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Zlatchi's page

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Berk the Black wrote:
I'm not buying into the generic vs. NPC argument. Just how many gargantuan dragons are their running around in your adventures? Any dragon that has been around long enough to grow to gargantuan size is going to have acquired some magic and is going want to employ it. Cadrilkasta is a better representation of what a party would encounter than anything that has been made before. Quite frankly, I think that even huges and larges would have some items on them. Does it look a bit odd? Well, maybe it takes a little getting used to. But does it fit how Pathfinder and D&D portray dragons? Absolutely!

I think people have varying levels of suspension of disbelief and often prefer to 'imagine' the additional details to a D&D/Pathfinder miniature rather than to have it already on display. I for one don't mind the bling this dragon has got, and it certaintly fits the monster's background but I must confess I do have an issue with the etched runes on it's underbelly. That alone for me says 'individual NPC' rather than 'generic gargantuan blue dragon'.

I have a question for you Paizo chaps.

Is there any chance of WizKids making a 'generic' gargantuan Blue Dragon? I love this miniature (especially the pose) but as Jason Grubiak said, the jewelry and runes on its scales make it a bit too much like a unique NPC for my tastes. So is there a possiblity that you will release a Gargantuan Blue Dragon figure similar to this but without the jewelry and runes in the uncertain future?

Hi guys.

I am a new addition to the Pathfinder community, being a 4th Edition player for some time I decided to try something new but there is a problem with by copy of the Bestiary.

The problem is that some of the images on the pages, mostly the pictures and some of the font seem to have been blurred, most likely a printing error. My first copy I ordered from my local book store (Waterstones) and I returned it once discovering the problem and at that moment I ordered another copy. The replacement copy was taking longer to arrive than it should have done so I canceled the order and got a refund, trying somewhere else I ordered a copy from Amazon. It arrived just today and lo-and behold blurry pages again!

I skimmed the 2nd copy to look for clues and it appears they were both of the 'third printing 2010'.

It's not fun suffering eye-strain and a headache 'every' time you read it, much less while playing a session with it. so I just want to ask is this a common problem with this printing or am I just unlucky? Also, what should I do about it? Is this an issue Paizo has dealt with before?

And before you say 'buy a PDF' let me just say that I would prefer not to, when it comes to the core rulebooks I would prefer them to be on my shelf so that I don't need to be on a computer just to look at a specific rule. Plus my printer is not the best.

I really hope you guys can help.

(P.S. No it was not the same copy from before, I checked.)

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