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Zuxius's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,894 posts. 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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The Exchange

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Hello everyone. I'm Zuxius, founder and editor over at Pathfinder Chronicler.

Welcome to our official Paizo thread for the length of the Pathfinder Fiction Contest 2015.

I just want to say that being part of the Pathfinder Community has been an amazing experience through the years. At Pathfinder Chronicler, we write fiction centered around the world of Golarion. These contests we run generate content for our Anthologies and our website. Every year, a top five from the contest are selected to go forward to Paizo Editor Chris Carey. Chris selects the winners, and then we award 100 dollars in Paizo Gift Certificates to the first place winner, and we award 50 dollars in gift certificates to second and third place. We have done this without fail for the past five years.

In addition to winning our contest, or participating, for that matter, we also look for stories that we feel will make an excellent volume to be displayed at PaizoCon 2016. Currently we have four Volumes of works that you can get at Paizo Fans United.

This year's contest started back in May and is due to complete September 12th.
For information on how to enter our contest, follow the link I'm providing here: Pathfinder Fiction Contest Details.

This will be the sixth and final contest we will run. It has been quite a run, but we feel that it is time for us to work with all the talent we've amassed throughout the years, and go in a new interesting direction.

I, personally, have overseen five of these contests and Robert Gresham (Malikjoker) oversaw our contest back in 2012. No single contest is ever the same. This year we are featuring:
The Age of Destiny -3470 AR to 1 AR.

We hope you enjoy our theme choice. It is virgin territory to explore unique stories with options to blaze a new trail. We hope to see entries that stretch the imagination and tinkle our brains.

Pathfinder Chronicler holds the largest fan made Pathfinder Fiction base to date. Don't take my word for it though, check out our stories on our Website:
Pathfinder Chronicler Stories.

Thank you everyone for making our last five years of contests absolutely amazing! Best of luck to you in our final contest and I hope we'll be reading you soon!

The Exchange

Within three weeks I'll be moving out of my home for an unknown destination. I would like to put all my Paizo subscriptions on hold in the meantime. Thank you.

The Exchange

Not a fan of digital media being taken out, price ok however.

The Exchange

What's the hold up. Wanted to download these before leaving to the convention.

The Exchange

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Hello everybody!

It is that time again. Pathfinder Fiction Contest Time.

This is our official Paizo thread for the length of the contest and we'll be making special announcements here as well.

For information on how to enter the contest, follow this link here: Pathfinder Fiction Contest Details.

This will be the fifth contest we have run of its kind. I personally have overseen three of these contests and Robert Gresham (Malikjoker) oversaw our contest back in 2012. No single contest is ever the same. This year we are featuring "Guilds and Organizations of Golarion."

We hope you enjoy our theme choice.

Just an FYI, Pathfinder Chronicler holds the largest fan made Pathfinder Fiction base to date on the web. Check out our stories on our Website:
Pathfinder Chronicler Stories by Title and feel free to leave us a comment.

Thank you everyone for making our last four years of contesting amazing!

The Exchange

It pains me to do it but working clinicals for free the past four months and studying in my free time for my big ARRT test has left me little alternative. I will get employed after May and hopefully resume everything after July.

The Exchange

I would like to get my subscriptions back and running now.

Thanks for the great help!

The Exchange

Hello Customer Service. I would like my orders HELD until late August. I will be back on my feet after that. The next month is going to be grueling financially.

The Exchange

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The time has come. Great stories will be regaled! Here comes Pathfinder Chronicler's 2013 Competition to see who will receive the hard earned Paizo Editor Choice Award for best story!

Contest Period: Since July 4th, 12:00AM, Pacific Time, Pathfinder Chronicler has been accepting short story submissions for our Pathfinder Fiction Contest 2013. Deadline for all submissions is August 12th, 11:59pm Pacific Time. Round One stories will be 3000 words or less and must change or add to existing canon.

On September 7th, twenty (20) finalists will be announced to go on to Round 2 with a mystery criterion yet to be revealed. The second round will begin September 9th with twenty finalists to turn in their stories by September 27th, 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Five stories will be chosen to go on to the final round which will be conducted by Paizo’s Fiction Editor, James L. Sutter. James will blindly read the work of the five finalists and decide the wiiner of our Pathfinder Fiction Contest 2013. That winner will be announced October 10th. The top 10 stories chosen by the judges will also be put in the upcoming Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology Volume IV.

Head on over to our Pathfinder Fiction Contest for more details! Good Luck and I hope to be reading you in our Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology IV too.

The Exchange

Curious if you are here in town for PaizoCon already. Post if you are. And yes, I am here.

The Exchange

Will there be one of these again?

I would like to know so I can plan accordingly.

Pathfinder Chronicler

The Exchange

I am not sure if this is the right place but I never got my Kickstarter Rewards for this one. I thought it was coming via mail someday until I saw it for sale in your store, then I realized I must have missed something.

The Exchange

I would like to cancel my Pathfinder Battles Subscription

The Exchange

Hi there,

can I have the Bestiary Box dropped from this order and the card re-run again for payment.

Thank You!!!

The Exchange

Hello all,

I am fairly certain I may be the first or one of the first people to come to the hotel to stay for PaizoCon.

Most of you I am sure would not come on a Tuesday to pay 250 dollars for one night.

So listen up!

The hotel is requiring a deposit FOR YOUR STAY. The deposit is an eye popping $75 per day. So if you are staying in the hotel for (3) days you will pay whatever the sum of what your reservation was PLUS $75 dollars for each day. That means a 3 day stay will have a $225 deposit required in addition to whatever you thought the price would be.

Deposits of course will be refunded. At check-out the hold will be released and will take 3-5 business days to clear. Cash will be paid back at time of check-out.

Of course, you know that a credit card will hold it for 3-5 and then drop off.

the only good news is that there is a cap on this HOLD that stops at $280 dollars to 300 dollars.

So, if you are staying at the Marriott this PaizoCon, bring an extra $300 dollars for the Deposit.

That is all...

We of course were rather shocked.

The Exchange

Does this mean that you do not bring a character? Or that you can bring a character and have the option of a Pregen?

My son is in the Gravebinder's Daughter and we are wondering if he should bring one to this event.

The Exchange

I will be in the PaizonCon area with my entire family for the 4th of July. I am wondering if any Paizo Fans (who are locales) might help us have a good time, or perhaps throwing a get together we can attend. We are visiting the area and don't know all that much. :/

Thanks in advance.

The Exchange

I received all the items in this order. However, the Distant Worlds products back cover has the glossy lamentation peeling off with noticeable air pockets trapped further in.

May I have copy of that product sent?

The Exchange

I am sorry to have posted on your board in a manner you find inappropriate. I understand there has been problems in the past concerning flames and threads but if I am inconveniencing anyone I can really drop out of this scene, altogether.

The Exchange

I am not trying to start some flame war or anything of the such.

But is Wizards of the Coast really good for the game industry?

Here is a metaphor:
It feels like this guy that ran away with my case of D&D beer and I find him in the back alley shirtless, sleeping with empty D&D beer cans all around him, next to a trash can/heap called Wizards of the Coast.

I will make no bones about it.

Corporations run your game.

But if you had a choice, why this corporation?

Merry Christmas! YOU ARE FIRED!

Sound familiar?

Oh accept it.

We love to be fired on Christmas from a great company. A company we see as the leader of the industry.


Oh wait, its January. Darn, we'll fire you next year.

I love 4th edition. It showed me the sickness of this industry. The sickness that if you work hard enough YOU GET FIRED.

They can fire their customers too.

You love 4th Edition? YOU'RE FIRED!

You love 3rd Edition? YOU'RE FIRED!

You love 2nd Edition? Who the hell are you anyway?

You love 1st Edition? Aren't you dead yet.

You love 5th Edition? Get the hell out of here and buy some more 4th Edition until we are ready.

Nuff said.

The Exchange

This has been kicked around before but I will put it out again. Gamemastery Map Cards would be a nice edition to the recent maps created by Paizo.

Take 5-6 maps that are deemed most universal in utility and create cards that alter those landscapes. By putting the card on the map you change the features of the maps. Future maps could have markers where these cards can be placed. Need a secret door that wasn't there before, presto. Want to add merchants to the scene, presto. Want to reveal a recently sprung trap, presto. Want to make the ship appear to be damaged, presto, want to make a door appear smashed open, presto. The idea is to reveal a new map within the Map Pack or Flipmat to give it more versatility and re-playability. Make the maps come alive and with future maps try to keep the cards in minds when designing maps. Turn a haunted house into real haunts that interact with the map.

Most importantly, make it two sided cards for twice the utility.

The Exchange

This PaizoCon I will not be participating in the lottery so my schedule is fairly open for plans the entire weekend, except the preview dinner on Saturday. I am open to all suggestions for games. My preference would be to create a very involved Pathfinder Rules game that is well built up before the Convention. This is open to anyone that would like to create something special that no one will soon forget.

Free homebrews at my table. My email is

Everyone and anyone invited to participate. Paizo, 3rd Party, Paizo Fans, Free Spirits, Freelancers all welcome.

Think Grand Convocation mixed with a board game and then blindfolded. Get creative with Plot Twist Cards and just about anything else.

The Exchange

Unfortunately, there are no rooms left on site that can host such a party. I prefer to keep the Homebrew party in the building the convention takes place in (for many reasons) but those rooms are reserved by Paizo for July 5th. Thursday? Really?

C'est la vie I guess.

The Exchange

I have found the lottery for the past three years to be the worst part of the convention. I refuse to be upset about not getting into a game this year, so I plan to make it easy on myself. I will be buying tickets but ignoring the lottery. Good luck to everyone else.

The Exchange

Did I already "prepay" for the Tome of Horrors Complete and the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniature Set? The price seems out of whack at $60.90

The Exchange

We are about to start in the publishing process of our second anthology which includes Paizo Intellectual Property from your Pathfinder Campaign Setting. We understand this book cannot be sold.

The question pertains to a publisher that wishes to "publish" the book and put their logo on it.

As long as it is for free, are there any problems with this?

They just want to found a publishing company and use this book as a demonstration of the work they will do in later non-Paizo related works.


The Exchange

His name is Purvis Wade.

A former Pathfinder turned secret agent for Taldor’s Lion’s Blades faction, Wade is sent on dangerous, covert missions throughout the Inner Sea to protect the interests of the Empire.

His latest mission finds Wade in diabolical Cheliax on the trail of an assassin. What he discovers there leads him on a quest to stop a madman from using a powerful Osirion artifact to lay waste to the gilded city of Oppara.

Whether he’s hunting down dangerous necromancers or corrupt enemies of the Taldan crown, adventure, intrigue, and beautiful woman are all in a day’s work for Purvis Wade, and the secret agent is always a professional.

Come read Robert Gresham's The Spy Who Loved Thee. Two short stories and the serial From Oppara with Love.

The Exchange

Hello fellow Pathfinder Fans.

Today we begin work on our second Anthology. If you didn't know, our first Anthology is now available for download here.

The work I did on this book is rather revolutionary. Not because I participated in it but rather how it evolved into the book you see. The point of the book is to rally everyone to write fiction as a community. Not just a fan community but a work that is something you will be proud to be included in.

For a longtime now we have been editing and writing over at Pathfinder Chronicler but now we are truly showing what our concept can accomplish.

It wasn't me who came up with all this but others in the community that bounced ideas that I decided to implement. Never did I imagine I would be editing to this extreme when I founded the site. However, who would do this if not I? I believe that all of you, gamers, gamemasters, contributors and writers deserve a shot at being published. You also deserve to stand side by side with the best writers in the business if you work hard enough to be, all you can be. Before Pathfinder Chronicler, there was no outlet to show your work in a professional manner.

You can be in the next Anthology. If you get into the Top 10 in our contest, you are in. If you fail to make it to the Top 10, you can still join our site and work with our community and get into the Anthology. Even if you just join our site and work with our community until your story is in "its best possible state," you will be in the Anthology. I challenge all of you to tell me you're unpublished by this time next year.

We are a community of writers and we refuse no one. All I ask is that you bring your talents to the table, your ideas, your incredibly valuable point of view. Become a better editor and reap the reward of becoming a better writer in return.

The Exchange

I am ready to start the Con.

Hmm, where did everybody go?

Aaah Crap!

The Exchange

Just arrived in Room 238 and plan to head out to Saffron Grille for a late after traffic dinner.

The Exchange

It seems when I try to download this for ePub, it fails.

The Exchange

In case I miss you at the Convention, my apologies in advance. I was having too much fun to notice you.


The Exchange

I will be passing these books out during registration at PaizoCon 2011. This is an 18 author anthology centered in Paizo's Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This is not a Paizo product but one that comes from the hearts and minds of the community. Stories are written by some authors you may know, such as Clinton Boomer, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Eric Norton and many more. Cover art by Eva Widermann. Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology

There are 350 copies for the convention and they are free. Donations are appreciated however.

The Exchange

Limited games lottery is up but when do the Panel Events show up?

Curious as to what I am voting my time against. Perhaps there are some panel events that I don't want to miss?

This picture is a little incomplete.

Will there be any panel events? Fiction Workshop?

The Exchange

I am trying to create an ePub and could use advice. It seems this is a very glichy process that convertors can't do justice to. Every conversion is misaligned with abnormal spacing and font sizes.

Is there a program that allows editing that is both quick and accurate. I don't mind working within ePub formats to get this. I am on a PC too.

I would like to take my garbagey conversion and fix it. Using Sigil now but it just isn't taking the best approach. I get the feeling ePubs are more akin to html.

The WYSIWYG creates way too much garbagey code. Harder not smarter.

The Exchange

I will be bringing this game again and will be looking to play it this time.

The Exchange

I really would love to attend an event that shows Gunslingers put up against baddies. Everyone is talking about how broken the Gunslinger is but no one is considering the fun factor that it unlocks.

Could we please have a Gunslinger Event at PaizoCon?

The Exchange

I will be giving out (for free) our PFC Anthology Volume One at PaizoCon 2011. This book includes stories from 18 authors from the Paizo Community featuring all areas of Golarion. The book is 226 pages in length with a foreword by James Sutter. There will only be some 350 copies to be handed out on Friday morning of the convention. So don't miss yours!

We will be accepting donations at the convention and if you feel so kind you may send donations through PayPal using my email:

This undertaking cost me in more ways than one and I sure would apprecaite the restitution. If I can somehow recoup costs each year this would be a PaizoCon extra that would sit nicely by your Wayfinders.


The Exchange

Hello everyone.

I am excited to announce our next Pathfinder Fiction Contest. It will be taking place June 10th until July 20th. For Round 1 we will be accepting stories that will be 1500 words. Round 2 will begin August 1st with twenty finalists proposing 4500 word stories. Like last year, the top 5 will go on to be chosen blindly by James Sutter. The prize, by now, should be obvious. Winners will get their stories in the 2012 Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology! 1st place get's the front of the book.

The Exchange

We at Pathfinder Chronicler have created an Anthology of our best works. Here’s our cover.

The Exchange

It would seem something is wrong with the Paizo Blog Older Posts. There are multiple blanks screens when I hit older posts. Are they toast? Would like to know. Community Use inquiring minds want to know.

The Exchange

Not sure how to acquire this. Seen it on Wayfinder. Seen it on the PathfinderWiki. Seen it on the PSRD.

Whose distributing it?

The Exchange

Back in 2009 I posed a question to Lisa Stevens that I feel is a looming problem in RPG Tabletop. For that question, watch the following video here at 4:34 Seconds into panel.

At NeonCon 2010 I met up with an old friend that loves to play the game and is now a teacher in the Las Vegas Public school system. She founded an RPG High School Club which she wholeheartedly supports and attends.

She sometimes gets libaray funding to buy books but I feel this is insufficient for the support she really needs. RPG companies can really make a difference on this front and I think a teacher support program should be implemented quickly in order to educate and grassroot future gamers in the hobby.

If there is anyone at Paizo that is interested, I am game to help crack the missing gamer child equation.

The Exchange

I would very much like to see an Pathfinder Core Rules Testing Center here. I would like to come online and take a test to see just how well I understand the rules. Can this be done??? In the very least I would like printable sheets for the tests. Variations of the test would also be apprecaited.

I would also buy such a product that taught the ins and outs of the rules with tests at the end.

No joke!

The Exchange

I might be having a job interview in Seattle within the next few months. Does anyone want to have me for a visit while I get gainfully employed. 2-3 days.

The Exchange

I'm a gonna bumb this.

The Exchange

This book was read to me in first grade. I look forward to the part about the Dragon. I remember thinking how cool it would be if I...

Anyway, this film and Tron are on my holiday film "to do" list.

The Exchange

Serious jump in quality. This is a good time to jump on the map pack bandwagon. Now they are durable and can be written on like the flip maps.

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