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ZooK86's page

Goblin Squad Member. 9 posts (15 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


Goblin Squad Member

Found what seems to be part of the PFO presentation at Paizocon 2012. Figured it would interest others as well.

Goblin Squad Member

Interesting blog as always. It seems like a deep and intricate way to help bring players together.

Hopefully the presentation at Paizocon 2012 will be recorded and put on youtube for those of us who can't attend!

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:

The crafting game is going to be all about figuring out what you can make with various combinations of materials, and how to make that stuff as cheaply as possible, then get it sold where it commands the highest possible price.

Interesting. So it will go beyond just crafting the items but also going about making them and distributing them in the best possible way. I'd assume the best way to make and sell an item will shift regularly with the economy.

Goblin Squad Member

Hopefully it will be more than just "point and click" crafting. Would be cool to make weapons mod-able in some fashion. I would frequent crafters that made weapons or other things that suit my or my character's style.

Haven't some games tried actual "mini-games" with their crafting? I'm not too sure how that turns out. It might just add tedium to the boredom if its not executed well.

Goblin Squad Member

I think offensive names should be changed..but "Fridge" isn't in any way offensive, so I don't see the point of being penalized for that.

"Idiotic names" are in the eyes of the beholder.

Goblin Squad Member

As long as I'm not put at a disadvantage for not using them, I'm fine. I personally can't stand being tethered to these often buggy and predictable hirelings and it would diminish my enjoyment of the game a lot if I had to deal with them on a regular basis.

Goblin Squad Member

Great blog post.

The more I read about this game the more I want it.

The idea of my actions generating content for others, such as resource gathering, sounds amazing to me.

Modules seem like a great plan as well. It sounds like a good direction for instanced content to go. I great way to present lore, story, and scripted encounters without stepping on the toes of the sandbox elements.

Goblin Squad Member

Since the discussion is about the map specifically now..

I currently beta test a game called Linkrealms. In it, the game world is divided basically into squares called "realms". You leave one realm, have a small load time, and you're in another realm. Each realm represents a piece of the game world. Fundamentally, there are two types of realms. Developer made realms usually have things such as important dungeons, towns, and newbie zones. Player made realms are realms that players discover and lay a claim stake on to claim as their own. They can use the realm to place a house or make their own dungeon or just simply use it as farmland and a place to craft. It becomes a persistent part of the game world that other people may walk through to get to their destination.

Will hexes in this game be similar, or are the hexes mentioned in the Crusader Road blog just a way of presenting the scale of the world to us?

I'm guessing this game is on a bigger scale though, since in Linkrealms you only really have enough space to place a house or make a small dungeon. Each realm is intended to be owned by one person in that game.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm just glad that there is finally someone going up to bat for those of us that have been wanting this kind of MMO for a while. Something that is more than just item collecting and scripted events, and taking off the kid gloves and letting us make an actual impact on the game world and each other.

I've done a bit of research on this game the last few days and it sounds great so far. It has the potential to be on the same level as Eve. There are people who love MMOs that haven't subbed to anything in years because nobody offers what you plan on offering. Please don't forget this niche market as you continue to develop and refine this game.

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