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Zombieneighbours's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 3,857 posts (3,933 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 10 aliases.


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Baseraiders has become the ONLY superhero system I would ever dream of using.

More morphs

The enemy within campaign (specifically death on the riek and the power behind the throne) and Masks of Nyarlathotep. Hands down, every time. These two are the grand daddies of good adventure design, and it is a really pity 3x games have learned so little form them.

It stands for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Mythic Evil Lincoln, I'd say that it is more accurate to say that that it is very easy to achieve reasonable effects. While achieving the same level of quality Dyson has risen to, takes a lot of practice.

The power behind the throne form the enemy within campaign for WFRP, read it.

Not the geomorph project per say.

Week Seven of the Geomorph Project

I can't tell you why, but I can offer advice on how to take this and make it into a positive.

The player's character can no long function as a PC, so have him retire it and bring in a new character, but you keep his sheet.

Run a couple of high action, low plot adventures, play up the dangers and lack of reward of the mercenary life, and advance the time line about 5 years.

Then re-introduce that guys PC as the campaign big bad guy. He has set up the organisation, and is now vastly rich and powerful, because of the charter he stole from the PCs. They have a reason to hate him, so when other enemies of the BBEG decide they need a weapon to use against him, because they fear he is out to do something supremely stupid or dangerous, they look to the PCs as their tool

Week Six of the Geomorph Project.

It is a Laundry files joke about K-Syndrome. It is a disease suffered by sorcerers who perform mythos magic simply by running through the mathematics in their heads. If you think to hard about the underlying math, you end up openning min worm holes to other realities, where not nice things live. Those things eat out little chunks of the sorcerers brain. The disease presents like CJD.

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So I've been thinking really hard about the implications of the church-turing proof...So I've been thinking really hard about the implications of the church-turing proof...So I've been thinking really hard about the implications of the church-turing proof...So I've been thinking really hard about the implications of the church-turing proof....

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Paradox can't be all that bad!

I'll look into it Goth Guru.

in the mean time, I have been shaking up my style. Check out week 5 of the geomorph project here

Edit: haing looked at the rooms, I can say that they wouldn't work as geomorphs. But they might be fun to do as dungeon tiles.

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If you're an a-unicornist, how can you have unicorns and pixies in your setting?

Week 4 of the Geomorph Project from Save vs. Cosmic Horror, can be found Here.

Wow...Hama, are those the weapons your currently using, or are they what your referring to as boffers? Because they are gaffers(short for gaffer tape weapon). I haven't seen gaffers in 20 years, and they where coming to the end of their life in british Larping even then.

Here in the UK we generally use latex skinned weapons, with a silicon coating. and [url=]Light Armouries have some examples of entry level weaponry in the European hobby.

Last weekend was event nine of Empire, by profound Decisions. It is the industry leading fest LARP in the UK. E9 had 1500 people in attendance. With two battles and some 20+ liniers it had its fair share of combat, but to say it is a combat focused event is pretty far of the mark. There are numerous games within it (senate, religion, magic [politic], magic [dealing with eternals], ritual magic, trade, crafting,international deplomacy,and the military.) I'll post some photos when I get home.

Another weeks work of Geomorphs from Save vs. Cosmic Horrorand be found

Here is this weeks batch of Geomorphs from Save vs. Cosmic horror .

Hi guys,

So, I recently started mapping as a hobby. On of the expressions of this growing obsession has been the production of a number of Geomorphs. Well I have been tidying them up, and posted them on my blog.

You can find them at Save vs. Cosmic Horror.

Artesia: Adventures in the known world has some. It also has the best experience system ever.

Check out Base Raiders.

So I tend to play evil characters. They arn't bay at the moon, comic crazy evil for the most part,nor are they objectivist randroids(thought I do occationally go there), but they arn't good people by any stretch of the imagination.

Most of them tend to see themselves as okay people or even heroic. Certainly there actions are necessary in there mind. I play evil like very much like we have sat down to play "the wire" rpg.

So when the good and neutral characters in the group start doing stuff like burning the toes of captured enemies to stop them running away, I can't but help think that maybe the racist beating my character character doled or there little criminal organisation with its drug dealing, protection racket and prostitution ring, are somewhere in the range of neutral activities in our game world.

Personally I think IZ is better for Shirow-punk than western cyberpunk. Not that there is anything wrong with Shirow-punk, I love it. But it is thematically fairly different, much less anti-capitalist, infinitely more pro-state, less nihilist and much more hopeful.

Rathendar wrote:
High School Harem Comedy looks freaking hilarious. Yandere all the way, every time...Every. Time.

OMG yes! The opportunity to play a Yandere character would be so much fun.

"But Akio-kun, this way we can be together forever." *Snuggles up to the bound young man, then pulls the cord attatched to the lid of the chest freezer, so it closes them in together.*

spectrevk wrote:
Maid has some "adult themes"; I would recommend OVA, which just released an updated version of its rules. It's a pretty flexible system, with a fairly simple dice mechanic.

From what I have read of maid, those 'adult themes' are entirely at the Ecchi end of the spectrum. They are about as 'adult' as an episode of Ranma 1/2 or a 'carry on' film.

You could try Maid rpg and Golden Sky Stories, through you might need to trim down some of the weirder stuff from maid.

Our experiences couldn't really be more different. Fate has basically become my system of choice.

If there isn't a good reason I want to use a specific system for a game concept, such a strong system/theme ties, or a mechanical conceit I really want to explore, then I use fate to do it. It's flexibility, player engagement with the environment and speed make it a no brainer.

In fact, other than trying out a few indie games, their are only a handful of games currently that can drag me away from it as a GM.

- Warhammer fantasy role-play (nostalgia)
- Wraith: The oblivian (cause it is a work of art)
- Call of Cthulhu (Nostalgia, system familiarity, massive amounts of content, player base, and being a better fit for setting)
- Trail of Cthulhu (because it is the best fit for Mythos gaming in my opinion)

What with Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu, I have never seen a need for it. The only real area it might be useful (i.e. superpulpie games)can now be covered with Fate, thanks to the Achtung! Cthulhu Fate hack by Modiphius. I guess, given the thematic differences between pathfinder as a system and the setting, my question would be; "why do it?"

Christopher Dudley wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Oh, before I forget, there is also the supremely cool night's black agents.

I'm going to guess you're a fan of the Role-Playing Public Radio podcast. A bunch of the games you've mentioned I've originally heard of from them. I've been wondering how Base-Raiders plays.

Other games I've played and enjoyed because I heard of them there first:
Monsters & Other Childish Things
Godlike/(the modern version whose names is escaping me now)
Eclipse Phase

it plays like fate, which is to say, that if you get it, it is easily the most rewarding RPG experience you can have, but if you don't I imagine it is pretty rubbish.

Christopher Dudley wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Oh, before I forget, there is also the supremely cool night's black agents.

I'm going to guess you're a fan of the Role-Playing Public Radio podcast. A bunch of the games you've mentioned I've originally heard of from them. I've been wondering how Base-Raiders plays.

Other games I've played and enjoyed because I heard of them there first:
Monsters & Other Childish Things
Godlike/(the modern version whose names is escaping me now)
Eclipse Phase

I am, but the only game I have mentioned I that i discovered through them was base raiders. I didn't mention eclipse phase, which I did discover through them.

Kthulhu wrote:
All of the GUMSHOE games are pretty cool. My favorite is Trail of Cthulhu, of course, but I think the GUMSHOE monster book "The Book of Unremitting Horror" is one of the creepiest monster books I own.

The stuff on spectres for wraith: the oblivion is creepier in my opinion, but not by much.

Oh, before I forget, there is also the supremely cool night's black agents.

Artesia: adventures in the known world

Dogs in the vineyard

Houses of the blooded/blood and silk


Base raiders

Cyberpunk 2020/Cybergeneration

SLA Industries


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James Jacobs wrote:

That's kind of one of the things you have to just accept and move on...

There's basically two economies in a pen and paper fantasy world.

1) The economy driven by PCs buying and selling magic items.

2) The economy driven by in-world NPCs and trade and the like.

They don't really play well together, and it's best not to make them try in my opinion. At least, not without completely redesigning how the game handles magic item pricing, balance, and creation from the ground up.

I actually think this is missing a trick. There is game to be had in their only being one economy, and PCs utterly destroying it. ;)

The "money in the root of all fun: economics in gaming" panel from gencon this year is definitely worth a listen.

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
'white van man' is a moron
Spoken like a true liberal.

Audrey, I grew up in trade. 'white van man' was the people my father worked with and drank with. My dad was a 'white van man'though a very atypical one, a plumber who trained as a chemist before that. My opinion of 'white van man' does not derive from liberalism. It derives from hour upon tedious hour in their presence. From listening to them spouting opinions I could identify as moronic as early as seven years old.

It is my experience that are a lot of men, who make their living in trade in Essex who are decent people, and there are a lot who are really nasty people, but hte vast majority lack the educational basis to understand anything other than their trade, and a RABID disinterest in changing that, and a equally rabid interest in maintaining their world view through the red tops.

If anything, my feeling on the matter are a failing of my higher self. Being self analytical, I consider it very much a right leaning line of thinking, one I am not entirely comfortable with. It is an emotional judgement, based on anecdotal experience. Pretty much the antithesis of the way I aspire to form my thoughts on such matters.

Sissyl: Not it really wouldn't be a joke.

Scotland is doing it by the book, and that is great, but it is a book that is going to make things worse.

A yes vote will destroy relations between the English and the Scots, largely because 'white van man' is a moron, but the effect will be the same. Years of old national hatreds will very likely re-surface. The red tops will scream in rage, and the big three will use it as an excuse to do everything they can to scupper the split and scotlands chances at long term viability. Out leaders are vindictive toff [censored]s, who will be personally insulted by a yes vote

But there are many English people who actually support Scottish independence, and a electoral process in which people from all parts of the UK get to vote, and in which independence was one would be far easier to defend from the awful human being with power in this country.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Regardless of considering it a little odd that a decision that effects all UK residents only gets to be voted on by a portion of them,I broadly support Scottish independence. I'm just really not keen on what it is going to mean for England. Scots MPs represent a liberalizing force, which have managed over the years to keep westminster some what closer to representative that it otherwise would be be thanks to the first past the post. If scotland becomes indepentant, we can look forwards to decades of rule by the conservatives and ukip. That is not a nation I want to live in. Ironically, that makes scotland pretty much the most attractive place in the world for me to go and live. Political climate I am happy to engage with and be governed by. Potentially nationalised oil industry providing the money for an extensive program of civil society and research funding, a nation that will actually fund education... Yeah, a yes vote is a vote for me to move to scotland :D

Buri wrote:

I think the folks in this thread are too caught up on PDFs. When you're talking about digital distribution, there are so many more options and many of them better than PDFs. The ebook format, for example, is better at publishing book-like material than them with even more device support. But even then, these are just two of many formats.

Have a read...

Beyond the device formats, since a myriad of devices have browsers in them, you can even do away with specific formats altogether. So, the point I'm trying to make, is to not preach PDFs as the One True Way and anyone who doesn't do it is doomed. That's incredibly short sighted and ignorant of the technology and business landscapes.

Both .epub and .azw have positive points. Both are certainly fine for casual users. However, for a user who wants to actually make use of the the document, as opposed to just read it, there is a significant adventage to PDF.

Also both formats lack the near ubiquity of PDF.

As for dungeonscape, I'll believe in its existance when it turns up. WotC do not have a great track record with Major IT projects.

bugleyman wrote:


I never said piracy was not unethical. At no point did I advocate, endorse, or defend piracy.

While discussing the intricacies of piracy as an ethical dilemma, specifically regarding the idea that it is theft, I did poss the idea that lending and borrowing are as ethically unsound and that it was dangerous to refer to piracy as theft, lest we all be consider thieves. Because that is where the logic(in the absence of other factors) leads us.

I did also point out, under a rather specific and arcane circumstance, that just because something is unlawful, does not mean that it is unjust.

Neither of these is to say that Piracy is ethical, or even 'not unethical'

Even if it where, it would still not be advocacy for piracy, because Piracy is against the law, and laws should be followed in all but the most extreme cases. There are also really good practical reasons NOT to engage in piracy, from legal repercussions through to virus threat.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
bugleyman wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

Our Community Guidelines did recently change, but they do say this:

Illegal Activity
Do not advocate or disclose intent to commit illegal activities on This includes (but is not limited to) posts that encourage fraud, piracy, or violence.

Here's the thing: At no point did I advocate, or disclose intent to commit, piracy. Yet my posts were still removed. So while I now know to avoid the topic entirely, it might save time in the future if that policy were explicitly stated.
These posts were removed because the piracy discussion was veering the thread fairly off course, and probably belonged in a different thread, which was indicated in the post removal notification.

While I am personally in favor of organic thread development, and believe that discussion should be allowed to grow and shift(in fact the most interesting threads often develop out of this, in my opinion) I do understand that paizo mod team has a lower tolerance for it.

Glad to hear you took the knife to the thread for the right reason.

Buri wrote:
bugleyman wrote:

Alternatively, perhaps it's because no one in said thread ACTUALLY ADVOCATED PIRACY? Observing that something exists is not "tacit endorsement." Unless you're referring to a thread I haven't seen, of course.

And no, of course piracy isn't "kosher." With a title like that, one might think you're trying to use the mods to shut down people you disagree with.

Sure, they did. It's just a form of advertisement, right? Aren't advertisements good? Aren't they wanted? Let's 'advertise.' That is a tacit endorsement.

That post was the one that came closest to advocating piracy, and it was a country mile ahead of even my closest statement.

While the way poster phrased his post badly, the core of his argument was valid point, which was not, in point of fact, advocating piracy.

That fact is that, is that their is reason to believe that piracy can drive sales. Which is a point of relevance, when a discussion has turned in part to whether a companies choices regarding digital distribution are sensible or not.

Discussing the nature of piracy(its effects on industry, how industry can deal with it, what constitutes a lost sale, ect.), is not advocating it.

You would be well advised to see what Advocating piracy actually looks like, so that you know the difference. I would suggest reading "steal this article" by Charles Davis, after which you might be better equipped to differentiate.

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*Tried to calm down thread before it turns into 4e edition war.*

random guy wrote:
You had one job ben, one job.

Irontruth wrote:
If it's something other than just PDF's, it's not going to work for me. I have an old iPad (gen 1). I can't upgrade the OS, which means I can't download 99% of new apps. Basically it's a pdf viewer at this point.

Even if you could, I am going to hazard a guess it would fail anyway. I mean, new formats are hard to get right, and for all it faults, there are reasons PDFs are ubiquitous.

I don't often say stuff like this, but lets not go any further down the routes that are openning before us.

Rather can I ask, has anyone seen much in the way of edition warring over 5th?

Now it might just be because I am only really watching form here and the WotC boards, but this edition change over seems a lot friendlier to me.

Chaos Monkey wrote:
Bill Webb wrote:
Probably not to 5E--we did that for PFRPG in Stoneheart Valley
That's too bad, I was hopeful after seeing The Wizard's Amulet for 5E that we would see the rest of Stoneheart Valley.

I would certainly buy a stone heart valley conversion

bugleyman wrote:
Irontruth wrote:

Excluding me as a customer is a compromise?

I'm not sore about it. It just seems silly to try to even rationalize at this stage.

Not getting money from you is just part of WotC's brilliant plan. :P


You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means ;)

That is sad. Well, time to get converting

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