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Zynete's page

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 8. Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 9 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 889 posts (3,081 including aliases). 13 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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Puzzle Power


I just love this scenario. It explores an unusual place that I read about quite a while back and I'm happy to see it explored. Unique creatures are throughout the adventure and I think there is something about variant creatures that put me in a good mood.

I liked the characterization of the fey in general. Even for the normal fey I get a sense of the unusual behind them beyond they have insect parts. That can be hard to convey as a GM though.

I liked all the encounters with NPCs. Talking in optional, but there are bits of rewards for being proactive and engaging with them.

That brings us to the puzzle. I do like the puzzle. To me, reading it, the answer seems obvious, but I know what information is important and how to interpret the clues and I can't turn that knowledge off. There are important aspects of this the GM has to keep in mind handing this off. The handout should be in color, the colors on it have to be clear and in color. If a color printer isn't available, I would recommend doing what I did and go over it with colored pens or markers. Refer tot the PDF to make sure the marking are accurate. The GM needs to keep track of the players progress thought the puzzle, if you handing a clue when they are already frustrated with the puzzle, I would say it definitely too late. In a loud convention space, I would expect this to be especially hard on a party. If I had to make a suggestion about the puzzle, I would liked slightly more of a clearer feedback system so that the PCs feel progress rather than being in the same place. That is handled somewhat via the clue system, but I could see something a tad more.

Puzzles aren't for everybody, and it is up the GM to prepare for that and do their best to make sure this is a fun adventure no matter the group.

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Fun Adventure with Less Optimal Experience

***( )( )

This was a nice adventure and I like the characters and setting, but only end up with complaints on encounter design. The majority of the combats the party got into were the party against one enemy and while that is a fair way to set up a combat, it ends up often feeling like the monster just chews its way through characters with high attack, damage, DCs and such.

One encounter in particular was a major problem but mostly because the GM admittedly made a couple error running it. While I normally wouldn't hold that against an scenario, the monsters stats for our particular tier were effectively spread over four different pages in different sections.

In addition, from memory the encounter is with something that either paralyzes or otherwise shuts down characters. One party member in the group spent eight rounds of combat unable to act because he couldn't make the high DC. Any scenario that can casually lock a character out of combat like loses some love from me.

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Fun Technology Adventure

****( )

This turned into a fun adventure for the group. The map was problematic just for the fact that it was on an angle making it awkward to draw out.

The skill checks to deal with the mini-game in the adventure are pretty limited though and although they offer the option to attempt ability checks as well, at the high tier the DC scales up so high that even someone with an exceptional ability isn't going to be able to make it. A few more broad checks to allow people even to aid others might have helped. even if aid another is an option as a DC 10, I would rather involve the entire party in the skill checks if possible.

The only elements I have problem with in the adventure are the one combat with a single large monster that can easily leave one person twiddling his thumbs for a half an hour or hour combat if he just doesn't have the right options to combat the creatures and the final battle which gets quite chaotic to GM while checking multiple encounter features each turn while also running monsters.

While I don't typically note chronicles rewards as a reason for good adventures, I do like they way this is set up compared to some other tech adventures. There is a large array of items that a good number of classes might pick up rather then a couple of random items that one in fifty characters might find useful.

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Rewards Murder Hobos

**( )( )( )

There a lot of adventures that are better for parties that actively murder everything in their path that stands in their way. Usually by making combat vastly easier than talking, or just having combat being the logical conclusion for diplomacy or just not having situations where talking is required.

This is the first adventure that I recall that actually can penalize you for not being a "murder hobo". One of the encounters causes the loss of prestige if you fail a diplomacy check, but that prestige can be regained by murdering the hell out of a LN creature or at minimum robbing him with him getting beaten by the party as we are vastly more well equipped than him.

I enjoy so much about the adventure, but this element takes this adventure from "highly recommend" to "never recommend".

I don't think it is the loss of prestige that gets me about this adventure. If that prestige was dependent on a successful diplomacy check, then I would be fine losing it, but the way it is set up, the party that fails the diplomacy check then kills him because he is not doing what they want get pretty much everything, while Mr. Silver Crusade here who successfully talked the party out of robbing the creature (they are watching) effectively lost the party both money and prestige.

This is not an element that I want to see in any scenario and I honestly would rather not see this ever run again. There are enough murder hobos in Society without encouraging them anymore.

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Liked it, Wary of Recommending Completely, but Looking Forward to More

***( )( )

This adventure feels like it hits the ton right. Although there isn't a lot of things to talk with (the first encounter doesn't count too much when one requires a rare language) there was a nice sense of danger going through the tomb.

I almost rated it four stars, but one of the creatures in the adventure makes this adventure too much of a gamble on whether I would recommend it to a stranger to play at any random table. It depends too much on other party members, GM, and luck for me to tell someone to throw four to five hours at it.

I wonder what would have happened if the party had to face the leech swarm which would be pretty difficult without party members being overly prepared, but the scenario does give enough warning for that and the ghouls that I feel it works out fine.

The chamber with the cyst is dangerous in part because even though it gives time to the party to respond and take out a large number, the adventure seem to assume they do that, if they miss one of those rounds for any reason they will be facing a hard fight.

The reason I gave the lower rating is the mess of ghouls around. That is way too much paralysis and it almost guarentees you are going to be locking one person out of that fight unless someone else had the right counter prepared in the best situation. In worse situations I can see some GMs using it to just throw coup de grace at PCs with child-like glee. The number of ghouls could have been cut down without eliminating them.

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