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Galenna Icethrone

Zilith Drake's page

6 posts. Alias of Arachun Drake.


Grand Lodge

I told my Player that too. Just Wanted to make sure. Thx

Grand Lodge

Simple question.

Can the eidolon take the ekstra evolution feat to gain ekstra evolution points!?

Grand Lodge *

Me Painted by a random street artist in Absalom, he told me that he could see my inner beauty. this is what he Painted, im not sure, am i that pale?

((if people want, ill draw for you. i keep drawing crap right now :P))

Grand Lodge

nice :D good to know :D i saw someone playing it at a con, i think it was july >_> thought it looked cool, but i guess its nullandvoid

Grand Lodge

i found this thing in the synthesist. please help me understand it

"The eidolon has no skills or feats of its own."

så the feats and skills i give my eidolon, dont fuse with me? >_> seems like a big waste then

Grand Lodge *

i <3 you

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