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Ziyad's page

137 posts. Alias of mishima.

Full Name



Urban Elf (Rogue 1 / Wizard 3)


hp 22/22, AC 16, (T12/FF10), Init +4, Perc +15(16traps). F+3/R+5/W+4





Special Abilities

(APG) Create Gear (Su) (Creation Subschool): 7/day, create 3 lb object, standard action, lasts 1 minute if held/1 round if dropped




Common, Elven, Celestial, Undercommon, Sylvan, Infernal, Draconic

Strength 13
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Ziyad

Perception: +15 (16 traps)
Initiative: +4

F/R/W: 3/5/4 (+1 saves vs fire)
CMB: +2
CMD: 14

Melee/Ranged: +2/+3

Skills (with ranks): (12+6+6+6=30 total ranks)
Acrobatics: 3r+3cl+2ab = 8 (2 from 3rd)
Appraise: 1r+3cl+4ab = 8 (1 from 3rd)
Climb: 1r+3cl+1ab+3fam = 8
C(Carpentry): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
C(Stonemasonry): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
C(Gear): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
Disable Device: 4r+3cl+2ab+3f = 12 (13 vs traps) (1 from 3)
Escape Artist: 1r+3cl+2ab = 6
K(Arcana): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
K(Engineering): 3r+3cl+4ab = 10
K(Dungeoneering): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
K(History): 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
Linguistics: 1r+3cl+4ab = 8
Perception: 4r+3cl+1ab+3f+2rac+2fam = 15 (16 vs traps) (1 from 3)
Profession(Sapper): 2r+3cl+1ab = 6
Spellcraft: 2r+3cl+4ab = 9 (1 from 3)
Stealth: 1r+3cl+2ab = 6
Swim: 1r+3cl+1ab = 5

skill focus(perception), skill focus(disable device), great fortitude, alertness (from familiar), scribe scroll

Desert Child: +4 vs. hot conditions, +1 saves vs fire
Elven Reflexes: +2 initiative
Canter: +5 bluff checks involving secret messages
Shin'Rakorath: +1 attack, crit conf vs rebel elves

Arcane Bond (Lizard Familiar)::

Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share spells, empathic link, Deliver touch spells

Spells Known:
(1)Unseen servant, feather fall, erase, obscuring mist, grease, expeditious retreat, ant haul, disguise self, summon monster I, vanish
(2)Shatter, Rope Trick, Flaming Sphere

Spells Prepared:
0th-(4)-Read magic, Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Light
1st-(4)-Feather Fall, Ex.Retreat, Vanish, Sum.M1
2nd-(3)-Shatter, Flaming Sphere, Rope Trick

Prohibited Schools:
Enchantment, Necromancy


Ziyad comes from Osirion, and is by familial accounts a descendant of the pyramid builders. After spending his youth on the streets of An and learning the construction trades, Ziyad felt compelled to assist the overthrow of the Keleshite rulers in 4609 by joining Khemet's forces. He made a name for himself as a sapper after masterminding the demolition of a strategic fortress during an important seige. When Khemet took power, Ziyad was given a minor honorary residence within a luxurious Sothis district, where his own family, as well as his magical abilities, began to take shape.

Most recently however, Ziyad's son has fallen ill to a mysterious affliction which has proven resistant to a variety of curative magics. He has been told a cure exists but for an exorbitant sum of 1000 platinum. Although he suspects it is blackmail, a ruse of the aristocracy, he had no choice but to strike out and seek such a fortune. Fortunately, he was quick to find an interest from the Shin'Rakorath, whom he hopes might prove to be a alternative course against the forces of his native locality, and ultimately save his son. He is currently haunted by the nightmare of his son's death from a wasting disease.

Ziyad had been in some down and dirty places, like Riddleport perhaps, for a while getting burned on jobs promising high pay. During this kind of freelance he may have been noticed by a Shin'Rakorath agent, such as a sympathetic elven priest. The org might have contacts in Sothis that know something about the political intrigue Ziyad is imprisoned in and want to help, but need to put him through an initiation first.

Additionally, they might be impressed at his military history which, while forgotten in Osirion, could be remembered by the elven community there. The elves in Sothis, along with Ziyad, might also constitute a larger brotherhood that look after each others families. It could be that the shadow working against Ziyad is antagonizing this larger population, and again Shin'Rakorath somehow possess a greater understanding of what and why.


Ziyad is kind hearted but also very serious. His brilliance is less about analytical logic than it is about spatial reasoning. He leeches onto challenging problems as they arise, and may sometimes resort to sciomancy for inspiration. Ziyad is on the edge of desperation and thus possesses a fragile morality.


Wrapped in a blue-black sheathe of sashes, this elf's thin frame seems some small drop in the ocean of civilization. His eyes are invisible, under a fallen arch of rich black hair. Dark skin like amber, he seems to possess movement even when still. His silver jewelry hints at desert culture, worn and sand-blasted. His voice has the aggressiveness of some hidden authority. His fingertips seem permanently stained by a dark ink, leading to dual black sphinx tatoos on his inner wrists.


pearl of power 1000
wand of m.armor(25) 375 1oz
wand of grease(25) 375 1oz
muleback cords 1000
ioun torch 75
scroll materials(4) 50
(2825gp spent on magic tems) 125 left
dagger 2gp 1lbs
saw 4cp 2lbs
drill 5sp 1lbs
magnet 5sp .5lbs
earplugs 3cp -
shovel 2gp 8lbs
crowbar 2gp 5lbs
rope, silk (50) 10gp 5lbs
grappling hook 1gp 4lbs
sack 1sp .5lbs
masterwork thieves 100gp 2lbs
flint/steel 1gp -
spellbook 3lbs
monk's outfit 5gp 2lbs
inkpen 1sp -
chalk 1cp -
(124gp 2sp spent on mundane items)
6sp remain. 34lbs total weight
Post-character Creation:
lost 12.5 scribe scroll mat
+Unseen Servant scroll
gained 125gp SS Mat
+True strike
+Vanish (written to book, used 10 SSM)
+Silent Image
+Flaming Sphere (written, used 40SSM)
+locate object
+gust of wind
+spider climb
*112.5 SSM left

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