everhungry
Highest member of clergy = Sovereign of Ghouls

Zon Kuthon:

Novice priest = Pleasure Slave
Hamlet priest = Desirer
Town priest = Torturer
City priest = Paingiver
Metropolis priest = Cardinal of Perversions
Highest member of clergy = Herald of the Prince

Very Nice-preordered for months!

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