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Zombieneighbours's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 9 Season Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,120 posts (4,201 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 11 aliases.


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hey guys, sorry for another brief absense (end of the academic year PWNed me, not to mention Brexit, prepping for interviewing for a place on a BA(hons), and just having discovered my cat has cancer)

Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.

This game was put together by Caleb Stokes, one of the most interesting Horror scenario authors of the last decade. Caleb Stokes, wrote No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression, and the better angels campaign, No Soul Left Behind , as well as material for eclipse phase and delta green.

You can check out one of the play test campaigns here

Hey guys. One interesting idea that has come up lately is using Red Markets as a system for cyberpunk gaming.

It is a near future economic horror game about life in a partial zombie apocalypse.

What makes it a really cool potential system for the mercenaries and guns style of cyberpunk is that it has a job negotiation mechanic and these really simple but deep economic mechanics. Kit has upkeep, you have to get to a point where your making a profit on jobs,and that sort of thing.

It also has a fair amount of cyberpunkish tech in it.

jemstone wrote:

Zombie, I have a few questions:

* Point Build: How many Character Points are we looking at?

60pt, with concepts appropriate for a street level game.

jemstone wrote:

* Skill Points: What (if any) Max Rank in skills at start of play? (I generally limit my players to +5 at start to prevent The World's Best Gunman Syndrome)

Max five sounds pretty reasonable. Again, the aim is for street level characters.

jemstone wrote:

* Straight Cyberpunk 2020 Lifepath, with all its attendant Skill/Stat magic, I'm assuming?

Yeah, straight up CP2020 lifepath

jemstone wrote:

* Are there any Roles/Special Abilities you don't want to see in the game? (Corporates, for example, are often problematic, as are Netrunners)

No netrunners. They are replaced by Scripters. Scripters are a varient Techie, who writes codes, and finds exploits rather than does system intrusion.

Basically, it is watch dogs hacking, rather than Neuromancer hacking.

jemstone wrote:

* Anything from the Chrome Books available, and if so, what is and is not?

I am pretty open to any equipment being used. The mitigating factor here is money.

jemstone wrote:

* Anything I missed, here?

No, don't think so.

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Hey guys.

Sorry for the scare.

Brain weasel take most of the blame, but epic fail on my part too.

I have hours and hours ahead of me this weekend, so I should get things into shape for play.

Thank you for your patience.


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No bloody crazy A.I.

12 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks guys.

I had forgotten what a supportive and positive community this can be. I have spent far to much time in less pleasant waters of late. I think maybe I should confine most of my RPG related internet time to here for a while. You're just nicer people.

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Additionally, wintergreen. Thank you for taking the time to email me. It was very kind and decent of you.

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Hi guys why do I feel like a douchebag right now. The facts is that I suffer from a truly epic case of depression. Due to a number of factors to numerious and boring to share, my depression flared shortly after setting up the CP game. I should have contacted you Jemstone (and the others)to let you know what was going on. Unfortunately one of the symptoms of my illness is a tenancy towards avoidance, AKA I flake.

I am currently at one of the lowest points I have been at in for sometime. It is the suck. However, Wintergreen's email found me, and gave me the kick up the arse I needed to stop myself from allowing the many and various weasels that live inside my skull from making me treat you guys like s&!+.

So consider this a thank you for the concern and an apology for the fail. I will endevour to do better.

Premise: Methuselah's Price starts with a wake. A collection of activists, philanthropists,corporate mercenaries, hipsters, and artists, have gathered in the spiders nest, a bar, perched atop the bricks, a shanty down built from shipping containers abandoned in the former port of L.A. in the wake of the collapse of international shipping caused by the first generation of vacuum dirigibles.

You play one of the mourners, attending the wake for Badk!tty, a renowned designer and key member of the creative commons movement.
Badk!tty has spent the last five years generating original designs and placing them into the creative commons, raising money to defend the status of various designs and helping with infrastructure elements of Cobweb, a free ubiquitous internet project using Stratospheric Satellite and mesh networking.

Her death was sudden and as yet unexplained, and many of her friends suspect she was murdered.

MattZ wrote:

Wow, 2020. I wonder what the world will be like so far in the future?

Sarcasm aside, dot

Actually we are surprisingly close to having a world like the world of CP2020.

If current tech trends continue, weight well cyberware on a similar level.

Politically out world is becoming uncomfortably like that of CP2020

I suspect we will not see the awesome nineties hair however.

Recruitment .

This is the recruitment thread from my Cyberpunk 2020 game.

I will post the campaign brief tomorrow.

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The Metro looks super interesting by the way Jemstone.

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Okay so here's the plan.

This game will the run using the C.P.2020 rules.

It will take inspiration from:

-Ghost in the Shell: Arise
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution
-Neuromancer and Virtual Light.

Not really. I shall write some guidelines and post them.

Okay. I think I am happy running a play by post. If your interested Jemstone.

Claxon wrote:

This sounds like obvious error on the part of the GM too.

You should have gotten a perception check to realize it was a human, not a monster.

If he didn't give you the check, it's not your fault.

Nah, it was awesomely done by our DM. He managed to generate a real sense of fear and confusion during the encounters in farmlands.

Within the rules of 4e, which we were playing it would have been passive perception. She could have used active perception to check before shooting. She didn't, and she didn't pass the passive either, be that because of what numbers said or tablecraft by our DM.

While I know Treia feels like a newbie for that, I also know she looks back on the whole thing fondly.

So on to advice for you... Make mistakes,and enjoy them, learn form them. They are the things that we will talk and laigh about with the guys when Lonzo is DMing our kids first adventures. It is also how Gazebos are born. Ask these guys about that ;)

Oh, and more specific and practical advice...

... always look before you leap.

... If the pretty lady is in asking for you help, it's like 2 in 3 she is going to screw you over.

... Do not trust Chests of treasure...ever...

If your questions is how, the answer is usually 'a wizard didit.'

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Not nearly enough bleak and hopeless.

Editing, layout, art direction and development are all done in-house at Paizo. They are static costs.

Some writing is done in house to, but I think it is fair to say that majority is done by freelancers. However, the cost of writing a book is relatively low, words are cheap. Those words also happen spin out into other sources of income, if they had not written edge of anarchy(I think) there would be no harrow deck, no burnt offerings, no goblin plushies. They can't predict which thing are going to go down well so there is an opportunity cost too

Art is a lot more expensive, but art also finds a lot of secondary uses from marketing to other profits.

So in short, not producing a book will not reduce their cost nearly as much as you seem to think, while it will reduce their income and the way the fans see their output significantly

My DM journal.

Rats in the walls!

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Thank you so much.

So with a beginner's set, a bestiary pawn set and a rise of the runelords set, what pawns are missing that are needed for rise of the runelords?

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silverfoxdmt73 wrote:
Pete17331 wrote:
IT guy here. Yes, it is perfectly possible to prepare for this kind of workload. For example, companies like EA Sports does it every time they get ready to release a new game. They outsource and get enough temporary processing power (in the cloud) to handle the predicted workload.

I imagine companies like EA Sports have more than 50 staff across their IT department, never mind the whole company and a few $billion to throw at outsourcing IT.

And many of them STILL have significant issues at launch relating to unexpected popularity. I mean, every one know, you don't try to play a blizzard game until three days after release.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
So instead each month there is a period where some people have gotten their PDFs and others have not and everyone is posting on the boards saying, 'what is in it? how does the new XYZ work? et cetera'

which is actually a pretty healthy thing for the community, it generates a good deal of discussion, interest and excitement.

Chad Newman wrote:
Roby George wrote:

I'm losing my patients ...

I'm getting too old for this sh....

(Do not say poster or cat!)

If you have managed to get to "too old" status without learning the difference between "patients" and "patience", then the terrorists win...

My bad chad, my can't do words spelling is infectious it seems.

Deril wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Patients, it is a skill people could do worse than to learn.
... you are talking crazy talks! Patience? that's insane!.. I want it NOW... (Most probably just to see the cover... As most probably I will not read it.. same as 90% of people who bought it will not read a single book.. but hey.. I want to see that book cover NOW! Because I know I will most likely forget about it... and will move on to next thing on internet... and I feel dread about it... all I want is the quick look into cover to satisfy my empty craving to glance into something I like... I want to like... because its cool to like it... but have no time to actually do. ) ;)

No! I must spew weirdly disproportional vitriol about how awful Paizo are because they offered a great deal , in a manner that can help lots of people, and I have no sense of proportion!

Roby George wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:


-I own fairly significant chunk of the PDFs you get in the humble deal.

-I know that there are currently serious issues with down loads.

Yet, I am still going to be taking paizo up on the deal.


Because even owning all but two of hardbacks, it is still an insanely good deal, and I know that despite the current demand and issues meeting it, I will get my PDFs. Patients, it is a skill people could do worse than to learn.

Finley ... let's try this one more time ...

I'm losing my patients ...

I'm getting too old for this sh....

(Do not say poster or cat!)

Suggestion, give it a few of days. Download once the rush has calmed down. Do you have a game you must prep for? If so, congrats, Paizo give you ample opportunity to access large chunks of the player material in other ways, such as the PRD.


-I own fairly significant chunk of the PDFs you get in the humble deal.

-I know that there are currently serious issues with down loads.

Yet, I am still going to be taking paizo up on the deal.


Because even owning all but two of hardbacks, it is still an insanely good deal, and I know that despite the current demand and issues meeting it, I will get my PDFs. Patience, it is a skill people could do worse than to learn.

My wife has posted part two. She has asked me to pass on her thanks to you guys for the kind words.


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My wife and I have been playing in a 4e adaption of rise of the runelords for a while no.

She has apparently lost her mind, and is writing fic about her character from the campaign. The setting isn't Golarion, because you know, product identity, but yeah.

I thought I would share it with you. Please be nice to her ;)

echoes of bethaira

Play by post is not of the boards as far as I am concerned.

It is the kind of thing that would almost certainly have to happen on a Sunday Jemstone.

If I offered a G+ cyber generation game, at a semi-reasonable hour 9pm til 12pm GMT once a fortnight. Would there be interest?

Both eclipse phase and CP are appealing in very different ways.

I am reading the expanse at the moment and I only just finished the main chunk of revelation space, so eclipse phase is high on my list of things to do.

On the other hand, cyberpunk!!!!!

Cyberpunk!!!!! I shall read properly when I return home, but in principle I would join in with something.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Shadow Demon wrote:
Per Circular 34, I can definitely use it in a list for an NPC, monster, or character. In fact, since the format and terminology of the spell description is present in the 5e SRD, the spell could simply be rewritten and fall under Fair Use. There is no reason to do that because the 5e SRD is about writing new not trying to copy existing material.

I believe everything in your post is fundamentally correct, except that the phrase "the spell could simply be rewritten" glosses over something that I think is actually quite tricky.

The problem is that in games, the line between the game mechanic (which is not copyrightable) and the expression of that mechanic (which is copyrightable) is often blurry. Take the Fireball spell from the 5.0 SRD:

5.0 SRD wrote:


3rd-level evocation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 150 feet
Components: V, S, M (a tiny ball of bat guano and sulfur)
Duration: Instantaneous

A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range and then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame. Each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 8d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren’t being worn or carried.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 3rd.

Clearly they can't lay claim to the word "Fireball." And sure, those three paragraphs at the bottom can easily be rewritten. But what about those other 5 lines at the top? Is "Casting Time: 1 action" a non-protectable mechanic, or a protected expression of a mechanic?

If you change "1 action" to, say, "1 step," or if you remove it entirely, it no longer makes sense in the game, so maybe that argues...

Does the fact that, in each case(save the name and the exact material component), the game mechanics in those five lines appear in the SRD on existing spells mean that the terms are in effect Open games content, even if the spell is not?

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Tru20, Iron Heros, and evolved Arcana had a relatively tiny readerships, most of which (near as I can tell), continued to purchases official DnD at about the same rate.

A serious competitor only emerged when WotC seriously upset a very significant portion of their readership.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Have sent a message asking for clarification on the subject.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Okay, has anyone worked out how the DMs guild works with art assets that are creative commons or in the public domain.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

And if either Tom or James cannot advocate for themselves, say because of social angsyity and are unwilling to give up something they otherwise enjoy?

But lets cut the friends out of it. What about James and Tom. Are they wrong to ask for that change?

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Auxmaulous wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Auxmaulous wrote:
No, this is just a SJW looking to make inroads in gaming to gain a foothold and influence. Same old same old. Telling people to feel bad, what they are doing wrong, etc.

So, it's your opinion that if it's culturally acceptable to be mean to people, others aren't allowed to point it out?

For example, I see someone yelling at a small child (not their own), saying rude comments and generally being mean... I'd be a SJW for telling them to stop? Cause that's what you're saying. I understand you don't think you're saying that, but you are.

No, false equivalancy and poor comparison.

RPGs for purchase with potentially disagreeable content =/= yelling at a child on the street.

Get your priorities straight.

Tom has a mental illness. Tom attends a book club with his three best friends every month. Each session of book club, the host repeatedly makes falls claims about Tom's illness many of which are insulting and hurtful. The host does not mean harm, he is just ignorant.

Are tom's friends wrong to ask the host to change his behaviour?

James has a mental illness. James attends a games night with his three best friends every month. Each session, the host repeatedly makes falls claims about Tom's illness many of which are insulting and hurtful. The host does not mean harm, he is just going by what the game say.

Are james's friends wrong to ask the host to change his behaviour?

Depends on what your trying to achieve.

Trying to ride hard over a long distance? Well that is a constitution check.

Trying to calm spooked horses? Well that is wisdom.

Trying to reach down to the ground to grab a bag as you ride by? Well, that is dexterity.

Want to pathfind your way down a difficult slope, well that might be wisdom or intelligence.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would actually be fairly interested in a roleplaying game about actual, real world mental illness, and ways it might interact with a fantasy setting. A murderhobo based story game where your characters progression is a downward spiral into PTSD could be really interesting for instance.

I don't think we'll see one anytime soon. A, it would be a fairly hard game to design, and B, the design of one that wasn't exploitative would be even harder.

That said I have exactly no problem with most classic sanity systems. I say that as someone who has suffered from mental illness, and has a family with several mentally ill people in it.


Because, the insanity depicted in such games isn't mental illness. It has only a passing resemblance to some sorts of mental illness. It's has different causes, different effects and exists for a different set of reasons.

That said. If a person at my table says, "I'm not okay with sanity mechanics...", and their reason is something other than "wah wah wah I want power fantasy!!!!", I will totally stop running games with sanity mechanics.

If they say "wah, wah, wah, I want power fantasy!!!!" I will do my best to hook them up with a gaming group that is a better fit for them.

BigDTBone wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Can you provide examples specific cases of this having happened, in a manner that could conseivably causes harm?
Times we have put genes into organisms that don't normally express them? Yea. How many do you want?
You seem to have missed the, '...that could conceivably cause harm' clause.
There is the real concern that anytime we add protein coding genes into an organism that doesn't have regulatory pathways to deal with it that it is potentially dangerous.

There is a real concern that at anytime the earth might be struck by a large iron meteor of a size that could wipe out human life.

BigDTBone wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Nearly every serious complaint that can conceivibly be leveled at GMOs is in fact, not a problem with GMOs, but with Intellectual property law and the behaviour of companies.
Protein expression by organisms which have no normal regulatory pathways for those genes having the potential to result in unforseen and possibly dangerous outcomes; is an IP issue?

Can you provide examples specific cases of this having happened, in a manner that could conseivably causes harm?

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Nearly every serious complaint that can conceivibly be leveled at GMOs is in fact, not a problem with GMOs, but with Intellectual property law and the behaviour of companies.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
CBDunkerson wrote:

Yes. I was focusing just on the legal issues, but Zombieneighbors and thejeff are right that the news coverage of Exxon's deceptions will be a big deal in the 'information wars'. It becomes more difficult to sell the public a false narrative when much of the news media is actually bothering to report the truth.

Of course... a legal finding against Exxon would really make things difficult for the conspiracy theorists. :]

I was going to say more, specifically that the main reason I am interested in the subject is actually the details of how the

tobacco tactic works , and ways in which it can be countered. Anything that shines light on Cato, heartland and George C. Marshal, and their activities as spreaders of misinformation is useful.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:

Getting back to Exxon and the growing evidenc ethey have intentionally misled the public... it has actually been rather well understood that they have been doing this for a while.

Interestingly, the book that really covers the extent to which this is an intentional approach to spreading disinformation is merchants of doubt. Apparently it has recently been made into a documentry.

Actually, the fact that they misled the public is largely irrelevant. As you note, that has been known for some time... and is generally protected by free speech. Lying to the public, especially for political purposes, is usually completely legal.

However, there are three potential areas where they could get in to trouble;

1: Product liability - If you tell people that your product is safe when it isn't then you can be sued for damages. This was a big problem for the tobacco companies, but may be less so for fossil fuel companies because there isn't as direct a connection between the individual product use and the individual damages.
2: Sales fraud - If you lie in an effort to get people to buy your product then you can be sued to recover any value which people were misled into believing they would receive. Again, this gets a little tricky with fossil fuels as they provided the promised benefits... so the question becomes whether value lost due to denial of drawbacks can be recovered.
3: Securities fraud - Finally, if you tell investors that everything is great with your stock when you know that there are factors that can or will drag it down in the future then you've defrauded your investors and they can sue to recover moneys they invested based on your fraudulent claims.

On this last point I think Exxon is toast. They've been telling investors that climate change is a fraud, not man made, won't have a significant impact, et cetera for decades. They only started listing it as a possible drag on their business in the past few years... but we now know they were well aware that it...

The legal recourse side of this sounds pretty interesting, certainly I hadn't considered that any of these legal avenues might be effective ways of taking action against exxon.

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